Ksubi Jeans Review

About Ksubi

Ksubi Jeans Review

Ksubi is best known for its stylish denims and edgy apparel for both men and women. This Australian fashion label can be found in stores all across the continent, as well as in North America and Europe. 

The company’s popularity is emphasized by their significant 240k following on Instagram. Plus, it never hurts to have endorsements from A-listers such as Travis Scott, Kendall and Kylie Jenner, and A$AP Rocky!

All of these celebrities might be riding the wave, but is the hype justified? This Ksubi jeans review intends to find out. We’ll take a deep dive into the company, its bestsellers, customer reviews, and more, so you can decide whether the label is worth adding to your closet. 

Overview of Ksubi

Ksubi Jeans Review

Ksubi was founded by Gareth Moody, Dan Single, Paul Wilson, and George Gorrow. The year was 1999 and the quartet wasn’t happy with the denim industry. So, they decided to create their own jean brand—originally called ‘Tsubi’. 

After stepping into the new millenia and going through some branding changes, the brand began to garner cult status due to its celebrity clientele. As we said, Ksubi has always been tied to influential celebrities and musicians, which also includes Lil Uzi Vert and Playboi Carti. They even mention the label in a few of their songs. 

Ksubi is known worldwide for steering away from the trend-driven fashion industry. Instead, the team has chosen to “set their own agenda” regarding the pieces they design and sell on the market. 

Ksubi prides itself on creating off-beat yet stylish pieces using “progressive shapes and fabrications featuring raw finishes” to solidify and cultivate a specific aesthetic. Now, the Sydney-based company is one of the most coveted brands in the world. 

With its origin story out of the way, this Ksubi jeans review will now give you a brief overview of the brand with a pros and cons list: 


  • Artistic collection of jeans, jackets, tees, and more 
  • Renowned company with decades of experience 
  • Made from high-quality denim that lasts for years 
  • Several retail partners worldwide
  • Ships internationally 
  • 30-day return policy
  • Offers financing options with AfterPay*


  • *Only in Australia
  • Limited information about labor and manufacturing practices
Ksubi Jeans Review

Ksubi’s collection of rugged and distressed denim only scratches the surface. The brand also offers skirts, jackets, tees that will have you walking the street like it’s a runway. 

If you’re looking to add some no-fuss clothing staples to your wardrobe, keep reading to find out more about some of Ksubi’s best-selling clothing items. Along the way, we’ll also offer some of our styling tips. 

Ksubi Jeans Review

Everyone needs a good pair of jeans in their closet. Luckily, the Ksubi jeans men’s collection offers comfort and style, while featuring some endearing details. Before we dive into our top picks, we’d like to quickly note that sizes for these Ksubi denim pants range from 28 to 40. 

Ksubi Van Winkle Black Rebel Review

Styling the ever-popular Van Winkle Black Rebel jeans is a cinch. With a shorter rise, they hit the hips perfectly. These pants are designed with a skinny-fit all the way through and made from a ‘comfort stretch denim’ material, so you won’t be clamoring to get out of them at the end of the day. 

These bottoms are obviously versatile. To really amp up your look, wear a loose blouse, tuck in the front, and pair with your favorite pair of matching Ksubi shoes. 

For $195, the Ksubi Van Winkle jeans are finished with an embroidered cross, so everyone will know who you’re repping. 

Ksubi Van Winkle Angst Review

If faded denim is your style, Ksubi’s Van Winkle Angst black wash jeans can help scratch that itch. With a mid-rise skinny fit, these would be best complemented by longer shirts and some statement boots. 

These Ksubi pants also have the signature embroidery on the back leg, plus the trademark removable pocket tag that reads “Royalty, Heroism and the Streets.” With these simple additions, the $220 Van Winkle Angst jeans are nice to have by your side for years to come.   

Ksubi Chitch Laid Black Review

Skinny jeans are iconic, but they’re not everybody’s go-to pair. With that in mind, the Chitch Laid Black slim fit pants are a great alternative. These 100% cotton bottoms offer a similar style without any of that restricting feeling.

The dark denim means you could get away with rocking the Ksubi Chitch jeans at any occasion. Dress up the pair with a sports jacket and some Chelsea boots, or if you’re into showing some skin, cuff the hem at the ankle to add some edge. 

These Ksubi black jeans retail for $195. Make sure to remove the pocket tag if you’re going to wear these at an event! 

Ksubi Chitch Deep Forest Review 

Next up in this Ksubi jeans review are the Chitch Deep Forest jeans. These faded green pants draw heavy inspiration from vintage styles, displaying some distressing and the signature tag. They aren’t the traditional denim colors, but that doesn’t make them any less fashionable. 

The $220 slim-fit jeans would match perfectly with a white, black, or navy blue tee. The mid-rise style also allows for versatility, as your shirt would look good tucked in or out. Finally, throw on a black leather jacket and some Ksubi sunglasses to set the outfit off. 

Ksubi Chitch Blue Kolla Slashed Review

Last but not least: the Chitch Blue Kolla Slashed pants. These come in a classic blue wash and are designed slim-fit for a tailored look. The stretch denim makes for a comfy pair of jeans that you won’t want to take off. 

For a classic pair of jeans, you’ve got to go with simplistic styling. Some high-top sneakers and a white t-shirt with the Chitch Blue Kolla Slashed pants will make you look cool and collected.

These Ksubi jeans with tag retail for $195. They feature five pockets for all of your storage needs. 

Ksubi Skirts Review

For the ladies out there, Ksubi also offers some cute and distressed skirt options. The pieces available are fashionable and a bit edgy. Curious to know which ones are customers loving? Keep reading to find out! (As a quick note, sizes for these skirts range from 23 to 32.)

Ksubi Rap Skirt Clas Sick Review

The Rap Skirt Clas Sick puts a twist on the classic denim skirt with its eye-catching asymmetrical front design. It also features some distressed elements and embroidery that keeps it on-brand. 

With your favorite bodysuit or crop top, you can be Instagram and runway-worthy. We also recommend adding an oversized button-down or leather jacket with some heels for a nighttime look. 

This $170 Ksubi skirt comes with five pockets for your small essentials. Score! 

Ksubi Equaliser Skirt Camo Review 

The Equaliser Skirt Camo is an excellent staple mini-skirt with an edge. It features spacious front pockets and a stylish camo print. It also has a high-waisted design along with the signature Ksubi branding. 

This faded black skirt would look great with your favorite crop top or bodysuit. You could even throw on an oversized tee and tuck it in for a more casual look. Then, switch it up with some sneakers or strappy heels for a day and night look. 

 The Equaliser Skirt Camo is on sale for $68 (originally $170). 

Ksubi Jackets Review

Outerwear plays a significant part in completing an outfit. So, let’s take a look at some of the hottest picks from the Ksubi jackets category. 

Ksubi Classic Jacket Eterno Review

The Classic Jacket Eterno is a trucker jacket with a black colorway. This grunge outerwear piece features custom art patches and the familiar Ksubi branding. It also has some embroidered decals on the front. 

This 100% cotton jacket takes a classic staple and gives it a rebellious edge. It could work well for a monochrome look. If that’s not your style, you could always throw on a white tee shirt and some regular denim. The outfit will garner some attention regardless. 

This Classic Jacket Eterno will run you about $180 (on sale from $300). 

Ksubi Oh G Jacket Asphalt Review

The Oh G Jacket in asphalt is a classic, vintage wash black denim jacket. It features a Ksubi box print and signature branding on the hardware. It’s also an oversized fit and can act as the finishing touch to any ensemble. 

Pairing this denim jacket with a neutral cotton shirt could be a great option. If you’re out on the town or bar hopping, it’s a casual yet classy look that might just turn a few heads.

Sizes for the Oh G Jacket range from extra small to 2XL, but you could probably size down due to its oversized design (depending on the look you’re going for!). It comes to $260 at checkout.  

Who Is Ksubi For? 

Ksubi Jeans Review

Ksubi is for young men and women looking for less trend-driven pieces and more unique, timeless designs that border on editorial. This seems to be the company’s primary demographic as well. 

The price points are fairly steep and the pieces are often worn by famous names. This means that Ksubi is fairly inaccessible to the average consumer and more of a designer label. 

If you know a friend who’s searching high and low for quality denim, we suggest bookmarking the brand for when Christmas rolls around. 

Comparison: Ksubi vs. Amiri

Ksubi Jeans Review

Evidently, there are labels that our brand has to compete with within the fashion industry. This Ksubi jeans review took a look at Amiri to see how the two companies match up. 

First, let’s go over some of their similarities: 

  • Both offer worldwide shipping
  • Both worn by celebrities
  • Both labels are known for their jeans

There are a few overlapping factors between the two brands. But when we take a closer look, it seems that Amiri has some distinctive qualities and policies: 

  • Amiri is a designer brand, and the price range is much higher 
  • Amiri is an eponymous label founded by Mike Amiri in 2014
  • Amiri adopts a West Coast style, with bolder colors, patterns, and designs

Ksubi is the place for classic jeans at more affordable prices, while Amiri is a luxury label that creates both casual and overt statement pieces. So, where will you shop next? 

Ksubi Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Ksubi Jeans Review

This is the part of the Ksubi jeans review where we discover what customers have been saying about the brand. As there are no reviews listed on the main website, we went searching on other platforms. 

Here are the average ratings from General Pants Co for some of the bestsellers in this review: 

  • Van Winkle Black Rebel Jeans: 4.7/5 stars from 85 reviews
  • Chitch Laid Black Jeans: 4.8/5 stars from 74 reviews
  • Chitch Blue Kolla Jeans: 5/5 stars from 2 reviews
  • Rap Skirt Clas Sick: 4.8/5 stars from 15 reviews

Regarding the Van Winkle Black Rebel jeans, buyers generally state that the pants are comfortable and fit well. One person writes, “I have been wearing the jeans for a few weeks, and they are so comfy. These are the second pair I have purchased. Not too tight or loose and fit so well.”

Another reviewer left a glowing testimonial but suggested sizing down, “These are the most comfortable brand of jeans out there. The only thing I would suggest – if you’d like a tighter fit, try a smaller size than you usually would.”

The Chitch Laid Black style also received good reviews, with one person complimenting the longevity of the jeans, “Ksubi is definitely my go-to brand. They’re more expensive, but I really enjoy their feel, and they last me a good 2-3 years of wear.” 

A customer writes about the Rap Skirt,I absolutely love this skirt. The denim is tough and feels like quality. I’ve worn it a handful of times since I bought it, and the fraying of the edge has stayed pretty much the same. I love love love them!”

On Shopbop, one reviewer wrote for the Pointer Runaway Jeans, “Loved the thick denim with some stretch for comfort. They move really well. The leg shape is slightly balloon-y, enough that it’s clearly on purpose but not so much that it limits the outfit.”  

Another buyer complimented the fit, “I have shorter legs and a muscular build so it’s always been a challenge. These fit perfectly in the legs and butt AND around my waist! It’s a dream come true, honestly. I purchased online and they were true to size. I would 100% repurchase!”

Lastly, our Ksubi jeans review came upon a Reddit thread where one user gave the overall quality of the brand’s jeans a 7.5/10 score. It’s unclear which style was being reviewed, but the person seemed generally happy with the materials and fit. 

Is Ksubi Worth It?

Ksubi Jeans Review

There’s no doubt that Ksubi is often endorsed by an elite circle of celebrities. Still, there’s a wave of customers who have only positive things to say about the brand. It’s also convenient that you can rock the clothing from anywhere in the world. 

Denim is something you purchase with the intention that it’ll last for years. Quality, style, and comfortability are essential factors when looking at a new pair of jeans, and Ksubi seems to offer all three—plus some extra flair. 

This Ksubi jeans review has determined that the apparel line is worth checking out if you want to treat yourself or a loved one. These clothes truly come with no gimmicks and are easy to style no matter what era of fashion we’re in. 

Ksubi Promotions & Discounts 

Ksubi Jeans Review

This Ksubi jeans review couldn’t find any active promotions or discounts on the brand’s website. We encourage readers to sign up for their email newsletter to receive news on upcoming deals and exclusives. Additionally, you can also follow them on Instagram.  

Where to Buy Ksubi

Ksubi Jeans Review

Got your eye on a Ksubi shirt? You can buy it directly from their website at or at one of their flagship stores in Sydney, LA, or New York. 

Ksubi also sells its clothing and accessories in select stores such as Nordstrom, Aritzia, and Hudson’s Bay (Canada). You can find the complete list of partners on their ‘Stockists’ page.


Ksubi Jeans Review

Who owns Ksubi?

Breakwater Capitol is the current owner of Ksubi, with international distribution rights going to The General Pants Group. 

Where is Ksubi made? 

Ksubi clothing is made in several locations, including Los Angeles, Turkey, and other European countries. 

Does Ksubi fit true to size? 

Based on the customer reviews, Ksubi clothing fits mostly true to size. Some people suggest sizing down when it comes to their baggier styles of jeans and skirts. 

Unfortunately, it seems that Ksubi bras are not featured on their website anymore, so we cannot tell if they fit true to size. 

What is Ksubi’s Shipping Policy?

Ksubi offers free worldwide shipping when you spend a minimum of $50. There is a $12 flat fee for any orders that fall under this amount. Estimated delivery times vary based on your location, so the following is a list of the shipping times in Australia and internationally: 

  • Australia: 1-3 business days 
  • International orders: 2-5 business days 

If you place an order before 2 pm on a business day, your item(s) will be processed and shipped on the same day.

It’s important to note that all orders require a signature upon delivery, so it’s good to stick around when your package is close to arrival. Additionally, any orders outside of Australia might be subject to duties according to your home country’s laws.  

What is Ksubi’s Return Policy?

Ksubi offers a 30-day return policy on unworn and unwashed apparel (excluding underwear). To initiate the process, you will need to download a form available on the website and send your item back in its original packaging. 

Unfortunately, the brand does not cover postal charges for customers. This Ksubi jeans review found the following address for returns: 

Ksubi Online Returns
PO Box 2433 
Sunshine West Vic 8438

Your refund will be processed within 48 hours after Ksubi’s team processes the qualifying item. 

How to Contact Ksubi

Have questions beyond this Ksubi jeans review? You can contact their customer service team through any of the following channels: 

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: +61 3 6161 3865
  • Live chat on their website 
  • Mailing address

Level 1
1-3 Mandible Street, Alexandria
NSW 2015

Ksubi’s office hours are Monday to Friday, 9AM to 5PM EST. 

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