Discount Glasses Review

About Discount Glasses

Discount Glasses Review

Discount Glasses is a brand that focuses on matching you with affordable, stylish, and highly functional glasses. Their catalog includes sunglasses, reading glasses, eyeglasses, safety glasses, and many more—with large clearance and accessories sections. 

Currently hovering around 3K Instagram followers, Discount Glasses is a lowkey brand that makes a huge impact in the lives of their customers.

This Discount Glasses review will go over their best-selling products, shipping and return policies, what sets them apart from their competitors, and so much more, so that you will know whether or not the brand is a good option for your needs.

Overview of Discount Glasses

Discount Glasses Review

With headquarters in the Midwestern US, Discount Glasses was founded in 2004 to make shopping for new frames as seamless and transparent as possible. They have nothing to hide. If you don’t like your purchase, you can return it with ease. 

And because the brand operates online, they have a huge catalog of glasses to choose from. Plus, they offer prices that most traditional brick and mortar retail brands simply can’t match.

This Discount Glasses review was pleased to find so much clarity in the brand’s business model and policies. It not only makes them an approachable and trustworthy brand for potential customers, but also sheds light on all the cheap tricks and obfuscation that goes on with other eyewear options.

While that all sounds wonderful, there are still downsides that come with shopping for glasses online. Many people are now comfortable with buying clothes over the internet, but eyewear is a bit more personal, and tricky to get right without an in-person interaction. 

This Discount Glasses review examines some pros and cons around the shopping experience:


  • A huge catalog of glasses and styles for customers to choose from
  • Suitable for all ages
  • A large clearance section with some eyeglasses discounted over 50%
  • Helpful ‘Try On’ feature offered for choosing the right glasses
  • Each purchase comes with a glasses case and cloth
  • Free US shipping and returns 
  • 365-day return policy 


  • Only active prescriptions can be used for Discount Glasses prescription eyeglasses
  • Steep fees for international shipping 

Discount Glasses Review

Discount Glasses have top of the line frames and designs, at a fraction of the cost at retail locations. In this section, we go over 2 best-selling glasses that have timeless style and great customer reviews.

Discount Glasses Lunettos Parker Review

The Lunettos Parker glasses come in two colors: tortoise for the vintage librarian hipster, a Miami ‘bad boy’ look, and black, for a classically charming appearance that matches with any outfit.

Whichever color you choose, the saddle bridge design is the key feature of these Discount Glasses square glasses—allowing the glasses to rest comfortably on your face and rounding out the iconic aesthetic. 

These frames come in a large size, made from durable plastic. Altogether, the Lunettos Parker style costs $40.

Discount Glasses Lunettos Shay Review

The Lunettos Shay glasses are thinner and more stylized, sophisticated, and daring than the Lunettos Parker. The slimmer frame and multitude of color options (tortoise tan, tortoise pink fade, and more) make it a more attractive option for women.

The Lunettos Shay has a full frame, and if you are unsure how the classic design looks on your face, try the brand’s online Try On feature. With it, you can choose different models wearing the glasses and ‘move’ their head around on your screen. It comes in medium size and costs $40.

Discount Glasses Semi Rimless Glasses Review

In this section, we examine the category of Discount Glasses semi rimless glasses. The store catalog has a wide range of sleek, modern designs that have become very popular, especially with people going for a serious and professional aesthetic.  

Discount Glasses Arlington AR1055 Review

The Arlington AR1055 glasses are highly stylized with temples that drop straight down in a 90 degree angle behind your ear, with a touch of tortoise-pattern. The front of the glasses is crisp, with—you guessed it—semi rimless lenses and a very thin frame attached at the top.

The Arlington AR1055 comes in black, brown, and navy, which affect the front portion of the frame. This applies particularly to the section between the eyes, much more than anywhere else (although it also accents the tortoise design behind your ear). These medium sized glasses have a titanium frame and barrel hinges, costing $40.

Discount Glasses Arlington AR1051 Review

The Arlington AR1051 are nondescript and mysterious. Are you a tax accountant? A Russian assassin? A Wallstreet CEO about to liquidate 5,000 jobs? No one will know. As a result, your face and personality stand out even more.

Arlington AR1051 glasses are what you wear when you don’t care (or need) extra style from this accessory. It goes with any outfit, but you can spice up the thin frame by choosing between black, brown, silver, and gunmetal—all in matte. 

These glasses have barrel hinges, customizable nose pads, and are made of titanium. You can buy them for $40.

Discount Glasses Kids Glasses Review

Children’s glasses need to be robust and comfortable—and at the right price—for them to be worth your while. This review assesses two of the brand’s most popular Discount Glasses kids glasses frames, and more, so that you can decide if they’re suitable.

Discount Glasses Picklez Fluffy Review

The Picklez Fluffy glasses use a dual color combination to make them stand out. The primary color covers the whole frame except the tips that fall behind your ears. Using the black/pink combination, for example, only the tips are bright pink. There is also a bright, metallic brown and purple combination, and a standout mauve and yellow color pairing.

The Picklez Fluffy glasses have an oval frame made from durable metal. They are designed for preteens and cost $40.

Discount Glasses Picklez Buster Review

The Picklez Buster glasses are the more serious counterpart to the Picklez Fluffy glasses. Using a rectangular frame instead of an oval one gives more of a straight-edged, serious look. But the color combinations keep it playful, with black and yellow, black and red, gunmetal and orange, and more—all in matte—as the color combinations.

Coming in small size, the Picklez Buster glasses help more children give off a mature impression. The material is a durable metal, and altogether the glasses cost $40.

Discount Glasses Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Discount Glasses Review

So far, we’re pleased with Discount Glasses’ collection of frames and honest policies. But what do buyers think of their purchases, and the shopping experience overall? We’ve compiled testimonials from a few different sources, to give you the full picture. 

On the official brand website, their products receive 4.5/5 star ratings on average. Discount Glasses reviews say that the Picklez Toto product, for example, is durable, comfortable, and great for kids. Even tweens who don’t like glasses seem to not mind wearing them—plus, they look good.

One customer writes about Discount Glasses circle glasses, “These are super cute glasses and work very well for my child. The band certainly helps keep them up. Love the color and the flexibility. She is rough with them and they still look brand new!”

Turning to the Discount Glasses Facebook page, we find posts from buyers echoing similar feedback. These social media users say that customer service is quick and responsive about addressing their needs, specifically about refunds and replacements. Another common feedback point is how well the glasses work for their children as they grow up.

One Facebook Discount Glasses review reads, “I have been using discount glasses for several years now for my oldest boy, who is now 7. And let me just tell y’all that we go through the glasses! I absolutely can not appreciate discount glasses enough for providing a 365 day warranty on glasses.”

Finally, Trustpilot has a small amount of reviews on Discount Glasses. They are a mix of negative and extremely positive, with only 5 in total. Together, they give the brand 3.2/5 stars. But, even the worst complaints admit that they were given a full refund. 

The reasonable reviews speak of quality customer service, great prices, and, in one case, that they appreciated the “case, cloth, and cleaner” that came with their Hello Kitty Frame.

Is Discount Glasses Worth It?

Discount Glasses Review

Discount Glasses are 100% worth it. Affordable prices and a huge catalog of options, for all kinds of eyeglasses, are two main points that make this brand a great choice. 

The brand proves that it puts customers first in so many ways, primarily through its stellar 365-day return policy that covers even broken glasses, but also through its 7-days-a-week customer service phone line. 

Discount Glass reviews commonly reference the quick customer support over phone, and how getting a refund was extremely easy.

Whether you’re looking for Discount Glasses eyeglass frames or anything else, there’s a good chance they have a great product for your needs. Shipping is fast and, if you’re in the US, also free.

Discount Glasses Promotions & Discounts

Discount Glasses Review

This Discount Glasses review is happy to say that the brand regularly holds huge sales on their website. In fact, they have an entire ‘Clearance’ section devoted to savings.

The Clearance section includes a huge range of products such as Discount Glasses square glasses, Discount Glasses semi rimless glasses, and Discount Glasses circle glasses, just to name a few.

The savings go all the way up to 50% off or higher—and there are hundreds of items on sale for you to choose from, in many styles and categories of Discount Glasses eyeglasses, sunglasses, and more. For example, the Velvet Eyewear Mare style is currently on sale for a 57% discount.

Where to Buy Discount Glasses

Discount Glasses Review

This Discount Glasses review found that you can place orders exclusively through the brand’s official website.


Discount Glasses Review

What is Discount Glasses’ Shipping Policy?

Discount Glasses makes their policies and costs completely clear and easy to understand. US customers get free shipping on every order, and the standard delivery time for frames, sunglasses, and any accessories you purchase is 7 business days at maximum. Prescription glasses can take up to 2 weeks to arrive, if not less.

Customers in the US also have the option of paying for expedited delivery: for an extra $12, you can significantly reduce the arrival time to 3 to 4 business days on a standard order. Prescription orders will still take longer—11 business days at most. 

And if you’re really in a rush, go for the overnight delivery, which brings your order (prescription or otherwise) to your doorstep in 1 business day for $20.

For Canadians, the shipping cost is a flat $10 with each order. Sunglasses and all the rest take 1 to 2 weeks to arrive (Discount Glasses stipulates that they can’t control the customs process), while prescription orders can take as long as 21 business days.

International customers can order from Discount Glasses, but the shipping is significantly more expensive at $20. A normal order for frames, sunglasses, or an accessory may take as long as a month to arrive. 

Orders with prescriptions could take up to 28 business days. And Discount Glasses says upfront, as well, that the wait could be longer due to the pandemic slowing down shipping operations worldwide.

What is Discount Glasses’ Return Policy?

If the Discount Glasses pink glasses that you ordered change your vibe a bit more than expected, don’t worry, because this brand has solid return guidelines.

Each purchase—Discount Glasses kids glasses included—come with a default 365-day return policy that covers your purchase far beyond the usual ‘must be in unworn condition’ type requirements.

This means that you can wear your Discount Glasses eye glasses for months, decide you don’t like them for any reason whatsoever, and send them back for either a full refund or exchange.

 And while that policy alone is enough to win over most customers, it still has great additional features. For example, you can return your glasses even if they are broken, or if you just don’t think they go with your wardrobe anymore. Any reason is good enough to qualify.

This Discount Glasses review put together the steps to follow in order to make a return. That way, you know exactly what the process entails ahead of time—and you can see for yourself just how seamless the brand has made the process, fulfilling their promise of putting customers first.

  1. Prepare your basic information, including your order number and cause for the return
  2. Decide whether you want a refund or an exchange of your purchase
  3. Use the contact information below to get in touch with Discount Glasses
  4. Receive your Return Merchandise Authorization Number and write it clearly in the address field of the package you will return
  5. Receive a postage label from Discount Glasses so that you can mail your return for free
  6. Mail off your package with the RMA number and pre-paid postage label to the Discount Glasses returns address
  7. The company will take about 5 days to process the return and send you the refund or exchange item

In case you missed it—Discount Glasses pays for return shipping. That being said, there is one significant limitation: the free shipping label for returns is only available for customers in the mainland US. 

APO, DPO, FPO boxes, international orders, and US territories/protectorates must pay for the return shipping. 

How to Contact Discount Glasses

If you have any questions beyond this Discount Eyeglasses review, get in touch with the brand using any of the following methods: 

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: 614-914-4975
    • Toll-free line: 1-888-264-5400
  • Fax: 877-291-8154 or 614-921-9866
  • Mailing address

4265 Diplomacy Dr. 
Columbus, OH 

Discount Glasses’ customer service team is available to help and answer any queries between:

  • Monday to Friday: 8 AM–8 PM EST
  • Saturday: 9 AM–5:30 PM EST
  • Sunday: 12 PM–7 PM EST 

Not sold on Discount Glasses? Then check out some other options for trendy eyewear:

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