iPlum vs Google Voice Review 

About iPlum 

iPlum vs Google Voice Review 

iPlum is a mobile-first solution for professionals. Enhancing professional communication, the HIPPA-compliant service provides a secure second line users can count on and trust. Including text messaging, phone calls, and voice mail, this valued app is used within the healthcare, real estate, and financial industries, as well as others.

 Accept calls while out of the office and stay connected with your clients and patience through text. Re-route calls to others on your team and set out-of-office hours when busy. With cutting-edge encryption to protect your data, iPlum is an incredibly affordable plan that provides greater freedom while maintaining privacy.

About Google Voice 

iPlum vs Google Voice Review  1

Google Voice is a voice-over-internet-protocol (VoIP) telephone service. With a free option for personal use, users enjoy unlimited calling and texting, along with call management tools to help streamline communication. You’ll choose from personal and business plans and get set up with a new number or port one you already have. 

The app is designed to work with Google Workspace apps, so if you frequently use Gmail, Meet, Docs, or other Google apps, they’ll integrate seamlessly with Google Voice.

Coming up in this iPlum vs Google Voice review, I’ll walk you through the features, price, and feedback of each service to help you choose the plan that fits your needs. First, let’s take a look at some key factors to consider right off the bat.

What To Consider 

iPlum vs Google Voice Review 

There’s much to consider when it comes to choosing a provider for your business. Of course, that’s assuming you have a business and aren’t just interested in adding a second line or having cell service while traveling. While one of these plans may be ideal for business, the other is certainly a solid option if you’re looking for a way to keep in touch with loved ones with a very low monthly bill. Let’s dive into the details of each. 

  • Target Audience
    • iPlum is ideal for businesses of all sizes. Used in a wide range of industries from healthcare to real estate, it’s scalable and can grow with your company. Google Voice is similar, but they have plans for personal and business use. iPlum’s plan is HIPPA compliant, which means it may be better fitted for healthcare industries or anyone in the medical field.
  • Features
    • Google Voice business plans have a few more features than their personal plans, but the app is somewhat more limited than iPlum. iPlum offers voice calls, text, and voicemail, along with a boatload of included features such as out-of-office replies and call forwarding.
  • Support & Quality
    • iPum users say the service has excellent call quality and customer support. Google Voice’s call quality is good, as long as you’re on a strong Wi-Fi connection. Google’s customer support is 24/7 and known to be excellent for all of their services.
  • Accessibility
    • iPlum and Google Voice can be used on both iPhone and Android devices. Both plans can be used around the world. Google Voice is only available while connected to the internet, which means you won’t always be able to use it when you need to. 

iPlum vs Google Voice: How Do They Work?

iPlum vs Google Voice Review 

Let’s dive right into this iPlum vs Google Voice review and find out what makes each of these services tick. You already know a bit about each of them, but I’ll spell out the details here to help you see the differences between them. 

iPlum provides a secure second line for business owners. Because it’s HIPPA compliant, it’s a great option for healthcare practices, medical practitioners, real estate agents, and anyone who deals with personal or sensitive information. With a wide range of features that allow you to make and receive calls, texts, and voicemails, including customization features, call re-routing, set business hours, and more, the service lets you keep your privacy while ensuring you stay connected to patients, customers, and clients.

With iPlum, you can get a new number, port an existing number, or use the service without a number, setting up phone service or fax. It’s compatible with both Android and iOS. 

On the other hand, Google Voice allows you to set up a personal or business phone number on your smartphone–whether you have Android or iOS. Google Voice even works on the web, but here’s the thing. Because it’s a VoIP service, you will need an internet connection to make and receive calls and texts. 

Unlike other VoIP services, Google Voice does allow you to record voicemail. Port an existing number or select one that’s available. Already using Google Workspace? You’ll be pleased to know that the app works perfectly with other Google apps such as Meet and Calendar.

While iPlum and Google Voice are similar in that they provide you with another line, Google Voice is reliant on an internet connection while iPlum can be used anywhere without one.  

iPlum vs Google Voice: Features

iPlum vs Google Voice Review 

There are so many different features on each of these plans. You’ll find them in bullet points below for easy reference and comparison. Here’s a look at iPlum’s features first:

  • Dual Reliability
  • True Caller ID with Call Return
  • Business Hours Setup
  • Domestic Calls & Texts
  • International Calls & Texts (requires global credits)
  • Auto Attendant (IVR), Extensions
  • Call Transfer
  • Music on Hold
  • Cloud Voicemail with Email Alert
  • Out of Office Greeting
  • Auto-Reply Text for Missed Calls & SMS
  • Signature Text
  • Multiple Call Forwarding
  • Auto-Reply Text Outside Business Hours or Ad-hoc Basis
  • Multiple Inbound Paths
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Block Phone Numbers
  • Ringtones
  • Bring-Your-Own-Device Ready
  • Cloud-Based Team Account
  • REST APIs for Usage Management
  • iPhone & iPad Ready
  • Phone, Tablet & Chromebook Ready
  • 23 Languages, 200 countries

With iPlum, you’re getting a service that was designed for business owners. Born from the need for private, secure, and convenient client communication, this smart app is packed with features your business will find handy whether you’re a team of one or twenty. What iPlum really excels at is upping the personalization. From hold music to auto-replies, you can give your customers an in-office experience while you’re out-of-office, traveling, or at home.

iPlum vs Google Voice Review 

As for Google Voice, you’ll find the following features when choosing their Premier plan:

  • Call forwarding
  • Familiar, user-friendly interface
  • Ring groups
  • Multilevel auto attendant
  • Mobile and desktop apps
  • Missed call troubleshooting
  • Conference calls
  • Number assignment & porting
  • AI spam call blocking
  • Scalable
  • Connext PSTN services from another carrier
  • Integrate Meet content & set business hours with Calendar

Google Voice’s features are simpler than iPlum’s, but you’ll have all of the basic features you need to receive and send calls and text anywhere in the world. Whether you choose to connect via a smartphone, laptop, or deskphone, as long as you have a reliable internet connection, you can stay connected. 

Google Voice does not provide toll-free numbers while iPlum does. While Google Voice can be described as easy to use and familiar (if you use Google Workspace already), iPlum can be thought of as professional and secure. 

iPlum vs Google Voice: Call Quality

iPlum vs Google Voice Review 

iPlum and Google Voice are similar, but technically, they use somewhat different means to keep you connected. Let’s peek at their call quality to see what this means for staying connected.

While iPlum does use VoIP, it also works through your phone’s voice service. This means that even if you don’t have an internet connection, you can still receive calls. Customers say that iPlum’s call quality is excellent.

As for Google Voice, because it’s VoIP only, if your internet goes down, so will your service. This means that when linked to a poor internet connection, you may miss calls or experience poor call quality. However, customers say that the call quality is exceptional when you have a great internet connection. 

iPlum vs Google Voice: Support

iPlum vs Google Voice Review 

Support is critical when it comes to phone service, so I’ll compare support options and feedback in this section of my iPlum vs Google Voice review. 

iPlum provides users with live video support calls and online ticket submission, supplemented by an extensive FAQ section for independent issue resolution. Notably, while seeking direct assistance from senior support specialists incurs a fee, this ensures dedicated attention from experienced staff. Users consistently praise iPlum’s support as outstanding.

Conversely, Google Voice emphasizes 24/7 support availability through FAQs, live calls, and online chats, albeit potential delays may arise due to call volumes.

On the other hand, iPlum prioritizes self-service, aiming for intuitive user experience. They boast a high resolution rate, with 95% of tickets resolved within 1-2 hours. For customers needing further assistance, iPlum offers complimentary video support calls through a special link, with approximately 90% of video calls being free of charge.

iPlum vs Google Voice: Who Is It For?

iPlum vs Google Voice Review 

Sometimes two similar services can be aimed at different target audiences. There is some overlap when it comes to iPlum and Google Voice, and I’ll show you what I mean below.

iPlum was designed for businesses, particularly those that deal with personal or sensitive information like medical practices, insurance, lawyers, or anyone in the healthcare industry. Its plans are scalable, and with advanced features such as call re-routing, auto attendants, and out-of-office greetings, it’s geared towards professionals who want to give their clients, customers, or patients the feel of calling an office when they’re on the go.

Google Voice is ideal for personal use, along with new businesses and small businesses. While some reviews say it’s ideal for businesses of any size, though the app is scalable, it may not be ideal for larger businesses that value additional features. This service does offer call forwarding, conference calls, and spam call blocking though, so if you’re looking for a simpler platform, Google Voice may be the way to go.

iPlum vs Google Voice: Price & Value

iPlum vs Google Voice Review 

Price and value are quite different, but value can vary depending on your wants and needs. We’ll take a look at pricing and value in this section of my iPlum vs Google Voice review for clarity.

iPlum offers three plans which can be paid for monthly or annually. Paying annually is the better deal and comes with a 20-35% discount. Here’s what you’ll pay when choosing the annual option for each of iPlum’s plans:

  • USA: $8.99
  • Canada: $11.99
  • Toll-free: $14.99

As for Google Voice, if you choose their personal plan, you’ll get basic features for free. Here’s what you can expect from their other plans:

  • Starter: $10
  • Standard: $20
  • Premier: $30

I should note that some features, like voicemail transcription, are included in Google’s plans but are considered add-ons in iPlum’s plans. However, overall Google Voice offers fewer features but their plans cost more. If you do international business, iPlum may be the better fit as they offer unlimited business calls for a lower price.

As for value, well, what’s important to your business? Is it 24/7 support and the possibility of a free plan or would you like to set a professional tone with the convenience of a plan that doesn’t rely on the internet only? The fact that iPlum runs on both VoIP and voice service gives it an edge, but your unique needs may steer you towards one over the other.

iPlum vs Google Voice: What Do Customers Think? 

iPlum vs Google Voice Review  2

It’s one thing to read about a service and another thing entirely to hear what it’s like from customers. This is the part of my iPlum vs Google Voice review where we take a close look at feedback from both apps to get a feel for what customers think.

iPlum has the following ratings online:

  • Apple Store: 4.4/5 stars, 1,515 reviews
  • Google Play Store: 4.5/5 stars, 7,279 reviews
  • Trustpilot: 3.8/5 stars, 98 reviews
  • G2: 3.7/5 stars, 16 reviews

Some common lines of feedback include:

  • Excellent call quality
  • Great for traveling
  • Outstanding customer support
  • Streamlines communication with clients

While some of iPlum’s scores rank mid-range, the app does have some outstanding qualities that make it appealing. From the support to the call quality, those who rated the services above 4 stars say it’s a lifesaver for their business. Qualities that some users didn’t like include an interface that isn’t always easy to use.

Google Voice has the following ratings online:

  • Google Play Store: 4.4/5 stars, 341,766 votes
  • 4.5/5 stars, 672 votes
  • Capterra: 4.5/5 stars, 669 ratings
  • G2: 4.1/5 stars, 152 reviews

There were a few common threads throughout the feedback from customers. This includes the app being:

  • User-friendly
  • Very affordable (a money saver)
  • Great for basic texting
  • Handy for traveling abroad

There were some drawbacks about Google Voice including the inability to send gifs or videos, along with the fact that the app didn’t always notify users when they were receiving a call.

iPlum vs Google Voice: Promotions & Discounts

iPlum vs Google Voice Review 

When it comes to the provider you choose for your second line, price is important. I’m happy to report that both iPlum and Google Voice are more affordable than other options out there, but they each have special pricing features that may make one more attractive to you than the other. 

iPlum offers discounts on all of their plans. From 20-35%, you can expect a great price whether you choose a US, Canadian, or Toll-Free plan.

On the other hand, Google Voice has a free app for personal calls, so if you’re an entrepreneur or have a small client base, you may be able to get away with free use. 

With that said, if you’re a business and need more than one user, your base cost will start at $8. Plans range up to $30 with additional features. 

Who Will You Choose?

iPlum vs Google Voice Review 

If you’ve made it to this part in my iPlum vs Google Voice review, then you know that these two services are similar, yet very different. Both are offered for businesses, but Google Voice is used by many as their main phone provider because the app is free for personal use. This is the main point that sets the two apart, but when examining the features of each, I think the difference is as clear as day. 

Google Voice is a VoIP, and that means it’s only available when you’re connected to the internet. It’s similar to WhatsApp in that you can make and receive calls and texts if you keep the line personal, however, if you’re interested in added features, you can upgrade to one of their business plans. There are three that range from $8-$30.  

iPlum provides a second line that isn’t reliant on the internet. You can make calls and send texts anywhere in the world, but though the base price is as low as $8.99 for USA plans, you may end up paying more if you would like to port your phone number or add unlimited international calling. 

Another feature that makes these two services stand apart is security. Google Voice does not adhere to regulations for healthcare or medical record safety. iPlum does. iPlum is HIPPA compliant which makes it an excellent choice for anyone in the healthcare industry or who deals with sensitive information. 

So, which one will you choose? Be sure to look over the features of each to ensure you’ll get everything you need to effectively communicate with your customers, clients, or patients. At the end of the day, they are what keep your doors open, and meeting their needs is key to business success and growth.

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