Jill Razor Review

About Jill Razor

Jill Razor Review

Jill Razor is an American company that sells razors specifically designed for women’s faces. This brand wants to de-stigmatize the fact that some women shave their faces for a variety of reasons, and spread the word about the beauty benefits some women experience by doing so!

Jill Razor offers small, handheld razors that will clear peach fuzz and stubborn hairs from your face and chin in one-time orders or subscriptions.

This company has been featured on beauty websites like and, and has over 40k followers on Instagram. My Jill Razor review will give you all the details you need to know to make an informed decision about buying from this woman-owned brand

Overview of Jill Razor

Jill Razor Review

Jill Razor was founded by beauty enthusiast Meagan Carboney, who had been shaving her face for years and wanted to create the best product possible for female shaving.

Meagan shares on that she had been shaving her face for years and felt that it was helping her experience beauty benefits and “improving her skincare and make-up application.”

While doing my research for this Jill Razor review I learned that Meagan began sharing her shaving tips in online tutorial videos and connected with other women who followed similar routines.

Yet she felt that her shaving tools never lasted long and weren’t designed for women’s faces, so she set out to make a female-focused product that could easily be recycled and replaced.

Here are some highlights of buying from Jill Razor!


Jill Razor Review
  • Subscription option – you’ll always have fresh razors when you need them
  • Beautiful packaging, storage case and cleaning cloth
  • Free US shipping!
  • Detailed instructions

Jill Razor Shaving Review

Jill Razor has a couple best selling products that will get you all ready for your shave. If you’re a newbie to Jill Razor, try the Jill Starter Kit, and if you’re looking for a refill go for the Shave Set Refill

Jill Razor Jill Starter Kit Review

The Jill Starter Kit is designed for women who want to stock up on the tools they’ll need to try shaving. This kit comes with the following products:

  • One razor blade handle
  • Two razor blade attachments – one small, one large
  • A small cloth to clean your blades
  • A round, pink storage case for your tools

According to the Jill Starter Kit product page, these razor blades are designed to be petite so women can easily use them on every nook and cranny of their faces for the best shave experience. This brand says that their products are recyclable, so don’t put them in the landfill!

Jill Razor claims that some women experience these benefits from face shaving:

  1. Skin exfoliation
  2. Makes it easier to apply skincare and makeup 
  3. Helps skin feel soft and smooth

Buy the Jill Starter Kit for $32 from, or sign up for the Starter Kit and subscription to save 20% on your order and receive two Shave Sets every month!

Jill Razor Shave Set Refill Review

If you’re in love with your Jill Razor, you can order the Shave Set Refill to continue enjoying your new tool. This set won’t charge you for another Jill Razor handle and storage box – you will just receive the two razor head attachments you need for an effective shave.

Don’t worry, if you find you don’t need so many refills you can always skip a month, or pause your subscription. You can also cancel your subscription at any time, so you’re not locked in forever!

The Shave Set Refill packages the two razor heads in tiny individual boxes that will come in a small Jill bag. Buy the Shave Set Refill from for $8.50.

Who Is Jill Razor For?

Jill Razor Review

Jill Razor products are designed for women who want an effective yet gentle face shave. Women shave for many reasons – to remove unwanted hair, allow skin products to penetrate their skin more deeply, or to try to decrease acne scarring – and Jill Razor has created shaving sets that cater to these needs.

Any woman who shaves may be interested in trying Jill Razor tools. While there are many razors out there, Jill Razor has set itself apart by designing small, nimble razor blades that are easy for women to use, whether you want to remove peach fuzz fast or just shape your brows a bit. Jill Razor will appeal to long-time shavers and newbies alike as it offers a Starter Kit and blade refills too.

How Does Jill Razor Work? 

Jill Razor Review

Visit the website to order the Jill Razor. You can opt between a one-time order or choose to subscribe for monthly deliveries! 

Jill Razor Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Jill Razor Review

Jill Razor shares customer responses on their review page on their official website. Many women on this page were happy with how the Jill Razor affected their face.

One woman described her experience in her Jill Razor review, “I absolutely love this razor! I used to use tinkles and they would always irritate my face and cause breakouts. After using this my face was so smooth and non irritated. This is the best razor i’ve ever tried and will now be a forever customer.”

Another customer loved the Jill Razor’s innovative approach and subscription option, writing,

“…I love that it has two options for heads and that I’ll always have a fresh and sharp razor with the subscription!”

This company also shares reviews on its official Facebook page, where it has a 2.6 / 5 star rating out of a handful of reviews. This page had mixed feedback, with some customers finding the Jill Razor less effective than they had hoped, while others had issues with shipping or customer service.

However, most women loved the Jill Razor and reported that it made their skin feel soft and healthy. One woman shared in her Jill Razor review, “My first time ever doing this and Jill razor was amazing!!!!”

Some Jill Razor products are sold on, where there is more customer feedback for this company giving them a 4 / 5 star rating based on 122 reviews.

Some customers on this site did not see any major differences using the Jill Razor than other brands, while some women loved the design of this tool. One woman shared in her Jill Razor review, “Great tool to use for that annoying peach fuzz. Easy to use, comes in its own storage case.”

Another buyer echoed this experience in her Jill Razor review, writing “Quick solution for unwanted peach fuzz! Easy to use and literally takes no time at all! Also used to shape up eyebrows! Great product.”

Overall, this brand has had a mix of responses from customers, but most buyers reported that the Jill Razor was easy to hold and manipulate, and successfully got rid of their fuzz or helped them shape their brows.

Is Jill Razor Worth It?

Jill Razor Review

This brand has a new take on an old tradition – shaving! This beauty technique has been getting some buzz and more and more women seem to be trying face shaving.

As opposed to the large, sharp razors meant for leg shaving, the Jill Razor’s small, angled blades are designed specifically for women’s faces so you can shave close to your ears, nose, and brows and only take off the hair you don’t want.

Jill Razor isn’t for everyone – this company wants to destigmatize female face shaving and make it easier, not pressure women into it! But if you know shaving is right for you, or are really interested in experimenting with it, for the purpose of this Jill Razor review I’d say that making a purchase from this company would be a great way to give it a try.

Jill Razor Promotions & Discounts 

Jill Razor Review

At the time of this Jill Razor review, the brand offers discounted rates to customers who sign up for their monthly subscription. You can save 20% off your order of the Jill Starter Kit if you subscribe to the Monthly Shave Plan at the same time.

Check back at for Jill Razor sales and Jill Razor discount codes.

Where to Buy Jill Razor

Jill Razor Review

Purchase all Jill Razor products at


Jill Razor Review

Who owns Jill Razor?

Founder Meagan Carboney is the founder and owner of Jill Razor.

Does Jill Razor ship internationally?

Yes! This brand ships around the world. If you live outside the US you should expect your package within 6-10 days. All custom fees and taxes are the customers responsibility.

What is Jill Razor’s Shipping Policy?

Did something in my Jill Razor review catch your eye? I’ve found that this company will ship your order within one day and it should arrive to you about 3-6 days after being shipped.

What is Jill Razor’s Return Policy?

This company does offer full refunds as long as you initiate your return within 60 days of making your purchase! If you’ve tried their razors and didn’t enjoy them, their “Glow Guarantee” will give you your money back.

You can still make returns after this 60-day mark, but only if your product is totally new and unused.

How to Contact Jill Razor

Jill Razor Review

I hope you enjoyed this Jill Razor review. I’ve found that you can contact this brand in the following ways:

  • By phone at 1 833 623 1608
  • Through their Contact Form
  • See the answers on their Help Page

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