Daniel Wellington Watch Review

About Daniel Wellington

Daniel Wellington Watch Review

You may have come across Daniel Wellington on social media over the past few years, as the brand is most known for its Instagrammable watches, which are attractively simple, minimalistic, and functional. These watches also come in various designs with different straps, faces, and accents, allowing you to choose a style you love. 

In addition to their classic timepieces, this Daniel Wellington watch review has found that the company has expanded into other jewelry pieces such as bracelets, rings, earrings, and necklaces. Most of these are designed similarly to and meant to complement the brand’s watches, making for an harmonious overall aesthetic. 

After gaining popularity on social media, Daniel Wellington has firmly established itself in the fashion world. The brand has built up a significant following of 4.9M on Instagram, including celebrity followers such as Hailey Bieber, and has been spotlighted in publications such as Business Insider

This Daniel Wellington watch review will take an extensive look at the brand and its watches, as well as its jewelry, promotions, customer feedback, and more to help you decide if it’s time that you checked out this buzzworthy brand.

Overview of Daniel Wellington

Daniel Wellington Watch Review

While vacationing in Australia, Swedish-born online entrepreneur Filip Tysander encountered a distinguished British traveller sporting a vintage-style watch. Captivated by this international man of mystery’s subtle yet refined style, Tysander was inspired to launch his own line of watches in 2011 bearing the name of the Englishman—Daniel Wellington.

Inspired by the simplicity and directness of Scandinavian design, Daniel Wellington makes elegant timepieces with interchangeable faces and straps, so you can mix and match to find the right look for any occasion. This isn’t just a matter of functionality: the brand aims to create classic pieces that will stand the test of time (literally) and contribute to a sustainable future.

Daniel Wellington seeks to adhere to that philosophy of sustainability in all aspects of its business. The brand uses FSC-certified paper and cardboard in its shipping containers, and its Stockholm headquarters employs energy from renewable sources.

Got time for some top-line pros and cons before plunging deeper into this Daniel Wellington watch review? Let’s get to it:


  • Classically minimalist watch designs
  • Sustainable brand
  • Installment payment option with Klarna
  • Free shipping and free returns via UPS 
  • Free returns with UPS
  • Two-year warranty on timepieces


  • Expensive for a fashion watch
  • Watch faces are not waterproof 
  • Some buyers report poor customer service, as well as orders and refunds that were never received 
Daniel Wellington Watch Review

By definition, timeless fashion never goes out of style, and Daniel Wellington watches are made to last. This Daniel Wellington watch review will now survey some of the brand’s top-selling items for both women and men.

Daniel Wellington Women’s Watches Review

Explore different Daniel Wellington looks for her with various watch styles, from casual to professional. With your choice of watch face and interchangeable Daniel Wellington strap, as well as the range of accent colors, you can customize your timepiece to your liking.

This Daniel Wellington watch review will now go over some of the brand’s bestselling women’s watches, all of which come in two to three different sizes of watch face. The Daniel Wellington watch 32 mm option is always a good middle ground, but you can also go smaller or larger depending on your preference.

Daniel Wellington Iconic Motion Review 

The Iconic Motion is the perfect watch for the active and athletic woman who still wants a touch of class while kicking ass. The brand’s first water-resistant timepiece, this watch has a synthetic rubber strap and rose gold details on the face, making it a casual yet stylish choice for women on the go.

Note before purchasing that this watch does not have an interchangeable strap, so what you see is what you get. The Iconic Motion comes in two sizes: a 32mm watch face diameter for $199, or 40mm for $249.

Daniel Wellington Petite Ashfield Review

With its classically sophisticated style, the Petite Ashfield is made for the fashionable businesswoman. Delicate and restrained, this watch still makes a statement with its matte black mesh strap and chic black dial. It’s available in three sizes (28mm, 32mm, and 36mm), so you can choose your degree of daintiness. 

The watch face has accents in rose gold or silver, and the strap is interchangeable. This Daniel Wellington watch women style is available for $169 (28mm), $189 (32mm), or $199 (36mm). 

Daniel Wellington Petite Melrose Review 

If you’re looking for a classic-looking timepiece, the Petite Melrose is an ideal choice. The tasteful design features a refined white dial paired with rose gold accents and mesh strap. Whether you’re dressing up or dressing down, this super-versatile watch will enhance any outfit, and the interchangeable strap lets you adjust your look according to your activity.

You can get the Petite Melrose in three sizes, with the price climbing accordingly from $169 for the 28mm to $189 for the 32mm and topping out at $199 for the 36mm.

Daniel Wellington Petite Durham Review 

A fitting alternative to the discontinued Daniel Wellington St.Andrews watch, the Petite Durham has a strap made of light brown leather that ages gracefully as it is bent, tightened, or stretched from day to day. Paired with the gleaming white dial with tastefully restrained gold details, the strap gives this watch an aura of elegance and experience.

The simple yet stylish Petite Durham is available in 28mm for $159 or 32mm for $179.

Daniel Wellington Men’s Watches Review

Now that we’ve gone over some of the brand’s leading women’s styles, let’s turn to some of the bestselling Daniel Wellington looks for him. 

Daniel Wellington Iconic Link Review 

The perfect gift for the man in your life, the Iconic Link combines a classic design with a modern twist. The stainless steel strap in rose gold or silver finishes connects with the elegant watch face, whose dial comes in your choice of  gleaming white or rich black.

Made with Daniel Wellington’s signature 12-index dial, the Iconic Link will run you $199 for the 28mm version, $199 for the 32mm, or $249 for the 36mm.

Daniel Wellington Iconic Link Ceramic Review 

Adding a twist to the original Iconic Link, the Iconic Link Ceramic sports an all-black ceramic strap connected to a matching black watch casing. The gleaming silver accents on the dial and hands rhyme visually with the shine of the strap links, creating a luminous darkness that makes this piece a real standout.

Don’t fear the darkness on the edge of your wrist—get the Iconic Link Ceramic in either 28mm or 32mm versions, both for $299.

Daniel Wellington Iconic Link Emerald Review 

Meet the Iconic Link‘s luxurious sibling: the Iconic Link Emerald. Featuring the same rose gold or silver finish of its classic forebear, this stunner sports a striking green watch face, giving it a subtle visual pop that will draw some admiring double takes.

Available in three sizes (28mm, 32mm, and 36mm), the Iconic Link Emerald ranges in price from $229 at the low end to $289 at the high.

Daniel Wellington Emalie Bracelet Satin White Review 

Daniel Wellington bracelets pair perfectly with their watches. The Emalie Bracelet Satin White is an elegant cuff created from stainless steel plated with silver or rose gold and white enamel. It beautifully complements the rest of the collection, especially the matching Daniel Wellington ring, the Emalie Ring Satin White

Available in small and medium, the Emalie Bracelet Satin White is $79.

Daniel Wellington Classic Bracelet Review 

Like the Emalie, the Classic Bracelet is also a cuff-style bracelet, minus the touch of enamel. This chic bracelet was designed to rhyme with the brand’s minimalist watch designs, but it can also fly solo or fit in well with your daily wrist stack. 

Available in either small or large, the Classic Bracelet is available in rose gold, yellow gold, or silver for $59.

Is Daniel Wellington A luxury Brand?

Daniel Wellington Watch Review

To put it simply, no, Daniel Wellington is not a luxury brand. Luxury watches sometimes surpass $12K, which makes Daniel Wellington more of a low- to mid-tier brand. 

The watches’ battery-powered quartz movement is standard-issue for everyday timepieces, and the brand’s products are also manufactured in China, making for additionally low-cost production. So while Daniel Wellington products may be expensive fashion watches, they can’t compare to the timepieces made by luxury brands such as Rolex, Omega, or Tag Heuer.

Is Daniel Wellington Swiss Made?

Daniel Wellington Watch Review

No, Daniel Wellington watches are not Swiss-made. The brand’s products are designed in Sweden and manufactured in China. 

Does Daniel Wellington Come With A Battery?

Daniel Wellington Watch Review

Yes, all Daniel Wellington watches come with a battery. According to the company website, the Daniel Wellington watch battery is a standard oxide button cell battery available at most jewelry stores, watch stores, or jewelers, which makes it easy to replace when you need a new one.

Daniel Wellington Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Daniel Wellington Watch Review

Is Daniel Wellington good quality? We checked out some customer reviews to see what people have to say about the brand’s watches and jewelry. Browsing through comments on Facebook, Amazon, and TrustPilot, we came across some conflicting opinions.

On Facebook, the company scores a 4/5-star rating based on 2,381 reviews. One customer expressed her satisfaction with every aspect of the purchasing experience, from customer service to the quality of the products:

“Amazing products, i’ve purchased a watch and a ring and they’re my favourite accessories! Also 10/10 customer service, I had some issues with tracking my delivery and Harold was extremely helpful updating my address and answering my queries, and they took maximum a day to reply to my emails which is extremely quick. Highly recommend!”

On Amazon, the Classic St Mawes Watch has a 4.4/5-star rating out of 288 reviews. Many buyers expressed their pleasure with the timeless and versatile designs, as with the commenter below, who overcame their initial hesitation about buying the brand:

“I had been looking at Daniel Wellington watches for a while but was not sure if I wanted to spend the money to get one. I am glad that I did! This watch is classic, and will match with anything you wear. If you want a good, quality watch then I would recommend Daniel Wellington to anyone! […]”

That opinion was seconded by another reviewer, who says that “This watch is everything I wanted it to be. Perfect for looking slightly polished, but in a normal casual outfit. I wear it to both wedding and in tennis shoes. I get compliments regularly. It is very comfortable, and my husband actually got one as well.”

When we looked at TrustPilot, this Daniel Wellington watch review found that the brand received a “Poor” rating of 2/5 stars based on 199 reviews. On the upside, positive reviews were pleased with the reasonable pricing for the brand’s quality designs, marking the products as respectable mid-tier timepiece options. One repeat buyer offered her opinion on the brand: 

Gotten my first DW 7 years ago and recently got the new Iconic Link. Absolutely love the quality. The leather strap could last so long. Of course, you don’t compare it with luxury brands. But within the same range, I must say it’s pretty decent quality. Have checked out other brands, the workmanship is not as impressive as DW. Especially the case thickness, it’s so thin!”

On the negative side of the equation, this Daniel Wellington watch review noted numerous people who reported issues with returns and not receiving a response from customer service. (We should also note that the brand was actively replying to these negative responses in hopes of providing a solution.)

One customer explained her unfortunate situation: “Awful experience. Returned my item on 4 January 2021 and still no refund or acknowledgment of receiving the item even though it was returned via their UPS return process! Awful – will never buy from them again.”

One displeased Facebook customer also complained about the brand’s customer service, although in this case the company was technically within its rights given the two-year warranty on its products. The buyer wrote:

“Avoid #DanielWellington if you are looking for a long term option for a watch. My watch battery stopped during lockdown, I have just contacted Daniel Wellington to ask them to replace the battery and the cracked screen and they will not help customers with watches older than two years!! Even if you offer to pay for it yourself! […]”

There are many similar reviews to this one, with the common refrain that the company’s customer service apologizes, but doesn’t provide efficient help. Though customers enjoy their products, the many negative shipping and refund experiences might deter people from future purchases of the brand’s products.

Is Daniel Wellington Worth It?

Daniel Wellington Watch Review

So, is Daniel Wellington worth it? While we want to say yes, after all the info we’ve gathered this Daniel Wellington watch review advises you to proceed with caution when ordering from the brand, and to be especially wary of their shipping, refund, and return processes. 

While Daniel Wellington watches have classy and minimalist designs that are suitable for everyone, we can’t help but recognize the red flags raised by many customer testimonials. The number of negative comments relating to the same issues indicates that you may want to order from a partner retailer rather than directly from the brand.

Depending on what you’re looking for, Daniel Wellington watches can be considered both expensive and inexpensive. If you’re looking for a mid-tier fashion watch, then it could be deemed affordable compared to other brands. On the other hand, for what they’re worth, they might be a bit too pricey.

This Daniel Wellington watch review thinks Daniel Wellington is worth it if you’re drawn to the restrained yet elegant style of its watches and jewelry, but keep in mind that many other watch and jewelry brands on the market offer similar pieces at similar or lower prices. So all in all,

we encourage you to keep your options open before committing to this brand’s products.

Daniel Wellington Promotions & Discounts 

Daniel Wellington Watch Review

Unfortunately, there is no Daniel Wellington coupon on offer at this time. As for Daniel Wellington sale items, we found that you can sign up for their newsletter to receive exclusive offers straight to your inbox, as well as other news and invites. When you sign up, you’ll also receive a 10% discount code to use on your first DW order.

Where to Buy Daniel Wellington

Daniel Wellington Watch Review

You can purchase the brand’s products directly from Additional retailers include:

  • Nordstrom
  • Bloomingdale’s
  • Hudson’s Bay
  • Revolve
  • Selfridges


Daniel Wellington Watch Review

Where is Daniel Wellington made?

Daniel Wellington watches are designed in Sweden and made in Shenzhen, China, a common watch-manufacturing hub. The watches’ quartz movement is made by a Japanese company called Miyota, and the leather straps are sourced from Italy.

How do you change the batteries in a Daniel Wellington?

This Daniel Wellington watch review came across many videos and instructions on how to change the batteries of the brand’s watches. Follow these steps to change the batteries yourself:

  1. Get a 1.4mm flat screwdriver and a cotton swab
  2. Remove screws on the back of the watch
  3. Clean out the parts with your cotton swab
  4. Pop out the old battery
  5. Replace old battery with a new one
  6. Place the cover back on and screw on tightly
  7. Set the time on your watch, and you’re good to go

How long does Daniel Wellington take to ship?

You can expect to receive your Daniel Wellington order 2-3 business days after purchase. Keep in mind that packages are not delivered on weekends or holidays.

Does Daniel Wellington ship internationally?

Yes, Daniel Wellington offers international shipping for specific countries, and you’ll receive free shipping when purchasing a timepiece. There might be a shipping fee for other accessories, depending on the amount of your order.

To find out if Daniel Wellington ships to your country, click here.

How do I cancel my Daniel Wellington order?

If you want to cancel your Daniel Wellington order, you’ll be required to contact their customer service team. Once you’ve requested a cancellation, you’ll have to wait for their response.

If they turn down your request, chances are it’s because your order has already left the warehouse, but no worries, they will notify the carrier to return it to them. They are very flexible!

Can you return Daniel Wellington? 

Daniel Wellington accepts returns on items that are unused and in the same condition you received them in. The company provides a return shipping label with UPS, but you’ll be responsible for additional costs if you choose a different carrier.

How to Contact Daniel Wellington

If you’d like to contact the company for any info not covered in this Daniel Wellington watch review, call them at 1-888-857-4707 or send them an email here.

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