DS and Durga Review

About DS and Durga

DS and Durga Review

With a headquarters in New York City, an unparalleled product line-up, and smells that can transport you across the globe, DS and Durga is a name to remember if you’re looking for perfumes.

This brand boasts that they make “badass fancy perfumes” which has earned them 69.7k Instagram followers and features in GQ, Allure, Cool Hunting, and more.

If this sounds interesting to you, then keep reading as I’ll tell you a bit more about their story in my DS and Durga review. I’ll cover everything you need to know about them so that you can see whether they’re worth your money.

Overview of DS and Durga

DS and Durga Review

DS and Durga has been operating since 2007, making perfumes, hand creams, soaps, and candles. This smell-focused brand is marked by narratives. Every scent comes with a backstory that informs its intention and its ingredients.

You will find out why certain perfumes use ingredients like moss water, basil, and coriander seed. DS and Durga sets themselves apart from the usual brands on the market thanks to these unique stories.

The company bases all its business out of Brooklyn, New York, which location allows them to drink in all the seasons for inspiration. I’ll take a look at how they put those inspirations to use in my DS and Durga review, but first, here are the brand’s highlights.


DS and Durga Review
  • Unique scents in candles, perfumes, soaps, and more
  • Stories behind each formula
  • Brooklyn-based company
  • Plastic-free packaging
  • Free tote bag included with all orders over $75
  • Ship to Canada and the United States

DS and Durga Candles Review

Who doesn’t like candles? They’re the best way to add some ambiance while also filling your room with pleasant smells. I’ll look at which smells some of the best-selling DS and Durga candles produce up next.

I should also note that all of the candles mentioned in my DS and Durga review (and all the ones in their catalog) are made from a vegetable-soy wax blend, meaning they’re better for the environment than beeswax. Let’s get to it.

DS and Durga Bergamot Superior Review

DS and Durga Review
DS and Durga Bergamot Superior

The first candle to earn its place in my DS and Durga review is this lovely little item. Based on the story its creator penned, the DS and Durga Bergamot Superior draws inspiration from a walk in the north by one of the mightiest lakes on the planet, Lake Superior.

As such, you can expect this candle to carry aquatic notes. Those come from the birch leaf and lake water that make up its base. From there, bee balm and bergamot form the top notes for a round and slightly sweet scent.

Although this product is currently sold out, you can sign up to receive a notification when it’s back in stock. In the meantime, you can listen to the brand’s curated playlist specifically made for this candle.

DS and Durga Wild Brooklyn Lavender Review

DS and Durga Review
DS and Durga Wild Brooklyn Lavender

This perfume represents New York City’s boundless potential, whether that be in business, art, or life. The DS and Durga Wild Brooklyn Lavender came to be after the company’s founder stepped out of a late-night poker game and encountered a pack of dogs.

He wanted to bottle that unpredictable rush, and with a few key ingredients, he found the perfect blend. To do this, the Wild Brooklyn Lavendar contains everyone’s favorite scent, lavender, alongside a host of other delightful smells.

There are traces of grass and herbs to capture New York City’s nature, but the city is more famous as a metropolis. As such, suede and asphalt give this perfume an urban base.

You can buy the DS and Durga Wild Brooklyn Lavender for $65.

DS and Durga Perfume Review

Candles are great and all, but they’re not very portable. Thankfully, there are a couple of fetching perfumes that I’m going to mention in my DS and Durga review that can help you bring the fresh scent of candles wherever you go.

Every DS and Durga perfume is made in small batches and uses cruelty-free ingredients like balms, resins, and plant-based oils. Let’s see what the brand has to offer.

DS and Durga Sweet Do Nothing Review 

DS and Durga Review
DS and Durga Sweet Do Nothing

Do you know the feeling of waking up late on a Sunday morning, seeing an empty to-do list, and feeling excited that you have a whole day to do nothing? That’s the laid-back spirit of the DS and Durga Sweet Do Nothing perfume.

It’s a sentiment that DS and Durga take from West Texas, which is why they include ingredients like Texas everbearing fig, green coyote Chala, and desert pepper.

These choices give this perfume a little Southern kick while the Texas cedar, water musk, and creosote give it a firm body.

You can purchase a 100mL bottle of DS and Durga Sweet Do Nothing for $280. Normally you can purchase a 50mL bottle for $190, but it’s currently out of stock.

DS and Durga Bistro Waters Review

DS and Durga Review
DS and Durga Bistro Waters

The last item to appear in my DS and Durga review takes all the pleasing notes of fresh produce from the kitchen and distills them into one clear scent.

The DS and Durga Bistro Waters perfume contains coriander seed, bell pepper, nutmeg, and more to conjure up the creator’s memories of working in NYC restaurants.

The great thing is that you won’t be smelling like a fast food deep fryer but instead a fresh, country-style market. You can grab a 50mL bottle of DS and Durga Bistro Waters for $190 or a 100mL bottle for $280.

Who Is DS and Durga For? 

DS and Durga Review

DS and Durga is for people who want to fill their lives with scents that are made from real ingredients that can transport them to new locations. Whether you’re in the market for a new perfume, candle, or hand soap, this unique brand has you covered. But what do customers think?

DS and Durga Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

DS and Durga Review

The easiest way to see how much customers liked these products is to check out some DS and Durga reviews from customers!

Since the brand doesn’t have any reviews on their website, I had to look elsewhere. Here are some customer scores of the perfumes I covered from, a website where buyers can leave their opinions on scents:

  • Sweet Do Nothing: 8.3/10 from 3 ratings
  • Bistro Waters: 8.4/10 from 11 ratings 

Those are some promising scores, but they don’t tell us exactly what people loved about them. That’s why I also took to ThingsTesting to see what users reported about their experiences with DS and Durga.

One customer had this to say: “I got the candle ‘Concrete After Lightning’ and it is incredible! It has such a strong scent that fills the room, burns slow, and looks great!”

Many buyers on that site said that they’d recommend the products to friends. In fact, one user wrote: “Every scent is incredible. This quirky brand has bizarre fragrance names and descriptions (each fragrance also has its own playlist!) but somehow every scent truly does tell the exact story that the brand has written for it.”

Honestly, people loved essentially every aspect of DS and Durga, from their branding to their scents to their packaging. As one customer put it:

“EVERYTHING about D.S. & Durga is on point. Original, creative, and playful branding? Check. Unique scents that people will stop you to ask about? Check. Long-lasting perfume that plays well with body chemistry? Check.”

Overall, customers love the brand and their products. I didn’t find any major complaints about the brand as they seem to be a hit.

Is DS and Durga Legit?

DS and Durga Review

I really couldn’t find anything that would make me think that DS and Durga is a sketchy company. It’s safe to say that they are legit.

Is DS and Durga Worth It?

DS and Durga Review

If you want scents that you can’t find anywhere else then, and that are well-made, I think DS and Durga are worth it.

DS and Durga Promotions & Discounts 

DS and Durga Review

This may not be a typical discount, but it’s a promotion that’s nonetheless worth mentioning. If you place a DS and Durge order that comes out to more than $75 then you’ll receive a free tote bag. This promotion is only available while tote bag supplies last.

If you’re looking for another way to save money then you should consider signing up for DS and Durga’s newsletter. When you enter your email address on their website they’ll send you a discount code that will take 10% off of your first purchase.

A final offer that’s worth bringing up is the DS and Durga Build Your Own Sample Set. For only $40 you can choose four scents and test them out at home. If you don’t know which scents you want to try then you can fill out a customer survey. DS and Durga will match your preferences to their products based on your answers.

Where to Buy DS and Durga

DS and Durga Review

You can buy DS and Durga’s products from their website,


DS and Durga Review

Who owns DS and Durga?

David Seth and Kavi Moltz, the brand’s founders, own DS and Durga.

Does DS and Durga ship internationally?

The company only ships to Canada and the continental United States.

What is DS and Durga’s Shipping Policy?

Shipping usually takes anywhere between 1-7 business days and is done through UPS. If you live in NYC, you’ll usually get your order in one day!

What is DS and Durga’s Return Policy?

You’ll have up to 14 days to return any unopened DS and Durga products that you aren’t satisfied with. Some limited scents cannot be returned.

How to Contact DS and Durga

DS and Durga Review

If you have some questions after reading my DS and Durga review, you can contact the company through the live chat feature on their website, or by email at [email protected].

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