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Dagsmejan Review

I’m a hot sleeper. No matter what time of the year it is, I frequently wake up overheated. And I know there are others who feel the exact opposite. Whatever it is that’s waking you up, Dagsmejan wants to make sure it’s not your PJs. 

Their mission is to help you sleep deeper and longer, and they’ve developed an entire range of men’s and women’s sleepwear and relaxwear to do it. Apparently, they’ve done a pretty good job considering Dagsmejan has been featured in tons of popular media outlets, including Forbes, InStyle, and Men’s Journal.

Seriously, the list of publications their innovative apparel hasn’t been in is shorter—something I realized after clicking through 12 pages of press highlights. Their social media following is up there too, clocking in at 25K between Instagram and Facebook. 

There’s obviously a lot of hype around this brand, but is it really worth it? In this Dagsmejan review, I’ll help you figure that out by telling you everything you need to know about the company, their best-sellers, feedback, and more. 

Overview of Dagsmejan

Dagsmejan Review

Dagsmejan is a Swiss company and manufactures all of their products in Europe ethically. Remember the whole “help you sleep deeper and longer” goal that Dagsmejan was created for? Well, that mission is very near and dear to the brand’s founder’s hearts. 

Both Catarina and Andreas know the difference that a good night’s sleep can make, and they also know that what we wear to sleep has a big impact on the quality of our snooze. So in 2017, they banded together to create a line of sleepwear that wasn’t just soft, but checked every single box in terms of comfort. 

Their designs are tag-free, made from sustainable moisture-wicking materials, and help regulate your body temperature throughout the night. In fact, they’re scientifically proven to improve sleep comfort. 

I’d say this Dagsmejan review is off to a pretty good start, how about you? I’ll take you through the highlights next, then get right into their comfortable collection.


Dagsmejan Review
  • Range of men’s & women’s sleepwear & relaxwear 
  • Cooling, warming, balancing, and recovery-geared collections
  • Sustainable & ethical production
  • Natural, renewable materials
  • OEKO-Tex certified
  • Made in Europe
  • Offers deals & discounts
  • Ships around the world

You’ve got an overview of the brand now, but in the next part of this Dagsmejan review, I’ll get into the fibers of their men’s and women’s sleepwear. Spanning across categories that help you stay cool, warm, balanced, and recover, The Balance collection is made with their signature fabric called NATTWELL™, made from beech wood that’s OEKO-Tex certified safe. Let’s dive in.

Dagsmejan Women’s Sleepwear Review

Dagsmejan women’s sleepwear includes everything from dresses to pants to tops, all designed to regulate your body temperature and keep you comfortable. Offering a buttery line of sleep and relax wear in sizes XS-2X, if you’re a fan of dreamy colors, I think you’ll like what you see in their best-sellers, up next. 

Dagsmejan Sleep Dress Short Sleeves NATTWELL™ Sleep Tech Review

This sleep dress brings a whole new meaning (and look) to comfort. With incredibly soft NATTWELL™ fabric that helps regulate your temperature, I can definitely picture myself strutting around in one in the sunrise rose hue from sunup to sundown. 

But the 4 gorg color options and soft fabric aren’t the only reason to choose the Sleep Dress Short Sleeves NATTWELL™ Sleep Tech, it has a body-hugging fit that looks great and is tagless to keep you super comfy. A must for the summer season, if you love the freedom that sleep dresses bring but want even more, pick this one up for $150.

Dagsmejan Sleep Long Sleeve Top Women NATTWELL™ Sleep Tech Review

I’m a long sleeve tee kind of girl through and through. If I could, I’d wear them all year, but usually, they’re just too hot. The Sleep Long Sleeve Top Women NATTWELL™ Sleep Tech tee is different. 

It’s 6x more breathable than cotton and 4x better at managing moisture. Thanks to its tagless design, you can say goodbye to itchy labels too. Breathe easy in this top in one of 10 colors like maroon or deep ruby for $100.

Dagsmejan Sleep Pants Cuff Women NATTWELL™ Sleep Tech Review

If there’s anything 2020 taught us it’s that the same pair of pants can be worn to work, sleep, and grocery shop in, and having a backup pair of your faves is essential to making it through the week. If there’s one type of pants you’ll want to double up on, it’s the Sleep Pants Cuff Women NATTWELL™ Sleep Tech pair right here.

Since we’re going into the chilly season, you might be swapping out your shorts for something longer, and these are 2x softer than other PJs out there—plus, they’re super cute. Pick up a pair and sleep (and work) at the right temperature for $100.

Dagsmejan Men’s Sleepwear Review

Dagsmejan men’s sleepwear has the same kind of selection that its women’s does, only the sizes vary from S-2XL instead. 

Using NATTWELL™ fabric for temperature regulation, softness, and moisture wicking, the line of supremely soft tees, pants, and shorts is sure to keep you at the right temperature all night long. I’ll walk you through their best-sellers next. 

Dagsmejan Sleep T-Shirt Men NATTWELL™ Sleep Tech Review 

The Sleep T-Shirt Men NATTWELL™ Sleep Tech is a prime example of exactly why Dagsmejan is so popular. Made with moisture-wicking zones to keep your skin 1°C cooler, it also features raglan sleeves for non-restricted movement. So smart. 

Tagless as all of the brand’s sleepwear is, you might just find yourself wearing this freeing all day and all night. Get it for $96.

Dagsmejan Sleep Shorts Men NATTWELL™ Sleep Tech Review 

The perfect sleep shorts do not exi—oh wait, there’s actually the Sleep Shorts Men NATTWELL™ Sleep Tech by Dagsmejan. 

Designed with 4-way stretch to help you move through the day, thanks to the brand’s renowned material (that’s 6x more breathable than cotton btw), don’t be surprised if you find yourself tossing and turning less through the night. Available in 6 calming hues of blue and green, grab a pair of these essentials for $96.

Dagsmejan Sleep Long Sleeve Top Men NATTWELL™ Sleep Tech Review 

The troubles of a hot sleeper in winter: it’s cold out and you want to feel cozy, but wearing long sleeves to bed ends up making you sweat. I’ve been there, and that’s why I’m pretty stoked about the Sleep Long Sleeve Top Men NATTWELL™ Sleep Tech shirt.

With super breathable fabric, you can wear this shirt as soon as you get home from work (or, if you WFH, to your living room office) and to sleep at night. Made in 7 different colors, I like that the palette is ultra calming no matter which one you choose. Take your pick for $100

Dagsmejan Sleep Pants Cuff Men NATTWELL™ Sleep Tech Review 

Dagsmejan Sleep Pants Cuff Men NATTWELL Sleep Tech might be a very long product name but it’s very telling of what you’ll get when you buy these pants. Made from the brand’s signature temperature regulating fabric, they’ll help you feel the right temperature by wicking away moisture in the night.

Available in 6 colors, these light and breezy pants have a built-in gusset to prevent them from riding up at night—a true saving grace for fussy sleepers. Grab a pair and feel the difference for $100.

Who Is Dagsmejan For? 

Dagsmejan Review

Dagsmajen makes sleepwear and relaxwear for men and women. They have collections for hot, cool, and in-between sleepers to make sure all needs are taken care of.

Dagsmejan Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Dagsmejan Review

No Dagsmejan review would be complete without feedback, so in this section, I set out in search of comments and ratings from around the web. Let’s start with a few from the brand’s website.

  • Men’s wear: 4.8/5 stars, 1,791 reviews
  • Women’s wear: 4.8/5 stars, 5,219 reviews

It turns out that all of the sleepwear offered by Dagsmejan is grouped together in one rating for men and one for women. But within each of those categories, customers write reviews for individual items, like this one for the Sleep Dress Short Sleeves number:

The women’s Nattwell Sleepshirt won me over with the simple and well-fitting cut and on the other hand with the unique wearing comfort. The Dagsmejan nightgown keeps what it promises: comfortable temperature all night long!

The majority of comments I read stated that the brand’s sleepwear delivers exactly what it promises, and the above Dagsmejan review is a great example of that. But though there are thousands of other positive comments about the brand on their website, let’s head to another source for a little variety.

For the following Dagsmejan review, I hit up a blog called the Sleep Sherpa written by a guy who tried out the men’s short sleeve sleep shirt and pants. After sleeping in them a few nights, he wrote:

I love how these pajamas feel. So much so that I have used the top during the day since it looks nice and no one would know it’s a pajama top. I also like how the shorts come with pockets. The sizes are true to fit. Yes, these pajamas are a bit expensive but they feel amazing [and] still keep that feel after multiple washes.

The pockets in the men’s and women’s sleep pants were something that stood out to me too because so often we wear our pajamas around the house and need them. Not all PJs come with pockets. 

I know we’ve already seen some great feedback for this brand, but for good measure, here’s one last Dagsmejan review from Trustpilot. It reads:

The most comfortable sleepwear that I have ever tried! I have ordered a sleep dress from Balance collection and I could be happier – it’s so light and soft, there are no seams or tags that’s usually annoys me at night. Also, I used to get really hot throughout the night, and now my temperature stays balanced.

It seems that customer service is really helpful—especially according to customers on Trustpilot. The brand offers a 14-day money back guarantee and means it, and most of the complaints I found there can be resolved by shoppers simply taking advantage of it.

Is Dagsmejan Legit?

Dagsmejan Review

Like the brand’s mission, I’m writing this Dagsmejan review to help you get a better sleep—and that means ensuring you shop with a company that makes you rest easy. Reading through the comments, I found a few mentions of long shipping times and complaints about import duties. 

These were the two most commonly reported issues in Dagsmejan reviews, though there weren’t an alarming number of either. Be aware that since the brand manufactures its products in Europe, you may have to pay duty on arrival. Other than that, I didn’t find many complaints about their apparel or service in general. 

Is Dagsmejan Worth It?

Dagsmejan Review

First things first: I can appreciate that Dagsmejan’s sleepwear is much more expensive than the kind you might pick up at a department store, so the question of whether or not it’s worth it hangs heavily on the difference their fabric makes. According to customers, the difference is night and day. 

Personally, I like that the brand uses natural, sustainable materials and ethical production. The fact that their products regulate body temperature is a fantastic perk, for me at least. For others, it’s what draws them to this company’s sleepwear, which, from my point of view, is worth the buy

Dagsmejan Promotions & Discounts 

Dagsmejan Review

Even though this brand’s sleepwear may be well worth it, a little discount here and there never hurts. Here’s what I found after combing through the brand’s website for this Dagsmejan review:

  • Referral Program: Give $20, get $20
  • Free shipping for orders over $150

Where to Buy Dagsmejan

Dagsmejan Review

Ready for a better sleep? Same. Head over to to shop.


Dagsmejan Review

Who owns Dagsmejan?

Catarina Dahlin and Andreas Lenzhofer co-founded and own Dagsmejan

Does Dagsmejan ship internationally?

Yep! The brand’s products are made in Europe and shipped around the world. I’ll go into a little more detail in the next section of this Dagsmejan review.

What is Dagsmejan’s Shipping Policy?

Once you place an order online with Dagsmejan, it can take up to 48 hours to process. When your order is shipped out, you’ll receive a confirmation email with a tracking link. Delivery times vary from location to location, and I’ll give you a brief rundown of the lot below:

  • USA, Canada & Europe: 2-3 business days $10
  • UK: 2-6 business days $16
  • Everywhere else: 7-15 business days $20

Dagsmejan offers free shipping on orders that total over $150 USD. 

What is Dagsmejan’s Return Policy?

Dagsmejan offers a 14-day Money Back Guarantee on all of their products. From the date you receive yours, you have two weeks to try them out. If you’re not super pumped about what you experience, send them back for a full refund. 

The same applies if you just want to exchange an item for a different size. To start the process, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the online returns center at
  2. Enter your order number & email address
  3. Choose the items you’d like to return
  4. You will be sent a confirmation email with more instructions and a return shipping label in 1-2 days once your request is reviewed

After you get your label, package everything up along with the delivery slip in the packaging it came in. Be sure to include the original tags as well. Attach the return label to the outside of the package (so that it covers the old label) and drop it off at your local post office. 

How to Contact Dagsmejan

Dagsmejan Review

Still have questions after reading this Dagsmejan review? Get in contact with the brand by emailing [email protected].

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