Flamingo Razors Review

About Flamingo

Flamingo Razors Review

Flamingo is here to help make hair removal a little easier. With a range of ergonomic handles, German-engineered blades, ready-to-use wax stips, and convenient aftercare bundles, the company aims to give you smooth, soft, and hairless skin.

Flamingo prides itself on its collection of high-quality hair removal products that are effective, affordable, and aesthetically pleasing. People have taken note: From its collaboration with supermodel Ashley Graham to its 92k followers on Instagram, the brand has generated quite the buzz.

The company has been featured by Vogue, Vanity Fair, Refinery29, Allure, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, and other notable publications. Plus, its products have won multiple prestigious awards. In 2019 alone, the brand was awarded an Allure Best of Beauty Award, an Essence Best in Black Beauty Award, and a Self Health Beauty Award.

So, is the company worth the hype? This Flamingo razors review plans on finding out. We’ll take a closer look into the brand, its products, customer ratings, promotions, and more, to help you decide if its products are worth adding to your self-care routine.

Overview of Flamingo

Flamingo Razors Review

If you have a man in your life, you’ve probably heard of the ultra-successful men’s razor brand Harry’s. Well, the team behind Harry’s felt that women were left out. With years of expertise, the brand launched Flamingo to develop a line of hair removal products that catered specifically to women’s bodies.

The company supports a positive relationship between women and their bodies. According to its website, its team believes that “when we show up for ourselves in private, we’re able to show up as ourselves in public.” The brand knows that when a woman feels good about herself, she can do good for the world. Its hair removal essentials take us one step closer.

Flamingo understands that personal care is sacred to some of us. Its products go through years of development to ensure everything is of the utmost quality and incredibly effective. Indeed, the brand now offers beloved razors, convenient wax strips, thoughtful aftercare treatments, and more.

Putting its money where its mouth is, Flamingo donates 1% of all sales to support women who need it the most. It proudly donates to organizations like the Loveland Foundation, which supports women of color. Its advertisements are also incredibly diverse. Unlike other brand’s, it actually shows that women have body hair! No more ads showing a woman shaving an already hairless leg, please.

Flamingo Razors Review

Before we get any further into this Flamingo razors review, let’s look at some pros and cons:


  • Offers a wide range of hair removal products, including razors, wax strips, and aftercare treatments
  • Products have won multiple noteworthy beauty awards
  • Affordable price point
  • Can purchase convenient bundles that save you money
  • Donates 1% of profits to non-profit organizations that support women, such as PERIOD and Exhale to Inhale
  • Collaborations with reputable people
  • Created by Harry’s, a leading expert of men’s razors
  • Free returns and exchanges on all products
  • Free shipping over $15


  • Some customer report ineffective products
  • No international shipping

Do Flamingo wax strips hurt?

Flamingo Razors Review

Chances are you’re going to have a hard time finding pain-free waxing products (because they don’t exist!). Fortunately, some brands formulate more gentle formulations than others, allowing for a more manageable experience. Flamingo wax strips aren’t necessarily a breeze, but they’re definitely manageable. These wax strips are designed to cling to the hair follicles rather than the skin, which results in less pain.

Flamingo’s wax formula is made with no added fragrance, no parabens, and no artificial colors. Instead, they feature effective ingredients like castor seed oil and beeswax that cling to each hair without irritating your skin. For some tips and tricks on how to achieve the smoothest results, you can check out Flamingo’s Wax Guide.

Flamingo is a one-stop shop for all of your hair removal needs. Whether you’re team shave, team wax, or team both, the company offers effective tools and formulas that get the job done. Its collection doesn’t end there. The company offers treatments and creams for follow-up care, as well as travel and storage accessories. Stay tuned as this flamingo review covers its top-selling products.

Flamingo Shave Review

Shaving is a go-to hair removal method for many women. Whether your legs are feeling prickly, your underarms are looking dark, or you have a pesky hair that popped up on your chin, the brand offers products to shave and soothe the area. Up next, this Flamingo razor review will cover the brand’s best-selling lotions, razors, and treatments.

Flamingo Razor Review

The award-winning Flamingo Razor takes your shaving routine to the next level. Featuring a 

flexible hinge and a lubricating strip, you’ll be able to glide over your curves with no cuts, bumps, or burns.

Its ergonomic handle ensures a comfortable grip, no matter the angle. Plus, its five German-engineered blades leave no unkempt hairs behind. These thoughtful features come together to provide a close and clean shave.

This razor looks beautiful, too. Customers have four colors to choose from, ranging from a vibrant orange to a soft pink. Take this Flamingo razors review as a sign to toss your cheap, ineffective drug store razors in the trash and replace them with the $9 luxurious Flamingo Razor.

Flamingo Ingrown Spot Treatment Review 

What is the worst part about shaving? We’d have to say the (annoying) ingrown hairs that love to make an appearance shortly after. Well, the Flamingo Ingrown Spot Treatment is here to help. This superhero solution eliminates ingrown hairs and soothes irritation caused by shaving.

Its formula features white willow and glycolic and lactic acids to gently but effectively free pesky ingrown hairs. It is safe to use twice daily. Simply use the pointed tip to apply the gel-cream mixture directly to the area. You should see results within 24 hours. In fact, in a performance test done by the brand, 96% of users said that they would recommend this treatment!

Add the Ingrown Spot Treatment to your hair removal routine for $10 (0.5 fl oz).

Flamingo Daily Moisturizing Lotion Review 

The Flamingo Daily Moisturizing Lotion contains multiple features that we all look for in a great product: it provides 24-hour hydration, absorbs within seconds, and doesn’t leave a greasy texture behind. Yes, please!

This Flamingo lotion features squalane and white willow bark to provide smooth, soft, and long-lasting hydration to your skin. It also gently exfoliates, thanks to its infusion of papaya extract. The result? A glowing and radiant complexion.

This dermatologist-approved daily moisturizer is scented with the brand’s signature fragrance, which includes relaxing jasmine and energizing Asian pear. Indulge with the Daily Moisturizing Lotion for $8.

Flamingo Bundles Review

The brand boasts that its hair removal products provide salon-quality results at home. Each of the Flamingo hair removal bundles is designed to provide everything you need for a smooth and hairless finish. Whether your bikini line is overdue for a wax or your freshly-shaved skin needs some soothing TLC, there is a kit for you. Up next, we’ll cover Flamingo’s best-selling bundles.

Flamingo Shave Set Review 

The Flamingo Shave Set introduces new customers to the brand with six of its top-selling products. It covers all of the shaving basics, including storing and traveling with your essentials. In this set, you’ll receive:

  1. Flamingo Razor
  2. Two Razor Cartridges
  3. Shower Hook
  4. Reusable Pouch
  5. Daily Moisturizing Lotion (3 oz)
  6. Foaming Shave Gel (1 oz)

The combination of the five-blade razor head and the smooth shave gel provide a smooth and clean shave. The brand boasts that its products are safe for even gentle areas, such as your neck, stomach, bikini zone, or anywhere else you have unwanted hair.

Customers have four handle color options to choose from. We particularly love the Mint & Gold option, which provides a striking contrast to the clean white razor head. No matter which color piques your interest, you can grab this Flamingo shaving kit for $16.

Flamingo Banish Bumps Bundle Review 

If you’re determined to eliminate all signs of razor bumps, the Flamingo Banish Bumps Bundle is for you. It includes everything the Shave Set has but kicks your shaving game up a notch with the Flamingo Ingrown Spot Treatment.

Ingrown hairs might be normal, but that doesn’t mean they’re welcome. Even using soothing and preventive products, such as the Flamingo Razor and Daily Moisturizing Lotion included in this kit, doesn’t always stop the occasional pecky bump from popping up. The brand’s spot treatment ensures a quick and safe treatment. Tell ingrown hairs that they are no longer welcome on your body for $25.

Flamingo Bare Bundle Review 

Though we might not like to talk about it, some of us women get pesky hairs that pop up where we least want them—our faces! Though it’s totally normal, we completely understand that you want to get rid of them. The Flamingo Bare Bundle is here to help.

This kit includes everything you need to kick-start your safe and clean hair removal journey. You’ll receive the same six items that are in the Shave Set, as well as:

  • 8 Post-Wax Cloths
  • 20 Flamingo Face Wax Strips
  • Calming Serum

If you’re looking for a convenient facial hair removal method, the Flamingo upper lip waxing strips feature a soft wax that doesn’t require any heat. When you’re done, simply apply one of the cloths and the serum to the area; the sweet almond oil and aloe vera will heal and soothe your skin. The Bare Bundle retails for $24.

Flamingo Bikini Bundle Review 

Summer is coming. If you’re someone who likes to “clean up” their bikini area, then the Flamingo Bikini Bundle is your ticket to smooth, hairless skin. With this kit, you’ll get all of the basics from the Shave Set, in addition to:

  • 24 Pubic Hair Wax Strips
  • 8 Post-Wax Cloths

These Flamingo bikini waxing strips are made especially for waxing the upper thighs, bikini line, and of course, the pubic area. Note: Flamingo does not suggest using these strips for a full Brazilian.

When you’re done, follow up with the soothing cloths. Then, show off your smooth skin with a new bikini. Interested in this kit? Well, you’re in luck. The Flamingo Bikini Bundle is on sale for $24, from $32.

Flamingo Pubic Hair Wax Kit Review 

If you want to give yourself a bikini wax, but don’t need all of the shaving extras, then the Flamingo Pubic Hair Wax Kit is for you. This bundle includes 24 no-heat wax strips in three different shapes so that you can get rid of any unwanted hairs. For a soft finish, you’ll also get 8 soothing post-wax wipes to calm the area and remove any sticky residue.

Up your bikini game with the $10 Pubic Hair Wax Kit. This Flamingo razor review discovered that the brand does not recommend this product for full Brazilians.

Flamingo Body Wax Kit Review 

For those that prefer to wax their legs, consider switching to the Body Wax Kit. The company has curated a bundle of essential items for a silky smooth body. You’ll receive:

  • 28 body wax strips
  • 6 post-wax cloths

Waxing your legs and arms can be a great alternative to shaving, especially because it prolongs the hair growth and helps follicles appear softer when they do grow back. Each of Flamingo’s wax strips are durable enough to be used at least twice and are safe for use on different skin types. The soothing cloths ensure a less red and irritated result.

If you’re in need of a good wax session, grab the Flamingo Body Wax Kit for $10.

Flamingo Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Flamingo Razors Review

By now you might be wondering, is Flamingo a good razor? We turned to online reviews to find out. Ahead, you’ll find testimonials from the company’s website, Target, and Influenster. Let’s get into the positives first.

On Flamingo’s website, its bestsellers have garnered hundreds of positive reviews. Most shaving and waxing essentials have a rating of 4.5/5 stars or higher, although there are a couple of items that didn’t fare quite as well. Here’s a quick overview:

  • Shave Set: 4.5/5 stars from 433 ratings
  • Smooth Start Set: 4.6/5 stars from 275 ratings
  • Body Moisture Trio: 4.7/5 stars from 910 ratings
  • Daily Moisturizing Lotion: 4.7/5 stars from 405 ratings
  • Deep Nourishing Cream: 4.6/5 stars from 752 ratings
  • Ingrown Spot Treatment: 4.2/5 stars from 298 ratings
  • Foaming Shave Gel: 4.9/5 stars from 282 ratings

Overall, customers are blown away by how smooth, silky, and hairless Flamingo’s products leave their skin. The Body Moisture Trio is by far one of the brand’s most-loved bundles. Users report that each product smells wonderful and provides a good value for the cost. One 57-year-old woman notes that this trio helped rejuvenate her skin:

the best skin creams i’ve used in years, it actually resurfaced my 57 year old crepe skin to smooth & healthy. i swear it even lessen the look of a scar i have on knee…Thanks, love it , have already reordered…again!!

When we began to look at Flamingo razor reviews on other websites, we noticed the brand’s ratings were not quite as high (but not bad either). On Influenster, shoppers flock to comment on the company’s razor and Foaming Shave Gel.

The latter product has earned an impressive 4.4/5 stars from 59 shoppers. Overall, customers like the delightful scent, modern packaging, and moisturizing and creamy formula. Take this example: “This product has been the best introduction to Self-Care for my tweens. They are learning to shave responsibly, and the foam is magnificent on the skin. Clean, and close shave with moisture! Highly recommended!

On the other hand, the razor has earned a modest rating of 3.8/5 stars from nearly 400 users. While many customers agree that it is a “beautiful” and “decent” razor that gets the job done, others don’t share these sentiments. One commenter noted that the design of the head and handle actually makes it difficult to shave certain areas:

I wanted to try this razor for a long time because I have always struggled with ingrown hair and didn’t even see any different after the first use. The structure of the razor makes it hard to reach very specific areas and it makes everything just harder that it should be.”

Similarly, out of the Flamingo Target reviews, the company’s razor has a 4-star rating from 4.2k comments and a 57% recommendation rate. Again, some users note that the quality of this product is not what they expected: “I’m a gentle shaver and this cut me everywhere. Pretty bad pain…save your money and look elsewhere.

But some users defend the razor: “i really don’t understand majority of these bad reviews… this is the best razor i’ve ever used period. quality is amazing and for the price omg i will never use another brand ever again.

Still, this Flamingo razors review wants to point out that the majority of customers were very satisfied with the brand’s affordable and effective products. While some users had a less-than-desirable experience, such testimonials only accounted for about 10% overall.

Is Flamingo Worth It?

Flamingo Razors Review

For affordable hair removal products that get the job done and look good while doing it, this 

Flamingo razors review recommends the brand. We found hundreds of customers that attest to the quality, efficacy, and value, of the company’s products, as well as mentioned how visually appealing they are.

One thing that we love about this brand is that it features diverse women in the advertisements for the Flamingo shop that actually have body hair. Is anyone sick of seeing ads of women shaving already hairless legs? Thankfully, companies like Flamingo are showing that it’s perfectly normal for women to have body and face hair, and it’s also okay if they want to remove it!

If you’re still on the fence, Flamingo donates 1% of its proceeds to non-profit organizations that support women and their bodies. All in all, we think the brand’s affordable and effective products are worth the buy.

Flamingo Promotions & Discounts 

Flamingo Razors Review

At the time of this Flamingo razors review, the brand is not offering any promotions or discounts, apart from free shipping on orders of $10 or more. But, the company’s products are all available in bundle sets, which save you $5-$15 if you were to buy each item separately.

Where to Buy Flamingo

Flamingo Razors Review

US customers can purchase products directly from ShopFlamingo.com. Other options include the company’s partnered retailers, which are Amazon, Target, Walgreens, Walmart Canada, Kroger, Duane Reade, and Meijer.


Flamingo Razors Review

What shipping does Flamingo use?

Flamingo delivers within the US. It offers free shipping on orders over $10 and charges a shipping fee of $3 on orders under that amount. In terms of payment methods, Flamingo accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. Orders ship via DHL.

How long does Flamingo take to ship?

According to the brand’s website, orders can take up to 10-14 business days to arrive.

How do I track my Flamingo order?

After you place your order, you’ll receive a shipping confirmation email. This email includes a link to the tracking information you’ll need to keep up with your order.

How do I return something to Flamingo?

If you’re not happy with the company’s products, this Flamingo razor review discovered that it offers a quality guarantee. Simply reach out to the customer service team and they will provide you with a full refund as well as free returns.

On the other hand, reach out to the brand’s team if you receive a damaged item. Flamingo will happily replace it for you at no extra cost.

How to Contact Flamingo

If you have any questions after reading this Flamingo razor review, you can contact the brand through:

It’s always better to have more options. Check out our reviews for other top razor brands:





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