DevaCurl Curly Hair Review

About DevaCurl

DevaCurl Curly Hair Review

DevaCurl helps women manage their curly hair—whether they like to wear it in coils, ringlets, or waves. The brand’s line of health, shine, and hydration-boosting formulas ranges from cleansers to treatments, styling products, and tools. 

A quick search of DevaCurl will yield a ton of results. They’ve been featured in Good Housekeeping, Mashable, The Cut, Refinery29, Buzzfeed, and many other publications. 

Additionally, from its many mentions in blogs, news, and magazine features—plus a following of 585K on Instagram—it’s clear that the brand has certainly made its mark on the haircare market. 

This DevaCurl curly hair review will closely examine the brand and its bestsellers, reveal what customers have to say, share information on deals, shipping policies, and much more. We’ll help you decide if their offerings are worth purchasing. 

Overview of DevaCurl

DevaCurl Curly Hair Review

Back in 1994, Lorraine Massey had a dream to help “curly girls” embrace their hard-to-manage hair, by making it easier to tame rebellious locks everyday. 

Starting with the launch of the DevaCurl salon in NYC (named DevaChan), Massey found success in many of her endeavours. She created the ever-popular ‘Curly Girl Method’, and authored Curly Girl: The Handbook

Massey’s journey was, and still is, all about helping people who spend entire lifetimes cursing their curls; teaching them how to achieve the locks of their dreams. With the help of DevaCurl products, a cult-following of women (and also some men) have been able to properly care for and manage their hair. 

Massey sold the brand in 2013 to Tengram. But, it is currently owned by Henkel, a beauty and homecare parent company. 

Before we jump into some important information about the brand, this DevaCurl curly hair review will give you a rundown of its pros and cons. 


  • DevaCurl offers a wide range of cleansers, conditioners, styling products, and tools
  • Formulated specifically for curly hair 
  • Stylist approved and dermatologist tested
  • Uses natural oils, extracts, and botanicals 
  • Cruelty-free and gluten-free
  • Devoid of parabens, SLS/ sulfates, silicones, and phthalates
  • Affordable price points 
  • Positive customer reviews
  • Free US shipping and returns 
  • Ships worldwide (via other versions of the site)
  • Accepts returns on used products within 60 days 


  • Has had several class-action lawsuits against them 
  • Multiple users report scalp irritation and thinning hair
  • Costly shipping fees for international buyers

DevaCurl Curly Hair Products Review

This DevaCurl curly hair review will now examine the brand’s best-selling cleansers—both of which are gentle, No-Poo (read: non-stripping) formulas that bring out the best in your wavy tresses. The items featured below are dermatologist-tested and non-irritating. 

DevaCurl No-Poo Original Review 

There’s nothing more satisfying than a good, clean head of hair. Sadly, regular shampoos impart more damage than they’re worth, leaving your strands listless and down in the dumps. 

The No-Poo Original swoops in to save the day, giving your scalp a refreshing wash with tingly peppermint and grapeseed oil. Locking in moisture, this non-stripping formula pumps up your curls to add volume and gloss, while lifting spirits with its fresh scent. 

To get the most out of your No-Poo DevaCurl shampoo, be sure to apply it right onto your scalp and scrub with fingertips. A 12 oz bottle of this sulfate-free beauty costs $24

DevaCurl No-Poo Blue Review 

If you’ve dipped your toes (and by that we mean hair) into the world of bleach, you may know a thing or two about brassy tones. Without proper nourishment, those ringlets will crimp into strange formations and color won’t appear evenly distributed. 

The No-Poo Blue battles brass to its demise with the help of blue lotus flower. It adds a cool-toned layer over top of your strands, for that ‘ashy blonde’ you strutted out of the salon with 6 weeks ago. 

No-Poo is free of sulfates and it doesn’t lather, so don’t expect suds here, ladies. Instead, you’ll need to massage this formula into your scalp and work through the sections. The result is hydrated, defined, Shakira-esque hair that helps you cut down on those pricey trips to the salon. 

Freshen things up with the 12oz DevaCurl No Poo Blue for $26.

DevaCurl Styling Cream Review

Frizz is born when hair doesn’t get along with itself, standing up in rebellion and trying to be as loud as possible—it’s the enemy of a well-defined set of spirals. So, we’re sorry frizz, but you need to go. 

The Styling Cream keeps unruly strands under control, by gently coating and calming them down with the simple ingredient of tapioca starch. Now that you’ve got that issue under control, what about texture? 

Frizz-free hair is nothing without being touchable. This product also uses jojoba oil to soften and smooth hair for an all-around good-looking head of hair. DevaCurl’s Styling Cream costs $15–$28 depending on your choice of a 3oz or 5.1oz bottle.  

DevaCurl Supercream Review 

If you’re looking for moisture, you’ll find it in the Supercream. Experts recommend mixing it with DevaCurl Arc Angel Gel if you need some hold as well. This combination is perfect for important all-day events, such as weddings or graduations. 

With the same frizz-fighting powers of DevaCurl’s Styling Cream, the Supercream goes a step further and really pumps up the moisture content of dry, damaged strands. Using fractionated coconut oil to penetrate your follicles, it feeds hair from the inside out. 

A 3oz bottle of this Supercream styling formula costs $15. If this is a tried-and-tested product for you, opt for the 5.1oz size at $28. 

DevaCurl B’Leave-In Review 

Not everyone is looking to ‘tame’ their curls, for some—the bigger, the better! B’Leave-In gives limp spirals a leg up, adding extra oomph for that attention-grabbing look. After this treatment, you’ll be ready to headline at the next superbowl halftime show. 

We know what you’re thinking, volume equals frizz…Not always. This DevaCurl leave in conditioner uses wheat protein to naturally revive your hair to its full potential, backed with lemongrass and chamomile to enhance luster and deeply quench your strands. 

Give curls a much-needed boost with a 6oz or 16oz bottle of B’Leave-In for $20–40. 

DevaCurl Ultra Defining Gel Review 

Crunchy and ooey-gooey are better left to cookies. Leave them in the kitchen and out of your hair care routine with the Ultra Defining Gel. With all-day hold, dreamy definition, and that coveted buoyancy, this gel dries invisible and leaves hair gleaming. 

You may have heard the phrase ‘curl cast’ floating around. Basically, the gel creates a thin layer that protects vulnerable locks from frizz, which can be scrunched away when dry. It leaves behind no undesirable residue on your hair.

A bottle of this do-it-all DevaCurl gel comes in sizes 3oz to 32oz, and is yours for $10–$46. 

DevaCurl Wave Maker Review 

Healthy curls come in all shapes and sizes; some are tightly coiled while others are wavy like noodles. No matter what your natural mane looks like, Wave Maker helps to spruce up and define lifeless hair, while reducing static and making all sections a little more uniform. 

This plant-powered cream harnesses the benefits of moringa seed and passionflower extracts to condition and boost shine. To use, scrunch up your damp hair and apply liberally—before letting it dry naturally or using the brand’s diffuser (featured next in this DevaCurl curly hair review). 

A 5oz bottle of the Wave Maker is $26

DevaCurl DevaFuser Review 

We’ll admit it, the DevaFuser looks a little funky. But it’s built that way for several good reasons, and after all, who are we to judge? 

The design lends itself to twisting your tresses into the perfect shape, while boosting volume for a shakeable, touchable set of curls. 360 degrees of airflow gets around to each strand—right down to the root of dry hair—as the ceramic core tames any frizz and flyaways. 

Get the locks you’ve always wanted with this DevaCurl diffuser for $50

DevaCurl One Conditioner Original Review

If there’s one thing curls love, it’s hydration. The One Condition Original is all about infusing moisture back into your hair. With a buttery consistency, this conditioner uses olive oil to penetrate strands with some nourishing love. 

Botanicals like rosemary and chamomile work to soothe and smooth stressed-out hair for a silky soft finish. One Condition Original is available in sizes 3oz, 8oz, 12oz, and 32oz for $10–$46. As a pro-tip, use your fingers to gently coat this formula onto wet hair (working from the mids to the ends) to reduce any breakage or unnecessary damage.

Is DevaCurl safe to use?

DevaCurl Curly Hair Review

All of the brand’s ingredients meet safety requirements set out by the US CIR (Cosmetic Ingredient Review), Health Canada, and the SCCS (Scientific Committee on Cosmetics Safety) in the EU. 

That being said, some people may be more sensitive to certain ingredients than others. For example, when introduced to a new ingredient, users may initially experience inflammation and adverse effects. 

The brand does use ingredients that may cause irritation; resulting in thinning and breakage. DevaCurl hair loss may be due to synthetic fragrances and propylene glycol, both of which can lead to itchy scalps. If you experience any of the side effects, discontinue use right away.  

A thorough scan of DevaCurl’s list of ingredients will reveal chemicals such as “Acrylates/C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer” (in the Ultra Defining Gel) that do come with complications like headaches and dizziness due to overexposure. This is a thickening agent that’s present in many other haircare and skincare products.

The follicles of curly hair are structured differently than those of naturally straight hair. The former reacts differently to haircare products and requires a little extra attention. 

In the next section of this DevaCurl curly hair review, we’re going to look at a selection of the brand’s most popular cleansers, stylers, and conditioners that help define, smooth, and de-frizz spiralling locks. 

DevaCurl Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

DevaCurl Curly Hair Review

These products might sound great as you’re reading about them, but what are they like in real life? Don’t stress, this is the part of the DevaCurl curly hair review where we scour the internet to uncover the truth. 

Ahead, we’ve compiled customer reviews sourced from the BBB, Influenster, the brand’s website, and The Cut—to help you understand if DevaCurl’s products really deliver on their promises. 

DevaCurl’s NoPoo Cleanser received a high rating of 4.5/5 stars from 1,630 people on Influenster. There are tons of happy customers who love this product. One user left a concise review: “Fresh scent, cleanses well, consistent results.”

But, some had terrible experiences as well, reporting hair thinning and scalp irritation. One DevaCurl curly hair review reads, “My scalp was getting really irritated and I had bumps that were itchy and uncomfortable.” This definitely shouldn’t be happening; to avoid complications, always test a new shampoo on a small patch of your hair beforehand. 

DevaCurl has 1/5 stars and an F rating on the BBB. There have only been 7 reviews and a total of 38 complaints in the last 3 years though—not a lot for a big business like this one. The brand has a low rating due to not having resolved 23 open complaints. 

On the DevaCurl website, customers can leave reviews for each of the products they carry. Below, we’ve created a list of a few different ones to give you a general idea of how they’re enjoyed. 

  • One Condition Original: 4.5/5 stars from 631 reviews
  • DevaFuser: 4/5 stars from 376 reviews
  • Ultra Defining Gel: 4.5/5 stars from 661 reviews
  • B’Leave-In: 4.5/5 stars from 540 reviews
  • No-Poo: 4.5/5 stars from 599 reviews

It appears that the Ultra Defining Gel does indeed create a good hold without the crunch. People love its scent and the definition it provides. One user wrote, “Finally a product that helps my curls define their shape but doesn’t dry hard and crunchy!” 

Although, this experience isn’t shared by everyone who uses the product. Some reported the exact opposite. One DevaCurl curly hair review reads, “Hold is not great, heavily perfumed, makes my scalp itchy.” As mentioned before, it’s important to keep in mind that certain ingredients can cause irritation. 

This DevaCurl curly hair review needs to inform readers that the brand has had several class-action lawsuits filed against them due to thousands of women claiming hair loss as a direct result of using the haircare formulas. 

While reading through a DevaCurl curly hair review on The Cut, we were upset to learn that these statements might be true. The information provided by the brand on their website seems innocent enough, so what could be causing these issues? 

The Cut proposes, “Perhaps it wasn’t that the formulation itself was harmful…perhaps it was a storage issue, or one of the compounds reacting poorly to heat.” In this case, it would explain why some users experience the hair loss effect and others don’t.  

With the mixed bag of user experiences, it’s hard to peg the effectiveness of the haircare line. It appears though, that while it’s unfortunate that some have had nightmare results, the majority of curly-haired buyers love DevaCurl’s products and use them daily. 

Is DevaCurl Worth It?

DevaCurl Curly Hair Review

This is a complicated question. As explored in the previous section of this DevaCurl curly hair review, there have been some controversial claims against the brand’s cleansers and hair treatments. 

But, as we also uncovered, these issues weren’t experienced universally. Professionals recommend spot testing before using any product on your entire head. Users can do this on a small patch of hair, or anywhere on their skin. If there is a bad reaction, discontinue use immediately.

With that said, we turn to a majority of happy customers who left glowing testimonials, loving the way their ringlets look after using DevaCurl’s products. Based on a wave of positive experiences, affordable prices, frequent deals, and a solid return policy, we believe the brand is worth the buy. 

DevaCurl Promotions & Discounts 

DevaCurl Curly Hair Review

This DevaCurl curly hair review scoped out the brand’s website to find every last deal they have to offer. We’ve listed them all below:

  • Get 10% off your order when subscribing to the mailing list
  • 30% off with promo code DEVADEALS
  • Get a cleanser, conditioner, and style packet with every order over $50

Where to Buy DevaCurl

DevaCurl Curly Hair Review

DevaCurl products are available for purchase directly from You can also find their products through retailers such as:

  • Amazon
  • Sephora
  • Walmart
  • CVS
  • Walgreens
  • Target


DevaCurl Curly Hair Review

How long does DevaCurl take to ship?

The company ships its products within the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Once you place your order, it can take 5–6 days for processing and delivery. 

This DevaCurl curly hair review will outline all of the shipping options:  


  • Standard: 4–7 business days, free
  • 2-Day: 2–3 business days, $10
  • Overnight: 1–2 business days, $17
  • Alaska & Hawaii: 3–12 business days, $15

Puerto Rico

Standard: 5–12 business days, $50


Standard: 5–12 business days, $15

NU/NT/YT: 8–12 business days, $100

Once your order ships, DevaCurl will send you a confirmation email with a tracking number. 

Can I return DevaCurl?  

You can return any DevaCurl products within 60 days of purchase. Fortunately, the brand accepts items that have already been used. They will issue a full refund as long as the proof of purchase is provided.

If you opt for a store credit and live in the contiguous US, DevaCurl will pay all return costs. Those who reside in Canada, Hawaii, Alaska, or Puerto Rico will have to cover any mailing and shipping charges. 

This DevaCurl curly hair review has compiled 6 steps to initiate a return:

  1. Head to the Returns Portal on DevaCurl
  2. Enter your order number and shipping zip code
  3. Complete the returns form
  4. If accepted, DevaCurl will send you an RMA and a prepaid shipping label
  5. Attach the label to the outside of your return parcel
  6. Head over to the local post office and mail your package to the following address: 

Attn: Returns
75 Spring St
8th Floor
New York, NY 10012
United States

How to Contact DevaCurl Customer Service 

We hope that you found this DevaCurl curly hair review informative. For any other questions, get in touch with the brand directly through any of the methods below.

Fill out the contact form on their website

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