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Elix Healing Review

According to UNICEF, every month, nearly 2 billion people around the world have a period. While menstruation is a common, natural experience for so many of us, how we experience it can vary dramatically from person to person. For some, it’s uneventful, while others might encounter more unpleasant, painful symptoms and need to give their bodies a helping hand.

Some people can manage period pain by taking an Advil or Tylenol and going about their day. But every human body is different, and some may be looking for a more natural approach to managing symptoms. If you’re looking for a way to alleviate period pain, heavy bleeding and irregular cycles with the help of Mother Nature, then give this Elix Healing review a read.

Elix Healing is a New York City-based wellness brand that makes customized herbal tinctures. Their product is designed to help alleviate uterine cramps and boost menstrual health, by targeting specific hormones and lipids associated with cramping and other discomforts. In fact, nearly 30% of their users are taking Elix to support symptoms of endometriosis, PCOS, fibroids and other chronic conditions that may be causing the discomforts.

Every order of Elix Healing herbs, known as your Cycle Balance, is specifically blended for your personal health needs. The brand also has a line of tinctures designed to address general health concerns, from stress, to immunity, to inflammation, to indigestion.

This unique brand has garnered a lot of media attention, getting featured in everything from Forbes, Buzzfeed, and Vogue, to Trend Hunter, Shape, AlleyWatch, and The Chill Times. You may have even heard of their own digital magazine, The Wisdom, a wellness resource full of info and tips from experts to help you stay healthy.

Since launching their first product in March 2020, Elix Healing has amassed 2.6k followers on Facebook and an impressive 40k+ on Instagram. There’s no doubt this holistic brand is popular – but is it the right brand for you?

Not to worry. By taking a closer look at this brand’s products, policies,  promotions and customer feedback, this Elix Healing review is here to help you make the best-informed decision possible.

Overview of Elix Healing

Elix Healing Review

Traditional Chinese Medicine (or TCM for short) is based around the principle of everything in our bodies being interconnected. If the body is feeling a symptom in one place, TCM posits that the root cause is likely elsewhere in the body; oftentimes affecting the entire body, though it may not yet be obvious

While Western medicine is thought to help deal with the symptoms first, TCM is defined by a whole-body approach. TCM practitioners focus their remedies on the source of the issue, operating with the idea that if you treat the underlying imbalances in the body, you’ll heal the symptom. 

Elix Healing founder Lulu Ge got to see these remedies in action early in life, thanks to her grandfather being in charge of a hospital in Southern China that employed TCM treatments like herbal decoctions.

Later, when she was an adult, Ge reintroduced herself to TCM when she started experiencing severe cramps and other PMS symptoms after she stopped using hormonal birth control.

She wanted to eliminate these discomforts for herself, so she turned to her grandfather, who connected her with Dr. Xia Hongsheng, a colleague and former Chief Physician at the Shenzhen Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital.

As she dug deeper into TCM’s ancient holistic treatments, she was inspired to use her knowledge to help others suffering the same symptoms

Partnering with a team of holistic health experts to develop a product that combined today’s science with TCM – including Dr. Hongsheng and another friend, herbalist, acupuncturist and professor of holistic medicine, Dr. Liem Le – Ge launched Elix in March 2020. 

Many of these experts remain involved with the product. According to the company, they are continually working to remain current on menstrual and hormonal health research, to ensure Elix Healing’s products remain innovative. 

Our Elix Healing review found that the brand strives to give powerful and personalized remedies. After taking an in-depth health survey based on TCM Pattern Diagnosis principles, Elix’s will use your answers to recommend a specialized herbal tincture, blended for your body’s needs. 

Elix Healing will then send you your unique Cycle Balance blend, along with dosing instructions, on a recurring subscription basis.

When you purchase one of Elix’s tinctures, the brand reassures that it is made from organic, highly concentrated all-natural ingredients processed in FDA-certified facilities

Plus, there are no additives, preservatives, or fillers, and the formulas are all vegan and gluten-free, making these tinctures suitable for many diets.

 The process for making the tinctures looks something like this:

  1. Fresh herbs are harvested and dried
  2. Each herb is slow-extracted individually so that delicate herbs are treated differently than tougher roots and medicinal mushrooms. This ensures the maximum phytonutrients are retained
  3. Extracts are blended to allow for synergy with each other when in use with the liquid form enabling greater bioavailability and absorption

Your Cycle Balance tincture is meant to be taken the week before your cycle would normally start, in order to catch the symptoms before they happen. If your cycle is irregular, it can also be taken when you start to notice the signs of your period, or whenever you find yourself unexpectedly needing more immediate relief.

Now that we’ve gotten familiar with the brand and their history, let’s take a look at some of the highlights of shopping with Elix Healing.


  • Personalized formulas for menstrual and general health
  • Pure, ethically and organically sourced ingredients processed in FDA-certified facilities
  • A subscription that’s delivered on your personal cycle schedule
  • Affordable prices
  • Complimentary US ground shipping on orders over $40

The brand offers a selection of tinctures to choose from, including their customized Cycle Blend. Our Elix Healing review will take a look at their best-sellers.

Elix Healing Review

If you’re looking for herbal solutions to help alleviate unpleasant period symptoms, from cramping to migraines or digestive issues, there are a few best-selling tinctures from Elix that can help. 

To learn more, our Elix Healing review will take a closer look at their Daily Harmony, Cycle Balance, and Ginger Aide tinctures.

Elix Healing Daily Harmony Review

Even during other phases of your cycle, your body can benefit from a boost to help you stay centred. If you’re looking for a product that helps keep things even keel, try adding the Daily Harmony tincture to your Cycle Balance subscription.

This is a powerhouse blend of herbs crafted by the Elix team based on both TCM techniques and academic studies. To learn more about the research Elix Health has consulted in the creation of their products, go to the Meet the Herbs page. There, you’ll find a page explaining every herb they use, including links to independent research. 

The Daily Harmony tincture contains:

  1. White Ginseng – adaptogenic, increases mental clarity and energy
  2. Astragalus – adaptogenic, immunomodulatory & supports stress response
  3. Reishi – helps support your immune system
  4. Angelica sinensis – for inflammation, healing and blood flow
  5. Licorice – meant to help with menstrual cramp pain and digestive symptoms
  6. Ginger – helps with cramps, nausea and immune support
  7. Bupleurum – helps with energy, mood, and stress relief
  8. Cyperus rotundus – can help with cramps, mood, and breast tenderness 
  9. White peony root – another herb for pain reduction and calming
  10. Mint – to reduce pain, inflammation, and stress, and may help with hormone regulation
  11. Poria – for cramps, mood, sleep, and digestion
  12. Atractylodes – intended to help with energy, mood, sleep, and hormone balance
  13. Rehmannia root – another jack-of-all-trades that helps with many PMS symptoms

This product has a minty flavour with earthy undertones. If the flavour isn’t for you, you can easily dilute the tincture in water or juice or add it to tea with some lemon or honey. 

To incorporate Daily Harmony into your routine, all you need is 3 dropper-fulls per day. It can be taken when you first wake up or between meals.

Once you’re a Cycle Balance subscriber, you can add Daily Harmony to your subscription or purchase it on its own for $38 per bottle.

Elix Healing Cycle Balance Review

Elix Healing’s Cycle Balance tincture is the brand’s flagship product. It’s a personalized menstrual health remedy that Elix blends just for you, based on your answers to their detailed health questionnaire.

Using a method called Pattern Diagnosis, the team at Elix will look over your answers, along with a picture of your tongue – because, fun fact, it’s a “window into your health” in TCM – and blend a  tincture formula meant to address the needs they find.

Every Cycle Balance blend will have some base ratio of angelica sinensis, white peony root, poria medicinal mushroom, licorice and ginger to help optimize energy, blood flow, and your Qi

Elix Healing’s FAQ also reveals that Cycle Balance also contains herbs intended to help regulate your body’s production of prostaglandin, a lipid that acts as a hormone and contributes to uterine contractions. If it’s out of balance, it can make cramping worse. 

Meanwhile, other herbs that might be included can do things like relax your muscles and mind, promote a healthy hormone balance, and reduce inflammation. How the tincture is blended will depend on your symptoms, be they headaches, difficulty with sleep, or stress.

Elix Healing will keep your personal blend on file, and send you a new bottle of your Cycle Balance on a cycle that suits your schedule – every 21, 28, or 32 days. Typically, you’ll finish one 60 mL bottle each month. They recently launched 3-month and 6-month bundles so you can receive a discount and always have your herbs on hand when you need them.

Cycle Balance goes down easy with a bit of water or tea. All you have to do is take 6 full droppers twice a day, for the week leading up to your period. 

You can help manage your period symptoms with Elix Health Cycle Balance for $48 per month. Or purchase it in a bundle for only $38.40 per month.

Elix Healing Ginger Aide Review

Ginger is a long-standing remedy in TCM. It has a wide variety of uses including, but not limited to, easing symptoms of the common cold and aiding with digestive issues, blood flow, and muscular aches and pains.

Elix Healing’s Ginger Aide is a 100% organic ginger concentrate intended to help with both unpleasant and painful period systems, and your general health.

Because it’s a highly concentrated tincture, it’s much more potent than, for example, a cup of ginger tea, and is easier to ingest than other methods of incorporating ginger into your diet. 

All you need to do is put 3-6 droppers of this plant-based powerhouse into any drink, or even any cold food (like yogurt), every day or whenever your body could use a pick-me-up.  

You can pick up a bottle of Elix Healing Ginger Aide for just $20, no subscription needed. 

Who Is Elix Healing For? 

Elix Healing Review

Elix Healing’s products are for people who want a unique and natural way to deal with their period symptoms. 

This brand is ideal for those who want solutions based in holistic or alternative medicine and traditional healing. Our Elix Healing review also finds this brand may also offer a great solution for those who want to try menstrual health products that can’t be found at the pharmacy

Elix Healing is also for people willing to give a new treatment time to work. Elix Health says that while some people may see immediate results, others will likely need to take their Cycle Balance for 2 or 3 months before their bodies adapt and effects are most noticeable.

Elix Healing is also transparent about the fact that while their products can provide relief from symptoms associated with conditions like PCOS, fibroids, and endometriosis, they are not intended to be a treatment or cure for any specific condition

The Elix Healing team also makes it clear that you should not take any of these herbs while pregnant, breastfeeding, or while taking a blood thinner, and it’s not recommended to mix with other medications. Always make sure to talk to your doctor before beginning a new medical or supplement routine.

Elix Healing Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Elix Healing Review

This brand is still quite young, so there aren’t many Elix Health reviews online yet. That said, most customers who have reviewed the brand are finding themselves satisfied with their purchases.

Lo Without Limits, a health and wellness YouTuber, reviewed the Cycle Balance in a video. She attests to it working if you give it a chance and stay on it for the recommended 3 months. She says, “After my third period with it, then when I recently finished it, was like night and day in comparison to what I was experiencing before.

Some customers, however, saw more immediate results and faster relief. A reviewer on the Elix Healing website says, “I just used it for the first time and do have to say IT WORKS!!!!! I usually have bad cramps and after using elix my cramps were very light.” 

We also checked out the star ratings for best-selling products we covered in our Elix Healing review, and found consistently high rankings:

  • Daily Harmony – 5 out of 5 stars 
  • Cycle Balance – 4.8 out of 5 stars (out of nearly 350 reviews!)
  • Ginger Aide – 5 out of 5 stars 

Our Elix Healing review also noticed many reviews mention how tasty their tinctures are

Herbal products don’t exactly have a great reputation for flavour, but if you’re skeptical about the taste, here’s what an Elix Healing review from BuzzFeed says about Cycle Balance: “I mixed it with room temperature water and was pleasantly surprised that it had a bit of a minty aftertaste, which made it totally drinkable.

An Elix Healing review post on the brand’s site is even more pleased with the flavour and performance of Ginger Aid: “I add it to seltzer water for a gingerale taste! And to any of my teas and of course any mocktails! It definitely helps me with any bloating and lowers my inflammation quickly.” 

Generally, customers and reviewers have had positive experiences with this up-and-coming wellness brand. 

Is Elix Healing Worth It?

Elix Healing Review

Every body is different, so herbs will have different effects on different bodies. We cannot echo the brand enough in this Elix Healing review that you should always consult a health expert before trying a new supplement. 

That said, if you’re looking for a new way to handle period symptoms, Elix Healing offers an interesting solution. They provide specialized treatment tailored to your body and a convenient subscription for regular deliveries that arrive with your cycle. Everything is made with organic ingredients based on a health philosophy that has been used for centuries

With that being said we love that Elix provides a unique service that combines innovation with ancient practices. That alone warrants us to say that Elix Healing is definitely worth a try.

Elix Healing Promotions & Discounts 

Elix Healing Review

Customers in the US with orders over $40 qualify for complimentary shipping.

You can sign up for the newsletter to get a heads up whenever a new product is slated to be released, or when there are sales available. And with the Give $20, Get $20 referral program, you can save on a future purchase when you get your friends on board.

If you really want to get the word out to more people who might want to give Elix a try and you have a strong social media presence, you can become an ambassador on social media. Signing up will get you a complimentary Cycle Balance subscription, coupon codes for your followers, access to special events, and a commission for every new person you bring on board.

Where to Buy Elix Healing

Elix Healing Review

You can purchase Elix Healing products directly from their website


Elix Healing Review

Who owns Elix Healing?

Lulu Ge is the brand’s founder and CEO.

How much does Elix Healing cost?

A subscription to Elix Healing costs $48 a month for the cost of a monthly bottle of your customized Cycle Balance and includes your health assessment and free delivery. Other tinctures vary in price, starting at $20.

Does Elix Healing ship internationally?

International shipping is limited at the moment. Right now, the only country served outside of the US is Canada.

What is Elix Healing’s Shipping Policy?

Once you’ve taken the health survey, you’ll be given a recommendation page for what will go into your tincture. If you choose to order, it will ship on the cycle schedule that you set on the account page. You can have your tincture delivered every 21, 28, or 32 days.  

Keep in mind that you’re recommended to take it every day, starting 5-7 days before your period starts.

What is Elix Healing’s Return Policy?

To initiate a return or refund, just contact the customer service team.

You can return any unopened products that are not the Cycle Balance tinctures specifically tailored to you.

As for the Cycle Balance tincture itself, you can only apply for a refund if you’ve been subscribed for 3 consecutive months and have filled the checkup forms you receive via email with detailed feedback (this is how the brand helps to ensure they’ve crafted the right formula).

Herbal remedies often take time and consistency before you start seeing results, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t feel any difference in the first month. But, if you’ve been trying the product for 3 months and aren’t seeing results, contact the company to initiate a refund.

How to Contact Elix Healing

The brand’s small customer service team can be reached through their live chat feature, found on the bottom right side of their home page, or by email at [email protected].

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