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The average American eats roughly 144 pounds of meat per year. Considering how much of the population live in areas deemed as food deserts, it’s safe to assume that most people aren’t eating 144 pounds of filet mignon. 

And while that quantity of prestigious meat is a bit overzealous, it does imply that people can do better when it comes to their choice of meat. Hence, D’Artagnan. The company has established themselves as one of the go-to brands for high-quality meats and poultry

Their products are loved by chefs, restaurants, and home cooks across America. They currently boast over 41k Instagram followers who dig their virtual teeth into every mouth-watering post.

The question is, can this company make your mouth water? In our D’Artagnan review, we will try to answer that question by looking at their history, their ethics, their catalog, what customers have to say about them, and more. 

You’re going to want a napkin for this review, cowboy. 

Overview of D’Artagnan

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Food is as much of a delicacy as it is a necessity. If you have the means to eat fresher, cleaner, and less produced food, then why not? That’s how D’Artagnan believes people should eat, and has been helping people make better food choices since 1985.

Ariane Daguin founded D’Artagnan in New Jersey, where the company still houses their operations. They distribute meat to four-star restaurants, boutique retailers, and to the general public

Daguin started the brand after leaving the restaurant industry to distribute foie gras, drawing inspiration from French farmers and chefs. She worked alongside local families and organizations to ensure that the meats were cared for ethically. 

Her catalog expanded from duck to include more meats, truffles, and seafood. As gourmet food was becoming more accessible in America, more chefs demanded gourmet meats. They turned to D’Artagnan, and have done so for close to four decades. 

D’Artagnan follows a farm-to-table principle wherein they eliminate as many barriers between livestock and dining as possible. Therefore all animals are raised free-range without the use of hormones or antibiotics.

 Some of their foods are certified organic and others have earned praise for their humane raising practices.

With all that taken into consideration, the next portion of our D’Artagnan review will cover some of the company’s highlights. 


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  • High-end meats, games, and animal products
  • Adhere to strict farm-to-table ethics
  • Some products are certified organic
  • You can save 25% on your first order over $150 by signing up for their newsletter
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

We’ll go into detail about plenty of available products in this D’Artagnan review. We can’t cover everything though, so we’ve also listed out the broad categories of food that the company distributes:

  • Meat and game
  • Poultry
  • Foie gras
  • Seafood
  • Charcuterie
  • Truffles
  • Mushrooms
  • Gifts and accessories

D’Artagnan Meat & Game Review

This section of our D’Artagnan review will look at the brand’s bread and butter products. Not literally, since we’ll be discussing D’Artagnan meat & game, but their proverbial bread and butter, meaning their most distinctive items.

D’Artagnan Japanese Wagyu Beef Boneless Ribeye Steak A5 Grade Review

Imagine a lump of meat so juicy and succulent that it melts in your mouth like chocolate. It may sound like fiction, but that’s how many people describe Japanese wagyu beef, and D’Artagnan’s offering is no different.

D’Artagnan Japanese Wagyu Beef Boneless Ribeye Steak A5 Grade comes from natively-bred Japanese Kuroge cattle, which is a species of cow with a higher fat and muscle content. This gives the meat its bespoke texture. 

This item scores extremely well with Japanese wagyu beef experts (doesn’t that sound like a dream job), so it’s a rather rare product. You can order a 14.5-ounce frozen D’Artagnan Japanese Wagyu Beef Boneless Ribeye Steak A5 Grade for $160.

D’Artagnan Venison Porterhouse Chops Review

If you want to get lean you need to eat lean, and there aren’t many meats that are leaner than the D’Artagnan Venison Porterhouse Chops. It comes from free range, hormone-free game raised in New Zealand.

This product is a healthier alternative to traditional beef becomes it’s higher in protein and lower in fat. That’s without sacrificing any of its juicy flavor or soft texture. Few types of meat can hold that claim, but this venison porterhouse chop isn’t just any meat. 

This slab of meat cooks faster than other meats, so you should fry it fast in order to preserve its texture. Four frozen pieces of the D’Artagnan Venison Porterhouse Chops are available for $100.

D’Artagnan Rack of Lamb Review 

From the Rocky Mountains comes this girthy piece of pure lamb. This hunk is as tender as a romantic comedy and as generous as Mother Theresa. What we mean is that each rack comes with 8 ribs and each rib should be better than the last.

What’s more impressive is that the D’Artagnan Rack of Lamb is certified Halal. It’s good to see that the company caters to people with dietary restrictions.

It’s best to cook up this rack medium rare so that you can indulge in its one-of-a-kind taste that flows from lamb’s mouthfeel. 

You can get this item shipped to you either fresh or frozen. A fresh 1.9 pound D’Artagnan Rack of Lamb costs $96, while a frozen rack of the same weight costs $95.

D’Artagnan Whole Rabbit Review

Some people call rabbits the chicken of the mammalian world because their meat is lean, clean, and easy to season. While we’ve admittedly never eaten rabbit, the D’Artagnan Whole Rabbit makes us want to change that.

This product uses white rabbits from California and New Zealand. Despite that, the meat isn’t as common in North America as it is in France or Italy. That means this could be a way for you to connect with the gastronomy of the world around you.

This low-calorie, high protein, hormone-free could become a staple of a healthy diet. Two unfrozen rabbits weighing 3 pounds each cost $93. A single frozen D’Artagnan Whole Rabbit of the same weight can be yours for $44.

D’Artagnan Truffles and Mushrooms Review

This section of our D’Artagnan review will cover the meat of the vegetarian world, mushrooms! Since mushrooms aren’t difficult to find – even the organic ones – we’ll be focusing on one of the rarer breeds of mushrooms – truffles. 

D’Artagnan Truffle Butter Sampler Review

Truffle butter is the new ingredient that can add ludicrous amounts of flavor (and zeroes to the end of your restaurant bill) that chefs have adopted. However, it’s hard to discover exactly how truffle butter affects taste.

Let the D’Artagnan Truffle Butter Sampler teach you about subtlety and texture. The package includes two 8-ounce logs; one for black truffle butter and one for white truffle butter. 

It’s a great way to use the umami flavor from truffle mushrooms and the richness of fatty butter.

That being the case, D’Artagnan recommends using it for meats, thicker sauces, and noodle dishes. It’s a classy way to add some character to any dish though.

The D’Artagnan Truffle Butter Sampler is available for $35.

D’Artagnan Duck Review

Now we’ll look at the D’Artagnan duck offerings. This is the meat that the company made their name off of, so we hope that they have all of their ducks in a row in this department. 

D’Artagnan Moulard Magret Duck Breast Review

The D’Artagnan Moulard Magret Duck Breast is composed of a hybrid breed of duck. The ducks are half Muscovy and half Pekin. This pairing grants the end meat a fuller texture. Duck is renowned for its heartiness, and this product emphasizes that. 

The ducks are raised on a vegetarian diet in New York and Canada. The meat itself has been aged for seven days. This saturates the flavor to the point that you may not be able to put this duck meat down.

One fresh 12-14 ounce D’Artagnan Moulard Magret Duck Breast costs $20 and a frozen bird weighing 12-14 ounces costs roughly the same.

Who Is D’Artagnan For? 

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D’Artagnan’s offerings are for people with more refined taste palettes or those looking to expand their cooking prowess

Their items are usually of a higher quality than what’s found in most grocery stores. This comes with higher prices of course, but that’s not a negative aspect. 

Is D’Artagnan Organic? 

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Not all of the products we listed in this D’Artagnan review, or even on the company’s website, are organic. However, many have earned that certification. D’Artagnan is transparent about which singular items are organic and which aren’t.

D’Artagnan Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

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We’ll dedicate this section to some D’Artagnan reviews that have come from real-life customers. 

These testimonials should give you a clearer perspective about what it’s like to shop with this company, what D’Artganan foods are really like, and what company aspects you should be aware of.

These are some of the average scores customers gave the products we mentioned in this article. All these metrics come from D’Artagnan’s website customer review section:

  • D’Artagnan Venison Porterhouse Chops: 5/5 stars based on 3 ratings
  • D’Artagnan Whole Rabbit: 4.9/5 stars based on 28 ratings
  • D’Artagnan Rack of Lamb: 4.9/5 stars based on 15 ratings
  • D’Artagnan Truffle Butter Sampler: 4.7/5 stars based on 26 ratings
  • D’Artagnan Moulard Magret Duck Breast: 4.7/5 stars based on 160 ratings
  • D’Artagnan Japanese Wagyu Beef Boneless Ribeye Steak A5 Grade: 4.6/5 stars based on 17 ratings

These high scores indicate that most customers were beyond pleased with their purchases. Buyers praised their respective purchases for their sublime flavors and textures. Here’s a telling review about the D’Artagnan Rack of Lamb:

The lamb was the best that I have been able to purchase at home. Quite frankly, it was probably better than I’ve ever had eating out. It was very tender. Usually, when I buy a lamb in a grocery store I have to trim off a lot of fat. I did not trim off any with this. I will definitely be purchasing more.

That consumer wasn’t the only one who favorably compared D’Artagnan to regular grocery stores. 

People often said that the company delivered products that, although expensive, were better than what they could buy at their grocery store or even what they could order from restaurants.

Here is another review that epitomizes why customers loved D’Artagnan. In this case, the customer awarded the D’Artagng Whole Rabbit 5/5 stars

We winter in SC and I had no luck in finding anyone who carried rabbit. Unless I wanted to buy 8! My executive chef friend uses you all the time so I went to your site and found just what I was looking for, for Christmas dinner. (something different) Arrived just as stated in great packaging (very recycle conscious) Once we are home I will be ordering more from you!

We found that buyers also gave the company a solid score on Facebook. 170 people gave D’Artagnan an overall score of 3.9/5 stars. Their praise was similar to what we found on the company’s website.

To illustrate that point, this is what one satisfied buyer had to say: “The turkey we purchased from you was absolutely delicious! Huge difference from what is sold in grocery stores. There was plenty of breast meat, the drumsticks were delicious and everyone loved it! Thank you.”

Unfortunately, not everyone was happy with D’Artagnan. A few people on Facebook and reviewers on TrustPilot complained about the company’s customer service team failing to respond to their inquiries. 

Additionally, there were a few people who claimed that their meat arrived in unacceptable conditions. However, these were in the vast minority of reviews, as most of the testimonials we saw felt that the meat, game, and everything else arrived in great condition. 

Is D’Artagnan Legit?

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This company seems reputable in our opinion. Their close relationships with local farmers and firm reputation in the restaurant industry lead us to believe that they’re worth your time.

Is D’Artagnan Worth It?

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In our honest D’Artagnan review writers’ opinion, we think that these items are worth checking out if you have the money for it or just feel like splurging for a nice occasion. 

Their prices are quite high but that is the result of a high product standard. We appreciate the fact that they strive to keep their practices as humane as possible, but they may be outside of some people’s budgets.

D’Artagnan Promotions & Discounts 

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Here’s one way you can save some money with this company. They’ll send you a $25 D’Artagnan discount code on any purchase over $150 if you sign up for their email subscription program. This code is valid for 60 days.

If you miss that sale then the company will inform you of the next one on the D’Artagnan coupons and promotions page on their website. 

Where to Buy D’Artagnan

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The best place for the average shopper to purchase D’Artagnan’s products is through the brand’s website,


D'Artagnan Review 17

Who owns D’Artagnan?

The company founder Ariane Daguin still owns D’Artagnan to this day.

Does D’Artagnan ship internationally?

Sadly, we found that the brand is only able to ship foods to locations within the United States

What is D’Artagnan’s Shipping Policy?

Ready to get your hands on some D’Artagnan food? You can choose when you want your package to arrive. The company uses overnight shipping through FedEx to ensure that their products get to you in the freshest possible condition.

They store all their packages in insulated boxes and use ice packs to keep all shipments at the optimal temperature.

What is D’Artagnan’s Return Policy?

You cannot return any D’Artagnan purchases. However, due to the company’s 100% satisfaction guarantee, they will refund you if they fail to deliver you the correct size, order, or quantity. You’ll have 5 days to reach out to them to apply for this refund.

How to Contact D’Artagnan

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In this final portion of our D’Artagnan review, we’ll tell you how to contact the company. These are their main communication avenues for customers with pressing questions:

  1. Fill out a customer inquiry form on their website
  2. Write them a letter at D’Artagnan, LLC., 600 Green Lane, Union, NJ 07083
  3. Call them at 1-800-327-8246

Their call lines are open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm EST Mondays to Fridays.

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