Idle Sleep Mattress Review

About Idle Sleep

Idle Sleep Mattress Review

Idle Sleep is a direct-to-consumer retailer that offers award-winning flippable mattresses. They offer dependable solutions for all types of sleepers, and at reasonable price points for the average shopper.

They’ve landed features in publications like Furniture Today, Observer, Healthline, Greatist, Dwell, Rolling Stone, The Huffington Post, and many others. 

What you’ll find in this Idle Sleep mattress review, is a thorough analysis of the brand, its bestsellers, customer feedback, FAQs, and more. We’ll help you determine whether their mattresses and bedding are worth switching to. 

Overview of Idle Sleep

Idle Sleep Mattress Review

Idle Sleep was created by Craig Schmeizer, who is also the founder of Idle Group, the brand’s parent company that makes and outsources bedding and home furniture. They’ve been making mattresses since 2017, and especially known for their reversible qualities

Their flagship model, the Idle Hybrid, attracted attention for its layers of features and personalization that sets it apart from others on the market.

Sturdy and well-performing, these mattresses address nearly all your bedroom needs. Currently, they also offer sheets, pillows, frames, and other accessories. 

Idle Sleep’s mattresses are made in the US, with the company’s headquarters located in San Francisco. Now that you know a little more about the brand, this Idle Sleep mattress review will move on to its pros and cons. 


  • 5 different types of mattresses for all types of sleepers
  • Mattresses are double-sided, meaning they have 2x the lifespan of other bed-in-a-box alternatives
  • Easy to assemble, but you can also opt for the White Glove service 
  • 1” higher than other mattresses on the market
  • Made with multiple layers for support, safety, and stability 
  • Does not contain petroleum-based synthetic materials 
  • Free of chemicals, toxins, HCN, HCI, bromine, and gases 
  • Latex mattresses are organic, all-natural, and made with 100% natural wool
  • Customers say the mattresses are of reasonable quality for the price
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Financing or split payments available through Quadpay
  • Free shipping and returns
  • 18-Month Sleep Trial lets shoppers try out mattresses and return hassle-free 
  • The company donates all returns to those in need 


  • Only ships within the contiguous US

This bed-in-a-box company is all about giving you the best night’s sleep possible. This Idle Sleep mattress review will cover their 5 different mattress styles. We’ll also take a look at some platform bases and bedding to give you a full picture of what the brand offers. 

What’s great about Idle Sleep mattresses is that they’re two-sided, which means they survive for nearly twice as long as traditional options. They’re available for purchase with financing or split payment plans with Quadpay

Idle Sleep Mattresses Review

Sleep is a personal thing. While one bed helps you settle in with ease, another might keep you up all night. This Idle Sleep mattress review will feature the brand’s bestsellers, expertly customized for all types of snoozers with a variety of preferences. 

Idle Sleep The Hybrid Review

The right mattress makes all the difference. We’ve all had our fair share of dreadful experiences over the years, whether it be in a short hotel layover, at a friend’s cottage, or even on our own bed that we’ve stubbornly stuck with. 

The Idle Sleep Hybrid mattress uses buoyancy foam that is 400% more supportive than other memory foam mattresses, using 1,000 support coils to cradle your body. The top section has a fire-resistant barrier, and 1” of support on top for added durability. 

The Hybrid uses cooling technology to thermoregulate heat, which means you get to rest peacefully in every season. Choose your firmness preference: Medium, Luxury Firm, or Medium on one side and Luxury Firm on the other. 

Skip the hay and hit The Hybrid instead. This classic mattress from Idle Sleep is offered for:

  • Twin: $859 (marked down from $1,228
  • Twin XL: $899 (from $1,285)
  • Full: $1,099 (from $1,570)
  • Queen: $1,299 (from $1,586)
  • King & Cali King: $1,499 (from $2,142)
  • Split King: $1,748 (from $2,498)

Idle Sleep The Idle Review 

You’d be surprised to learn what goes into the creation of a mattress. Some may just be composed of polyester and coils, but The Idle uses 5 different components. Keep reading as we break down all of the layers.

For those laundry days, the bottom has a base cover that you can effortlessly unzip and toss for a wash.

The next layer is a natural fireproof cloth followed by 7 inches of high-density foam. This is responsible for giving your mattress stability and preventing over-bounciness. 

On top of that, 2 inches of supportive, transition foam lets the mattress breathe and avoids odors from settling. Finally, there are 3 inches of cooling buoyancy foam, to conform to the shape of your body.

Drift off to Sleepytown with The Idle for:

  • Twin: $455 (marked down from $910)
  • Twin XL: $495 (from $990)
  • Full: $595  (from $1,190)
  • Queen: $695 (from $1,390)
  • King and Cali King: $855 (from $1,710)

Idle Sleep Idle Latex Hybrid Review 

Merging an ecological conscience with ultimate comfort, the Idle Latex Hybrid is made with 100% organic materials; helping you sleep soundly knowing that you’re helping the planet and your body at the same time. 

The Idle Latex Hybrid is hypoallergenic, anti-microbial, and protects from those pesky dust mites. This Idle Sleep mattress review will give you a rundown of the two versions: Dunlop and Talalay

The Dunlop Latex mattress is described as having a “pound cake feel”. This is a good choice for those who may not need as much pressure relief. Recommended for back and stomach sleepers, the Dunlop is dense.

It allows for more airflow than a regular memory foam mattress does, but not to the same level as the Talalay

Keeping with the cake comparisons, Idle Sleep compares the Talalay Latex to an “angel food cake”. It provides pressure relief for those with chronic back pain. Suggested for side sleepers, the Talalay Latex is ideal for those who tend to work up a sweat at 3 AM. 

Choose from the Medium Firm or Luxury Firm options for either mattress. Designed to work with your body’s needs instead of against them, the Idle Latex Hybrid sells for the following price points:

Dunlop Latex 

  • Twin: $1,299 (marked down from $1,856)
  • Twin XL: $1,399 (down from $1,999
  • Full: $1,599 (down from $2,285)
  • Queen: $1,799 (down from $2,570)
  • King and Cali King: $1,899 (down from $2,713)
  • Split King: $2,748 (down from $3,946

Talalay Latex 

  • Twin: $1,549 (marked down from $2,213)
  • Twin XL: $1,649 (down from $2,316
  • Full: $1,799 (down from $2,570)
  • Queen: $2,099 (down from $2,999
  • King and Cali King: $2,499 (down from $3,570
  • Split King: $3,248 (down from $4,640)

Idle Sleep Idle Plush Review 

At night, under heavy blankets, we naturally heat up (some more than others). Leaving a window open doesn’t always help, and waking up on damp sheets is never nice. The Idle Plush is specifically built to put those worries to rest, once and for all. 

Cooling gel is woven into the surface of this mattress, while breathable foam allows ample circulation. With a total of 8 layers, the Idle Plush measures 14 inches in height, which means no more sinking into the bed in the middle of the night. 

With Medium Soft firmness, it’s a great choice for side or combination sleepers. This Idle Sleep mattress review warns, once you let your furry friends snuggle into it, they might just claim the whole bed. The Idle Plush is offered in sizes ranging from:

  • Twin: $655 (marked down from $1,310)
  • Twin XL: $755  (down from $1,510)
  • Full: $895 from $1,790)
  • Queen: $995  (down from $1,990)
  • King and Cali King: $1,155  (down from $2,310)

Idle Sleep Platform Base Review

Under the bed is the perfect place to store items that you may want quick and easy access to, but don’t necessarily have room for in your overflowing dresser.

When you put your mattress directly on the floor, you don’t give yourself that extra storage space, which is so precious in small city apartments. 

A Platform Base raises your bed up off the ground, making it easier for you to roll out of it on Monday morning. Making a perfect fit for your chosen Idle Sleep mattress (and extending its lifespan), the base is available in a few different options: 

  • Twin: $119 (marked down from $170)
  • Twin XL: $128 (down from $184)
  • Full: $154 (down from $220)
  • Queen: $174 (down from $259)
  • King and Cali King: $189 (down from $270

Idle Sleep Adjustable Base Review

Beds are more than just a place to crash. Sometimes, they are the most comfortable piece of furniture in our homes; doubling as a couch, dinner table, and entertainment zone.

Using them for multiple purposes means that we ask a lot of them. Especially when we have certain needs.  

The Adjustable Base is perfect for seniors, those who spend a lot of time in bed, or simply need some help raising their head. It works in tandem with slatless bed frames, but can also be used individually.

Sit up with ease for that 4-course meal presented by your adoring kids on Mother’s Day. Operated with a remote control, this Idle Sleep adjustable bed Base is sold for the following prices:

  • Twin: $454 (marked down from $649)
  • Twin XL: $454 (down from $649)
  • Full: $475 (down from $679)
  • Queen: $524 (down from $749)
  • King: $594 (down from $849)
  • Split King: $768 (down from $1,098)

Idle Sleep Tencel Mattress Protector Review

Remember that full course meal this Idle Sleep mattress review just mentioned? Well, spills happen. And it’s not just food and drinks—letting our pets jump up onto the bed, or kids that have forgotten to take off their shoes also can cause stains and damage

The Idle Sleep Tencel Mattress Protectors are made with Tencel®, a thermoregulating material that’s made to neutralize your body temperature while adjusting to its needs. The fabric also wicks away moisture while protecting your mattress. 

Steer clear of a hefty dry cleaning bill with the Tencel Mattress Protector for:

  • Twin: $68 (marked down from $98)
  • Twin XL: $68 (down from $98)
  • Full: $74 (down from $107)
  • Queen: $98 (down from $141)
  • King and Cali King: $128 (down from $184)

Idle Sleep Sateen Bed Sheets Review

If you keep squirming around when trying to nap, chances are, your mattress needs to be dressed properly.

The Sateen Bed Sheets are made from 100% organic, long-staple cotton that you can curl up in with pleasure. These come as a set, including:

  • Two pillowcases
  • A fitted sheet
  • A flat sheet

Impress that special someone with your lavish bedding choices. With every wash, these thermoregulating sheets only get softer. Fair-trade and free of synthetic pesticides, Idle Sleep’s Sateen Bed Sheets are sold in 6 different sizes:

  • Twin: $66 (marked down from $95)
  • Twin XL: $66 (down from $95)
  • Full: $84 (down from $120)
  • Queen: $84 (down from $120)
  • King: $194 (down from $135)
  • Cal King: $194 (down from $135)

Idle Sleep Gel Memory Foam Pillow Review

We love memory foam in our mattresses for its ability to protect against impact and distribute weight evenly. A highly personalized sleep boosts your mood, and can positively affect your day. Over time, it can also help with posture. 

The same principle applies to what you’re putting directly under your neck. The Idle Sleep Gel Memory Foam Pillows have “specially crafted zones” to cradle our heads and prevent aches and pains in the morning.

Memory foam can become notoriously hot, which is why this cushion incorporates the same cooling gel technology as the brand’s other bestsellers. 

The Idle Sleep Memory Foam Pillow is covered with a bamboo velour cover, which is great for sensitive skin and those prone to breakouts. Treat yourself to some full-body support for: 

  • Queen $69 (marked down from $99)
  • King $83 (down from $118)

Idle Sleep Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Idle Sleep Mattress Review

This Idle Sleep mattress review turned to the internet to find helpful feedback for a full picture of the brand. Ahead, you’ll find reviews sourced from their official website, Mattress Clarity, and My Slumber Yard that shed some light on the bedding company. 

On, we discovered that the average rating for all five mattresses clocks in at 4.7/5 stars, awarded to them by 2,095 customers.

The comments are all pooled into one section, so we have separated them to give specifics. There are some mixed opinions on the buoyancy, longevity, and quality of their models. 

Satisfied customers reveal that the company’s designs reduce back pain and that the quality remains the same over a long period of time.

One Idle Sleep mattress review reads, “My family has been using our Idle Sleep mattresses’ for a solid 6 months now and they still feel as comfortable as the first day.” 

In an Idle Sleep Tencel mattress review on Mattress Clarity Joe Auer assesses the Hybrid model. He mentions that this model is quite firm, giving it a 7/10 and revealing that:

The top layers are quite soft, and it is very easy to press my hand in. Then I hit the more firm transition and support layers and my hand stops.

We can conclude that the Hybrid would be a good choice for those who sleep on their stomach and back.

Auer warns customers that there is “quite a bit” of motion transfer with this mattress (couples should be aware of this before purchasing).

He also notes that it would not be a good choice for people who sleep on their side because of its firmness. Also, for those who weigh under 130 pounds, the Hybrid “may not be as comfortable”. 

An Idle Sleep mattress review for the Gel Plush on My Slumber Yard gives a thorough analysis. The author, Jeffrey Rizzo, writes that it has “a dense, viscous memory foam feel,” much like a TempurPedic. 

In terms of firmness, the Gel Plushlands somewhere in the medium firmness range,” which means it’s a good choice for combination sleepers.

Idle Sleep has a variety of options to choose from depending on your sleep preference. Buyers believe that the Hybrid and Gel Foam are good value for your buck, while other models like the Gel Plush may be overpriced.

Is Idle Sleep legit? According to thousands of customers, it certainly appears so.

Is Idle Sleep Worth It?

Idle Sleep Mattress Review

Idle Sleep offers several types of mattresses and accessories that are designed for all types of sleepers. They cover basic needs and also go a step further with their customization aspects, such as multiple firmness levels on reversible sides for some models. 

Some customers have found their mattresses to be too firm, too hot, or dislike the memory foam. This is to be expected, comfort is a very subjective thing after all!

Idle Sleep rates highly online overall, which means that many more buyers are pleased with the quality, durability, and reliability of their purchases. 

Furniture and bedding are traditionally very expensive, but the price points Idle Sleep offers are very reasonable for their high-value mattresses. They also host seasonal sales, along with free shipping and returns policy.  

All things considered, this Idle Sleep mattress review recommends giving this company a try. The risk of buying their bedding is very low after all; sleep on one of their mattresses for 18 months and return for a full refund if your body is just not taking to it. 

Once you buy, you can also take advantage of the brand’s lifetime warranty and even sleep soundly knowing you can pay for your mattress with installment plans from Quadpay.

Idle Sleep Promotions & Discounts 

Idle Sleep Mattress Review

This Idle Sleep mattress review has compiled quite a few ways that they help shoppers save money on their flippable mattresses and luxury bedding. 

The Idle Sleep free Adjustable Base sale may have ended, but you can still take advantage of: 

  • Up to 50% off store-wide Spring Sale
  • 2 free pillows with every mattress
  • Refer a friend and get a $20 Amazon voucher
  • Free shipping and returns

Where to Buy Idle Sleep

Idle Sleep Mattress Review

Idle Sleep products can be purchased directly from You can also find their mattresses and bedding in stores across the US.

To find the nearest brick and mortar location, check out their Store Locator


Where is Idle Sleep located?

The Idle Sleep headquarters are located in sunny San Francisco, California. All of their products are manufactured in the US. 

Where does Idle Sleep ship from? 

Idle Sleep mattresses are shipped locally. They have processing facilities in Illinois and South Carolina. 

How long does it take to get an Idle mattress?

Idle Sleep offers free shipping exclusively to the contiguous US, using UPS Ground. Customers will be sent a tracking number via a confirmation email. It takes about 3–6 days for the company to process your orders. 

This Idle Sleep mattress review notes that if you’ve ordered a mattress and bedding, your items will be sent in separate shipments. 

Delivery can take anywhere from 4–10 business days for regular mattresses. If you’ve ordered a Latex model, plan for 4–6 weeks of lead time. These take longer to ship as the company sends them out with UPS Freight. 

If you’ve chosen the White Glove Delivery service (a team of professionals will set up your new mattress and take away your old one) they’ll give you a call within 3 business days and set up an installation appointment. 

What is the Idle Sleep Return Policy?

Idle Sleep has an 18-Month Sleep Trial for their mattresses. If it’s not a great match, you can return it for a full refund, and they will donate or recycle it, no questions asked. 

Idle Sleep also allows you to keep certain items that were bundled together originally if you wish to return others. But, your refund for the product you are returning will be deduced by 20%

This Idle Sleep mattress review has compiled the steps to initiate a return:

  1. Email [email protected] or start a conversation in the Live Chat feature of the website
  2. Include your order number and reason for return 
  3. An Idle Sleep team member will arrange a pick up of the mattress at no charge 
  4. Your original method of payment will be refunded within 7–14 days 

How to Contact Idle Sleep Customer Service 

Hopefully, we’ve covered all the information you were after in this Idle Sleep mattress review. For any other questions, reach out to the company using the methods listed below. 

  • Email [email protected]
  • Phone number for general inquiries: (888) 986-4047
  • Returns hotline: 1-855-430-8943
  • Use the contact form on their website 

Idle Sleep’s customer service phone hours are Monday to Friday, 9 AM–5 PM ET.  Their live chat hours are 9 AM–8 PM ET, 7 days a week.

It is always good to check out your options before buying. Here are some other mattress brands to consider in your search:

Brooklyn Beddding


Saatva Mattress


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