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Forvr Mood is an American candle and home fragrance company selling scented candles, room sprays, and accessories. This brand is all about indulgence and self-care, and their products encourage women to take a little “me time” with their favorite candle or other creature comforts.

This Forvr Mood review will take a closer look at the brand, founded by popular beauty personality Jackie Aina. 

Aina launched the brand to connect Black women with accessible, luxurious self-care. Their mission is to create a scent for every mood and moment, giving women a way to purposefully embrace the act of treating yourself. 

This self-care brand is making a name in the candle world; Forvr Mood has over 174k followers on Instagram and recently made a deal to be sold in Sephora stores.

My Forvr Mood review will take a look at this company’s best-sellers, brand highlights, and buying info so you can decide if you’re in the mood for some new home fragrances.

Overview of Forvr Mood

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Jackie Aina, a Nigerian-American beauty expert and influencer founded Forvr Mood in 2020. 

When Aina started this company she was already a YouTube star known for her fun and down-to-earth makeup tutorials and recommendations (earning her over 3.5m subscribers to her channel!) and her huge impact on increasing inclusivity and diversity in the beauty products industry. 

On the Forvr Mood official website, Aina explains that she has loved fragrances and candles from a young age, and wanted to share this passion with her followers. She felt motivated to launch her own brand to create luxury products for Black women in particular

Aina wanted her line to fight against the problematic idea that Black women always have to be strong, and that your resilience is what defines your worth.

Forvr Mood was founded to change the narrative – they want women to be “spoiled,” to experience luxury and do things that make you feel good because you deserve it

Forvr Mood carries beautiful silk pillows, headbands, room sprays, and of course, plenty of scented candles, often with cheeky product names.Their extensive line of scents is inspired by moods, seasons, pop culture, astrology, and more. 

Forvr Mood’s products encourage customers to define their space, enjoy spending time with themselves, and take the time to unwind with scents they connect to.

Let’s check out the highlights of buying from this female-founded brand:


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  • Self-care focused home fragrance brand
  • Huge selection of candle colors and scents
  • Cute candle names, great gifting potential!
  • Black-owned business
  • Candles made from natural coconut soy
  • Reasonable prices for luxury products
  • Free US shipping on orders over $99

Forvr Mood Candles Review

From floral to foodie-delicious, this brand’s candles have a scent for everyone. This Forvr Mood review has selected a few of their best-sellers for you to check out below!

Forvr Mood Cuffing Season Review

Forvr Mood Cuffing Season Review
Forvr Mood Cuffing Season

Forvr Mood describes this candle as a “modern” interpretation of the traditional floral-scented candle. 

The Cuffing Season candle has several plant-derived ingredients informing its complex, ozonic flowery fragrance:

  • Forest scents such as Fir and Cedar
  • Bright florals like Iris, Violets, and Jasmine
  • Notes of salty lemon and mineral citrus

This candle will last you many cozy evenings inside, whether it’s the eponymous season for snuggling up or not! It has a burn time of 65 hours and a single cotton wick. 

My Forvr Mood review has also found that this candle doesn’t have any toxic or artificial ingredients like parabens, paraffins, or phthalates, and is made from 100% natural coconut-soy blend wax.

Buy the 10 oz Cuffing Season candle for $35.

Forvr Mood Caked Up Review

Forvr Mood Caked Up Review
Forvr Mood Caked Up

This cute pink candle will be a lovely addition to your living room for girls’ nights or “me time” – any time you feel like celebrating with a slice of cake (and it’s not even your birthday). 

Like all of Forvr Mood’s products, this candle has a long burn time of up to 65 hours and is made from 100% natural coconut soy wax

The Caked Up candle has a sweet dessert scent with the following notes:

  1. Pistachio
  2. Pineapple
  3. Almond
  4. Honey
  5. Jasmine
  6. Coconut
  7. Vanilla Bean
  8. Musk

My Forvr Mood review has found that this candle has strong throw, so its scent will fill the room! 

Buy the 10 oz Caked Up fragrant candle for $38.

Forvr Mood Sephora Exclusive Review 

Forvr Mood Sephora Exclusive Review 
Forvr Mood Sephora Exclusive

This classy set includes two candles, one black and one white, and can only be purchased through Sephora! 

The Sephora Exclusive’s black candle is called Sip Happens, which Forvr Mood explains is made to channelboozy brunch vibes.” This candle has a variety of fruit and floral scents, including magnolia, lotus flower, pomegranate and prosecco.

The accompanying white candle in this Sephora Exclusive set is named Floral Play. My Forvr Mood review has found that this candle has a “fresh and clean” fragrance that will suit any room, anytime! 

When you light your Floral Play candle you’ll enjoy these relaxing springtime notes:

  • Rose 
  • White Cedar
  • Bergamot
  • Gardenia
  • Orange Flower
  • Iris
  • Violet
  • Muguet

These two Forvr Mood candles are 10 oz each, made from 100% natural coconut wax, and have a single cotton wick and moderate throw

Buy the Forvr Mood Sephora Exclusive only from Sephora for $72.

Forvr Mood Sneaky Link Review 

Forvr Mood Sneaky Link Review 
Forvr Mood Sneaky Link

Sneaky Link was made with romantic evenings in mind. This extra-large sweet and spicy candle mixes fruit fragrances with spices to give you a balanced, musky scent.

This Forvr Mood candle has strong topnotes of grapefruit, lime, and apple, with more subtle hints of cinnamon, vanilla set against a base of amber, musk, and violet. 

You won’t have to replace this 18 oz candle anytime soon – Sneaky Link has a burn time of 100 hours! This coconut soy candle also has a dual wick to help it burn longer and brighter.

Buy the Sneaky Link candle for $65.

Who Is Forvr Mood For? 

Forvr Mood Review

Forvr Mood candles, room sprays and gift sets were designed with women in mind, especially those who love to set a mood and personalize their space with their favorite scents. 

Whether you like yummy food scented candles like Matcha Business, Caked Up, or Cookie Coma, or prefer a more traditional scent like Fine Pine or Chasing Waterfalls, this company’s candles offer a fragrance for everyone.

The brand’s feminine packaging and design will appeal to shoppers who love a pastel aesthetic, with plenty of luxe matte pink, purple, and red packaging in their collection. Forvr Mood also does modern opulence really well, with collections like Send Moods showing off gold accents and sophisticated neutrals. 

Customers who prefer to buy natural candles will also love that Forvr Mood’s products are made from natural coconut soy wax  with cotton wicks, so you won’t be burning anything harmful in your home.

According to the Forvr Mood’s official website, this brand’s founder Jackie Aina especially hopes that Black women love her products, and use her products to help bring regular self-care into their lives. Aina wants her brand to be a love letter from Black women, to Black women,” and hopes they enjoy Forvr Mood’s cute and luxurious soy candles!

Forvr Mood Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Forvr Mood Review

Forvr Mood displays customer reviews on the product pages of their official website. These reviews reflect happy customers who love their scented candles and have good things to say about their aesthetic and consistent quality.

One shopper, who purchased the Sneaky Link candle, writes in her Forvr Mood review, First and foremost I absolutely love forvr mood. It is one of the few brands I will blind buy from because the scents and quality are always spectacular. This is such a unique candle it smells powdery and fresh like laundry but with a Christmas vibe.”

This company also has some feedback on Sephora’s website, where they sell some of their products. This Forvr Mood review found that Sephora customers generally enjoy their purchases, praising the brand for their lovely scents and the long-lasting burn time of their candles, too.

One Sephora shares in her Forvr Mood review of the Caked Up candle: If you like sweet smelling candles, this one is perfect. Very strong scent of pistachios and coconut that lingers for a long time after you burn it. I absolutely love this candle and I am excited to try other scents as well. The burn time on this is unreal as well.”

Reddit users have also discussed the brand, with several customers recommending it to other women who love to indulge in a nice scented candle.

While some posters mention the brand’s price point makes them more of an investment than a frequent purchase, many agree that Forvr Mood’s product quality and service are worth it.

One Reddit user writes in her Forvr Mood review, “They’re SO expensive but comparable to other luxury candles, the shipping was super fast and i had a positive experience with customer service!! i think they’re definitely worth it as a treat.”

Forvr Mood has also been reviewed at ThingTesting.com, where they have a 4/5 star rating. One customer shared that he liked the scent and branding of these pretty candles.

He shares in his Forvr Mood review, “These candles smell great, love the funny names! They aren’t the strongest scent, but are very nice!”

Overall most customers had a positive experience of buying from this brand, enjoyed their fragrant candles as much as they’d hoped, and feel confident in making more purchases from Forvr Mood.

Is Forvr Mood Legit?

Forvr Mood Review

Yes! This brand is a newer addition to the candle industry, but it is reliably delivering candles to customers across the US and beyond. 

Their products are made of safe ingredients, are sold in a major retailer, and are founded by a reputable personality in the beauty world. 

Is Forvr Mood Worth It?

Forvr Mood Review

My Forvr Mood review appreciates how this brand uses natural ingredients and modern, covetable aesthetics to create their fragrant candles.

This company understands that women have different preferences about home fragrances, and has made a product line with enough variety to appeal to everyone and really facilitate their message of self-care.

They’re also doing interesting things with their scents. The.company uses traditional fragrances like vanilla, rose, musk, and bergamot, but has also ventured into more inventive scents built around grapefruit, lotus, pistachio, and cinnamon.

Customers are also loving this company’s playful approach to branding and the high quality of their candles. Many buyers comment on their long burn times and delicious fragrances.

If you’re looking to buy yourself or someone else a little something special, our Forvr Mood review is happy to recommend this candle company. As founder Jackie Aina says – treat yourself!

Forvr Mood Promotions & Discounts 

Forvr Mood Review

My Forvr Mood review has found that you can save on this brand’s products by buying their candles in a bundle. Visit the Bundle and Save page and choose three candles for $96.

If you spend over $99, your order will ship for free! You can also check back at the official website for the latest deals and sign up for an account with your email to access Forvr Mood coupons.

Where to Buy Forvr Mood

Forvr Mood Review

Buy all Forvr Mood products at their official site. You can also find some of their items at Sephora and on Sephora.com.


Forvr Mood Review

Who owns Forvr Mood?

Beauty entrepreneur Jackie Aina owns Forvr Mood.

Who is Jackie Aina?

Jackie Aina is a well-known beauty influencer who became popular through her YouTube self-care and makeup videos! Jackie’s content focuses on centering and celebrating Black women, making space for them in the world of beauty and self-care.

Does Forvr Mood ship internationally?

Yes, this brand ships worldwide! Your shipping costs will be calculated as you check out.

What is Forvr Mood’s Shipping Policy?

My Forvr Mood review has found that this brand will ship US orders over $99 for free! Purchases under this amount will pay a flat rate of $8 for shipping across the US.

What is Forvr Mood’s Return Policy?

If you don’t love your Forvr Mood purchase, you can return it within 2 weeks of making your purchase. My Forvr Mood review has found that this company only accepts returns that are in new condition and will not pay for return shipping fees.

Once they receive your return, Forever Mood will refund you within 7 days.

How to Contact Forvr Mood

Forvr Mood Review

Get in touch with this brand through their email, [email protected]

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