freebeat MorphRover 2-in-1 E-Bike Review

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About freebeat

freebeat MorphRover 2-in-1 E-Bike Review

Freebeat has cultivated a global fitness family—where the ride is more than a workout, and finding your beat is a shared experience. Their commitment to diversity in fitness crosstraining reflects the belief that everyone can find strength within themselves.

Organically growing into a global fitness hub, the brand is capturing the attention of influencers, brands, and leading journals worldwide.

From engaging influencer campaigns like #freebeatchallenge and #beat21days to the gamified fitness experience of their courses, Freebeat encourages riders to explore an authentic and transformative journey.

Featured recently as part of the freebeat Boston Celtics giveaway, one of freebeat’s most trailblazing innovations is the MorphRover 2-in-1 E-Bike; the world’s first and only e-bike that you can ride indoors and outdoors!

If you’re looking to amp up your fitness in a fun way this year, e-biking is definitely worth looking into. In this freebeat MorphRover 2-in-1 E-Bike review, I’ll go over all the details such as its design, features, price, customer feedback, promotions, and more, so that you can make an informed decision. Let’s start with the major highlights.


  • Unique design that combines indoor and outdoor capabilities
  • Electricity-free battery recharge ability
  • Auto-resistance AI performance tracking
  • On-demand classes
  • Customized training by renowned instructors
  • Official partner of the Boston Celtics

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Design & Features

freebeat MorphRover 2-in-1 E-Bike Review

The MorphRover 2-in-1 E-Bike is not just a mode of transportation; it’s a gateway to adventure and fitness that merges the best of both worlds. Here’s a breakdown of its indoor and outdoor features.


  • Motor Powerhouse: A robust 48V, 750W Brushless Hub Motor with a max torque of 85Nm propels you effortlessly through outdoor terrains.
  • Informative Display: The 3.5″ Backlit LCD Display provides real-time data, including speed, trip details, battery status, and assist level, ensuring you stay connected and informed on your rides.
  • Long-Lasting Battery: The removable internal lithium-ion battery, equipped with 21700 LG Cells and UL2271 Certification, packs a punch with 48V and 15Ah (720Wh), granting you an impressive range of up to 60 miles.
  • Speed Thrills: Unlock the e-bike’s potential with a top speed of 28MPH, giving you the freedom to embrace the thrill of the open road.
  • Sturdy Build: The aluminum alloy frame, fully integrated and lockable down tube battery, internal cable routing, and front and rear fenders ensure durability and a secure ride.


  • Weight Warrior: Weighing in at 77lbs, the MorphRover can handle a maximum load of 400lbs, making it a robust choice for riders seeking adventure without limitations.
  • Smooth Suspension: A hydraulic suspension with 80mm travel, lock-out feature, and alloy fork guarantees a smooth ride even on challenging terrains.
  • Versatile Gearing: The 8-speed direct attachment rear derailleur and Shimano M315-8R 8-speed trigger shifters offer versatility for varied landscapes.
  • Safety First: Hydraulic disc brakes, big 26 x 4″ puncture-resistant tires, and integrated LED lighting ensure a secure and visible ride.


  • Powerhouse: The MorphRover transforms seamlessly into an indoor powerhouse with a maximum power output of 2200W, ideal for high-intensity workouts.
  • Virtual Challenges: Experience a simulated incline of up to 20%, providing a challenging indoor environment to push your fitness boundaries.
  • Connected Fitness: Stay connected with Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to sync your ride data seamlessly.
  • Precision Control: With a power control accuracy of +/-1%, the MorphRover delivers a precise and controlled indoor riding experience.
  • Data Tracking: Monitor speed, distance, power, and cadence during your indoor sessions, providing comprehensive insights into your performance.
  • Inclusive Weight Limit: Indoors or out, the MorphRover accommodates riders up to 250lbs, making it an inclusive option for various fitness enthusiasts.

The e-bike comes in three colors: Midnight Black, Sahara Sand, and Sage Green. You can choose the frame option that is most comfortable for you: Step-Thru (for a rider height that falls between 5’1″–6″) or High-Step (5″6–6″4).

As part of a Valentine’s Day sale, the MorphRover is currently priced at $1,599 with all fees included. Financing at 0% APR is offered through Klarna, subsidized by freebeat.

How to Use

freebeat MorphRover 2-in-1 E-Bike Review

Users can effectively use the MorphRover 2-in-1 E-Bike by following the brand’s user manual. From unboxing and component verification to front wheel assembly, brake calibration, and pedal installation, the manual guides you through every step.

The instructions cover turning on the bike, understanding the braking and gear systems, and customizing the riding experience with the Pedal Assist Control (PAS) system. Additionally, it provides insights into throttle operation, front light functionality, and essential safety information regarding battery charging, concluding with guidelines on storage, long-term battery storage, user maintenance, and the lifespan of the bike and its components.

The MorphRover 2-in-1 E-Bike extends its functionality into the digital realm through the app, compatible with Android and IOS devices. It offers features like ride tracking, pedal assist adjustments, and battery monitoring.

The app includes virtual classes and specialized training programs for diverse fitness goals. Users can seamlessly switch between indoor and outdoor modes in three easy steps.

This revolutionary dual functionality not only enhances the bike’s versatility but also provides a holistic and engaging experience, offering users a seamless transition from indoor workouts to outdoor adventures.

Who Is The Freebeat MorphRover 2-in-1 E-Bike For?

freebeat MorphRover 2-in-1 E-Bike Review

The MorphRover caters to modern, versatile riders. It’s an ideal choice for fitness enthusiasts, commuters, and recreational riders. With user-friendly assembly instructions, a dedicated app for tracking metrics and virtual classes, and the flexibility to seamlessly transition between indoor and outdoor modes, this e-bike offers a balanced blend of convenience, technology, and adaptability.

Whether for daily commuting or fitness goals, the MorphRover 2-in-1 E-Bike is tailored to meet the needs of riders seeking an integrated and customizable e-biking experience.

freebeat MorphRover 2-in-1 E-Bike Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

freebeat MorphRover 2-in-1 E-Bike Review

Being first of its kind in the world, the freebeat MorphRover 2-in-1 E-Bike has garnered significant attention—as well as praise. Below, I have compiled some testimonials from riders who have tested the bike for various purposes.

One reviewer shares that the e-bike is “great for daily commute” and that they were pleased with its “efficient battery usage.” Another user commented on an important aspect of any company, which is its customer service: “Great customer service resolved a minor issue quickly, ensuring satisfaction.”

YouTubers who have reviewed the e-bike have also shared their opinions openly. Here’s what they’re saying:

“Really dope! So far, one of my best experiences with an eBike – impressive build quality and features, and the special indoor component of the bike, making it a game-changing concept!”

“There are no ebikes out there that are going to give you the same indoor exercise experience as the freebeat MorphRover. I took a 15-minute class, and I earned back 9.3 miles of outdoor use! Brilliant.”

“The ginormous fat tires, which are resistant to punctures and soak up the terrain, make this thing utterly insane! It’s perhaps the most fun I’ve had on an electric bike in quite some time.

Is freebeat MorphRover 2-in-1 E-Bike Worth It?

freebeat MorphRover 2-in-1 E-Bike Review

The freebeat MorphRover 2-in-1 E-Bike stands out as a worthwhile investment for several reasons. First, its user-friendly assembly instructions simplify the setup process, ensuring a hassle-free start.

The dedicated app enhances the overall riding experience, offering features like ride tracking, pedal assist customization, and virtual classes for a well-rounded approach to fitness.

The e-bike’s adaptability, allowing easy transitions between indoor and outdoor modes, adds to its versatility, making it suitable for various scenarios and weather conditions.

The combination of convenience, technology integration, and flexibility positions the MorphRover 2-in-1 E-Bike as a valuable choice for riders seeking a modern, adaptable, and engaging e-biking solution.


If you’re looking for alternative e-bike brands to consider, here are some popular options known for their quality and diverse range of models:

  1. Rad Power Bikes: Rad Power Bikes offers a wide selection of electric bikes suitable for various purposes, including commuting, off-road adventures, and cargo hauling. They are known for their affordability, durability, and customer satisfaction.
  2. Trek Bikes: Trek Bikes is a well-established bicycle brand that also offers a range of high-quality e-bikes. They provide versatile models for different riding styles, from urban commuting to mountain biking.
  3. Bosch eBike Systems: Bosch is a leading manufacturer of e-bike drive systems and components. Their systems are used by various e-bike brands and are known for their reliability, efficiency, and smooth performance.

Where to Buy freebeat MorphRover 2-in-1 E-Bike

freebeat MorphRover 2-in-1 E-Bike Review

Ready to start riding? You can find the MorphRover 2-in-1 E-Bike on freebeat’s website, Amazon, or through a dealer near you.

freebeat Promotions & Discounts

freebeat MorphRover 2-in-1 E-Bike Review 1

At the time of writing this freebeat MorphRover 2-in-1 E-Bike review, the brand is offering free shipping across the US! Additionally, there are several other promotions you can take advantage of:

  • Use the discount code HONESTBIKE for an extra $200 off the MorphRover e-bike
  • Take $300 off for 2 Bikes with the code BUYTWO
  • The brand offers free accessories worth $120 with your purchase such as a fender set, a bike mount, and a kickstand
  • $500 off on all bikes as part of a Valentine’s Day sale
  • 0% APR covered by freebeat for 24 months (limited time offer)


Who owns freebeat?

While the names of the founders are unknown online, freebeat shares that the company brings together diverse expertise from globally recognized companies such as Bridgewater, Apple, Microsoft, NBA, Esquire, Soulcycle, Diesel, G-Star RAW, and Macquarie Group.

They have backgrounds in prestigious institutions including Stanford, Williams College, UPenn, Washington University in St. Louis, UC Berkeley, and the University of Toronto.

Can the e-bike function without a membership?

Yes, the e-bike will still function without a membership if you use the Just Ride mode. You can also check out freebeat’s 15-minute free trial class and see if joining as a member is something you’d be interested in.

Is there a warranty on the MorphRover 2-in-1 E-bike?

There sure is. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the warranty as it pertains to the MorphRover specifically:

Structure (5yrs):

  • Frame
  • Rigid fork

Functional Parts (2yrs):

  • Brakes
  • Gear shifter
  • Derailleur
  • Motor
  • Battery (up to 300 charging cycles)
  • Display
  • Charger
  • Throttle
  • And more

Accessories (1yr):

  • Various accessories

Other Essential (1yr):

  • Handlebars
  • Alarm speaker
  • Speed sensor
  • Brakes
  • And more

Ownership Duration:

  • First Owner: 2 years
  • Subsequent Owner: No warranty but can contact CS Team for assistance


  • Exclusions on certain parts for 2 years
  • Paints, graphics, and suspension components not covered
  • Third-party components not included
  • Exclusions for neglect, improper maintenance, and unauthorized alterations


  • Damage from crashes, improper repairs, or misuse
  • Corrosion and water damage
  • Battery damage from power surges or improper use
  • Freebeat not liable for unauthorized service or parts.

What is freebeat’s Shipping Policy?

Currently, freebeat only ships to locations within the US (apart from Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands, but the brand is flexible with offering a custom quote if you reach out to them). Delivery is free as part of a promotion that is running right now!

After placing an order, customers can anticipate a shipping confirmation email within 1-3 business days. For Freebeat exercise bikes, standard shipping within the US takes 3-5 business days, while MorphRover 2-in-1 eBikes may take 3-7 business days. Tracking information will be sent when it is available as well.

What is freebeat’s Returns’ Policy?

freebeat’s return policy allows for refunds within 30 days of purchase by contacting [email protected] with the order number. At this time, exchanges are not permitted.

However, for orders using Klarna’s 0% APR financing, a 13% cancellation fee applies if the order is canceled, while other payment methods through Klarna remain unaffected.

How to Contact freebeat

For returns or any inquiries beyond this freebeat MorphRover 2-in-1 E-Bike review, feel free to reach out to the company through the following channels:

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