Sally Hansen Tanning Water Review

About Sally Hansen

Sally Hansen Tanning Water Review

If you’re familiar with the world of cosmetics, chances are you’ve come across a Sally Hansen product before.

Celebrating its 75th anniversary this year, this American company has built a reputation for creating beauty products that are affordable for the everyday woman, including nail care, nail colour, hair removal, sunless tanning, and beauty tools.  

I could spend this entire Sally Hansen tanning water review listing the features on the brand in major publications, but I’ll just mention the spotlights in Allure, Forbes, Vogue, and Harper’s Bazaar. Counting over 400K followers on Instagram, the brand has also won notable awards like Allure’s 2020 Best of Beauty Award and Nielsen’s 2016 Breakthrough Innovation Award

This Sally Hansen review will take an in-depth look at the brand and what it has to offer. Keep reading for information about their products, customer ratings, promotions, and more to help you decide if this is the everyday beauty you’re looking for. 

Overview of Sally Hansen

Sally Hansen Tanning Water Review

Born in Kansas City, Kansas in 1908, Sally Hansen hightailed it for Hollywood in her teens to break into show business. Finding success as a dancer and actor, Hansen also took to writing a regular beauty and lifestyle column for the Los Angeles Times.

Putting her beauty philosophy to practical use, in the 1930s Hansen took over her parents’ floundering cosmetics business and redubbed it House of Hollywood. After building the brand into a major player in the field, Hansen relocated to New York in 1946 to found a brand under her own name—Sally Hansen Inc. 

Launched with two nail care products, Sally Hansen has since grown into one of the most popular beauty brands in the world, with products available in a number of major retailers in 55 countries. Now owned by the multinational beauty conglomerate Coty, the brand operates out of Morris Plains, NJ.

Sally Hansen Tanning Water Review

Before continuing with this Sally Hansen tanning water review, let’s take a look at some of the most immediate highlights of the company. 


  • All Sally Hansen beauty supply products are cruelty-free 
  • Repair or replacement guarantee for damaged or defective products
  • Nail polish is free of potentially harmful ingredients such as toluene, formaldehyde, and DPB 
Sally Hansen Tanning Water Review

Sally Hansen products are designed for independent women who want to achieve a salon look at a more affordable cost. With seven-plus decades of experience under its belt, this brand remains a leader in the field of everyday beauty.

Before getting into its primary subject, my Sally Hansen tanning water review will give you a survey of some of the brand’s signature nail care products.

Sally Hansen Nail Polish Review

Sally Hansen began with nail care, as its legendary founder devoted herself to finding a solution for nail breakage. From its original two products, the brand’s nail care line has expanded to over 50 individual products. My Sally Hansen tanning water review spotlights some of the brand’s bestsellers in this category below.

Sally Hansen Insta Dri Review 

Waiting for your wet nails to dry is far from fun. Thankfully, this Sally Hansen nail polish lives up to its name with a quick-drying formula that’ll have you out the door in 60 seconds. But don’t think that the brand sacrificed quality for speed: Insta-Dri is built to last, with heavy-duty chip protection that’ll keep your polish perfect all day long.

Available in a dizzying 69 shades, Insta-Dri polish sells from a number of online retailers at prices ranging from $4 to $6.

Sally Hansen Good. Kind. Pure. Review

Introducing Good. Kind. Pure., Sally Hansen’s first plant-based nail polish. This 100% natural and vegan polish gives your nails a radiant gleam without the use of harmful chemicals. Simply apply two coats of the color formula, and follow with the top coat to secure it for all-day wear. 

Available in 35 striking shades of ethical, guilt-free shine, the Good. Kind. Pure polish sells for $7 to $9, depending on your local retailer. 

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Review 

Get a salon-quality gel manicure at home with Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel, the bestselling gel polish in the US. With nearly 100 shades to choose from, this fan-favorite polish gives you dazzling color all day without the use of a UV lamp.

Simply apply two coats of the Sally Hansen gel color to clean, dry nails and let dry for five minutes. Follow up with the Miracle Gel Top Coat, and you’re good to go. Get this at-home manicure for as low as $7 from Walmart or Amazon.

Sally Hansen Salon Gel Polish Gel Nail Color Review 

Salon Gel Polish Gel Nail Color is another fun and easy way to acquire a salon-quality gel manicure at home. This Sally Hansen special promises up to two weeks of color with minimal chipping—that’s a fortnight of high-quality shine, for any British readers out there.

Sally Hansen advises using its full range of products to ensure maximum wear out of this gel manicure. Follow the steps below:

  1. Polish the free edge of nails before applying color
  2. Shake the Salon Gel Polish Gel Nail Color bottle well and apply a thin coat to each nail
  3. Insert fingers and thumb into the Sally Hansen LED lamp for 30 seconds
  4. Add a second coat and insert hand into LED lamp for another 30 seconds 

The Salon Gel Polish Gel Nail Color comes in 15 shades and costs $20. If you’re looking to cut your home manicure time in half, try using the Sally Hansen Cuticle Remover first.

Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Review 

The product that first launched Sally Hansen to success, Hard As Nails provides heavy-duty protection for your nails. This strengthener prevents chipping, splitting, and cracking, allowing your nails to grow longer and more durable. 

This Sally Hansen breakthrough comes in either a clear shade or a natural tint, and can be used as a base color for further polish application. I’d recommend following it up with Sally Hansen Color Therapy, which hydrates and nourishes your nails to keep them healthy while looking gorgeous. For even greater protection, try out Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear.

Toughen up your talons with the Hard As Nails strengthener, available for just $3. For extra-strength protection, go for the Sally Hansen Diamond Strength nail hardener.

Sally Hansen Airbrush Tanning Water Review

It’s the eternal conundrum: How do we get that enviable sun-kissed glow without letting those rays damage our skin? Thankfully, Sally Hansen has a solution: Airbrush Tanning Water can give you an even, golden tan without you even having to leave the house.

This Sally Hansen tanning mist is colorless when applying, and won’t leave you looking streaky. Use a little bit for an enticing hint of color, or build up that bronze by layering. And not only will this give you that glam glow, but it will also hydrate your skin in the process. 

Get that fakey vacay look with the Airbrush Tanning Water for $11

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Review

Buff up your legs in seconds with the original Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs tanning water. Choose from six shades, shake it up and spray into your hand, then spread evenly to cover up any flaws and give you gleaming gams all day long.

You don’t have to worry about this Sally Hansen leg makeup getting on your clothing: just give it 60 seconds to dry and its transfer-resistant formula will take hold. And don’t worry about streaks if you get caught in the rain, because it’s water-secure as well.

Airbrush Legs retails for $11 to $16, depending on which provider you choose.

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Lotion Review

Not a fan of aerosol? Not to worry: Airbrush Legs Lotion has the same properties and principles as the original Airbrush Legs, but in a creamy lotion consistency that goes on smooth.

Available in five shades, from super-fair to deep glow, the Airbrush Legs Lotion will not only leave your legs gleaming, but also promote circulation to help give you healthier limbs overall. Get it for between $11 and $16 from your choice of online retailer. 

Sally Hansen Insta Wax Strips For Face & Bikini Review

Does the idea of waxing make you feel faint? The beginner-friendly Insta Wax Strips for Face & Bikini are ideal for newbies: the strips are ready to use right out of the package, and you don’t even need to rub or heat them to activate the wax. 

Designed to be easy on sensitive skin, these dermatologist-tested Sally Hansen wax strips have a curved grip for more efficient and speedy removal. Epilate with ease with the Insta Wax Strips for Face & Bikini, available for as low as $6.

Sally Hansen Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Sally Hansen Tanning Water Review

For this segment of my Sally Hansen tanning water review, I took to the interwebs to find out what people have to say about this legacy brand. 

Let’s start on itself. Based on 40 reviews, the Sally Hansen Mega Strength nail color and hardener scores a perfect 5/5 stars. Customers have particular praise for its long-lasting wear and protection, as with this testimonial:

Definitely my favorite nail polish formula by far. My nails are notoriously brittle and get torn apart by gel manicures. The polish dries quickly, looks great, and lasts. Generally I can go about 5 or 6 days before my nails start to chip or look a little worn, which is perfect in my book,” this Sally Hansen user wrote.

On Influenster, Sally Hansen products generally score no less than 4/5 stars; the lowest rating I found was 3/5 stars. Speaking of the tanning water Sally Hansen sells, one satisfied customer said that the Airbrush Legs does not give the unnatural look of so many other self-tanners.

This tan lasts, it has a gorgeous color that is the most natural I’ve ever seen! With most self tanners, there is an orange undertone or an olive undertone that makes me look sickly. This one has a warm look, which makes you look sun kissed. It dries fast [and] it’s easy to apply….this is worth the price guys,” one satisfied Sally Hansen customer reported.

Sally Hansen Tanning Water Review

Of course, given that a company like Sally Hansen makes literally hundreds of products, there are bound to be some dissenters on review sites.

While I can’t dismiss negative feedback in Sally Hansen tanning water review, I can still say that the brand has a generally positive overall rating across the board. Virtually no product is going to have universal approval, so when weighing items that have literally thousands of reviews, it only makes sense to side with the majority opinion.

Is Sally Hansen Worth It?

Sally Hansen Tanning Water Review

Is Sally Hansen a good brand? I believe so! What separates this company from its competitors is not only its impressive longevity, but also the accessible price points of its products.

Any legacy cosmetics company is going to have a long tradition of using potentially harmful ingredients in its formulas, but Sally Hansen is making a commendable effort to reduce the use of these chemicals in its products. All of its items are also 100% cruelty-free, which demonstrates that the brand is successfully adapting to the tenor of the times.

Sally Hansen Promotions & Discounts 

Sally Hansen Tanning Water Review

At the time of this Sally Hansen tanning water review, there do not seem to be any promotions or discounts available. Luckily, local retailers often have coupon offers that can be applied to the brand’s products, and you can find coupons and contests on the Sally Hansen Facebook page.

Where to Buy Sally Hansen

Sally Hansen Tanning Water Review

You can shop for Sally Hansen products at several online and in-store retailers, including: 

  • Walmart 
  • Amazon 
  • Ulta Beauty 
  • Target 
  • Walgreens 
  • CVS 


Sally Hansen Tanning Water Review

Is Sally Hansen nail polish bad for you?

Sally Hansen products are 100% cruelty-free and the brand has been seeking to reduce the amount of harmful chemicals in its formulas. That said, the Safer Nail Polish Guide notes that although Sally Hansen nail polish is free of toluene, formaldehyde, and DPB, it still contains undesirable ingredients like triphenyl phosphate. 

What is Sally Hansen’s Shipping Policy?

Shipping locations, cost, estimated delivery times, tracking, and any international duties will vary depending on the policies and location of the retailer you choose to purchase from. Consult the product pages on the Sally Hansen website to find which items are available from which seller, and go from there. 

What is Sally Hansen’s Return Policy?

Details on the return process, associated fees, exchange policy, and requirements will vary depending on the location of the retailer that you choose to purchase from. As above, consult the product pages on the Sally Hansen website to find which items are available from which seller, and go from there. 

How to Contact Sally Hansen

For any inquiries unrelated to this Sally Hansen tanning water review, you can contact the company through its customer service contact page.

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