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Espadril is a South African brand selling handmade espadrille sandals to customers around the world. This company has found their niche by combining beautiful and natural materials with classic espadrille design to make colorful summer footwear for women. 

Espadril takes pride in their manufacturing; their sandals are made from natural Spanish rope and handcrafted in South Africa by a team of talented artisans. Our Espadril review will introduce you to the brand, whose work has been featured in media such as the Sunday Times and SV Mag

We’ll take a look at the company’s best-selling sandals, buying info, customer reviews, and brand highlights, so you can decide if you’d like to slip on a pair yourself! 

Keep reading our Espadril review to learn more about their backstory.

Overview of Espadril

Espadril Review

Espadril began when co-founders Patricia Terre and Rizqah Isaacs started importing espadrille-style shoes to their home country of South Africa, bringing this traditionally Spanish shoe to local customers.

Rizqah and Patricia realized they could improve upon the design of the shoes, but wanted to find artisans in their local community who would help to hand-craft their shoes and keep this traditional artisanship of making espadrille shoes alive.  

Our Espadril review found that Rizqah and Patricia found a Spanish supplier of handmade jute rope soles – the woven soles that give espadrilles their signature look – which their team of artisans then combine with natural materials like leather and cotton uppers to create their own version of this classic shoe.

The brand takes pride in creating high-quality shoes that introduce new customers to this hand-crafted shoe style, and in supporting their artisans’ families and communities with every pair of Espadril sandals sold.

In 2021, the brand was expanded into the US by Sarah Rundle. Sarah is an Espadril fan who wanted to bring the shoes and craftsmanship of the place where she grew up to the market of her new home in the US. 

Today, Espadril sells their shoes to customers internationally through their online marketplace.

Join us as our Espadril review takes a peek at the highlights of buying from this unique handmade shoe brand:


  • Wide range of Espadrille-style shoes including open toe, closed toe, different colors
  • Handmade by local artisans
  • Women-owned brand
  • Free shipping over $150
  • Classic Mediterranean sandal aesthetic

Espadril Shoes Review

Espadril Shoes Review

Espadril shoes will make your feet sing! Our Espadril review found that these joyful sandals come in a variety of colors and styles. Take a look at their best-sellers below. 

Espadril Ivory Mimi Review

If you love a feminine boho look, check out the Espadril Ivory Mimi sandal. This cute shoe will add some flare to your feet with its lengthy fabric straps that you can tie in a knot or bow.

At first glance, the best selling Ivory Mimi shoe has the look of a classic wedge, but really the natural jute sole is flat. This makes the Mimis a more comfortable summer sandal option. 

With its neutral jute rope sole and white cotton fabric upper, these shoes are incredibly versatile since they will match with just about any summer outfit.

Buy the Ivory Mimi shoes for $120 in women’s sizes 5-10. 

Espadril Chessa Review

This comfy open-toed sandal is a fun, flirty addition to a brunch date outfit. Paired with a maxi skirt or a pair of casual denim shorts, the lightweight Espadril Chessa plaltforms will direct everyone’s attention to the length of your legs – and even your cute pedicure. 

With a hand-stitched canvas upper that’s attached to a woven rope sole, these sandals put a cheeky twist on the “classic” espadrille. 

Complete with thin, wrap-around leather ankle straps that are adorned with multi-colored cotton tassels and a crochet detail around the heel, the Espadril Chessa gives off a chic and summery bohemian vibe that’s perfect for the boardwalk, the beach, or the city streets. 

Like all of Espadril’s products, this shoe was handmade in Spain and South Africa. You can find it in sizes 5 to 10, and in four different colors: mustard, grey, white, and olive. 

Buy the Espadril Chessa for $120.

Espadril Tan Mule Review

The Tan Mule shoe is a classic slip-on with a stylish twist. These cute open-backed mules have Espadril’s classic Spanish rope soles and a leather upper that covers the toes and extends to mid-foot. 

To make the Tan Mule cozier and more stylish, Espadril has added fluffy cream-colored sheep wool to the interior and even lined the outer rim of the sole with it, too. 

Espadril explains that this shoe was designed to be a versatile option for sunny days when you want to stroll in something comfy.

Buy the Tan Mule shoe in sizes 5 to 10 for $135.

Espadril Black Valenciana Review

The Black Valenciana is a feminine shoe for those summer days when you want to dress up a bit without giving up comfort. 

This shoe has a traditional espadrille look, with a black closed toe, a white closed heel with a peekaboo cutout, a woven sole, and ballet shoe-style straps. 

The Black Valenciana’s straps are made of a thin pink leather you can criss-cross around your ankle and tie in a bow. They even have small tassels attached, which give this shoe a playful, summery vibe. Their subtle wedge heel will give you a bit of height and style, too.

This fashionable espadrille is made from the following materials:

  • 100% jute rope sole
  • Rubber outsole on bottom 
  • Soft cotton upper 
  • Woven heel detail

Buy the Black Valenciana shoe in sizes 5 to 10 for $110.

Espadril Buckled Sandal Review

If an espadrille and a Birkenstock had a baby, it would be the Espadril Buckled Sandal – an irresistibly soft, plush sandal that combines the best of two classic summer shoes. 

These cozy slide-ons have Espadril’s signature Spanish jute rope sole paired with a rubber outsole on the bottom. The lining is made of fuzzy saddlecloth-style polyester, that wraps around to form two wide straps across your feet

Our Espadril found that this brand has finished off these natural earthy white sandals with two chunky buckles on each shoe, allowing you to adjust the exact fit of each strap.

Buy the Buckled Sandal for $115 in sizes 5 to 10.

Who Is Espadril For? 

Espadril Shoes Review

Espadril will appeal to any woman who loves a beautiful and carefully crafted summer sandal. These sandals are handmade from materials like jute rope and leather, so customers who prefer natural textiles will love their organic look and feel. 

Anyone looking to jazz up their wardrobe with old-world materials that are functional and comfy will gravitate to this brand. These sandals have a laid-back Mediterranean aesthetic that is joyful and feminine and will appeal to women of all ages and styles.

They’re also a great way to support artisan communities with your purchasing power, with nearly every element of Espadril’s shoes being handcrafted by makers in Spain and South Africa. 

Espadril Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Espadril Shoes Review

This company shares customer reviews on their official website, where verified Espadril buyers can share their thoughts on their purchases. Most of these reviews are exceptionally positive, as customers seem to love the comfy feel and beautiful aesthetics of Espadril Shoes.

One Espadril review of the Buckled Sandal praises how these shoes are wearable attention-getters: “Love my buckled sandals! The cozy lining makes them a great to pair to wear around the house but also super cute to wear out. I always get complements on these shoes any time I wear them. Can’t wait to try some other styles next!

Another shopper, who purchased the Black Valencianas, comments on their flexible fit in her Espadril review: “I love how comfortable my Valencianas are, and how they match with so many different outfits. I am typically a size 8 in other brands, and I have fairly wide feet. The size 8 in the Valencianas fits well, as the cotton does stretch to accommodate my wider feet. Tying the shoes takes a few tries at first to get it just right, so they stay put… but as you wear them more, the leather will soften and make them easier to tie. These are great shoes that I anticipate getting many years of use out of!

Our Espadril review also wanted to check out what shoppers buying some of the pairs not covered in our review had to say. 

In an Espadril review of the White Chessa shoe, we found a customer thrilled with the way the shoes look and how easy they are to maintain

I can’t say enough great things about the White Chessa. Seriously the perfect warm weather shoe, the bright colors put me in a great mood every time I wear them. I get lots of compliments on these shoes and I was pleasantly surprised at how easy they are to spot clean to keep them white. Definitely recommend!”

This brand also has stellar reviews on their official Facebook page, with a 5 out of 5-star overall rating! 

Customers here love the fantastic fit of these shoes and their cute aesthetic appeal, too. One buyer writes in her Facebook Espadril review, “Exactly what I wanted & super comfortable.”

Another buyer compliments the brand on their top-quality customer service when she needed an exchange. She reports in her Espadril review, “Excellent service received when my shoe needed to be adjusted, after I had returned to Jhb. They made a concerted effort to courier both ways & correct my sizing so I can enjoy my new buy. Definitely highly recommended!”

Overall, customers have had great things to say about this charming shoe brand. People comment on the great fit and feel of these shoes, as well as their cheerful and summery designs. 

Is Espadril Worth It?

Espadril Shoes Review

Espadril has come up with some fantastic twists on classic espadrille styles. Our Espadril shoes review has found that this brand has designed their many shoes with women of different tastes in mind. 

If you’re looking for a head-turning shoe to wear on a summer date night, you might love the Rose Valenciana or the White Chessa. If your style is more laid-back or you need a backyard slip-on that easily transitions from inside to outdoors, the Buckled Sandal or Cross Slider would be right up your alley. 

This company has designed and manufactured their shoes thoughtfully, with all elements of the shoes handcrafted in Spain and South Africa by talented artisans who are directly supported by the purchase of Espadril shoes. 

They also rely on a lot of natural materials in their designs, including: 

  1. Leather for uppers and ties
  2. Jute rope for the soles
  3. Rubber for outsoles
  4. Cotton for uppers

Just as importantly, customers are loving these shoes! Buyers say they aren’t just pretty, they’re comfortable and functional, too. For these reasons, our Espadril review is happy to recommend making a purchase with this brand. 

Is Espadril Legit?

Espadril Shoes Review

Yes, this shoe brand is as legit as they come. They have solid reviews and no complaints on sites like TrustPilot and SiteJabber.

Espadril Promotions & Discounts 

Espadril Shoes Review

All US orders over $150 ship for free! 

Our Espadril shoes review found that this brand doesn’t currently have any other promotions or sales happening, but check back to their official website for any new Espadril discounts.

Where to Buy Espadril

Espadril Review

You can purchase the full line of Espadril products through their online store.


Who owns Espadril?

Co-founders Patricia Terre and Rizqah Isaacs own the Espadril brand.

Where is Espadril made?

The Spanish rope soles are made in Spain, and the rest of the shoe is manufactured by artisans in South Africa.

Where is Espadril based?

Espadril is based in South Africa.

Does Espadril ship internationally?

Yes! This brand ships worldwide from their US website. International shipping costs will be calculated as you check out.

What is Espadril’s Shipping Policy?

All US orders over $150 ship for free. If your purchase is under this amount, your shipping costs are $4.99 for US domestic orders. You will receive a tracking number with your order so you can anticipate its arrival!

Shipping fees on international orders are calculated at checkout and customers will be responsible for paying any applicable customs and duty fees. 

What is Espadril’s Return Policy?

If you don’t love your Espadril product, make sure to get in touch with them through their Contact Page to request an exchange. 

Our Espadril shoes review found that these are the guidelines for doing so:

  • You must have purchased the item within the last 30 days
  • Item must be in brand new condition
  • Customers are responsible for paying return shipping fees

How to Contact Espadril

Reach out to Espadril through their Contact Page

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