Tretorn Shoes Review

About Tretorn

Tretorn Shoes Review

Tretorn’s selection of shoes and fashion apparel is designed with the modern man and woman in mind. Using eco-friendly materials, trendy styles, and functional features, this brand strives to deliver one-of-a-kind products. 

Tretorn has been around since the late 1800s. What began as a primarily rubber-based brand has evolved into one that’s on a mission to save the planet.  

As you can imagine, they’ve made news in hundreds, if not thousands of publications over the past 130 years. More recently, UsWeekly, Instyle, Wonderland Magazine, The Today Show, New York Magazine, and Vogue have all featured a Tretorn shoes review.

As for the brand’s social media pages, we found a following of 73k on Facebook and 94k on Instagram. 

This Tretorn shoes review will fill you in on important details about the company and their bestsellers, provide customer feedback, information on promotions, and more to help you decide if this iconic brand is worth the buy. 

Overview of Tretorn

Tretorn Shoes Review

It all started back in 1891 when the Dunker’s founded the Tretorn rubber factory and began to make rubber boots. Tretorn translates to “three towers,” named after the castle-like factory the brand originally used. 

Throughout the next century, the Scandinavian company swiftly adjusted to the times, moving from boots, to sneakers, to protective workwear, and eventually to rain apparel. 

As sports rose in popularity, the company created their first sneakers in 1900. With tennis now on the agenda, tennis balls followed suit in 1902. 

In the 1950s, Tretorn was making 7 million boots a year, and over the next five decades would work with various designers and organizations like Katja of Sweden. The brand even created the official sneaker of the Swedish Olympic team. 

Fast forward to today, the brand has collaborated with the likes of Acne, Andre 3000, and Comme des Garçon. 

Now that you know more about the quality behind the Tretorn 3 towers logo, this Tretorn shoes review will take a quick look at their highlights: 


  • Wide variety of trendy outdoor apparel, shoes, and bags
  • Backed by 130 years of experience
  • Celebrity-loved (notably by Reese Witherspoon and Kanye West)
  • The brand has collaborated with top designers for trendy, modern pieces
  • Carries an outerwear collection of raincoats made from recycled fishing nets to bring awareness to ghost nets in the ocean
  • Positive customer reviews on quality

What Are Tretorn Shoes?

Tretorn Shoes Review

Tretorn shoes have a long history. As a rubber company, the brand started by making rubber boots for Scandinavian farmers in 1896. They soon began to dabble in sneakers, tennis balls, and protective workwear boots. Today, the brand makes stylish, comfortable shoes.

Are Tretorns Good For Walking?

Tretorn Shoes Review

Over the years Tretorn has developed many different types of shoes. Their tennis shoes are particularly good for movement on the court, and the brand has created a variety of active shoes suitable for casual everyday wear

Tretorn sneakers are cushioned and light, a combination that makes them the perfect walking shoe. 

The brand started as a shoe company, but they’ve become a well-known name in the world of fashion. With their outdoorsy vibe, Tretorn’s apparel is true to their roots, as the brand specializes in raincoats and other outdoor gear.

In the next section of this Tretorn shoes review, we’ll focus on highlighting their men’s and women’s apparel. 

Tretorn Men’s Review

Tretorn may be known for their shoes, but the jackets are just as noteworthy. This section will feature the brand’s best-selling OCEAN-SHELL®,  urban, and trek-approved men’s rain jackets. 

Tretorn Arch Jkt Men Review

No matter where you live, you’ve probably been caught in a rainstorm a few times in your life. You may have had a raincoat and gotten soaked anyway. Tretorn jackets actually keep you warm and dry, so you can focus on getting where you need to be. 

Made of OCEAN-SHELL® (three layers of insulated fabric made from recycled bottles), the Arch Jkt Men provides superior cold and water resistance. Reaching down to the thigh, this jacket will keep your upper half nice and snug during the nastiest of days. 

While offering a high level of protection, this jacket remains trendy as ever. With a thick, three-point adjustable hood and two oversized pockets to protect your essentials, you’ll be looking slick in either jet black or forest green. 

On top of that, water-sealed taped seams and a two-way zip are added to fully keep the elements out. Helpful features such as an inner pocket with a clip for your cell phone ensure your necessities are tucked out of harm’s way. 

Navigate brutal weather with confidence in the Arch Jkt Men for $218, on sale from $435

Tretorn Shere Lt M Review 

Coming in at a trendy hip length, this jacket provides supreme rain protection on chilly, wet days. The perfect casual jacket, slip the Shere Lt M over your work attire or pair it with jeans or sweats for a laid-back look. 

This jacket comes in dark navy and olive green, two neutrals that go well with many color schemes. 

Lightweight and packable, this jacket is made from OCEAN-SHELL®, is breathable, and is easy to roll up. Completely waterproof and windproof, you won’t feel a drop or breeze when zipped up properly. 

Its adjustable high collar protects your neck and chin, while the hood takes care of your face. Two zipped pockets on either side are great for stashing keys or credit cards during the 50 m dash to the nearest convenience store. 

Stay dry in the Shere Lt M for $168, previously $335

Tretorn Wings Woven Padded Jacket Review

Ideal for light rain or snow, the Wings Woven Padded Jacket provides warmth and convenience for the man on the go. It has a roomier design that adds comfort and style and is available in navy, jet black, and arctic green. 

Adjust the sleeves for a closer fit, and the 3-piece hood for more protection. If you’re feeling a little confined in your jacket, use the 2-way vision zip to give yourself more flexibility. 

Stay stylish with the urban $185 Wings Woven Padded Jacket for only $93

Tretorn Evald 2.0 Raincoat Review

The Evald 2.0 Raincoat is made from 100% recycled polyester and has a thick, secure look about it. Featuring heat-welded seams, you can be sure no rain or wind will be squeaking their way onto your skin or clothes.

Other secure features include adjustable wrists and hood, a high collar, and a corduroy chin guard for protection and comfort. Move more freely with the two-way zip as you navigate your way through that sudden thunderstorm. 

In case you’re worried about getting too hot while being so protected, the Evald 2.0 Raincoat has a vent in the back to allow for prime breathability

Stay confident and secure for $93, on sale from $185

Tretorn Mens Rain Jacket From The Sea Review

If you’re looking for the “The Old Man and the Sea” fisherman aesthetic, this long rain jacket is your first stop. 

Providing protection down to your mid-thighs, the Mens Rain Jacket From The Sea comes in an attractive kelp green color or deep end black — like the dark abyss of the ocean. 

Thick enough for heavy rain or light snow, the apparel is roomy and comes with a wide hood, adjustable cuffs, and two oversized pockets for easy storage and retrieval of your personal items. 

This “fish”-ionable jacket is on sale for $142, previously $285

Tretorn Women’s Review

This Tretorn Shoes review will now take a look at the brand’s customer favorites when it comes to women’s apparel. You’ll discover a range of snow and rain jackets, all with smart, functional features and trendy designs. 

Tretorn Baffle Jacket Review 

Puffer coats have a warm, cozy, and aesthetically pleasing look about them. The Baffle Jacket is fashionable and functional with taped seams to ensure no wetness gets in and disrupts the warmth inside. 

Made of recycled PU, this jacket has a padded synthetic lining that makes it lightweight and enjoyable to wear. 

The apparel is made with a two-way zip that allows for easy motion in the snow or rain, great for when you’ve got to run to catch the bus. 

The adjustable hood and high collar make this jacket all the more snuggly, while smart inner features like pockets, zips, and clips ensure all of your belongings are safe and secure. 

Enjoy your time outside in the arctic green or black $248 Baffle Jacket on sale for $124

Tretorn Erna 2.0 Raincoat Review

The Erna 2.0 Raincoat is like the one you had as a child—but all grown up. The classic design comes in happy yellow, bright red, and versatile navy to help you relive your childhood memories, just in a more rain-proof manner. 

Measuring down to your mid-thigh, this coat has all of the special detailing Tretorn is known for: welded seams, adjustable cuffs and hood, and a high collar to keep the rain out. 

With a slim fit, this trendy raincoat also has a drawcord at the bottom to prevent wind and rain from hitting your legs. Helpful features like inner pockets with a cell phone clip make sure your essentials are out of harm’s way. 

The cute and efficient Erna 2.0 Raincoat is available for only $93, previously $185

Tretorn Wings Rainjacket Review

The Wings Rainjacket is that effortless jacket you reach for time and time again for the way it looks, feels, and protects. It’s just a good, solid raincoat that covers all of the basics, and then some. 

Made of PU, this PVC-free rain jacket features classic press buttons in the front and welded seams to make sure you stay dry. The oversized hood and easy-access pockets ensure your face and necessities are protected. 

Get this lovely unisex jacket for $53, down from $105.  

Tretorn Wings Flexpack Review

You’ve got the jacket to keep you warm and dry, but what about your essentials? The Wings Flexpack operates as a backpack, tote, handbag, arm bag, or however you like to carry your belongings. 

This pack comes in trendy colors like harvest, forest green, navy, and plum to match or contrast your Wings Rainjacket. All you need now is a Tretorn Rubber Boot or two and you’ve got yourself a fully rain-proof outfit. 

Made from waterproof PU, these Tretorn bags feature a padded laptop sleeve on the inside and a thick, oxford bottom for maximum protection. 

Available in one size only, the handy Wings Flexpack is $90. 

Tretorn Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Tretorn Shoes Review

You’ve read about the many jacket options that the brand has for men and women, but now you’re wondering what they’re really like. Fear not, for this Tretorn shoes review will showcase helpful customer reviews to shed some light on the matter. 

Ahead, you’ll find feedback sourced from Outdoor Gear Lab, Zappos, and Amazon, all highlighting a range of Tretorn shoes and apparel. We do note that the official Tretorn website does not offer customer reviews.

Outdoor Gear Lab rated the Tretorn Strala Boot 3.9/5 stars.

The author noted that these Tretorn boots are loved by many for their fashion-forward approach, writing that the “sleek look is complemented by significant comfort.” So far, so good, looks and comfort are a match made in heaven. 

He went on to say that though comfortable and lightweight, the Strala Boot has little in terms of “traction and water resistance metrics.” 

The water resistance score is so low because of the ankle height of these boots, but this type of boot is perfect for shallow city puddles. 

The Tretorn Nylite women’s sneakers have a 4.5/5 stars rating awarded by 223 customers on Zappos. 

74% of Zappos reviews gave the sneakers a perfect 5/5 stars rating.

Happy buyers write about the comfort of these Tretorn women’s sneakers and note that they run true to size. One comment reads, “The support is nice, the interior soft (still lined with terrycloth), and they look great.” Sounds like a good, all-around shoe. 

The Tretorn Wings Rainjacket has a 4/5 stars rating from 44 customers on Amazon. For the most part, women love the style and quality of this jacket, as well as its price on Amazon. 

One commenter puts it simply: “it’s great, just what I needed and excellent price!” The Wings Rainjacket is a fairly simple coat with smart features that get the job done, so this review is not surprising.

According to reviews, quality and comfort are never a question with this brand. Things like fit and style are personal preferences, but there was nothing that this Tretorn shoes review will treat as a real complaint. 

Is Tretorn Worth It?

Tretorn Shoes Review

Tretorn has been around a long time. Some say the acquisition by Puma changed the way things were done, but according to customers, the quality never failed. This may be because Puma themselves are a quality shoe company and know how to make a good-looking sneaker. 

Is Tretorn a good brand? We think so, and we appreciate that it has made a shift to use recycled materials in their apparel, as well as raising awareness of cruel fishing practices. 

They also have quality products and good-looking styles, two other reasons why Tretorn is a good brand and their products are worth the buy. 

Tretorn Promotions & Discounts 

Tretorn Shoes Review

The company rewards customers who sign up for the email newsletter with 15% off their first purchase. This Tretorn shoes review also discovered that there’s free shipping on continental US orders over $70. 

Where to Buy Tretorn

Tretorn Shoes Review

Tretorn tennis shoes, boots, and apparel are available for purchase directly from You can also find them at a wide range of retailers:

  • Walmart
  • Get Outside
  • Shopbop
  • Hudson’s Bay
  • Amazon
  • Shopstyle 
  • Urban Outfitters


Tretorn Shoes Review

Where is Tretorn shoe from?

Tretorn is a Scandinavian brand. It was founded in Helsingborg, Sweden. 

Who makes Tretorn shoes?

Puma now owns Tretorn shoes, making them in factories around the world. 

Are Tretorn shoes comfortable?

Tretorn sneakers are cushioned and lightweight, two important components in a comfortable shoe. The Tretorn Rawlins 8s are said to be especially cushy. 

Do Tretorn sneakers have arch support?

Tretorn sneakers don’t have much in the way of arch support. For the most part, they are a comfy-casual shoe, not one to be taken on long excursions, but some have said the Nylite sneakers provide some arch support. 

Can you wash Tretorn shoes?

You can wash most shoes if you do it properly. Tretorn makes a few different types of shoes, so we’ll give you a rundown of the care basics for each of them below:

  • Canvas sneakers – hand wash and air dry only 
  • Leather & suede sneakers – fill with a shoe mold then dry brush only
  • Rubber boots – wash with soap and water regularly, dry at room temperature

Do Tretorns run wide?

Some customers say that Tretorn shoes run quite wide, so those with narrow feet may not enjoy the fit. We always recommend double checking the measurement charts before making your final purchase.

What is Tretorn’s Shipping Policy?

Currently, the brand’s American site only ships within the US. This Tretorn shoes review is happy to report that Continental US shipping is free for orders over $70. The brand offers the following three shipping options:

  1. Ground
  2. 2-Day
  3. Overnight 

Once your order ships you can track it via the link sent in the shipping confirmation email. International shipping is available on their other websites.

What is Tretorn’s Return Policy?

If you need to return your Tretorn sneakers or any other products, you can do so by first contacting customer service. They’ll then issue you an RMA number to include with your return. 

You have 30 days to return your products from when you received them. Returns must be:

  • Unworn & unwashed
  • Perfume & odor-free
  • Have no signs of wear, rips, or damage
  • Still have the tags attached
  • Included with the original packaging

Your return will be processed within 14 days from when Tretorn receives it. The brand does not offer exchanges. 

How to Contact Tretorn Customer Service 

If you need any other information about the brand and their products that was not included in this Tretorn shoes review, you can get in contact with them by,

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