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iTopvpn Review

If you’ve been on YouTube at all over the past few years then you’ve probably watched someone who was sponsored by a VPN service. At the time you may have just scratched your chin and nodded but never considered when you would want to use a VPN yourself.

It must be fate that you’re reading this article then, as it appears that you’re looking into VPNs. You should take a deeper look into iTop VPN as they’re gunning to become the top free VPN on the market.

iTop VPN has over 10 million downloads on the Google Play store and over 13k adoring followers on Facebook.  Their VPN has earned praise from sites like Top VPN Service, VPNetic, and The PC Guide.

But choosing the right VPN is similar to getting married; you can always back out but it’s better (and less stressful on the kids) to do it right the first time.

This iTop VPN review will be looking at the company’s history, their service, their customer review scores, their plans, and more. After reading this you should feel set to know whether iTop VPN is worth spending the rest of your life with or if they’re just a one-night fling. 

Overview of iTop VPN

iTopvpn Review

iTop VPN is a Hong Kong-based tech company that makes software for PCs, Macs, and mobile devices. Over the past 6 years, they’ve cultivated a strong network of fans. More than 20 million people have used iTop VPN’s technology since the company began in 2016.

They prioritize maintaining their titular software, which keeps their team busy and their focus razor-sharp. This has allowed them to develop VPN software with over 1,800 servers, over 100 locations, and that’s versatile enough to be used by up to 5 devices under one account.

Before diving deeper, we’re going to broaden the focus of this iTop VPN review by looking at the company’s highlights:


  • Protects your information
  • Allows you to access geographically-restricted content
  • Has servers for specific purposes
  • Over 1,800 premium servers
  • Choose between free and premium plans
  • Currently offering massive savings on all their plans

iTop VPN Review

iTopvpn Review

Our iTop VPN review writers want you to know that there are two different plans available through this company. The Free iTop VPN Plan has 16 different servers at a data speed of 700MB per day. 

That’s not too shabby for a free plan, but it’s the premium plan that may make your virtual jaw drop.

Here’s everything included in the Premium iTop VPN Plan:

  • Over 1,800 worldwide servers
  • Unlimited data and bandwidth
  • Dedicated servers for gaming, streaming, and social networks
  • Additional browser security
  • Internet speed up to ten times faster
  • Safer torrent uploading and downloading
  • Ability to block advertisements, data trackers, and malware
  • Option to choose between a static and a dynamic IP

Furthermore, iTop VPN goes the extra step to make the experience easier for those who aren’t as experienced with VPNs. 

The app’s main screen tells you whether you’re currently connected to a VPN or not with the bluntness of a foster child when asked whether she enjoys her new pint-sized bedroom.

If that’s not enough information for you than our iTop VPN review writers have some good news. The app will send you a pop-up message in the top right corner of the screen when it’s been enabled or disabled.

Let’s circle back and talk about the separate servers. iTop VPN provides servers that are tailored to specific browsing activities like streaming videos, playing online games, or using social networking sites.

The app has a drop-down list for each of these functions. Every entry on these lists shows the connection strength and server load. That’s great for activities like gaming where a poor connection can turn a reflex-based game like Street Fighter into a virtual version of pickleball.

These are the prices for each of the iTop VPN premium plan’s lengths:

  1. 12 months costs $144 
  2. 24 months costs $288
  3. 36 months costs $432

Each of these is billed for $12 per month, but you’ll see how you can save some money later in this iTop VPN review. 

Who Is iTop VPN For? 

iTopvpn Review

Nowadays, having a VPN is essential for online browsing. We don’t want to fearmonger and go into the rising rates of internet crimes so instead, we’ll highlight how iTop VPN can positively affect your life.

It’s a great app for people who want to access media outside of their native region, or for people who frequent public wi-fi areas like cafes. 

Their free plan means that those who just want a little added protection in public spaces can also use their services. But really, everyone would be better off if they paid a bit more mind to their protection.

How Does iTop VPN Work? 

iTopvpn Review

VPNs are virtual private networks, which is just a fancy name meaning that they are ways that you can protect your identity on the internet. You don’t need to adorn a tuxedo and masquerade ball disguise like Tuxedo Mask nor do you have to join the legions of Guy Fawkes costume-wearers to become anonymous.

Simply put, VPNs allow you to surf the internet through an IP address different than your own. The VPN routes you to the internet through one of their own servers. These servers can protect your identity and any information you consciously or unconsciously disclose online.

This comes with a few obvious advantages along with some more subtle ones:

  • You can securely browse online content
  • It’s harder for hackers to access your information
  • Your IP address cannot be traced back to you
  • You can access content from other regions that you wouldn’t be able to otherwise

It’s that last point that’ll appeal to most readers of this iTop VPN review. It can be hard to find streaming services offered in your area if you’re a k-drama fanatic or a French new wave cinema buff.

iTop VPN can allow you to access content like that because you can mask your IP address in a way that makes it seem that you’re in a different country. For example, you can see what Japanese Netflix has that your native country’s Netflix doesn’t.

The best part is that you don’t have to change any of your memberships to any of these streaming services. iTopVPN works independently of them. 

That means you may have to remember one additional password, but iTop VPN makes it harder for hackers to uncover your password anyways.

None of this will affect your internet payments either. You won’t have to pay more because these services aren’t using more internet than your typical server. All iTop VPN does is routes your connection to a safer client so that you can surf with freedom and peace of mind. 

iTop VPN Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

iTopvpn Review

The pie in the sky of every digital company is a glowing customer review. It can brighten the dark and dismal days that workers spend writing and rewriting paragraphs of code.

This section of our iTop VPN review will examine if this brand has earned their pie. We’ll look at customer reviews from all over the internet to find out what buyers thought about iTop VPN.

Over 240 customers gave the service a 4.5/5 stars average score on TrustPilot.

Positive comments praised the app’s clean interface. That’s something that this comprehensive customer highlighted in the 5/5 star review: 

Itop VPN is probably the best vpn I have ever tried. First of all, it has a very user-friendly interface, does not glitch and does not slow down, which for me is very important. Secondly, it has a huge number of servers for any occasion, for video calls, movies, messengers, streaming, etc… Anyway, I recommend it to everyone.

Here’s a different customer review that highlights iTop VPN’s easy-to-use set-up: “It’s one click interface makes everything so simple, if you want to swap servers all you need to do is click connect on the server you want to join.

Another buyer was happy that they could install iTop VPN on multiple devices and that it ran smoothly on all of them. This was a feature that worked hand-in-hand with the service’s streaming-tailored servers. 

Here’s what another customer loved about iTop VPN: “I was able to use streaming servers to change the content of my Prime account from Canadian to American.” 

If you watch a lot of Netflix on your phone then iTop VPN’s ability to run on your mobile device works well with how it broadens the horizons for more content. 

Customers also complimented how quickly iTop VPN connected to servers. Many VPNs are plagued with slow connection rates which make them functionally useless. 

If it takes ten minutes to load a video then you may as well just read the transcript – it’d save you the time and effort.

That wasn’t an issue with iTop VPN according to buyers. One fan said that the service’s connection speed was nearly instantaneous

We also took to the Google Play Store to see what fans had reported about the brand there. Over 110k customers gave iTop VPN an average score of 4.4/5 stars.

This one reviewer loved the service so much he practically got down on one knee and proposed to it:

 “I have I top on all my devices because I trust it, easy-to-use, works with the speed of my internet and doesn’t slow it down plus VIP members get lots of locations. I would recommend it to anyone especially those who pay bills online- you never have to worry because itop uses military-grade encryption! Well worth the money.

iTop VPNwas regarded as one of the best VPNs for gaming for reviewers on the Google Play Store. One customer said that the app’s increased internet speed dramatically reduced his ping and made it feel like he was playing games right beside his opponents, as opposed to being on the other side of the world from them.

Here’s another buyer’s testimonial about how iTop VPN improved their gaming: “The only working VPN in the bunch of fake VPNs. It gives a stable ping and latency while gaming and changes our IP when connected! I’m so grateful for this app.

Torrenting was another area that customers felt was improved thanks to iTop VPN. This is how a buyer described their experience:

Hiding my IP for torrent downloading was just as simple, one click button and I was able to download torrents through another server. The download speed wasn’t as fast as my home connection but it was faster than most VPN’s and wasn’t anything to complain about.

Finally, we moseyed on over at the Apple App Store to see what people said about iTop VPN. Over 150 customers gave the service an overall score of 4.6/5 stars.

There was a review that had us giggling because it packaged so much into one paragraph. The buyer mentioned how iTop VPN gave them a sense of security knowing that their information was safe, then went down an interesting detour that nonetheless showed why he loved the service:

I don’t need to worry if someone is trying to hack me or put a Virus in my devices. If you love culture Japanese I recommend this VPN for searching everything, anime, manga, doujinshi, eroge anime or manga, etc. Because this generation now everything is censored right? With ITop VPN not need to worry. Search whatever you want and play whatever you want 🙂

We’ll conclude this segment of our iTop VPN review by summarizing what customers felt were the biggest advantages to using iTop VPN.

The most common praises were directed towards how quickly the service connected to the internet, how the diverse tunnels reduced lag and allowed for seamless experiences, and how easy it is to navigate the service.

Is iTop VPN Legit?

iTopvpn Review

The only troublesome thing we uncovered in the research for this iTop VPN review is that some users reported seeing pop-up messages urging them to upgrade to the VIP plan after purchasing the premium package.

We only found a small handful of these remarks so it seems like most customers did not face this dilemma. 

Taking all of these facts into consideration leads us to believe that iTop VPN is legit, although you may only want to inspect their paid options.

Is iTop VPN Worth It?

iTopvpn Review

Our iTop VPN review writers believe that this service is, at the very least, worth looking into. The ability to choose between a free plan and a premium plan is a great way to see if you enjoy what they have to offer. 

From all of the positivity we’ve seen online, this brand’s VPN service does exactly what’s written on the tin.

iTop VPN Promotions & Discounts 

iTopvpn Review

iTop VPN is currently hosting extraordinary Black Friday promotions for 2023, offering an incredible up to 81% discount on their services. But that’s not all – you can also enjoy an additional 60% OFF on iTop’s Best Sellers.

Don’t miss out on these fantastic deals; head over to their dedicated Black Friday page HERE to seize these unparalleled savings. And here’s an extra treat for you: apply the discount code iTopBF40OFF during checkout to secure a generous 40% off your order. Act fast – these remarkable savings are only available for a limited time!

Where to Buy iTop VPN

iTopvpn Review

You can only purchase iTop VPN through their website,


iTopvpn Review

Who owns iTop VPN?

iTop VPN is owned by their parent company Orange View Limited.

What is iTop VPN’s Privacy Policy?

Our iTop VPN review writers found that the company is up-front about what information they collected from users. Using Google analytics and the Microsoft App center, the company collects cookies and performance rates.

It uses this information to improve their app’s functionality as well as to improve customer service.

What is iTop VPN’s Refund Policy?

The company provides a full 30-day money-back guarantee on all their plans. You can also pause your plan, meaning you won’t be able to use it while it’s paused but you won’t incur any additional charges.

If you do request a refund or cancel your plan after the 30-day period then iTop VPN will send you the money for the remaining months. However, they cannot refund you any money for the months that have already passed. 

How to Contact iTop VPN

The best way to contact this company is to send them a formal message through their website. You can fill out a customer inquiry form through their support center page on their website.

You can also reach out to them through their Facebook page.

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