Lancaster Puppies Review

About Lancaster Puppies 

Lancaster Puppies Review

Are you looking for your four-legged soulmate? This Lancaster Puppies review will look at the website that features classified ads for puppies that are for sale by breeders in Pennsylvania, Indiana, New York, and Ohio. 

Lancaster Puppies is the seamless middleman between breeders and customers looking for a puppy from responsible and ethical breeders and families. The brand has accumulated a strong social media following with over 22,000 likes on Facebook. 

Ready to learn more about this website that’s filled to the brim with cute puppies? This Lancaster Puppies review will take an in-depth look at the website and how it works, the customer ratings, promotions, and more, in order to help you decide if Lancaster Puppies could be your matchmaker. 

Overview of Lancaster Puppies 

Lancaster Puppies Review

Lancaster Puppies was founded in 2013 as a puppy classified ads website for people selling dogs in Pennsylvania and the surrounding states. 

The main goal for the website has been to connect people who want to sell puppies to responsible dog owners with those who are looking for a canine best friend. The website hopes to simplify the process of finding breeders that are responsible, ethical and keep their dogs healthy and safe. 

Now that you’ve learned some background on Lancaster Puppies, let’s take a look at some of the highlights in using this website to shop for your next puppy. 


  • 200+ breeds of puppies for sale in the PA area 
  • Purchasing directly from a breeder usually means lower prices 
  • Most breeders on Lancaster Puppies offer a 30-day health guarantee 
  • Filtered search allows you to look for AKC registered dogs as well as other certifications and registrations
  • Website has an “under $500 section” 
  • Sellers have to be approved before making a listing on the site 
Lancaster Puppies Review

Now that you’ve learned what Lancaster Puppies is all about, now let’s dig into the cute stuff… the puppies! 

Lancaster Puppies Review

Are you dying for some good quality puppy snuggles? Lancaster Puppies connects individuals in the eastern United States with puppies from over 200 different breeds. Whether you want a small hypoallergenic lap dog or a large mountain hiking companion, this website has a friend for you.

Lancaster Puppies German Shepherd Review

Are you looking for a four-legged athlete to join your team and morning runs? Lancaster Puppies German Shepherds are dying to burn off energy with you! 

German shepherds are known as highly athletic dogs that make great home security guards. This playful breed is highly intelligent and responds well to training. They are very affectionate and make a great addition to any active family.

Lancaster Puppies German Shepherd pricing begins at $500

Lancaster Puppies Golden Retriever Review

Whether you’re thinking of the dog from Air Bud or the loyal adventurer from the Homeward Bound movies, Lancaster Puppies Golden Retrievers are a family favorite for many. 

Golden retrievers are obedient and sweet, which makes them a great companion to a family with children. They are active pups that love playing frisbee and fetch. Retrievers are very smart and can be trained to help out around the house by getting the mail or coming along for hunting trips.

You’ll find blonde, tan, and golden Lancaster Puppies Golden Retrievers. There’s both males and females available with pricing starting at $600

Lancaster Puppies Dachshund Review

If you light up when you see a little sausage with short legs prancing down the street, then the Lancaster Puppies Dachshund page could bring you a loyal friend for life. 

Known for big energy in a tiny body and an overwhelming sense of adventure due to their hound breeding, Dachshunds love to get outside and have fun. They are playful animals with a stubborn streak. 

Lancaster Puppies Dachshunds pricing starts at $850

Lancaster Puppies Shih Tzu Review

Lancaster Puppies Shih Tzus will always be a great choice for families looking for a small breed with hypoallergenic fur. Whether you’re looking for a pup to snuggle on your lap or come along on your adventures in your bag, these mini companions have personalities twice their size.

Shih tzus make a great addition to any home with their friendly and easygoing nature, and their size also makes them easier to care for. Most shih tzus get no bigger than 12 – 15 lbs

There are both male and female Lancaster Puppies Shih Tzu puppies available in Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York and Indiana with pricing starting at $800

Lancaster Puppies Boxer Review

Are you looking for an energetic family dog that will make a great companion for kids? You would be foolish not to check out the Lancaster Puppies Boxers

Boxers are playful dogs that are very patient with children and make a great addition to any active family. These four-legged friends will make a great running partner, and let you know of any strangers getting too close to your house. 

A lot of the breeders selling boxers also offer AKC registration as well as 30-day health guarantees should there be any health issues. The Lancaster Puppies Boxers pricing starts at around $450

Who Is Lancaster Puppies For? 

Lancaster Puppies Review

Lancaster Puppies was created for future dog owners in the east coast of the United States (primarily Pennsylvania), who are looking for an easy way to connect with decent breeders online.

If you don’t have the time or patience to navigate the confusing world of dog breeding, Lancaster Puppies is a great website that simplifies the process for you. You can find all sorts of breeds, from puppies to older dogs, from sellers near Pennsylvania. Lancaster Puppies gets rid of that costly middle man, so you can enjoy low pricing. 

How Does Lancaster Puppies Make Sure Breeders Are Reputable?

Lancaster Puppies Review

Not just anyone can create a seller account on the Lancaster Puppies website. If you are a breeder looking to post a puppy ad on the platform, your application will need to be approved first. 

As a potential dog owner, you look for breeders that prioritize the health of the dog and keep them well fed, properly socialized, and safe. It can be helpful to ask for references from other dog owners that have adopted their puppies from them. 

The team at Lancaster Puppies makes an effort to scan the website for suspicious listings. 

How Does Lancaster Puppies Keep Prices So Low?

Lancaster Puppies Review

Lancaster Puppies posts puppy and dog ads from responsible sellers without all of the overhead and expensive fees that might incur from other dog selling services. They explain on their website that when you deal directly with the seller, it eliminates extra costs

Lancaster Puppies Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Lancaster Puppies Review

This Lancaster Puppies review knows that getting a dog is like inviting a new member into your family, and you don’t want to take any chances. It only makes sense to look at what previous customers have to say in online Lancaster Puppies reviews. 

Starting with their website, there are a number of positive Lancaster Puppies reviews from dog lovers that have found the perfect companion on their platform. One customer left a glowing testimonial discussing her experience that said: 

“I picked up Darling and she has been a great little pup! She went to the vet on Monday and got a clean bill of health as well. She is best friends with our current Boston [terrier], Mugs, and we are looking forward to the two of them being lifelong companions. I would make the 2 hour drive (one way) all over again.” 

On Sitejabber, Lancaster Puppies reviews currently sit at a 3.47/5 star average with reviewers ranking “service” and “value” as the top attributes of the online classified puppy platform 

One customer left a Lancaster Puppies review on Sitejabber discussing her seamless puppy purchasing experience through the breeder she found on the website: 

We found our perfect little guy, Bandit, on Lancaster Puppies. We drove from North Carolina to Ohio for pick up. The Yoders welcomed us into their home and when they brought Bandit to meet us he was well socialized with the family, including two small children. All shots and deworming had been done and properly recorded. Bandit was microchipped and very healthy.”

For anyone who is unsure about organizing and shipping a puppy through the classified dog ads website, there are a number of Lancaster Puppies reviews that confirm successful purchases. One person left a review on the Defaulters website that said: 

“We adopted a pup Shichon in 2010 from Lancaster puppies… [the] breeder was in Ohio. All went well. Did airline shipping to our airport here in Virginia. No problems. Healthy pups. Prices went up. No complaints. We got three great Shih-tzu mixes.” 

For those that have concerns about getting a puppy from an irresponsible breeder, there are a few Lancaster Puppies reviews from a few customers that did not have great experiences. It’s important to be cautious looking through puppy ads online, even on Lancaster Puppies, and make sure you’re getting a healthy puppy that has been bred responsibly

Is Lancaster Puppies Worth It?

Lancaster Puppies Review

Based on the Lancaster Puppies reviews that have been left by people who were connected to their new companion through the website, the platform is worth a shot. If you live in or around Pennsylvania, it’s a great option.

There are over 200 breeds featured on the website and the team at Lancaster Puppies is regularly monitoring the website for breeders or ads that could be fraudulent. Even if you live a few states away, there are resources available to have your puppy delivered to your home. 

Lancaster Puppies Promotions & Discounts 

Lancaster Puppies Review

If you have a budget in mind and are looking to spend $500 or less, there is an under $500 section on the website. It features both puppies and older dogs from responsible breeders in Pennsylvania and surrounding states. 

Where to Buy Lancaster Puppies 

Lancaster Puppies Review

You can shop for puppies for sale in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana and New York on their website:


Lancaster Puppies Review

Does Lancaster Puppies offer a health guarantee? 

For dogs that have been purchased in the state of Pennsylvania, there is the Dog Purchaser Protection Act that helps people who have been sold a puppy with preexisting health conditions. 

A lot of breeders offer a health guarantee for 30 days after you’ve received your puppy. 

If you have any concerns about the health of your dog, take them to the vet and reach out to your breeder. 

Does Lancaster Puppies have a kennel? 

Lancaster Puppies does not have kennel services. They offer a platform for sellers to post ads of puppies available for purchase in the northeast region of the United States. 

What is Lancaster Puppies’ Shipping Policy?

For puppy lovers in Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, or Indiana, Lancaster Puppies encourages you to make arrangements to pick up your puppy in-person. Not only is it better for the dog, but it’s more cost effective. 

Please note that Lancaster Puppies does not ship animals. Depending on the breeder you get your dog from, there may be legal stipulations that prohibit shipping. 

If the breeder you’ve chosen on Lancaster Puppies does not have an adequate shipping process, you can reach out to Rob Kern in Ohio about “My New Puppy Delivery Service.” His information is listed on the website. 

Please note that it is customary for buyers to cover shipping costs. 

What is Lancaster Puppies’ Listing Policy?

Lancaster Puppies doesn’t have a return policy as it does not sell anything! The website is a platform for potential dog owners to connect with breeders in the Pennsylvania area.

Return policies will vary based on the breeder and sellers that you connect with. Please inquire with them about their individual policies. 

If you want to create a listing for a puppy or stud dog, you have to create a seller account with Lancaster Puppies. Sellers are required to fill out an application that needs to be approved by the team. The approval process usually takes one business day. 

How to Contact Lancaster Puppies

Have a question for Lancaster Puppies? Fill out the contact form on their website and someone will get back to you. 

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