11 Best Sustainable Clothing Brands

Searching For The Best Sustainable Clothing Brands

Best Sustainable Clothing Brands

You’ve no doubt heard of the term “fast fashion,” a name given to clothing produced with cheap materials, unfair wages, and dangerous working conditions.

Those are just 3 reasons not to buy it, but if you need a few more, they include poor environmental practices and non-renewable fabrics too. The picks on this list of the best sustainable clothing brands approach fashion slowly.

The term “slow fashion” was coined by Kate Fletcher in 2007 who said that it’s all about choice.

With every dollar we spend, we choose, and while it’s easy to gravitate to lower-cost items, doing so has consequences. Rewind the clock by 100 years and we were still using renewable materials like cotton for the majority of our clothing. Polyester (plastic-based material) wasn’t invented until the 1930s. 

With the creation of polyester came nylon and other synthetic fabrics that made clothing production a lot cheaper. Of course, at that time, cheaper clothing was better—for both businesses and consumers as the needs of WWII became dire. 

It wasn’t until 1970 that America saw a rebellion against this cheap, fast fashion when hippies rallied for local, handmade, and organic pieces.

Shaping the face of fashion as we know it today, over the next (and I can’t believe I’m saying this) 50 years, numerous eco standards, organizations, and initiatives have been put into place like the GRI, GOTS, WFTO, and many more.

The 11 Best Sustainable Clothing Brands 

In the past 10 years, fashion has taken a major turn. Today, there are indeed so many noble companies that I’ve put together this list of the best sustainable clothing brands. Of course, there is always room for more. 

#1 wearwell

11 Best Sustainable Clothing Brands

From the moment you step onto wearwell’s website, you’ll know there’s something special going on. Offering a cool, comfy, and conscious range of clothing, jewelry, and accessories from responsible brands, you don’t have to worry about greenwashing—everything they carry is guaranteed ethical and sustainable. 

Founded by Erin Houston and Emily Kenney in 2016, wearwell is dedicated to making big changes in the textile industry. My favorite part (aside from the massive benefit of helping our earth and the people on it) is the chance to shop by your values. 

Browse curated collections such as black-owned brands, inclusive sizing, and vegan style—they even have a secondhand shop. In terms of companies to support, wearwell is at top of the list. Sizes range from XS to 3XL. Cotton cardigans cost $48, jeans ring up at $128.


  • Partners with responsible brands
  • Shop by values
  • Inclusive sizing
  • Secondhand shop
  • Sustainable & ethical
  • 1% for the planet

#2 Tentree

Best Sustainable Clothing Brands

Tentree gets its name for a very special reason: the folks behind it pledged to plant trees for every item sold.

Pretty admirable, and it turns out they stuck to it and are on track to plant 1 billion trees by 2030 (they’re at over 83 million now). Founded in 2012 by Derrick Emsley, this affordable brand doesn’t stop there. It’s also a Certified B Corporation and has climate-neutral shipping. 

Regardless of your gender, if you love comfy clothes, this is the place to shop.

Using sustainable and recycled fabrics, they also accept donations. Sizes range from XS-3X for their everyday basics. Tees & tanks are $30-$40, joggers are $88.


  • Has planted 83 million+ trees
  • Certified B Corporation
  • Climate Neutral 
  • XS-3X
  • Men’s & women’s clothing

#3 Patagonia

Best Sustainable Clothing Brands

Ever since its creation in 1973, Patagonia has been dedicated to making a difference. Specializing in outdoor gear, this thoughtful brand has a rep for helping to close the loop on clothing production. 

Founded by Yvon Chouinard and based in California, Patagonia is Fair Trade Certified and uses mostly organic cotton and recycled fabrics for its clothing. There’s also a place to buy used clothing, and if you need something repaired, the brand often offers it for free. 

From kids’ everyday wear to men’s and women’s outdoor jackets, sizes range from XXS-2XL. Generally, a pair of pants clocks in at $80+, but you can find lower prices in their worn-wear shop. 


  • Certified B Corporation
  • Sizes XXS-2XL
  • Uses organic & recycled materials
  • Option to buy used
  • Repairs for worn apparel & gear

#4 Stella McCartney

Best Sustainable Clothing Brands

Stella McCartney is the name in sustainable designer fashion.

Since launching in 2001, the designer has made it her mission to do better with her brand. You’ll find edgy, trend-forward pieces in the line, made from eco-friendly materials like organic cotton and recycled fabric. 

Using the UN’s Guiding Principles for human rights, Stella McCartney is an awesome pick if you want high-quality, chic, and thoughtful apparel.

If you’re looking for animal skins and fur, search elsewhere. Her cheetah print bodysuit goes for $950, while a Refibra (recycled fiber) cut-out top costs $375.


  • Vegan, cruelty-free fashion
  • Uses recycled materials
  • Follows UN’s human rights
  • Runway fashion

#5 MATE the Label

Best Sustainable Clothing Brands

MATE the Label has a small start as a vintage-inspired tee brand. Founded by Kayti O’Connell Carr, this California-based brand meets strict standards for those who care about the planet.

All of the materials it uses are organic and natural, and its clothing is made in the USA.

Also a climate-neutral-certified brand, they ship in eco-friendly packaging and give 1% of all profits to organizations that help the planet. You’ll love this brand if you’re into comfortable basics. The Boxy Sleeve Shirt is $128, a cropped tank is $38.


  • Made in the USA
  • 1% For The Planet
  • Climate-neutral
  • Eco-friendly packaging
  • Natural & organic materials
  • Sized XS-3X

#6 Girlfriend Collective

Best Sustainable Clothing Brands

Everyone is talking about the Girlfriend Collective, and rightly so. An awesome place to shop for activewear, if WFH in leggings and buttery tanks is your MO, this brand happily delivers.

Founded by Ellie Dinh in 2016, Girlfriend Collective was born out of the designer’s need for ethical leggings.

Teaming up with her husband, Quang Dinh, the new age brand emerged and has been on the top of sustainable shoppers’ wish lists ever since. Sports bras are $40+, leggings are $80+.


  • Uses recycled ocean plastic
  • Uses fabric waste
  • Sizes from XXS-6XL
  • Activewear

#7 Naadam

Best Sustainable Clothing Brands

Launched in 2013, NAADAM is loved for its ethical cashmere sweaters that are kind to goats—really.

Using the wool from Mongolian mountain goals (which the brand says are super happy, free to roam the mountainside, and get medical attention when in need), they create incredibly soft sweaters that are a must for the chilly seasons.

Normally, high-quality cashmere is super expensive. And I’ll admit that some of NAADAM’s sweaters are costly. The reason they’re such a popular brand is because of their $75 sweater.

Of course, the fact that they pay their workers fairly and use both renewable and recycled materials is a draw too—and is why they’re here on this list of the best sustainable clothing brands.


  • Renewable & recycled materials
  • Pays workers fairly
  • Cashmere from happy Mongolian sheep
  • Affordable options

#8 Everlane

Best Sustainable Clothing Brands

There are a few brands that make every single list of best sustainable clothing brands. One of them is Everalne. Founded in 2010 by Michael Preysman and Jesse Farmer, their goal was to offer men ethical clothing that was also transparent

That means that when you buy something from Everlane, you can see how much it costs to make and how much it’s marked up, giving you total awareness. 

Over the past few years, Everlane has expanded to include women’s and kids’ items as well, much of which is produced with recycled materials.

Their 80s Blazer is $175 while a Cotton Box Cut Tee is $30.


  • No virgin plastic
  • Transparent sales model
  • Recycled & FSC-certified shipping materials 
  • GOTS-certified

#9 Reformation

Best Sustainable Clothing Brands

Reformation is, perhaps, one of the most talked about sustainable fashion brands on the planet. Why is that, exactly? Take one look at their slinky dresses and posh tops and you’ll know.

Founded in 2009 by Yael Aflalo, the California-based brand is one of the most deceivingly eco-friendly companies on this planet. 

To me, Reformation proves that sustainability can be sexy, it doesn’t just have to be basics and yoga pants (though, I’ll take all the buttery bamboo tees I can get).

Browse through their collection of jeans, formalwear, and outerwear made from renewable and recycled materials, and you’ll see sizes from XXS-3X, and likely, your new favorite dress. Dresses start as low as $98 but most hover around the $250-$300 mark. 


  • Recycling program
  • Recycled & upcycled materials
  • Chic, on-trend style
  • Sizes up to 3X
  • Perfect fitting clothing
  • Petite sizes

#10 Mara Hoffman

Best Sustainable Clothing Brands

If you’ve never heard of Mara Hoffman, you’re definitely going to want the designer in your wardrobe for a special day. I say every day is special, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself pulling out her figure-flattering skirts day after day. 

One of the names on this list of the best sustainable clothing brands that offers luxury apparel, her pieces are bright and have intriguing, feminine silhouettes that I think every girl needs at least one of in her closet.

Using materials like hemp, organic cotton, and climate-beneficial wool, this 22-year-old company even beat Stella McCartney to the punch. Skirts are $300+, tops are $200+.


  • Extended sizes
  • Resell section (used clothing)
  • Only uses sustainable materials
  • Fashion-forward
  • XXS-3X

#11 Pact

Best Sustainable Clothing Brands

Pact has been at the forefront of the organic farming game since 2009. Based in Colorado, you won’t find plastic materials anywhere in its collection. What you will find are Fair Trade-certified fabrics, GOTS-certified cotton, and biodegradable packaging. 

There’s even a place to donate used clothing. I’m sure it’s easy to see why Pact made this list of the best sustainable clothing brands. 

From kids’ to adults’ essentials (including tees, joggers, and underwear), sizes typically range from XS-2X and are reasonable prices.

You can get a 3 pack of men’s tees for $70 or a pair of organic cotton and hemp pants for $100.


  • GOTS cotton
  • Fair Trade Certified Factories
  • Carbon offset shipping
  • Give back box

What Are Sustainable Clothing Brands? 

Best Sustainable Clothing Brands

You may be familiar with the term “sustainable clothing,” but what does it actually mean? Sustainable clothing brands are those that focus on three key areas: environmentally-friendly production, ethical labor practices, and social responsibility

In terms of production, sustainable brands use materials that are environmentally friendly and have a low impact on the planet. This might include organic cotton, bamboo, or even recycled bottle warmer plastics

Sustainable brands also strive to ensure that their workers are paid fair wages and work in safe conditions.

Finally, social responsibility is important to sustainable brands. This means giving back to the community, whether it’s through donating to charity or supporting local initiatives. 

By choosing to buy from sustainable brands, you can help make a difference in the fashion industry and create a more positive impact on the world.

The Benefits Of Sustainable Clothing Brands

Best Sustainable Clothing Brands

Sustainable clothing brands are a great way to shop for clothes while supporting sustainable practices.

They typically use sustainable materials, like organic cotton or recycled polyester, and employ sustainable manufacturing practices, like fair trade. They also typically have a smaller carbon footprint than traditional clothing brands.

These clothing brands offer a number of benefits over traditional ones. Sustainable materials are often better for the environment and for your skin.

Sustainable manufacturing practices help to support workers in developing countries and can often result in higher-quality clothes. And, as mentioned before, sustainable clothing brands typically have a smaller carbon footprint.

So, if you’re looking for a way to shop smarter and do your part for the environment, consider shopping with sustainable clothing brands. 

To help you get started, we’ve compiled a list of the best sustainable clothing brands below. Happy shopping!

Are Sustainable Clothing Brands Worth It?

Best Sustainable Clothing Brands

Sustainable fashion is a rapidly growing industry, with more and more brands emerging that focus on sustainable and ethical production practices.

But with so many options out there, it can be hard to know which brands are actually worth your money. So, what makes a sustainable clothing brand worth investing in? Here are three things to look for:

1. A commitment to sustainable materials: sustainable materials are those that have a low environmental impact, are sourced responsibly, and are biodegradable or recyclable. Some sustainable materials include bamboo, organic cotton, wool, and linen.

2. Fair labor practices: unfortunately, the fashion industry has a long history of exploitation, particularly when it comes to garment workers in developing countries. A sustainable clothing brand should be transparent about its production practices and should ensure that its workers are paid a fair wage and treated fairly.

3. A commitment to reducing waste: sustainable brands understand the importance of reducing waste at every stage of the production process. They often use innovative methods to reduce wastage, such as using deadstock fabric or repurposing scraps into new garments.

When you invest in a sustainable clothing brand, you can be confident that your money is going towards a company that is working to minimize its impact on the environment and improve the lives of garment workers around the world. 

So yes, sustainable brands are definitely worth your money!

Who Are Sustainable Clothing Brands For?

Best Sustainable Clothing Brands

Sustainable clothing brands are those which have a reduced environmental impact throughout their life-cycle, from the growing of the raw materials, to the manufacture, use, and disposal of the finished product.

There are a number of sustainable clothing brands available on the market, catering to different budgets and style preferences. 

Some of the best sustainable clothing brands include Patagonia, Eileen Fisher, and prAna. These brands source sustainable materials such as organic cotton and recycled polyester, and they use energy-efficient production methods. 

Sustainable clothing brands are a great choice for anyone who is looking to reduce their environmental impact. They offer high-quality products that are stylish and affordable. 

Whether you are looking for a new outfit for work or a casual outfit for weekend wear, sustainable clothing brands have something to offer everyone.

How To Shop For The Best Sustainable Clothing Brands

Best Sustainable Clothing Brands

These days, sustainable fashion is more popular than ever. As consumers become more aware of the environmental and social impact of the fashion industry, they are increasingly looking for brands that are committed to sustainable practices.

If you’re interested in shopping for sustainable clothing, there are a few things you should keep in mind. 

First, look for brands that use sustainable materials, such as organic cotton or bamboo. 

Second, seek out brands that employ fair labor practices, such as paying workers a living wage and providing safe working conditions. 

Finally, support brands that give back to the environment or community, such as through charitable initiatives or sustainable production practices. 

By keeping these criteria in mind, you can be sure to find the best sustainable clothing brands that align with your values.


Which clothing brand is the most sustainable?

Sustainable clothing brands are difficult to come by. However, there are a few that stand out from the rest. Patagonia is one sustainable clothing brand that is making a difference. They use recycled materials in their clothing and are committed to fair labor practices. 

Another sustainable clothing brand is Eileen Fisher. They use sustainable materials like organic cotton and linen and strive to reduce their environmental impact.

Lastly, prAna is a sustainable clothing brand that focuses on using sustainable materials, such as hemp and certified organic cotton. 

What are the most environmentally friendly fabrics?

Sustainable, environmentally friendly, natural fabrics. These are all terms that you have probably seen thrown around a lot lately in the sustainable fashion industry.

But what do they actually mean? And more importantly, which sustainable fabrics are the most environmentally friendly?

To answer these questions, we first need to understand what makes a fabric sustainable. Sustainable fabrics are those that are produced in a way that is environmentally friendly and does not damage or deplete the environment.

This can include using sustainable farming methods, recyclable materials, or renewable energy sources. sustainable fabrics can also be made from sustainable materials such as organic cotton or bamboo.

So which sustainable fabrics are the most environmentally friendly? We have compiled a list of the best sustainable fabrics below:

  • Organic Cotton – Organic cotton is grown without the use of harmful pesticides or chemicals. This makes it safer for both the environment and the workers who cultivate it. Furthermore, organic cotton is often sourced from small farmers, which helps to support local economies.
  • Bamboo – Bamboo is an incredibly fast-growing grass that does not require any pesticides or chemicals to thrive. It also requires very little water to grow, making it an extremely efficient and sustainable crop. Bamboo is often used in sustainable clothing brands as a sustainable alternative to traditional cotton.
  • Hemp – Hemp is another sustainable alternative to traditional cotton. It requires far less water to grow and does not need any chemicals or pesticides. In addition, hemp fabric is extremely durable and breathable, making it ideal for clothing.
  • Recycled Polyester – Polyester is one of the most commonly used synthetic fibers in the world. However, conventional polyester is made from petroleum products, which can be damaging to the environment. Recycled polyester is made from recycled plastic bottles and other post-consumer waste, making it a much more sustainable option.
  • TENCEL™ Lyocell – TENCEL™ Lyocell is a sustainable fabric made from wood pulp cellulose fibers. It requires far less water and energy to produce than conventional textile fibers such as cotton or polyester. In addition, TENCEL™ Lyocell fabrics are soft, absorbent, and durable, making them perfect for clothing items such as shirts, pants, and dresses.

As you can see, there are many different sustainable fabrics that are environmentally friendly options for your clothing purchases.

When shopping for sustainable clothing brands, be sure to look for those that use these sustainable fabrics in their garments.

By doing so, you will be supporting brands that are working to minimize their impact on the environment while still providing high-quality clothes that you will love wearing!

Final Thoughts

There was a ton to unpack in this list of the best sustainable clothing brands, and we hope you enjoyed what you found. At the very least, you’re walking away with more knowledge about eco-friendly clothing, but at best, you’ve found your new favorite brand.

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