Melt Cosmetics Review

About Melt Cosmetics

Melt Cosmetics Review

Melt Cosmetics is an ultra-moody beauty brand known for its dramatic, bold, and highly pigmented makeup. From saturated lipsticks to palettes with imaginative color stories, the brand delivers on quality with its craveable, long-lasting formulas.

Coveted for its expressive makeup looks, the brand’s 2.7 million Instagram followers come as no surprise, and neither do features in big beauty publications like Allure.

If you’re in need of a beauty brand that doesn’t skimp on glamour, you may have found exactly what you’ve been looking for. Before you go piling products into your virtual cart, have a peek at this Melt Cosmetics review.

We’ll cover things like the brand’s bestsellers, customer feedback, promotions, FAQs, and more to help you shop with confidence.

Overview of Melt Cosmetics

Melt Cosmetics Review

When starting out a new venture, a ton of courage is needed. Not just to live the life of your dreams, but to do things the right way, put aside your fears, and persist through it all.

Melt Cosmetics started as a small brand that Lora Arellano and Dana Bomar sold from their home. Back in 2012, the pair longed for a lipstick that delivered bold color, a matte finish, and one that didn’t cut corners.

Knowing what they wanted, Arellano and Bomar set out to create that lipstick, pouring their life’s savings into developing just five shades. That investment was well worth it because as soon as the brand launched online in 2013, it sold out almost immediately.

What began as a mission for makeup that didn’t quit has transformed into a powerhouse brand that stands for “the freedom of expression through makeup,” helping to build confidence and individuality in beauty lovers around the world.

Now that you know a little more about the brand’s mission and roots, this Melt Cosmetics review will give you a quick rundown of its pros and cons before diving into its makeup collection.


  • Carries makeup for the face, eyes, and lips
  • Known for its expressive color stories and collections
  • Offers multiple formats of makeup, like liquid and powder highlighter
  • Bold, highly-pigmented colors
  • Cruelty-free
  • Most products are vegan
  • Ships internationally
  • Option to exchange used product if you do not like the shade


  • Isn’t completely clean or vegan
Melt Cosmetics Review

Browse through the brand’s sultry cosmetics collection and you’ll find indulgent collections packed with brilliant color stories to spark your creativity. Offering makeup for the face, eyes, and lips, each category offers diverse formulas like liquid cream highlighters and powder blush.

The next section of this Melt Cosmetics review will zero in on the brand’s top-selling products, including dazzling palettes and bold lipsticks.

Melt Cosmetics Palettes Review

Palettes take us on a color adventure, featuring a specific story that you can use on your own accord to create imaginative or simple looks.

This Melt Cosmetics review will feature the brand’s best-selling palettes only, but you’ll find many more options when you head to the site. Let’s start with the highly-rated Smoke Sessions Palette to kick things off.

Melt Cosmetics Smoke Sessions Palette Review

Smoky in a dark, mysterious way, the Melt Cosmetics Smoke Sessions Palette is full of intrigue. It features eight different matte and metallic shades delivering ultra-pigmented color and dreamy blendability.

The palette takes inspiration from cannabis culture. You’ll discover shades like Gravity OG, a rich, green-gold shade with sparkly allure, and Sweet Tooth, a potent shimmering jade shadow that gives off mad vibes.

Light one up with the Melt Cosmetics Smoke Sessions Palette for $48.

Melt Cosmetics Melt Stack Pro Palette Review

Melt Cosmetics offers individual eyeshadow pots called Melt Stacks. This palette is what holds those stacks, helping you pack your own collection with the eight shades you use and love the most.

The Melt Stack Pro Palette comes with a pair of foam inserts to keep your shadows safe and sound when traveling. Grab it for $15.

Melt Cosmetics Haze Stack Review

Fill your Melt Stack Pro Palette with the stacks of your dreams. The Melt Cosmetics Haze Stack features four lustrous shimmers along with a mirror to pack in your palette for touch-ups on the go.

Brimming with metallic shades like haze, a deep, shiny red for your lid line, ganja, a shimmery gold for your crease, bogart, a glittery copper, and indica, a popping highlighter.

Spare no drama with this Melt Cosmetics stack for $33, down from $48.

Melt Cosmetics Gun Metal Stack Review 

Love a bold look, but gravitate to neutrals? The Melt Cosmetics Gun Metal Stack has you covered.

Brimming with shimmering earthy tones like assimilate, an alluring taupe, and gun metal, a smoky-eye champ, this intense palette also includes bright, harsh stone white, and industrial, a greyish brown.

The brand suggests spritzing with moisture for a fierce look, and we think these shades would pair nicely with the deep burgundy Melt Cosmetics catsuit lipstick.

Pick up this frisky Melt Cosmetics shadow stack for $33, normally $48.

Melt Cosmetics Gemini Palette Review

Geminis are known for being adaptable, but they can be highly impulsive. This open-minded palette makes sure to include easy-going favorites like luna, a sweet and light beige, as well as the more daring shades like lorelei, a spicy mustard hue that blends well with rich browns or brick red.

With 10 highly saturated matte and metallic hues, the Melt Cosmetics Gemini Palette pours on the intensity while making sure to balance things out with a little innocence. Express your true nature with this fitting palette for $58.

If you want an even more daring palette, try the Melt Cosmetics Amor Eterno line.

Melt Cosmetics Love Sick Eyeshadow Review

If you haven’t tried red as an eyeshadow, you may want to give it a try. Accentuating the depth of brown eyes, and contrasting with green and blue, the Melt Cosmetics Love Sick Eyeshadow is a dark burgundy shade that resembles the pigment of crushed, red bricks.

Super mattified and easily blendable, fade a shimmery deep brown from your lid line up into this crowd-pleasing hue. Then, finish your look with a champagne highlight.

Sold in a 0.10 oz pot, the Melt Cosmetics Love Sick Eyeshadow is $17.

Love this shade but want it in a stack? Check out the Melt Cosmetics dark matter stack.

Melt Cosmetics Lipstick Review

Lipstick can either be the star of the show or a perfect finishing touch. Offered in classy neutrals to the most dramatic of shades, the Melt Cosmetics lipsticks are vegan, super pigmented, and deliver saturated color that lasts all day.

Below, you’ll read about the brand’s best-selling shades.

Melt Cosmetics Nood Lipstick Review

For those who like to keep things a little more natural, the Melt Cosmetics Nood Lipstick is a good one to try.

Swipe on this ultra-matte color whenever you want a naked look that leaves room for a more dramatic eye. Finish the look with a stark black liner or a red smokey eye when using the Melt Cosmetics rust stack.

A 0.12 oz tube of Nood Lipstick is $22.

Melt Cosmetics 710 Lipstick Review

This is one unique shade creative makeup lovers may love to indulge in. The super creamy Melt Cosmetics 710 Lipstick glides on before drying into a fixed, matte look.

Its spicy Dijon shade mixes well with other earth-toned makeup like chocolate eyeshadows and champagne highlighters.

Pick up a 0.12 oz tube of the 710 Lipstick for $22.

Melt Cosmetics Laced Lipstick Review

Smoky brown with a subtle hint of lilac, this pretty little lipstick brings an edge to simple makeup looks. The purple seeps into the beige, much like a drop of poison may spread out through a cup of tea.

Pump up the volume with the gothy vibes the Melt Cosmetics Laced Lipstick gives. A fascinating shade to pair with stark, black hair, the 0.12 oz tube is $22.

If you’re super into unique shades, try Melt Cosmetics Space Cake, a grey-blueish hue.

Is Melt Cosmetics Clean Beauty?

Melt Cosmetics Review

Not necessarily. The first ingredient in the brand’s powder blushes is talc. Unfortunately, that ingredient isn’t regarded as clean as it can cause negative effects if inhaled. The brand also uses synthetic fragrances and dyes which may cause irritation.

Is Melt Cosmetics Vegan?

Melt Cosmetics Review

Most of Melt Cosmetics products are vegan. On each product page, under the “More Info” section, you’ll find whether or not the formulas are vegan.

Who Is Melt Cosmetics For?

Melt Cosmetics Review

The Melt Cosmetics collections have a provocative feel, one is even called Sexfoil, so it definitely has a more mature vibe than other colorful makeup brands do. Delivering modern neutrals and daring shades that lie outside the realm of the ordinary, the company offers creative makeup for anyone who likes to explore dramatic looks.

Its collection focuses on bold color. You won’t find wishy-washy shadows here, nor makeup like foundation. Instead, the brand may be appreciated more by those who like to experiment, not those who like to play things safe.

Comparison: Melt Cosmetics vs. Lunar Beauty

Melt Cosmetics Review

Highly pigmented colors and lush formulas are the goals when it comes to cosmetics, so it’s ideal that more than one brand crushes it.

When heading to Lunar Beauty’s website, we were gobsmacked with the gorgeous color stories and saturated hues. Of course, those two qualities are found within our featured brand as well, which is something that makes the competitors so similar.

Though Lunar Beauty offers a smaller product selection, it delivers on variety. Offering palettes, highlighters, lipstick, eyelashes, and tools, the brand is, again, like Melt Cosmetics in that it doesn’t have foundation or concealer. Instead, its mission is color and from what we can see, it goes above and beyond.

In regards to prices, let’s just compare one of each of the brand’s similar products to see if there are any major differences.

Lunar Beauty Mars Moon Prism Blush:

  • Cruelty-free & Vegan
  • 0.35 oz
  • Ultra-rich, shimmery color
  • $26

Melt Cosmetics Honey Thief Blush:

  • Cruelty-free & Vegan
  • 0.16 oz
  • Highly pigmented, buildable, matte finish
  • $22

In terms of formula, the two brands are about on par.

Melt has more color options and formulas, but it is a little more expensive. The two look like they’d be similar in what they deliver in terms of results, but our featured brand has the better reputation. This, of course, is partly due to the fact that it has been around a lot longer.

Melt Cosmetics Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Melt Cosmetics Review

We could go on and on about the gorgeous hues Melt Cosmetics pumps out, but without solid evidence, how do we know if those colors are delivered and how friendly its formulas are?

To shed some light on the matter, we’ve dedicated this section of our Melt Cosmetics review to customer feedback. Ahead, you’ll read an array of comments sourced from the brand’s website, Sephora, and Temptalia.

Let’s get things started with a few ratings taken from

  • Nood Lipstick: an average of 5/5 stars from 8 reviews
  • Love Sick Eyeshadow: an average of 4.7/5 stars from 11 reviews
  • Gemini Palette: an average of 5/5 stars from 11 reviews
  • Smoke Sessions Palette: an average of 4.6/5 stars from 43 reviews
  • Stargazer Liquid Highlighter: an average of 5/5 stars from 15 reviews

We wanted to take a closer look at the quality of the brand’s eyeshadows since that’s one of its specialties. Of the Smoke Sessions Palette, shoppers wrote of a gorgeous color story, “incredibly pigmented” shadows, and “blendable” formulas.

You can tell just by looking at the Melt Cosmetics eyeshadow palette that the colors are rich, but it’s great to have back-up on that.

To see what else we could find out about some of the brand’s other makeup, we moved on to Sephora which houses a collection of Melt Cosmetics. Deciding to zero in on the Last Kiss Ultra Matte Lipstick, we found a 3.8/5-star score and 68 reviews.

In regards to the change in formula, one happy Melt Cosmetics review revealed, “This is definitely a slight bit creamier but still amazing. It has wonderful payoff and wear time. The colors are phenomenal, if you love nudes, this is the line for you.” Others write of all-day wear, something that appears to be typical for the brand’s line.

Craving juicer details, we headed to Temptalia for a close-up Melt Cosmetics review of the Afterglow Sexfoil Liquid Highlighter. The reviewer, a makeup pro, gave the highlighter an A- rating and the following scores:

  • Product: 9/10
  • Pigmentation: 10/10
  • Texture: 9/10
  • Longevity: 8/10
  • Application: 5/10
  • Total: 91%

When discussing its application, the reviewer wrote that it had “buildable pigmentation” and worked great by itself or when mixed with foundation.

The review continued on to say that it was easy to spread and lasted for 8 ½ hours before it began to fade. The only way this formula didn’t impress the reviewer was that it didn’t prove to be “transfer resistant enough to avoid getting it onto clothes.” Not the world’s worst problem and pretty typical for any makeup.

We decided to close things off with a quick trip to the Better Business Bureau. Happily finding an A+ rating and just 1 complaint made in the past 3 years, it’s safe to say this brand does a good job at handling customer issues.

From a customer’s standpoint, Melt Cosmetics is a fabulous brand. Rich colors, long-lasting formulas, highly pigmented products—it seems to have it all. Though we did come across a few issues buyers had with certain items, there weren’t any overwhelming issues or red flags.

Is Melt Cosmetics Worth It?

Melt Cosmetics Review

It’s one thing to have gorgeous products, but another thing for those products to perform well. And not only that, Melt Cosmetics looks to have a stellar customer service team that genuinely wants to make shoppers happy.

With all of that in mind, we couldn’t come up with one reason why the brand wouldn’t be worth the buy, other than if you’re trying to stay away from brands that don’t use completely clean ingredients. Overall, we were truly impressed with its selection and the way it treats customers.

Melt Cosmetics Promotions & Discounts

Melt Cosmetics Review

If you’re anything like us, this company makes you feel like a kid in a candy store. The costs of makeup can add up quickly, meaning that every little discount helps. When combing the brand’s website throughout this Melt Cosmetics review, we discovered a few ways for shoppers to save on their orders:

  • Free US shipping on orders over $100
  • All Eyeshadow Stacks are $15 off

For more information on promotions or any Melt Cosmetics discount code the brand offers, sign up to the mailing list.

Where to Buy Melt Cosmetics

Melt Cosmetics Review

You can find the brand in quite a few online makeup shops such as Sephora, Beauty Bay, and MakeupAlley. If you’d rather buy straight from the source, fill up a cart on


Melt Cosmetics Review

Who owns Melt Cosmetics?

Friends Dana Bomar and Lora Arellano own the cosmetics brand.

Where is Melt Cosmetics made?

Melt Cosmetics is made in the USA, Italy, and Germany.

What is Melt Cosmetics’ Shipping Policy?

Melt Cosmetics ships all over the world. We’ll outline their general delivery options, along with costs and time, below.

  • USA USPS Flat Rate Priority (with tracking) $7 1-3 business days
  • Canada USPS Standard $10 TBD
  • Canada USPS Priority $22 (tracking incl. for orders over $250) 6-10 business days
  • International USPS Standard $10 TBD
  • International USPS Priority $25 (tracking incl. for orders over $250) 6-10 business days

What is Melt Cosmetics’ Return Policy?

Melt Cosmetics understands that not every shade is a perfect match, so it has a 30-day Return Policy in place that offers exchange or refund on all of its makeup.

To make a return, simply email [email protected] and let them know if you’d like a different color or a refund (minus shipping costs). After your return request is approved, you can send the item(s) to: Melt Cosmetics, 20100 Plummer St, Chatsworth, CA 91311.

If you’ve chosen to exchange, the brand will send you your new color just as soon as your returned one is processed in the warehouse. You will be responsible for all return shipping costs but, the brand takes care of shipping the new item out.

How to Contact Melt Cosmetics

We hope you found all that you needed and more in this Melt Cosmetics review. If you still have questions, shoot the brand an email at [email protected].

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