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Wantable Style Subscription Review

Wantable Style is a personal styling and subscription box for men and women that delivers the most Wantable clothing and accessories right to your door. From workwear to workout gear, Wantable’s fashion professionals curate boxes filled with 7 handpicked pieces to fit your unique personal style

With over 124K followers on Instagram, Wantable accessories and clothing are highly aesthetic, following seasonal trends to bring their subscribers the most relevant fashion pieces. This Wantable style review will objectively look at the brand, their unique offerings and selling points, customer reviews, and more, to give you an overall sense of their products and services to decide if it’s really worth subscribing. 

Overview of Wantable Style

Wantable Style Subscription Review

Jalem M. Getz founded Wantable in 2012, with the mission to create a clothing and accessory service that takes the wants and needs of its customers to heart. Getz calls Wantable the “match for products”, comparing the company to that of a matchmaking service. Wantable’s headquarters are in Milwaukee, US, and the brand employs around 140 professionals. 

Their experienced stylists pick the most wantable clothing, including well known brands such as Kensie, Hudson, and Melissa McCarthy as well as their own clothing line. This Wantable style subscription review is summed up by these pros and cons:  


  • 20% discount when you buy 5/7 items in your box
  • Receive a $25 credit when signing up
  • Detailed body type and personal style questions to ensure you get your desired look and fit
  • Subscription is not required, instead several subscription schedules available
  • Free shipping and returns always
  • Only pay for what you love, easily send the rest back or exchange


  • Unable to see what is in your Wantable style edit before you receive it 
  • There have been several negative reviews concerning customer service, which may be mostly due to their customer support hours of 8am-5pm 
  • Because Wantable uses an automatic billing system, if any item you don’t want isn’t returned on time you will be charged for it
  • There is a $20 styling fee that wouldn’t ordinarily incur when shopping online 
  • Does not ship to Canada 

How Does Wantable Work?

Wantable Style Subscription Review

This Wantable style review believes the company’s service is personalized, straightforward and cost effective.

  1. Take the Quiz. Choose which edit you’d like to receive: Women’s style, Women’s active or Men’s active and take the quiz. 
  2. Visit the Stream. Head to the stream to view the latest arrivals and add the ones you love to your edit. Or leave it up to their expert stylists. 
  3. Order Delivery. Your items are picked based on your unique needs so there is a $20 styling fee. Your edit is then shipped for free. 
  4. Try Before You Buy. Upon arrival you have 5 days to try on what’s inside.
  5. Keep What You Love, Return What You Don’t. Return or exchange for no extra fee. You only pay for what you keep. Whatever you do keep, the $20 styling fee is credited back and applied to your order – and if you keep 5 or more items in your box, you receive 20% off. 
Wantable Style Subscription Review

This Wantable style review has found there are four subscription options available: Ongoing (your next order is shipped once the previous one is closed), Every Month, Every 2 Months, or Every 3 Months. But, you also have the option not to subscribe and can even purchase “unboxed items” individually. 

Wantable Style Edit Review

First impression of the Women’s Style Edit in this Wantable style subscription review? The quiz is extremely thorough, including questions on how often you purchase clothes considered to be Trendy, Business, Casual or Date Night as well as how you feel about styles such as Classic, Glam, Rock, Boho and Casual Chic. Based on the clothes presented in each of those categories, I’m definitely excited to see what outfits they will curate for me. 

Inside your Women’s Style Edit you’ll find 7 items, curated by style experts and handpicked to suit your unique taste. These items include clothing, accessories and jewelry. Inside the box you’ll also find advice from your personal stylist on how to properly wear and accessorize these items to flatter your body and make you feel confident

Wantable Active Edit Review

This Wantable style subscription review was impressed with the entire ordering process for the Women’s Active Edit You are given a scale to rate your item preferences – things you want to receive in your subscription box, like wantable intimates or sports bras.

You’re also asked to rate on a scale of frequency the types of activities you do – even if it’s mostly lounging. Because let’s be real here, the concept of “athleisure” wasn’t born from “activewear” without good reason. 

In your Women’s Active Edit you can receive an assortment of items from socks to leggings, in bright or muted colors, depending on your color preferences. The curated outfits are nothing short of those Instagram outfits coveted by many.

Wantable Men’s Active Edit Review

From performance to loungewear, this Wantable style edit delivers high quality activewear in current patterns and styles. What this Wantable style subscription review finds is great about the Men’s Active Edit is the variation in products available. From sports gear to couch cozies, Wantable outfits men in sizes S-XXL that will fuel their self confidence and help them try a new trend. 

I’ve never met a man who actually likes to shop. Of course this isn’t true for all men, but the extra plus is that for men who don’t like to shop, Wantable clothing is delivered right to their door, saving them a trip to the mall to do an activity they’d rather not. For those who do like to shop because they like looking good – Wantable is a great way to try new styles every month

How Much is Wantable Style?

  • Wantable prices are at their minimum $20 monthly for the styling fee of each curated box. However, the $20 gets credited back to you if you decide to keep any of the pieces in your chosen edit. 
  • When taking the quiz for each edit, you’ll be asked to specify the price range in which you’d prefer your products. This typically ranges from $50-$100 per piece. 

Wantable Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Wantable Style Subscription Review

This Wantable style review browsed the Better Business Bureau (BBB) complaint page, which yields various concerns from customers regarding the quality and price of their products as well as some who did not receive their order and were still charged for it. Wantable customer service handles every complaint on the page professionally, in most cases bending over backwards to make the customer happy. Wantable has an A+ BBB rating and it’s easy to see why. 

This Wantable style subscription review was skeptical when it came to how men would receive the subscription box service, having added a Men’s Active Edit to their options in 2016. Reviews on and off the site report the Men’s Active Edit to have a good variety of pieces, to have been easy to order and to be of good quality for the price

The review site highya included reviews from a mixed bag of happy and unhappy customers. Some were pleased with the price and quality of the products and some believe you can find the same items for a better price at Walmart. One particular review made an excellent point, that each box comes with a $20 credit (the styling fee, credited back to you if you keep one item), which is quite the incentive to keep the subscription. 

Is Wantable Worth It?

Wantable Style Subscription Review

We will be straightforward in this Wantable style subscription review. There are a ton of people who love this subscription box. But, there have been a few reviews complaining about the quality of the clothing as well as how returns and customer service is handled. However, in reading Wantable customer service replies to these reviews, the company is more than willing to work with the customer to adjust any incorrect or unfair charges.

Wantable also takes the pressure off by giving you a choice of subscription plans or the option to buy unboxed (single) items. It may not be worth buying unboxed items from Wantable unless they are part of the Wantable clothing line. Big brands like Cupcakes & Cashmere (a brand Wantable includes in their boxes) may be better if bought off the brand’s website. 

In terms of risk, Wantable’s subscription service comes in low on the chart. Because of the $25 credit Wantable gives you for signing up, your first order’s styling fee is covered. This Wantable style subscription review feels that technically, if you don’t like anything you receive in your edit, you can return all the items for free and will have tried the service 100% free of cost. On top of that, cancelling a subscription can be done at any time without a penalty. With all this in mind, we’d say Wantable is definitely worth giving a try

Wantable Promotions & Discounts 

Wantable Style Subscription Review

For this Wantable subscription review, I hunted the website for deals and incentives: Here’s what I came up with:

  • Wantable gives you $25 for simply signing up. This more than covers the styling fee for your first box. 
  • Wantable also gives 20% off your total order when you keep 5/7 items in your edit. 

Keep checking their website and social media for a Wantable coupon. 

Sign up for Wantable

Wantable Style Subscription Review

If all the above sounds good to you, signing up for Wantable is free and you can do so by following these steps. 

  1. Visit and choose which edit you’d like from the selections on the homepage.
  2. After selecting your edit, click Take Style/Active/Men’s’ Quiz.
  3. You’ll be taken to a sign up page where you can enter your name, email and set a password. Or you can sign up with your Facebook or Google account.
  4. Complete a quiz to give them an idea of your personal style and body type.
  5. Enter your payment and shipping details
  6. Choose Subscription.
  7. Receive your Wantable order!


How do I cancel my Wantable subscription?

If you would like to change the frequency of your orders, for example, changing from ‘Ongoing’ to ‘Every 3 Months’, you can do so by following these steps. 

  1. Visit your Plans page
  2. Under your Order Frequency, click the pencil-shaped tool
  3. Select your new order frequency

If you decide to cancel your Wantable box subscription, you can change your automatic shipment policy at any time by following these steps. 

  1. Visit your Plans page
  2. Under your Order Frequency, click the pencil-shaped tool
  3. Select ‘Cancel’ to stop automatic shipments
  4. Follow the prompts to update your account settings
  5. Click ‘Place Order’ any time you want to receive an individual Edit

If you need to cancel your order completely, you must either call or email in order to do so. Changing your order frequency or subscription package will not cancel any order that is underway. 

What is Wantable’s Shipping Policy?

Wantable shipping is always free, including returns. Once your order is placed, it takes between 7-12 days to pick, pack and ship your order. Your order is then sent on its way, where it can take another 10-17 business days to reach your door. 

Wantable ships to all U.S territories including Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands, and Guam. They also ship to APO/AFO/DPO addresses. Wantable does not currently offer international shipping

What is Wantable’s Return Policy?

Wantable returns are super easy. Upon receiving your order you have 5 days to try on the 7 pieces in your edit. They give you 5 days so you can try on their pieces with different items in your own closet and have a few days to decide if what they sent you really suits you.

If you wish to return or exchange any or all of the pieces you can do so free of charge. However, you must meet the return deadlines or you will be charged for the full order. For pieces to qualify for return or exchange, they must be unworn, undamaged and still have the tags on

For unboxed items, many are marked for final sale. However, those that are not can be exchanged within 60 days if they are unworn, undamaged and still have the tags on. 

How to Contact Wantable  

If you have questions that weren’t covered in this Wantable subscription review, you can contact Wantable by calling 1 855 926 8225 or emailing [email protected]. Their customer service hours are Monday-Saturday 9-5 CT. 

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