Essentia Mattress Review

About Essentia Mattress

Essentia Mattress Review

It’s easy to forget how large of an impact your mattress can have on your health, but with a mattress from Essentia Mattress, you aren’t likely to let that thought slip from your mind.

They make 100% organic mattresses by hand, being one of the only companies in North America to do so. They’ve gathered over 13k followers on Instagram through that reputation, but it’s worth asking; do they live up to the hype?

In this Essentia Mattress review, I’ll answer that question by looking at the company’s products, prices, customer reception, and more.

Overview Of Essentia Mattress

Essentia Mattress Review

Essentia Mattress is a Canadian brand that makes all of their mattresses by hand.

If that wasn’t impressive enough, all of their mattresses are made in an intensive GOLS and GOTS-certified organic factory.

They have their own memory foam technology that uses materials like hevea milk, latex, essential oils, and plant extracts. These ingredients are all allergen-free and allow Essentia Mattress to make beds that stay cooler for longer, retain their shape for up to 20 years, and provide you with the rest your body needs.

The next section of this Essentia Mattress review will touch on some other features that you should know if you’re considering shopping with this brand.


  • All mattresses are handmade in Canada
  • 0% APR financing available with Paybright
  • Free shipping on US orders
  • 20-year warranty on all mattresses
  • 120-night trial period
  • International shipping options are available 
Essentia Mattress Review

This Essentia Mattress review will focus on the brand’s organic mattresses. However, you should know that they produce more than that. They also make pillows, mattress toppers, sheets, pet beds, air purifiers, and more.

Essentia Mattress Review

The best way to show off what this company has to offer is by covering the best-selling products in their collection. Let’s take this Essentia Mattress review to the showroom floor and talk about four of the company’s comfiest mattresses.

Essentia Tatami Organic Mattress Review

The first product in this Essentia Mattress review is both firm and soft. The Essentia Tatami Organic Mattress offers a deeply relaxing surface for you to sleep on that can hold its form for years. 

This mattress is also free from surfaces that attract and trap mold and dust mites, which works both for its comfort and its longevity. You can grab the 100% handmade Essentia Tatami Organic Mattress for $2,448 in twin size.

Essentia Stratami Organic Mattress Review

The Essentia Stratami Organic Mattress is the brand’s masterclass comfort item. The company is proud of the dome-shaped surface that can offer a feeling almost like you’re sleeping in the garden of Eden.

That softness is compounded by this product’s plush surface. That surface lays atop layers of liners, latex foam support cores, and comfort cores for robust support. This is the mattress to buy if you want deep comfort. 

You can buy this mattress in twin size for $2,915.

Essentia LaLa Organic Crib Mattress Review 

The next item in this Essentia Mattress review shows that even little ones can benefit from this brand. The Essentia LaLa Organic Crib Mattress uses only organic ingredients to provide your toddler with a breathable and allergy-free rest.

This mattress is also built to optimize blood flow and cradling to help babies get the sleep they need to properly develop. It can be yours for $699.

Essentia Mattress Grateful Bed Jr  Review 

The final bed I want to mention is nearly essential for children. The company made this product to suit kids under 12, knowing that they require a sliding contour scale, a clean mattress, and 6-inches of comfort. 

Thankfully, the Essentia Mattress Grateful Bed Jr has all of those and is available for $1,428 in twin size.

Who Is Essentia Mattress For? 

Essentia Mattress Review

The products in this Essentia Mattress review are great for people who are sensitive sleepers – especially when it comes to allergens, pollen, or other scents.

Essentia Mattress Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Essentia Mattress Review

I’ve included the scores from the products listed so that you can get a good idea of what buyers think about the brand. All of these scores come from the brand’s own website:

  • Essentia Tatami Organic Mattress: 5/5 stars based on 8 ratings
  • Essentia Stratami Organic Mattress: 5/5 stars based on 2 ratings
  • Essentia Mattress Grateful Bed Jr: 5/5 stars based on 4 ratings

I also checked what Essentia Mattress reviews from other avenues on the internet had to say. Here’s what I found:

  • Slumber Search: 8.5/10 based on dozens of pieces of customer feedback
  • TrustPilot: 3.3/5 stars based on one piece of customer feedback

Many positive Essentia Mattress review writers flocked to the brand after years of being disappointed with their older beds. Plenty of reviews were written in the same vein as this one I pulled from the brand’s website:

Who knew a mattress could be so great. After years on other memory foam mattresses we decided to give Essentia a try when it was time for an upgrade in size. Little did we know that the upgrade in overall quality would be so significant. It is actually the best sleep we’ve ever had. We are never going back to any other brand.

People also noted that Essentia Mattresses were great for couples who had different sleeping preferences. Here’s one customer review that explains how the Essentia Stratami Organic Mattress accomplishes just that:

Thrash Protection at Last!I am a light sleeper, my husband is not! Now when he thrashes around I don’t feel it! Hooray!

In summary, people loved the feel, shape, and smell of their Essentia Mattress. And if you don’t believe me then consult this piece of customer feedback and see for yourself: 

They are firm but soft at the same time. There was no smell at all from the mattress when opening and I feel very comfortable with the material they made from.

Is Essentia Mattress Legit?

Essentia Mattress Review

Although there were some customer complaints about difficulties with returning some of Essentia Mattress’ products, these are to be expected with any brand and there wasn’t an overwhelming number of them. As such, I believe that Essentia Mattress is a legit company.

Is Essentia Mattress Worth It?

Essentia Mattress Review

I believe that the items in this Essentia Mattress review are worth it. Admittedly, they are pretty pricey, but that price is worth it for three reasons:

  1. They’re made with organic materials
  2. They are allergen-free
  3. They have a 120-night trial period

Of course, you can combine that with all the customer appreciation posts that talk about how comfortable the beds are, and use that point as further justification to pick up one of these mattresses for yourself.  

Essentia Mattress Promotions & Discounts 

Essentia Mattress Review

Aside from the 120-night trial period that Essentia Mattress offers, there are other promotions and discounts that you can make the most out of. First off, there’s the back-to-school deal. 

You can save 25% on an Essentia Mattress Dorm IQ Topper and receive one Essentia Mattress Comfort Pillow for free by using the code BSS25.

Additionally, Essentia Mattress is also running their Coolest Sleep Sale wherein you can save 20% on lifestyle, performance, and whole body recovery mattresses. You can also save 25% on all pillows, organic sheets, and mattress protectors.

Another way to save money is by completing a quick questionnaire on Essentia Mattress’ website. You’ll receive a promo code that’ll save you $100 on your first purchase.

Where To Buy Essentia Mattress

Essentia Mattress Review

You can buy Essentia Mattress’ products through their website,, through one of their retail locations in Toronto, Laval, or Vancouver, or through the Hippocrates Health Institute in Florida.


Essentia Mattress Review

Who owns Essentia Mattress?

Jack Dell’Accio is the owner and founder of Essentia Mattress.

Does Essentia Mattress have customizable products?

You can customize the height, memory foam, and size of your Essentia Mattress.

Does Essentia Mattress ship internationally?

Essentia Mattress can ship to countries around the globe. However, only locations in Canada and the United States receive free shipping.

What is Essentia Mattress’ Shipping Policy?

Essentia Mattress offers free shipping to all orders within the lower 48 United States and Canada. Otherwise, shipping costs will be calculated at checkout.

What is Essentia Mattress’ Return Policy?

You’ll have 120 days to test any Essentia Mattress products to see if they’re right for you. 

If you decide that they’re not for you then you can contact the company to begin the return process. You’ll have to pay a 9% fee that’s based on the price of your purchase in order to return the bed. 

How To Contact Essentia Mattress

I’ll wrap up this Essentia Mattress review by telling you how you can contact the brand. You can fill out a customer contact form on their website or call them at 1-888-764-4116

Their phone lines are open from 8:30 am to 10:00 pm EST on weekdays and 10:00 am to 8:00 pm EST on weekends.

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