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Yubico Review

Yubico is a digital security company, selling tech security software and hardware to businesses and individuals who want the best tech protection possible. Yubico caters to industries that need flawless security systems, such as finance, healthcare, and government.

With how much we regularly rely on technology, security is incredibly important.

We store so many key things on our devices that they need to be protected. This is even more important for large corporations responsible for millions of user and employee data. Device security and care are becoming an increasingly popular topic, earning this company features in The Wall Street Journal, The Verge, Gizmodo, and more.

But is this a company you can trust to protect your information? In this Yubico review, I will explain how their products work, the company’s background, what other consumers think of them, and answer some key FAQs so you can make an informed choice about buying from this tech security brand.

Overview of Yubico

Yubico Review

Yubico’s origins began in 2007 in Sweden, Stina and Jakob Ehrensvärd founded the company with the goal of making the internet safe and secure for everyone. They want to ensure that everyone can navigate the internet safely without sacrificing convenience.

In 2011, the founders moved the company’s headquarters to Silicon Valley to be at the heart of the tech industry and bring their security services to people everywhere by working with the biggest internet companies including Apple, Google, and Microsoft.

However, their reach doesn’t end there. Today, Yubico has team members across 11 countries, and their list of investors and advisors includes experienced and knowledgeable tech professionals from across the industry. This integration ensures their products’ accessibility and flexibility.

The main product that the company is based on is the Yubico YubiKey. This small USB security key has been designed to protect a large number of the most popular web services, operating systems, and IT systems out there. So no matter what your professional or personal setup looks like, Yubico will have your back.

Internet security is such an important facet of Yubico that they helped found a non-profit organization in 2012 to help make authentication devices more user-friendly. The FIDO Alliance recognized the struggle people had with keeping track of all of their usernames and passwords.

This group strives to create a new standard to easily keep everyone’s devices secure regardless of what device you are using. Companies including Apple, Google, and Microsoft have committed to supporting the FIDO Standard.

Before we get further into this Yubico review let’s take a look at some of their highlights: 


Yubico Review
  • Hardware and software solutions for many device types
  • Has over 15 million users worldwide
  • Chosen by Google and other companies for their online security
  • Products manufactured in the US and Sweden 
  • Systems do not slow down password authentication
  • Protects you against phishing and hacking

Now that you have a good understanding of what this company is about, I’m sure you are interested to learn more about their flagship product, the YubiKey. Let’s dig in.

Yubico YubiKey Review

Yubico YubiKey Review
Yubico YubiKey

Yubico invented the YubiKey to help protect consumers against the weaknesses in traditional password systems, which unfortunately are vulnerable to hackers. 

The Yubico YubiKey is a small USB stick that you plug into your computer’s USB port. This “key” allows you to secure your log-in information to sensitive accounts, such as your computer access password, email and social media log-ins, and work websites. If you have a phone or computer with NFC technology, the YubiKey can even be used wirelessly!

While you might have seen two-factor authentication apps before, this is a physical version of the same idea. Yubico says their security key is four times faster than other 2FA methods.

The YubiKey is compatible with hundreds of programs, websites, and apps, including Google Amazon, Facebook, and more. It also supports logging into major operating systems, including macOS, Windows, and Linux.

Since it’s so flexible, Yubico made a few different YubiKeys that use the same security software, with the different needs of businesses and individuals in mind.

For individuals, you can choose between USB-A and USB-C options depending on your devices. You simply plug them in and tap it to confirm that you are not a computer program. They cost $25 and $29 respectively.

Looking to add some flare? The company even sells stylish covers for your YubiKey as low as $5! If you’re going to be carrying it with you, it’s probably a good idea to customize your YubiKey and make it stand out so you know it’s yours.

Yubico offers a ton of different options for businesses with their new Yubico 5 series. Equipped with the company’s latest security technology, this version works with even more web services. Options range from $50$70.

They even offer fingerprint-secured devices with their BioSeries line. The list doesn’t stop there, but I’m running out of room. You can check out the full list of devices they make and their differences here.

It’s safe to say that Yubico has thought about the multitude of ways you use your devices, and how you will want to be protected. But how exactly does the YubiKey keep your technology so secure?

Keep reading my Yubico review as I break down the Fido U2F system which you can pair with your new YubiKey!

Yubico Fido U2F Review

Yubico Fido U2F Review
Yubico Fido U2F

The Yubico Fido U2F technology was designed by Yubico, Google, and NXP to make the toughest tech security available to the public.

Yubico explains that the Fido U2F technology is an “open authentication standard” which lets you access all kinds of online services with only one security key.

Fido U2F prevents phishing, a popular scam that encourages people to enter real passwords into fake websites, and can result in hacking. Your YubiKey will fail to work on fake sites, instantly stopping these scammers in their tracks.

For the best possible privacy, the Fido U2F system allows users to create multiple identities, or to operate anonymously. If you want, you can even link your Fido U2F account permanently to your real, government-verified identity to prevent identity theft. It’s safe to say this feature gives you lots of options for how you want to be protected.

Who Is Yubico For?

Yubico Review

Yubico caters to anyone who wants to protect their personal and professional information and accounts. While Yubico hardware and software are used by large businesses that need to store and protect sensitive data, it is also an affordable and accessible option for individual consumers who simply don’t want to worry about getting hacked.

With more and more of us working online from home, Yubico is also an ideal solution for remote professionals who need to be certain that their work details are private and secure. One of the best aspects of this brand is that it doesn’t matter what type of computer you use, you can find a Yubico product that is compatible with your device. In short, Yubico is for everyone.

How Do I Set Up My YubiKey?

Yubico Review

This tiny tool is made for a quick and easy set-up. Once you have your YubiKey and the device you would like to use it on, simply follow the instructions as explained in the company’s instructional setup video series.

Because Yubico produces a range of YubiKeys, the exact setup instructions vary. Make sure you are using the right guide for the type of YubiKey you purchased.

What Happens If I Lose My YubiKey? 

Yubico Review

Yubico recommends buying a spare YubiKey to avoid being locked out of your account if you lose your main one. If you do lose your key and are locked out, you will need to get in touch with Yubico’s support team to recover access to your account.

Yubico Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Yubico Review

This high-tech company sure has a lot going for it. But what do users think of the service? I took a look at Yubico reviews from customers to find out.

I started with the official website where customers have spoken highly of the brand’s ability to protect what large companies and their employees need.

The IT department at CERN was happy with how user-friendly the key is, reporting in their Yubico review: We chose YubiKey because we found that it integrates rather easily with any operating system and with any client.” 

Atlassian also shared good results from using the YubiKey to prevent phishing and other intrusive hacking at their company: “An additional comfort comes from knowing that YubiKeys make email phishing expeditions much more difficult by successfully thwarting phishing and man-in-the-middle attacks.”

But what about other websites? Here’s how the company has been rated elsewhere:

  • Gartner: 4.4/5 stars from 22 ratings
  • G2: 4.7/5 stars over 16 reviews
  • Trustpilot: 2.5/5 stars from 16 reviews

One user on G2 loved the device’s simplicity: “I like that you can perform two-factor authentication by simply touching a USB key, which is far easier than finding an authenticator code on your phone.”

Gartner’s reviews were overwhelmingly positive, with 95% of users recommending Yubico to others. They were even rated an outstanding 4.6/5 in terms of product capabilities. With such positive reviews on these two sites, what’s with that Trustpilot score?

It seems that on Trustpilot, a few negative reviews are complaining about poor customer service, late delivery, and issues with YubiKey’s NFC technology. While this is certainly something to keep in mind, these kinds of reviews are in the minority across the websites I checked out.

Overall, Yubico’s security products have effectively served large companies with complex operations and individuals with specific needs. They have good reviews to prove it, and seem to be a hit with the majority of customers in need of a boost in online security!

Is Yubico Worth It?

Yubico Review

Yubico has solved many computer security issues that cause a lot of stress. With its inventive technology and easy-to-use USB key system, Yubico offers a unique, trustworthy product that many large businesses and governments rely on to keep their accounts secure.

Yubico understands that consumers have different needs and have designed its products and subscriptions to suit every type of device and budget. To conclude this Yubico review, I’m happy to recommend these products to everyone who wants to work, play, and socialize online without worrying about their passwords getting hacked!

Yubico Promotions & Discounts 

Yubico Review

Unfortunately, at the time of writing this Yubico review, the company is not currently offering any promotions or discounts.

Where to Buy Yubico 

Yubico Review

All of Yubico’s products and services can be found at


Yubico Review

Where was Yubico founded?   

Yubico was founded in 2007 in Sweden and later moved its headquarters to Silicon Valley in the US.

Where are Yubico products made?  

Yubico products are made in secure manufacturing facilities in the US and Sweden.

What is Yubico’s Shipping Policy?

Yubico will fill your order within one day, and ship out of the US or the EU. While Yubico does offer international shipping, customers who live outside of the US or EU will have to pay an import fee for their purchase. Shipping time and cost will be calculated at checkout.

Customers are also responsible for paying for shipping and handling fees, which will vary depending on where you live. Unfortunately, Yubico currently cannot ship to the following countries: Russia, Syria, China, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, North Korea, Iran, Sudan, Belarus, or Cuba.

What is Yubico’s Return Policy?

If you are not happy with your Yubico purchase you can return it within 45 days of purchase for a full refund. While doing my research for this Yubico review I found that this company will not refund shipping, fees, or taxes, and you are responsible for any necessary return shipping fees as well.

How to Contact Yubico

Yubico Review

If you have any questions after reading this Yubico review, you can contact them directly using one of the methods below:

  1. Phone: 844-205-6787
  2. Submit a Request: Here 
  3. Contact Form: Here

Yubico’s European customer service team is available Monday through Friday, from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm CET. Their American team is available from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm EST, Monday through Friday.

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