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GymReapers Review

Weight training and strength sports are more popular than they’ve ever been. Even those who used to scoff at the idea of “pumping iron” in the “dungeon of gains” are now googling the best booty workouts which leads them to GymReapers reviews.

Hey, that’s likely what you searched to bring you here. Or, maybe you saw a post featuring one of their sponsored athletes like Iain Valliere or Jesse Norris and wondered what that company was all about. You might’ve even heard that they have over 190k Instagram followers thanks in no small part to their line of fitness apparel and lifting gear.

Whatever brought you to my GymReapers review, know that you’re likely going to find what you’re looking for if you’re trying to find info about the company, its products, prices, or what customers have to say about them. Either way, you should leave this article with all the knowledge you need to decide whether or not the brand is right for you.

The GymReapers team is just as committed to their business as they are to the gym. This mutual interest inspires them to push themselves harder in product development so that customers can push themselves harder in the gym.

They live by the mentality that the best gear brings about the best results. As such, they work to create the highest-quality gym equipment that can help reduce unwanted pain, provide stability while you lift, or increase blood flow to promote better performance.

The company has been steadily improving and meeting market demands since 2014, but to demonstrate what sets the brand apart from the pack, allow me to direct you to the highlights section of my GymReapers review.


GymReapers Review
  • Sells lifting gear, gym equipment, and on-trend gym apparel
  • Offers kettlebells, bags, ab rollers, resistance bands, and more
  • Lifting supports are trusted by high-level powerlifters
  • Some products are IPF and USAPL-approved
  • Affordable prices
  • Free shipping on US orders over $150
  • International shipping available

GymReapers Belt Review

If you’re looking to add some mass to your squats to build your glutes, quads, and abductors, then you might want to look into the belt I’m going to tell you about next.

GymReapers 10mm Lever Belt – Black Review

The first item in my GymReapers review will help you do just that. The GymReapers 10mm Lever Belt – Black was designed with powerlifters in mind.

The brand paid specific attention to the buckle to allow users to adjust it to their size. Meanwhile, the suede liner can secure the belt around your midsection to promote tightness throughout any of your lifts.

One buyer wrote: “Just got back into squats and deadlifts after a number of years. After using a softer belt this feels like a whole new world allowing me to reach PRs I never thought would be possible again. Great design, comfort, and look!”

You can pick up the GymReapers 10mm Lever Belt – Black for $120.

GymReapers Lifting Gear Review

The next section of my GymReapers review will cover some of the other gear and supplies that the brand distributes to help lifters perform at their peak potential.

GymReapers Wrist Wraps 18″ Weightlifting Wrist Support Review

These wrist wraps are useful when you need to provide your wrists with some extra support to move extremely heavy loads.

Due to their nylon material and intricate stitching, the GymReapers Wrist Wraps 18″ Weightlifting Wrist Support can benefit everyone from Olympic weightlifting enthusiasts to bros who want to protect their wrists during their curls.

“These straps definitely helped me hit a PR that I’ve been wanting to hit for the longest time. The first time I used them I was able to do so and they are extremely comfortable and they support the wrists great!” wrote one happy customer.

The GymReapers Wrist Wraps 18″ Weightlifting Wrist Support are available for $20.

GymReapers 5mm Elbow Sleeves Weightlifting Elbow Support Review 

These elbow sleeves can keep your joints warm and insulated, hopefully preventing any overuse injuries. They’re made from neoprene, which is a thick yet flexible material.

As such, the GymReapers 5mm Elbow Sleeves Weightlifting Elbow Support can help you bend your arms while keeping your joints taut and powerful.

They come in three different colorways:

  1. Black and White
  2. Black and Red
  3. Green

Each order costs $40. A user wrote that they “Should have been using these years ago. Whether you’re a young man just getting into lifting or an older man (44 years old) trying not to blow out a knee while squatting like myself, these change everything. I absolutely regret not using these before now.”

GymReapers Knee Wraps Review 

The last item in my GymReaders review is one that you’ll find more folks using as they get older or their squats progress to insane numbers.

The GymReapers Knee Wraps are sturdy enough to support your knees under the immense pressure of a squat while also keeping them mobile. They can protect your most sensitive tendons and ligaments thanks to the adjustable military-grade velcro.

One user wrote: “These are miracle workers! My knee pain went away, and my form, depth, and weight all improved just from the first use. I highly recommend these.”

You can pick up a pair of GymReapers Knee Wraps in a variety of colors for $30.

Who Is GymReapers For? 

GymReapers Review

I think that GymReapers’ lifting equipment is perfectly suitable for serious competitive lifters as well as for newer lifters who are looking to experiment with straps, belts, and sleeves for more support in the gym.

GymReapers Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

GymReapers Review

Intrigued by the bestsellers I’ve featured so far? While I gave you a sample of some GymReapers reviews, I wanted to spend some more time on what customers had to say about this fitness brand. Let’s start with some average scores from the brand’s website for the items I featured:

  • Knee Wraps: 5/5 stars, 33 reviews 
  • 10mm Lever Belt – Black: 4.9/5 stars, 808 reviews
  • Wrist Wraps 18″ Weightlifting Wrist Support: 4.8/5 stars, 173 reviews
  • 5mm Elbow Sleeves Weightlifting Elbow Support: 4.8/5 stars, 124 reviews

Meanwhile, I found some GymReapers review scores on other websites which spoke to the brand as a whole. They show that people thought highly of the brand overall:

  • Trustpilot: 4.8/5 stars after 91 ratings
  • Review Meta: 4.2/5 stars after 120 reviews
  • Knoji: 4.2/5 stars after 33 ratings

Throughout my GymReapers review, I’ve included a few buyer testimonials that praised the company’s products. I’m happy to say that those positive comments carried over to the entire GymReapers brand as a whole. Many customers said that the company’s customer service was quick to communicate and troubleshoot any issues that they faced. As one wrote:

“I received a different item than I originally ordered. The team quickly responded to my email and sent out the original item and let me keep the extra item! Alen was extremely nice about the whole thing!”

Here’s another GymReapers review that praised the brand’s ability to rectify issues: “The latch on my belt was faulty after a couple of weeks of use. I emailed customer service. A couple of hours later I got an email stating I have a new product showing up from GymReapers!

But it didn’t end there: “Then a few minutes later Adin emails me stating he has my replacement latch on the way. Got my latch today, just in time for leg day. This is a stand-up company that stands behind its awesome products.”

The majority of customers felt similarly about GymReapers, oftentimes complimenting the company nearly as much as they did the products themselves. I’ll include one final customer review that sums up how most buyers felt about them:

“First off, GymReaper apparel looks and feels great, and is very functional. By far my favorite stuff to wear to the gym. Secondly, their customer service is unmatched! After contacting them regarding a small shipping error, they replied almost immediately with a solution that exceeded my expectations (on a Holiday week no less!).”

Is GymReapers Legit?

GymReapers Review

I couldn’t find anything that made GymReapers appear sketchy. They are legit.

Is GymReapers Worth It?

GymReapers Review

While fitness brands are a dime a dozen nowadays, I think that GymReapers’ prices and product quality are solid enough that they should be one of the first brands you check out.

GymReapers Promotions & Discounts 

GymReapers Review

Military personnel, veterans, and teachers can also receive a 10% discount on GymReaper products.

Additionally, they have a rewards program that offers benefits to shoppers who share their social media posts and buy more of their apparel.

Where to Buy GymReapers

GymReapers Review

The two main places to buy GymReapers gear are their website,, or their Amazon page.


GymReapers Review

Who owns GymReapers?

Roc Pilon is the owner of the GymReapers brand.

Does GymReapers ship internationally?

GymReapers ships to most countries in North and South America, Europe, and some countries in Asia.

What is GymReapers’ Shipping Policy?

Customers living within the 48 contiguous United States can receive free shipping on all GymReapers purchases over $150. Most of these orders arrive 2-5 business days after they’ve shipped, but the brand offers next-day and second-day air shipping as well.

What is GymReapers’ Return Policy?

GymReapers will accept returns on items in the United States up to 30 days after the customer has received them. They will also provide prepaid shipping labels.

How to Contact GymReapers

GymReapers Review

You can reach out to the GymReapers team by calling them at 1-208-203-7498 (1-866-220-2684 for international customers), or by completing a customer service form on their website.

They are available Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm MST.

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