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Legion Athletics Review

Legion Athletics is an American sports nutrition brand catering to professional and amateur athletes. Legion sells a variety of nutritional supplements including pre- and post-workout fuel, protein powders and bars, superfood boosters and sleep aids. They also sell meal plans to help you reach fitness goals like losing weight or building muscle. 

This popular company is notable for their transparent approach to sports nutrition

Legion Athletics clearly labels and explains the ingredients in all of their snacks and supplements. They also share why they use the ingredients they do, so you can understand the science behind their products – going so far as to include scientific studies in their product descriptions.

Created by a health and athletics expert, Legion Athletics has become very successful, selling over 2 million products to over 300,000 customers through their official site.

My Legion Athletics review will take a closer look at some of Legion Athletics’ best-selling supplements, their history, and their customers’ reviews, to help you decide if their products will suit your body and lifestyle! 

Overview of Legion Athletics

Legion Athletics Review

Legion Athletics was founded by American health and fitness expert Mike Matthews in 2013. The company is headquartered in Florida and they sell their products through their official website. 

Founder Mike Matthews is known for his fitness books, The Shredded Chef, Thinner Leaner Stronger, and The Little Black Book of Workout Motivation. Mike has been featured in magazines such as Elle, Men’s Health, and Esquire

Legion Athletics has an extensive line of products and services targeted to people looking to improve their health and fitness performance. 

Whether you are interested in adding a protein powder to your workout recovery or trying a fat-burning supplement, or looking for coaching and nutritional advice, Legion Athletics has you covered. 

While writing this Legion Athletics review, I’ve learned that this company has made a name for itself by offering nutritionally dense, natural ingredient-based snacks and supplements supported by scientific studies. Their website includes many citations to support their claims, so you can do your own research and see where their information is coming from. 

They are also known for offering risk-free purchases, since they offer free satisfaction guarantee refunds on any new product you try, no matter where you live.

Before we look at Legion Athletics’ best-selling products, let’s check out the highlights of buying from this trending brand!


  • Well-researched product line of nutritional supplements and workout supports
  • Offers free shipping to US customers
  • Free returns for all customers
  • Website offers a quiz so you can find your ideal product
  • Offers bundles of items at sale prices
  • Products and articles are evaluated by a team of physicians
  • Free nutritional calculators available on website

Legion Athletics Whey+ Isolate Protein Powder Review


The Legion Athletics Whey+ Isolate Protein Powder contains whey protein isolate, which is a rich source of protein derived from milk. Legion Athletics sources their whey from grass-fed cows on free-ranging farms in Ireland.

This post-workout powder allows you to enjoy the protein benefit of whey without having to drink the lactose from the milk itself. This product also has xanthan gum, natural flavors, sunflower lecithin, and salt. It is sweetened with stevia leaf and dextrin, so you don’t have to worry about added sugar.


This product is designed to provide you with a huge boost of protein while being very low in carbs, fat and sugar. This product has all-natural ingredients, and the whey comes from cows that spend 95% of their time grazing outside as nature intended! 

It is naturally sweetened with stevia, a plant that is sweet but does not have sugar content. It’s naturally flavored, too. You don’t have to worry about any artificial dyes or sweeteners here. This product is also lab-tested to guarantee its nutritive goodness.

Because the  Legion Athletics Whey+ Isolate Protein Powder is so high in protein, it will help you feel full while building muscle mass and promoting muscle recovery.

How Does It Work

One scoop of this whey-based supplement powder will give you 44% of your daily recommended protein, 14% of your calcium, and 5% of your iron

Because of its high protein content, it is an ideal snack for refueling after a workout session. Your body needs protein to repair muscles and recuperate from stress and strain, and this powder is designed to do just that.

How to Take & Dosage 

Mix 1 scoop of this powder into a glass of water or beverage of your choice for a pre or post-workout drink (or a filling snack!).

A tub of Legion Athletics Whey+ Isolate Protein Powder contains 30 servings and is priced at $50 for a one-time purchase, or $45 for a recurring subscription.

Legion Athletics Phoenix Stim-Free Fat Burner Review


The Phoenix Stim-Free Fat Burner contains powerful natural foods to help promote energy and athletic performance. 

These ingredients are Thai Ginseng, the spice Forskolin, and Grains of Paradise. It also has 5-HTP, L-DOPA, Iodine, and B vitamins.


This supplement helps your body burn fat while boosting your mood, satiety, and energy levels. Because this version of Phoenix is free of stimulants, there is no caffeine that can make you jittery. 

All of this supplement’s ingredients are sourced from natural plants and herbs that have been studied by scientists and nutritionists. The details of Phoenix Stim-Free Fat Burner’s active ingredients are all broken down on the Legion Athletics website, including linked sources from studies and journals.

How Does It Work

This Legion Athletics fat burner is designed to help your body burn fat effectively and curb your stress levels and appetite

According to the research cited by Legion Athletics, Thai Ginseng is known for promoting blood flow while the Grains of Paradise help your body expend energy by burning fat. This product also includes a cactus extract which promotes satiety and reduces stress (and stress eating!).

How to Take & Dosage

This supplement comes in capsule form. Legion Athletics recommends 3 capsules per day, beginning in the morning.

The Phoenix Stim-Free Fat Burner is on sale now for $40 for a 30 serving bottle, or $36 as a subscription

Legion Athletics Recharge Post-Workout Review


The Legion Athletics Recharge Post-Workout supplement powder contains creatine, which helps you gain muscle mass and reduces their soreness after exercise

It also includes an amino acid and corosolic acid to help your muscles repair themselves and improve your nutrient absorption. There are also natural flavors and stevia to make this powder tasty and enjoyable to drink.


This blend of acids and creatine is formulated to help your body recover after exercise, maximizing the results of all your effort! 

Legion Athletics says that with Legion Athletics Recharge Post-Workout, you may notice your muscles are less sore and are able to recover more quickly. You may also feel that you can put more into your next workout, as Recharge gives you the necessary nutrition to recuperate.

How Does It Work

When you have strained your muscles with a workout, they need to repair themselves in order to gain new muscle mass and perform well in your next workout session. 

According to Legion Athletics, this product’s creatine monohydrate, which you can also find in foods such as fish, meat, and eggs, increases how much glycogen can be stored in your muscles, helping them recover from exercise

Legion Athletics Recharge Post-Workout  also includes L-carnitine amino acid, which would also naturally be found in meat and dairy. It can help your body produce cellular energy and work wonders for muscle repair. 

It also contains corosolic acid. Derived from the leaves of the banaba plant (a relative of crepe myrtle), corosolic acid is intended to help your body properly absorb all of the nutrients you are giving it, boosting the effectiveness of your supplements.

How to Take & Dosage

Consume Legion Athletics Post-Workout at the end of your workout. Just pour yourself 10-12 ounces of water and mix in one serving scoop of the powder. 

A 30-serving tub of Legion Athletics Recharge Post-Workout powder costs $35, or $32 for a subscription. 

Legion Athletics Macro Calculator Review

The Legion Athletics Macro Calculator is a free tool the brand offers to everyone who visits their website. This calculator will help you understand the amount of different macronutrients you should eat per day in order to achieve any fitness goal you have.

What are macronutrients? In short: Fat, carbohydrates, and protein. Depending on your weight or muscle goals, your routines, and your ideal diet type, the calculator will tell you exactly how many grams of fat, carbs, and protein to aim for each day

The Legion Athletics Macro Calculator offers some flexibility with your preferred diet, and allows you to tailor your results to the following diet options:

  1.  Low carb
  2.  High carb
  3.  Keto
  4.  Balanced
  5.  High protein
  6.  Custom

Who Is Legion Athletics For? 

Legion Athletics Review

Legion Athletics caters to customers who are dedicated to their fitness goals! Their lines of supplements, snacks, and pre-and post-workout fuel are designed to help you maximize your exercise results.

This company’s products are made for people who want to easily incorporate a nutrition boost into their day. Their bars, powders, and vitamins are all easy to pack and store in your gym locker, office desk, or car, so you can enjoy them on the go.

With scientific research to explain what each ingredient has to offer your body, Legion Athletics will also appeal to customers who are careful about what they eat. This company lab tests each batch of their supplements to guarantee quality and purity, so conscientious customers can feel good about their purchase.

Legion Athletics Effects

Legion Athletics Review

The effect of supplements on the body will vary from person to person. Legion specifies that their product is a supplement, not a replacement for healthy eating and exercise. 

Some ingredients in Legion Athletics products may not be for everyone. For example, creatine may be harmful to some people’s kidneys if taken in excess. If you have any health conditions you will want to read the ingredient labels and instructions carefully, and discuss with your doctors before trying any new snack or supplement.

In general, you should always check the ingredients and check with your doctor before adding a new supplement to your regimen.

Legion Athletics Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Legion Athletics Review

Legion Athletics has gained quite a following since launching in 2013. This company has thousands of reviews from verified buyers available on their official website, where many of their customers comment on their products’ enjoyable taste and texture

One woman shares in her Legion Athletics review of the Whey+ Protein Powder:This protein is the best tasting protein I have used. It is not chalky and mixes well.” 

Another buyer feels the same way about the Legion Athletics Recharge Post-Workout supplement, writing in his Legion Athletics review: I enjoy taking recharge after my workouts and it tastes amazing! would highly recommend buying this product because it gives you everything you need to recover.”

Legion Athletics’ reviewers also compliment the brand on how effective their ingredients are. Many share that their supplements have helped them build muscle or reach other health goals

One woman reports in her Legion Athletics review: “I’ve certainly noticed a difference in my workout performance and muscle development when taking this consistently.” 

Another customer had a similar experience, sharing, “Recharge has immediately helped with my recovery…I can 100% tell the difference in the speed of muscle recovery.”

Legion Athletics also has a 3.1 out of 5-star rating on the review websiteTrustPilot. While TrustPilot doesn’t have many reviews, the few customers who’ve left their impressions mention Legion’s great customer service and good flavors, which they enjoyed incorporating into their daily routine.

One customer shares: “Legion Pulse gets me ready for my daily morning exercise. I love it. I had a small problem recently and Legion remedied the problem immediately. Fantastic company.” 

Another man’s Legion Athletics review keeps it simple: “Good product excellent protein flavour…”

This brand was also reviewed by a writer at This reviewer tested the Pulse Pre-Workout supplement and found that Legion Athletics did a good job of including helpful ingredients and getting the dosage right, too. 

He shares in his Legion Athletics review, “Something Legion Athletics does better than most other companies is ensure ingredient dosages are large enough. Way too many companies skimp on the dosages, which is an enormous problem in the sports nutrition industry.”

All in all, our Legion Athletics review of real customer feedback finds that customers are pleased with the taste, quality, and ingredients of their products and would recommend them to other health conscious consumers.

Is Legion Athletics Worth It?

Legion Athletics Review

Now that you’re familiar with what Legion Athletics has to offer, let’s recap if this brand is worth your buy! 

Like all sports nutrition companies, Legion Athletics’ products are not cheap and it’s important to get good value for your investment. I found that they are competitively priced in comparison to similar brands, and are setting themselves apart by using quality, all-natural ingredients, not fillers or artificial additives. 

Also, one of their best features is their free returns policy. It is pretty unusual to find a company who will give you your money back if you are not satisfied with their product, no strings attached! 

Many supplement brands only accept returns from certain countries and during a specific window of time, or they require you to ship back your purchase at your own expense.

Legion Athletics has set itself apart from other sports nutrition brands yet again by offering a truly risk-free customer experience.

Legion Athletics also has thousands of positive customer reviews from people who found that their products were both enjoyable and effective. Exercise enthusiasts love the taste and convenience of their products, and are happy with their fitness results, too

For all these reasons mentioned in this Legion Athletics review, I can readily recommend their products to anyone interested in improving their sports performance and meeting their fitness goals.

Legion Athletics Promotions & Discounts 

Legion Athletics Review

At the time of this Legion Athletics review, the brand is offering a rewards program through their website. They also offer discounts on products when you subscribe to receive them regularly. 

Legion further discounts some products when you buy them in “stacks.” For example, the products in the 30-Day Bigger Leaner Stronger Stack normally cost $304 if you were to purchase every item in the stack individually, but when you buy them together they are discounted to $182.

Where to Buy Legion Athletics

Legion Athletics Review

Did something in this Legion Athletics review catch your eye? You can purchase all their products through their official website.


Legion Athletics Review

Is Legion Athletics vegan?  

Many of Legion Athletics’ supplements contain whey, and are not vegan. However, they do have some vegan products available, such as the Plant+ Vegan Protein Powder.

Is Legion Athletics gluten-free? 

No, many of Legion Athletics’ products are manufactured in the same factories as wheat products, or may contain gluten themselves. 

What is Legion Athletics’ Shipping Policy?

Legion Athletics offers free shipping on all orders to US residents. Legion Athletics does ship internationally, but international orders must be over $199 to qualify for free shipping. International customers are responsible for paying for any necessary customs fees or taxes.

They unfortunately do not offer shipping to Mexico, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Finland, and Norway.

What is Legion Athletics’ Return Policy?

Our Legion Athletics review has found that this company offers full refunds to all customers on any product they’re trying for the first time

They do not require that you send back products or fill out forms – just contact the company. If you weren’t satisfied with a product, you simply receive your money back as long as you purchased the product within 365 days of requesting a refund.

How to Contact Legion Athletics

I hope you enjoyed this Legion Athletics review! For any lingering questions, here is the following contact information:

1255 Cleveland St., 4th Floor

Clearwater, FL 33755

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