Golden Concept Review

About Golden Concept

Golden Concept Review

Golden Concept is a Swiss luxury brand that produces cases for Apple Watches and iPhones.

Their cases are leagues above the pack, transforming humble Apple products into flashy, suave, or better-looking gadgets. They’ve accumulated over 900k Instagram followers since their establishment in 2015.

In this Golden Concept review, I will tell you about some of their best-selling, hand-polished cases as well as what customers think about them. Before I get into that, let’s start with some highlights. 


  • Cases are made with same techniques as traditional Swiss watches
  • Products are polished by master craftsmen
  • International shipping 
  • 45-day return period
  • Free shipping on all orders over $150

Golden Concept Products Review

Golden Concept Review

The products in this Golden Concepts review are personalization tools for your Apple items. You can glamorize, digitize, or even revolutionize the look of your existing Apple product with Golden Concept. 

Golden Concept Apple Watch Case / SP – Rose Gold

Kicking things off is the Golden Concept Apple Watch Case / SP – Rose Gold. Boasting a colorway that will always attract attention, this watch case is made from stainless steel and hand-polished by elite craftsmen. You can pick it up for $799.

Customers say: “I can never find the perfect watch case to suit formal outfit for work. This Golden Concept watch case is the answer. Excellent craftsmanship and details. It worths the price when you compare it to the cost of a luxury watch.

Golden Concept Apple Watch Case / RSC – ONYX BLACK

The Golden Concept Apple Watch Case / RSC – ONYX BLACK weighs only 22 grams. It’s made from titanium and carbon fiber and bears a dressed-up look compared to other Golden Concept Apple Watch cases. It’s available for $1,599.

Customers say: “I bought the Apple Watch Case – RSC – ONYX BLACK. It’s beautiful. It makes the Apple Watch look like a Richard Mille watch…..very elegant. The instructions were simple and complete. I had a question and was called back almost immediately. Their customer service is knowledgeable and very helpful. The total expenses was exceptional. This is an expensive case that’s worth every penny.

Golden Concept Apple Watch Case / CL – Silver

The next item in my Golden Concept review has leather Apple Watch straps and a stainless steel buckle. As such, the Golden Concept Apple Watch Case / CL – Silver turns your watch into a professional accessory that you can pick up for $699.

Customers say: “The quality of the case is as advertised with brushed and clean looking 316L. The leather strap and buckle complete the comfortable fit and sleek look with ease of wear, adjustment and removal. My teenage son could not tell I was wearing an Apple Watch. If you’re looking for form and function with elegance and don’t want to have to leave your behind for that wedding or formal event, then this is a great option. 

Golden Concept Apple Watch Case / EV – Silver

If you’re looking for high-quality straps for Apple Watches then maybe you should look into the Golden Concept Apple Watch Case / EV – Silver. Its silver bracelet is attractive on its own, but you can swap the color for one that matches your mood for the day. It’s available for $999.

Customers say: “It is precious, too cute and luxurious. I bought the small size (40mm) for my wife, but it is too big for her. I finally left it to myself. and I’m grateful for that decision… it’s very nice.

Golden Concept iPhone Case / Leather

The first of the iPhone cases featured in this Golden Concept review is individually made by the company’s team. The Golden Concept iPhone Case / Leather recalls leather fashion titans like Gucci and Prada, likely due to its crocodile embossed calfskin layering. It comes in three colors:

  1. Gold
  2. Silver
  3. Black

You can pick up the Golden Concept iPhone Case / Leather for $99.

Customers say: “Item came out better than I expected. Looks and feels great better than other phone covers I’ve purchased in the past from luxury brands.Beautiful box and package real luxury in every bit of it.

Golden Concept iPhone Case / CL – Black

Lastly, we come to the Golden Concept iPhone Case / CL – Black, a phone case made from titanium block.  It carries the look and feel of a Golden Concept Apple Watch case to your iPhone 14 or 14 Pro. It is available for $999.

What Are The Benefits of Buying Golden Concept?

Golden Concept Review

The main benefit of buying one of the cases included in this Golden Concept review is that they’re stunning. They have an otherworldly feel that no other case can match.

Who Is Golden Concept For?

Golden Concept Review

Golden Concept is for people who want to turn their Apple Watches into watches they can wear to formal occasions or on dates. Broadly speaking, these cases are for people with excess money because they’re quite expensive.

Golden Concept Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Golden Concept Review

These are the customer scores from Golden Concept’s website for the cases included in this review. 

  • Golden Concept Apple Watch Case / EV – Silver: 4.9/5 stars based on more than 100 pieces of customer feedback
  • Golden Concept iPhone Case / Leather: 4.1/5 stars based on more than 40 pieces of customer feedback
  • Golden Concept Apple Watch Case / SP – Rose Gold: 4.8/5 stars based on more than 210 pieces of customer feedback
  • Golden Concept Apple Watch Case / CL – Silver: 4.8/5 stars based on more than 
  • Golden Concept Apple Watch Case / RSC – ONYX BLACK: 4.7/5 stars based on more than 135 pieces of customer feedback

The positive customer reviews weren’t exclusive to Golden Concept’s website. I found similarly high scores on other websites.

  • Knoji: 4.1/5 stars based on more than 60 pieces of customer feedback
  • Trust Pilot: 4.1/5 stars based on more than 40 pieces of customer feedback

While many Golden Concept reviews praised the visuals of the cases, the brand’s customer service also earned kind words from shoppers. One customer wrote, 

So basically, I just ordered my EVD 41MM including an apple watch and I am just so satisfied. Golden Concept never disappoints me. The customer service team has been so supportive throughout the process. I have had tonnes of positive reactions from friends and family. This exclusive watch case looks absolutely stunning.

Another customer praised the overall quality and craftsmanship of their Golden Concept cases, writing: “I literally have 3 of their cases on 3 different watches and they are honestly pretty bitchin. Wish I could post pictures on them on this.

The negative Golden Concept reviews said that the cases were a tad too expensive for what they really were, but even then, they admitted that the cases looked and felt great.

The quality is amazing, I ordered a case to check the finishing, I was worried it would only be in the images. After receiving the case I ordered two more. My Apple Watch now looks like a Richard Miller , you wouldn’t even know it is an Apple Watch. On top of that the customer service was great, I called to fix an issue I was facing and the operator solved my problem in 5 minutes,” wrote one customer.

Is Golden Concept Legit?

Golden Concept Review

I couldn’t find anything that made me think Golden Concept weren’t legit. While there wasn’t an abundance of customer Golden Concept reviews, that’s no reason to think that they’re sketchy. 

Is Golden Concept Worth It?

Golden Concept Review

Honestly, these cases are just too pricey for my liking. However, if your heart is set on a luxury phone case and you have money lying around, then I can’t see why you wouldn’t want to shop with Golden Concept.

Who I Recommend / Don’t Recommend Golden Concept For

Golden Concept Review

Who I Recommend Golden Concept / Product For

The folks who yearn to display their wealth are Golden Concept’s core audience. Alternatively, I’d recommend Golden Concept to people who want to tailor their Apple Watch to other occasions.

Who I Don’t Recommend Golden Concept / Product For

There are plenty of other phone case brands with more affordable prices or other benefits like sustainable practices. I’d recommend those over Golden Concept if you only want a new case.

5 Best Alternatives to Golden Concept

Golden Concept Review

If you’re impressed with what you read in this Golden Concept review but want something a bit different, here are five other brands to check out:

  1. Casetify (for phone cases)
  2. SafeSleeve (for phone cases)
  3. Doxa Watches (for watches)
  4. Oura Ring (for watches)
  5. Vincero Watches

How To Choose The Best Apple Watch & iPhone Cases

Golden Concept Review

Here’s what you should keep in mind before buying a new Apple Watch case or iPhone case:

  • How often do you drop your phone?
  • Do you keep your phone in your pocket or in a bag?
  • What’s your lifestyle?
  • How large is your budget?
  • What style appeals to you?

Golden Concept Promotions & Discounts 

Golden Concept Review

There is a for-sale section on Golden Concept’s website that showcases discount items. 

Where to Buy Golden Concept

Golden Concept Review

You can either shop from their website,, or at one of the retailers listed on their website. 


Golden Concept Review

Who owns Golden Concept?

 Puia Shamsossadati, Golden Concept’s founder, owns the company.

Do The Watch Cases Work With Magsafe Charging Technology?

Thankfully, all Golden Concept cases work with Apple’s Magsafe chargers. 

Does Golden Concept Ship Internationally?

Golden Concept can ship to all countries around the world, except Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Somalia, Iran, Mauritania, and Turkey.

What Does Golden Concept Warranty Cover?

You can read more about Golden Concept’s warranty on their website. In short, their warranty covers all manufacturing defects.

What is Golden Concept Return Policy?

You can return any unused Golden Concept product to the company up to 45 days after receiving it. 

How to Contact Golden Concept

Golden Concept Review

I’ll wrap up this Golden Concept review by telling you how you can reach out to the brand if you have any further questions. You can call them at +46 700 555 666.

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