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Fellow Coffee Review

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Fellow Coffee Review

Make your barista dreams a reality as you produce top-quality drinks with the help of Fellow

Fellow Coffee aims to combine beauty and function in items that will work for any level of caffeine-enthusiast. Whether you’re a novice or professional, the brand has a great variety of products suitable for your early morning routine.

Despite being a smaller company, Fellow has gained the attention of notable media sources such as Forbes for their fun and functional designs.

This Fellow coffee review will treat you to all the information you need to know before adding their items to your cart. Pros, cons, prices, products, promotions, customer testimonials – we’ve got it all!

Overview of Fellow

Fellow Coffee Review

Fellow began as a Kickstarter campaign launched by then student Jake Miller. Miller’s first design, the Duo Coffee Steeper, actually began as a class project for his MBA. 

After working through countless designs, Miller accumulated over $200k in presales, helping him turn a single product into a brand.

The brand prides themselves on fitting form and function into intuitive designs for every degree of barista. The first Fellow Store + Playground was launched in 2017 to not only sell their products but help customers learn how to properly use every item. 

Rather than just existing to sell, they wanted to guide their customers through an immersive experience of a place where they could buy, learn, or just relax with friends.

Since their launch, Fellow has grown to include a variety of products sold through several international retail partners. The company continues to develop new products and designs to best suit their consumers’ needs.

Let’s jumpstart this Fellow coffee review with a few quick pros and cons:


  • Offers a variety of products suitable for all your coffee-brewing needs, including kettles, grinders, filter paper, and coffee storage
  • The brand’s products are all made to be sleek and stylish, not to mention functional 
  • Fellow Drops is a new text-based subscription service. You’ll have access to a variety of new roasts you can try. You only pay when you buy something – no subscriber fee!
  • Fellow coffee reviews rave about the steady and consistent pour they achieve with the brand’s items
  • Financing options available via ShopPay


  • Some concerns of handles conducting heat
  • Can be considered expensive

Fellow Products Review

Fellow’s product list has grown since their Kickstarter launch in 2013. New products continue to be added to the inventory and we’ll show you the best of the best. 

And by that, of course, we mean some bestsellers! Whether you’re after a Fellow electric kettle or a new grinder, our Fellow coffee review has you covered.

Fellow Stagg EKG Electric Kettle Review 

Fellow kettles are one of the brand’s most popular items. Their sleek designs offer a new look for a traditional appliance. 

The Stagg EKG Electric Kettle ups the game by coming in 7 color options featuring both metal and matte options. This minimalist design includes precise temperature control for getting that perfect brew.

Fellow goes one step further by linking this kettle to Bluetooth control. An optional addition, Acaia Bluetooth connectivity is available to let you control things from a distance. 

No watched pot ever boils, so why should you stand around waiting for a kettle? Just set the desired temperature and you’re good to go!

Clocking in at 12V, this product is available for $149. It can hold up to 0.9L of water and weighs a nimble 2.75lbs.

Fellow Stagg Pour-Over Kettle Review

Fan of the old-fashioned method? There’s nothing quite so calming as heating up your stove and putting the kettle on for a good cuppa. 

The Stagg Pour-Over Kettle keeps it classic in method while delivering its modern style to your kitchen. A built-in thermometer notifies you of when your water is in the perfect range for a beautiful brew.

Featuring a counterbalanced handle that helps you achieve a steady stream for a stunning pour, this product also comes in 4 color options and only costs $79. Not a bad price for an exciting new appliance that can hold up to 1L of water.

Fellow Raven Stovetop Tea Kettle Review

Why wait for tea when you can boil and brew together? The Fellow Raven Stovetop Tea Kettle includes an integrated tea filter to steep your tea as you heat your water. 

You’ll save time and clean up well with this cost-effective kettle. Clocking in at only $79, this kettle is built to reliably deliver quality brews time and time again. With its steep-range thermometer, you’ll be able to keep an eye out for your ideal heat.

Mixing modern with traditional, this Fellow kettle is one to beat when it comes to form and function. Plus, it can hold up to 1L of water so you’ve always got enough for surprise guests.

Fellow Ode Brew Grinder Review 

With over 31 settings, Fellow grinders reach a whole new level in the Ode Brew Grinder

Capable of producing café-quality cups of coffee, this grinder was made to conquer pour-over, French press, cold brew, and more! You’ll be grinding up not only a standard pot, but you can also choose the single-dose option if you’re looking for one fresh cup.

This 4.5 kg Fellow grinder is only compatible with Canadian and US outlets. It packs a punch in providing you the best grounds (up to 80 grams) possible for $299. You’ll be laughing at how easy it is to make your favorite morning cup!

Fellow Prismo AeroPress Attachment Review

Add on to your favorite AeroPress® Coffee Maker with the Prismo AeroPress Attachment. For only $25, you can turn your standard coffee into a pressurized espresso style that will soothe any stressful day. 

Forget paper filters, stay eco-friendly with this reusable attachment that fits perfectly above your espresso glass.

“Espresso-style, full-immersion, cold brew, hot/iced tea, americanos, and more—endless recipes are just one plunge away!”

This Fellow coffee review must note that this attachment does not work with AeroPresses made between 2005-2009.

Who Is Fellow For? 

Fellow Coffee Review

Fellow is designed to be intuitive and aesthetically pleasing, working for anyone with an interest in making that perfect cup of coffee or tea. 

The sleek designs do tend to lend themselves to a more modern interior design, but the products work for adults of any age looking to add some style to their home kitchen. 

Comparison: Fellow vs. Resident 

Fellow Coffee Review

Fellow’s designs and business models don’t have many direct competitors in style or practice. Many smaller coffee companies exist, such as Resident, but the services and products provided completely differ.

Fellow offers a variety of kitchen hardware, focusing on the tools of the trade rather than the drink itself. The brand’s business is based on sleek designs and new appearances for classic kitchen appliances.

Resident aims to bring international coffees to the US. 

Based on the notion that coffee beans tell a story of the farms and people working to harvest them, the brand wants to get some recognition for those farms and expose the US to a world of unknown coffee roasters through incredible coffee. 

Resident offers monthly, weekly, and bi-weekly subscription services of the roaster’s choice being delivered right to your door.

Fellow recently launched Fellow Drops, a coffee subscription service that you choose to buy into depending on the roast available that week. It’s all digital, with photos and descriptions of weekly roasts being texted to subscribers. 

Subscribers can then simply text the number of bags they wish to purchase and the order will go through. There’s no commitment or fee to subscribe, simply a notification of what’s available to you.

Solely considering the coffee bean aspect of these brands, which one should you go with? We’ll list some quick facts to help make that decision a little easier:

  • Price – the price for both products is quite similar. Resident bags go for $17-25 depending on the roast. Fellow similarly charges $18-23 for their Fellow Drops, with occasional exclusive items costing $30 
  • Service – the service style is what it comes down to when deciding. Resident offers online stock as well as a physical store to shop from. Their subscription service offers three options:
  1. Weekly: $17 
  2. Bi-Weekly: $17 
  3.  Monthly: $17 

Resident’s subscription service is the roaster’s choice and delivered directly to your door. Fellow takes it a step further by arranging their subscription business solely over text. 

All you have to do is sign up and text when you see a roast that interests you. That’s all it takes! The order will be packed up and sent your way.

  • Product – both brands offer a number of roasts. Fellow does offer decaffeinated and espresso options in their weekly texts as available for order.

Both brands offer good quality coffee through subscription so you can stock up on what you need. The main difference? With Resident, you’re getting a constant service and your subscribed rate, whereas Fellow lets you decide what and when to order without any extra fee.  

Fellow Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Fellow Coffee Review

We were happy to see that the majority of Fellow coffee reviews are positive! People love the designs and fun products available. 

On the brand’s website, many of the brand’s kettles, grinders, and accessories are treated to rave reviews and ratings:

  • Stagg EKG Electric Kettle: 4.8/5 stars out of 390 ratings
  • Ode Brew Grinder: 4.5/5 stars out of 219 ratings
  • Prismo AeroPress® Attachment: 4.7/5 stars out of 66 ratings
  • Raven Stovetop Tea Kettle: 4.9/5 stars out of 7 ratings

Hopping over to Amazon, a variety of the brand’s products are listed averaging 4.4/5 stars with 76% of the reviews being Excellent! Customers rave about the compliments Fellow products get from visitors as well as the durable quality of the items and material. 

The various kettle spouts especially garner attention as they allow a perfect slow and steady pour, controlling the water and containing any possibility of spills:

“Thus far, I am extremely satisfied with this kettle, which not only looks amazing, but offers excellent flow restriction and very fine control when pouring. It is a beautiful gem in my morning ritual, which has been considerably enhanced since receiving the Stagg.” 

Customer comments mostly revolve around products more so than service elements like Fellow Drops. Many Fellow coffee reviews focus on overall appearance rather than function, making it more difficult to get a read on the functionality of products. 

With that in mind, the 28 reviews making up Yelp’s 3.5/5 stars rating for their San Francisco location do offer some kind statements on the consistent pour and an Easter egg hidden within the kettles – a game of snake! 

Form and function work together to make many customers happy with the cups of coffee they’re brewing thanks to Fellow:

“Fellow is the dapper, attractive but premium-priced love child of third wave coffee and aesthetics, home of the gorgeous Stagg kettles, feel-good-in-your-hand-look-good-on-display mugs, clean pour over apparatus, fresh beans, among other things.”

What can this Fellow coffee review say? The brand is a hit with amateur coffee aficionados and experts alike. While they have their small share of issues, the majority of customers are overwhelmingly positive about the company and all that they have to offer.

Is Fellow Worth It?

Fellow Coffee Review

Fellow appliance prices are a little steep (get it?) but the product seems solid overall for the price you’re paying. Many have complimented the various products on design and function. And the majority of individuals claim Fellow products to be their new go-tos.

Also if you need help, the company does seem to work steadily to help you through returns and refunds regarding any damages or defects.

This small company has some work to do, but we’d say overall they’re a great purchase if you’re looking for a stylish addition to your kitchen that will help make that perfect brew!

Fellow Promotions & Discounts 

Fellow Coffee Review

We’re sad to say that Fellow doesn’t typically offer discounts and promotions. To be notified of any discount codes available, register for the Fellow newsletter. This will net you all the latest on news and deals.

Where to Buy Fellow

Fellow Coffee Review

Fellow has partnered with a variety of stores and websites to make it easy for you to find them! The obvious place to get them would be on the Fellow website at or in-store in San Francisco. 

If those options don’t work for you, take a look through this list of some of their top partners:

  • Zola
  • Amazon
  • Seattle Coffee Gear
  • Espresso Planet
  • Indigo
  • Crate and Barrel
  • Williams Sonoma
  • Nordstrom
  • And many more!


Fellow Coffee Review

Who owns Fellow coffee?

Fellow coffee is owned by the founder, Jake Miller. From the beginning, Miller has worked closely with Brand Manager Hanna McPhee to set their company apart from other coffee-based brands.

Where are Fellow products made? 

Fellow products are all designed in the US. Distribution centers exist in Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, and China to manufacture the products.

What is Fellow’s Shipping Policy?

Fellow ships internationally but does limit the purchase of some items in stock. Electric kettles and appliances cannot be shipped internationally outside of the US and Canada.

Items will typically be delivered in 5-7 business days with shipping costs being calculated at the checkout so no additional charges will be given when your package arrives. International shipping cost and duties are non-refundable should you choose to return your purchase.

Tracking orders will be provided within 24 hours of your package being shipped. You will have the option to receive notifications via email in addition to the number provided.

What is Fellow’s Return Policy?

Need to return your Fellow Stagg EKG? The brand has you covered. 

All unused Fellow products are acceptable for returns within 30 days of purchase. All return shipping fees must be covered by the customer unless the item in question arrived damaged or defective. 

In that case, Fellow will provide a return label as well as instructions on how to approach the return.

Did you receive a Fellow product as a gift that you want to return? No worries about trying to track down when it was purchased! 

Just contact customer service and give them the name of the person who bought it. They can provide the order number and help you with returning it.

To kickstart a return, email Fellow at [email protected] or submit a request online and customer service will get back to you with further instructions.

Used and damaged products sent back to Fellow will have a 15% restocking fee applied to the refund based on the final price paid at checkout. Store credit can be provided in lieu of a refund in the case of exchanges. 

For damaged or defective items, please include photos and detailed notes on why/how the product is malfunctioning. The more detail, the better. It’ll save customer service and yourself a lot of trouble later on in the process.

How to Contact Fellow

If you have any other questions after reading our Fellow coffee review,  the brand only provides an email to get in touch with a customer service representative. For any queries or concerns, please contact [email protected].

Alternatively, you can submit a request to their email under the Contact Us – Submit a Request page.

Either way, you’ll be emailed back by a representative as soon as possible.

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