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About Incogmeato

Incogmeato Review

Incogmeato is a plant-based meat alternative, dishing out meaty imposters that cook, smell, and taste just like the real thing. Offering a range of ground “beef,” “chicken,” and “pork” options, the brand uses all-natural ingredients with a simple heart.

Since its release, the company has made quite the name for itself, partnering with the San Francisco 49s as the first official plant-based burger served in its stadium. It’s also been featured in popular publications like The New York Times, Plant Based News, and Thrillist.

Sound interesting? Keep reading this Incogmeato review. Here, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the brand and its top-selling foods, reveal customer feedback, answer important FAQs, and more, to help you decide if it’s worth checking out.

Overview of Incogmeato

Incogmeato Review

Meat-eaters say if you’re going to eat something that looks and tastes like meat, you may as well eat the real thing. But they’re totally missing the point. We say, why eat meat when you can save lives and the earth at the same time?

Incogmeato foods come at a time when vegan isn’t just a hippie diet that your mom chose to follow for 10 years in the 60s, nor is it a passing trend. Choosing vegan foods doesn’t have to mean going fully plant-based, it’s about making changes that will positively affect the earth and your health.

The brand, an off-shoot of vegetarian favorite Morning Star, officially launched in 2019 and is owned by Kellog’s. Located in Battle Creek, Michigan, Incogmeato was a way for the brand to connect with vegans without disrupting its ever-popular vegetarian line that uses certain animal products like eggs in its dishes.

Ahead, this Incogmeato review will introduce you to a few of the brand’s meat-like plant-based foods. Before we get there, take a peek at its highlights.


  • Range of Chick’n, “Beef”, and “Pork” products
  • Made from simple ingredients
  • Packed with plant-protein
  • 100% vegan
  • Affordable
  • Positive customer reviews on taste
  • Sold in many retailers across the US
Incogmeato Review

With Incogmeato, we know what’s possible for the world of plant-based meat substitutes, and that’s satisfying, flavorful, and beefy foods that make limp, mushy burgers a thing of the past.

Offering a range of beef, pork, and chicken substitutes, this brand sweeps the deck with its variety of flavors and forms. In the next section of this Incogmeato review, we’ll walk you through a selection of its food products so you can get a feel for what it offers.

Before we get started, we’ll just note here that not all products are available for purchase online. We’ll include the prices we were able to track down, but others simply didn’t show up.

Incogmeato Beef Review

Making us rethink why we ever ate beef from an adorable cow in the first place, Incogmeato Beef has an incredible texture that cooks up like a dream. Ahead, we’ll showcase the brand’s two top-selling ground “beef” products in patty and loose forms.

Incogmeato Plant-Based Ground Patties Review

Finally, BBQs don’t have to be an embarrassment while Uncle Dan watches you make a condiment sandwich out of a burgerless bun, shaking his head and questioning your values. The Plant-Based Ground Patties cook up like the real thing, smell delicious, and will even take on grill marks.

In just one burger, you’ll get an impressive amount of plant-based protein—20 grams to be exact. You’ll also get 8 grams of fiber.

So go ahead, call Dan and tell him to save a spot for you on the grill—and to make sure he cleans it. You can get the Incogmeato Plant-Based Ground Patties in 8.5 oz for $6 or 25.4 oz.

Incogmeato Plant-Based Ground Review

Gone are the days where spaghetti night involves noodles and sauce only. The Plant-Based Ground cooks up just like real ground beef does, and since it’s actually meaty and not rubbery like some other brands’ options are, it’s a perfect dish to share with friends who aren’t of the plant persuasion.

The options are endless with the ground. It makes a great shepherd’s pie, dumpling filling, or mock hamburger helper casserole. One serving offers 20 grams of protein and 7 grams of fiber, as well as a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals like B12.

The Incogmeato Plant-Based Ground comes in 12 oz, and right now, there’s no price available online.

Incogmeato Pork Review

A good sausage is seasoned well, has a crisp-able casing, and a satisfying bite. And since Incogmeato’s Pork sausages are completely plant-based, you don’t have to shove the thought from your mind that what you’re eating is encased with pig intestines. Major plus.

Below, you’ll discover the brand’s two best-selling pork sausages great for grilling, breakfast, or even fancy meals.

Incogmeato Italian Plant-Based Sausage Review

The Incogmeato Italian Plant-Based Sausage is seasoned to perfection with a spicy kick. Throw it in a pasta dish, tuck it in a bun, or just eat it right from the grill alongside a few, fun side dishes.

Each 14 oz pack contains five sausages. These plant-based sausages contain about half the fat as the pork alternative, coming in at 9 grams.

While we weren’t able to track down this one’s price online, you can find it at one of the stores listed in the Where to Buy section of this Incogmeato review.

Incogmeato Plant-Based Maple Breakfast Sausage Links Review

No Sunday morning breakfast is complete without sausages. Saddling up perfectly next to your fluffy, egg-free pancakes, the Incogmeato Maple Breakfast Sausage Links have a classic taste that rounds off a side of carbs in a filling way.

With two sausages per recommended serving, Incogmeato ensures you start your day off right. Each serving contains just 6 grams of fat and an equal amount of protein.

These links come in 6.5 oz containers, packed with eight sausages each. They’re available at retailers across the US.

Incogmeato Plant-Based Chik’N Review

There’s something about chicken that’s so hard to replicate. Probably because of its texture, which with other vegan brands is more akin to a dough.

This Incogmeato review will introduce you to the brand’s top-selling meaty Chik’N products, Nuggets and Tenders.

Incogmeato Plant-Based Chik’N Nuggets Review

A grabbable, easy finger-friendly meal, nuggets are a fun food no matter what age you are. The Incogmeato Plant-Based Chick’N Nuggets are little chunks of chicken-y goodness made from 100% plant sources.

The nuggets come in 13.5 oz bags. In each four-nugget serving, there are 9 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber. Start up the fryer, pull out the sauces, and start dipping!

Incogmeato Plant-Based Chik’N Tenders Review

Tenders are for those who want a few extra bites out of their favorite go-to meal. With a little more substance and girth, these long, juicy strips are coated in a crispy crumb layer that gives a feel-good crunch.

The recommended serving size is three strips, but no one will judge if you have more! Each serving provides a whopping 17 grams of protein.

Great for movie nights, afternoon bites, or 12:00 am snack sessions, the Incogmeato Plant-Based Chick’N Tenders are sold in a 13.5 oz bag for about $6

Who Is Incogmeato For?

Incogmeato Review

Incogmeato is for anyone who wants to cut down on meat consumption, not just vegans, although that’s certainly who enjoys it the most. It’s important for us to note that the brand uses soy in all of its products, so it won’t be suitable for those with a soy allergy.

Because Incogmeato is designed to replicate real meat it will have a meaty chew and taste, whether you’re a new vegan longing for the nostalgia of your meet-eating days or a pensive carnivore looking to try out Meatless Mondays, its realistic taste and bite is a winner.

Comparison: Incogmeato vs. Beyond Meat

Incogmeato Review

Beyond Meat has been around a little longer than Incogmeato, its juicy meat-like burger showing the world the possibilities of plant-based food. Since its inception, other companies have followed suit, like Impossible, and now our featured brand. 

Known for its burgers and ground “beef”, Beyond Meat has expanded its selection to offer sausage and chicken as well. All of its options are praised for their real, meaty textures and features—like the “skin” around sausages and pink burger center.

In this section of our Incogmeato review, we’ll do a quick comparison between our featured brand and its competitor two just to check out ingredients and prices.

  • Incogmeato Ground Patties
    • # of ingredients: 18
    • Protein source: Soy
    • $6
  • Beyond Meat Patties
    • # of ingredients: 23
    • Protein source: Peas
    • $7.50

Beyond Meat is a great option for those avoiding soy, and while it does contain more ingredients, it also has more added vitamins. The real clincher is the taste. To find out how these two brands stack up in a taste test, read the next section of this Incogmeato review.

Incogmeato Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Incogmeato Review

In the realm of fake meat, there are some real doozies. We commend these brands for their attempt, but at the end of the day, if it chews like mush and tastes like plastic, what motivation is that to take another bite?

Finding out how this brand’s food tastes is critical, and for that, we’ll need to turn to customers. In this section of our Incogmeato review, you’ll find a variety of comments from around the web that provide insight into what the brand’s foods are truly like.

Right below this line, you’ll see a selection of ratings for the brand’s best-selling meaty imposters taken from its website.

  • Ground Patties: an average of 4.3/5 stars from 203 reviews
  • Ground: an average of 4.5/5 stars from 68 reviews
  • Maple Breakfast Sausage Links: an average of 4.4/5 stars from 20 reviews
  • Chik’n Nuggets: an average of 4.5/5 stars from 191 reviews
  • Chik’n Tenders: an average of 4.5/5 from 275 reviews

For vegan food, the texture of chicken is pretty hard to replicate. So we were interested to find out how well the Chik’n Tenders held up.

One Incogmeato review revealed, “they came out crisp, non-greasy, and delicious…the taste was great.” Another customer said, “They don’t taste too far off from regular store bought chicken nuggets.

Vegan nuggets have a tendency to be mush encased in a crispy filling, and it was thrilling to discover that these ones had a “meaty bite to them.”

Now that we felt confident in the brand’s Chick’n, we wanted to take a look into its burgers. We turned to Influenster for more information.

Influenster showed a 4.2/5 star rating from 261 shoppers for the Ground Burgers. In terms of a breakdown, 83% of shoppers gave the burgers a 4 or 5-star score, while just 6% gave 1 or 2.

Now, when it comes to burgers, juicy is a must. While we always hope that brands shoot for meat-like too, often, you’re getting a floppy, chewy burger or one that has no right being called a burger at all.

From what we found on Influenster, we can confidently say that Incogmeato Ground Patties are tender and juicy, two words that popped up quite frequently in reviews. Take this example that describes the taste and texture: “They are really delicious, I grilled them and they were delicious and very juicy. They have a very good texture. I recommend them.

Others say they’re “up there” with the Beyond Burger and Impossible Burger, which is kind of incredible considering they’re less expensive.

With a craving for just a little more information about the Ground Patties, we headed to an Incogmeato review on Morganna’s Musings that compared them with the Beyond burger.

Of the cooking and eating process, she wrote, “It smells really good while cooking, no plastic smell…The texture is actually really good too…It’s not dried out, not too chewy.” In the end, the review concluded that Incogmeato was actually better than Beyond, which is really saying something.

We’re super impressed by what we found out in this section of our Incogmeato review. Customers absolutely love this stuff. It’s tasty, has a nice chew, and cooks up like a dream.

Is Incogmeato Worth It?

Incogmeato Review

If you’re reading this Incogmeato review, there’s a good chance you’ve had one, two, or ten experiences with vegan meat replacements. Even if you’re new to the world of veganism, what we’ll say below is really important.

There are a lot of meat replacements out there, some filled with chemicals, others made with vegetables only, but when it comes to making a product to taste and chew like meat, it’s hard that it won’t become the Frankenstein’s monster of plant-based foods.

What Incogmeato has done is great, using a simple, short list of ingredients to create tasty, meat-like alternatives for a great price. So, yeah, we definitely think this brand is worth the buy.

Incogmeato Promotions & Discounts

Incogmeato Review

Let’s be real here, Incogmeato offers some of the least expensive vegan meat products out there, and that’s one of the reasons they’ve had such success. The other? How similar they are to real meat.

During this Incogmeato review, we noticed that you won’t be able to purchase right from the brand’s website. For that reason, it doesn’t offer any specific discounts—but we did see that its parent company, Kellog’s, has a rewards program to earn and redeem points.

Where to Buy Incogmeato

Incogmeato Review

If you don’t feel like pulling on your cactus leather boots and driving, you may be able to find Incogmeato on Instacart at certain stores like Walmart and Target, or on Amazon. 

If browsing the aisles and combing through labels is your thing, you can head to any of the following shops:

  • Weis
  • Price Chopper
  • HyVee
  • Kroger
  • Safeway


Incogmeato Review

Who owns Incogmeato?

As an offshoot of vegetarian-delight brand Morning Star, Incogmeato is under the Kellog umbrella of brands.

Where are Incogmeato products made?

Since Incogmeato is a part of Morning Star, we did a little digging and found its manufacturing facility is in Zanesville, Ohio.

Is Incogmeato vegan?

Yes, Incogmeato is 100% vegan.

What ingredients are in Incogmeato foods?

The main ingredients in all Incogmeato foods are water, soy, and canola, and palm oil. The rest is a 2% mix of things to bind the meat and make it tasty, like potato starch, yeast, and salt, along with natural colorants like apple and beet juice. You’ll also get vitamins normally found in real meat like B1 and B12.

What is Incogmeato’s Shipping Policy?

Incogmeato doesn’t ship anything from its website. Instead, to buy, all you need to do is head over to one of its retailers and shop. Certain products are available for online purchase at other stores, but each one’s shipping policy is different.

What is Incogmeato’s Return Policy?

Normally with perishable products, brands don’t accept returns. Since you can’t buy Incogmeato directly from its website, if you do run into an issue with your purchase, you’ll need to refer to whatever store’s policy it is that you bought them from.

How to Contact Incogmeato

We hope you found all that you came looking for in this Incogmeato review, but if you still have questions lingering around the ol’ noggin, don’t hesitate to reach out to the brand to get them answered.

Customer service hours are 9:00 am to 6:00 pm ET and you can use any of the contact methods listed below:

  • Call or Text: 1-800-962-1413
  • Website Contact Form
  • Write to: Kellogg’s Consumer Affairs, P.O. Box CAMB, Battle Creek, MI 49016

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