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About Lexington Furniture

Lexington Furniture Review

It’s so easy to settle when it comes to furniture. You find a rotten chair on the curb and you think, You know what? That’s not half bad. Soon, your house is filled with second-hand pieces of furniture that don’t match, smell like cigarette butts, and that you’d be embarrassed to show your mother. 

It doesn’t have to be that way. If that scenario sounds all too familiar to you then Lexington Home Brands may be the company youre looking for. With decades of experience under its belt, it produces classic, high-end furniture suitable for any living space. 

Why sit on a throne of lies or sleep on a bed of nails when you could shop with a company that has 63k likes on Facebook and over 30k followers on Instagram? My Lexington furniture review will answer that question by checking out the brand’s history, its products, customer feedback, and more.

Overview Of Lexington Furniture

Lexington Furniture Review

Operating out of North Carolina, Lexington Home Brands distributes and produces captivating home furniture. It’s a far cry from the IKEAs of the world—instead, it creates pieces that are refined and distinctive. This company specializes in crafting furniture that can make you feel like you’ve entered another world or traveled through time.

Speaking of time, Lexington Home Brands has quite an interesting history. It’s only existed under that name since 1987 although it’s technically been around since 1903. That’s right, this brand has over a century of experience under its belt.

It was originally formed under the name Dixie-Elk Furniture Company and its business model wasn’t much different than it is today. Namely, it produced furniture that captured customers’ imaginations and sold them at fair prices. Shockingly, that strategy proved successful, and the brand only grew as time went on.

In order to diversify its products and better target certain markets, the Dixie-Elk Furniture Company split into four smaller companies: Dixie, Link-Taylor, Henry Link, and Young Hinkle. It was only in 1987 that the company adopted the name Lexington Home Brands after it was purchased by Masco Corp.

There were many benefits to bringing those four companies together. Namely, it granted Lexington Home Brands an advantage as they could learn from each smaller company’s design philosophy.

Did somebody mention design? Oh, I did. Let me take this opportunity to tell you that Lexington Home Brands designs and manufactures the vast majority of its products in the United States. Furthermore, it uses cherry wood from American trees in its wooden furniture.

So whether you’d like to redesign your bathroom, living room, or bedroom, you’ll likely find something you’ve been looking for in this company’s vast collection. The next section of my Lexington furniture review will cover a few of the brand’s highlights to help you understand why its products are so desirable.


  • Crafts some of the most exquisite furniture on the market
  • Distributes designer furniture brands
  • Produces most of its products in the United States
  • Extremely diverse product selection
  • International locations

If I spent this Lexington furniture review covering every available item then I’d have an honorary undergraduate degree accredited by the brand’s founders. Instead, I’m going to gloss over the categories of products they sell.

You can find beds, dressers, cabinets, tables, seats, mirrors, chests, bookcases, ottomans, and more. These are the brands that the company carries:

  1. Lexington
  2. Sligh
  3. Tommy Bahama Home
  4. Tommy Bahama Outdoor
  5. Barclay Butera
  6. Artistica Home

Lexington Furniture Review

While I won’t go over every item, I will tell you about a couple of my absolute favorite pieces in this section of my Lexington furniture review. A few of them are among the bestselling products in the brand’s catalog so you can rest assured that they’re loved by more people than just myself. 

Lexington Furniture Los Altos By Tommy Bahama Home Antilles Upholstered Panel Bed Review

The first item in this Lexington furniture review is this stunning panel bed. It combines rustic wood with a subtle bohemian flair for a piece that’s a bit more visually interesting than most wooden bed boards.

The Lexington Furniture Los Altos By Tommy Bahama Home Antilles Upholstered Panel Bed has a leather headboard that’s outlined by a nailhead trim. This gives it a distinctive appearance apart from the rest of the frame.

The sideboards and footboards of this item are made from oak, which creates the feeling of sleeping in a wooden cabin. While all that is impressive, the only downside to the Lexington Furniture Los Altos By Tommy Bahama Home Antilles Upholstered Panel Bed is that it’s currently unavailable. It will go up for sale again on September 30, 2022.

Lexington Furniture Cohesion Program By Artistica Home Aperitif Round/Oval Dining Table Review

You can tell exactly what this table is good for by looking closely at its name. The Lexington Furniture Cohesion Program By Artistica Home Aperitif Round/Oval Dining Table is all about bringing people together and promoting harmony through cohesion. But what does it do that makes people want to come together while sitting at it?

Well, its rounded edges can bring people together in a more conversational setting. Plus, it can accommodate more people since it can extend from a 42” circular top to a 66” oval if you use inserts. At that size, the Lexington Furniture Cohesion Program By Artistica Home Aperitif Round/Oval Dining Table can seat up to six people.

Furthermore, this table is made from Mahogany veneers and bleached Mahogany, giving it a homely vibe that feels inviting to old friends and new ones. You should invite some people over for a sip of coffee when the Lexington Furniture Cohesion Program By Artistica Home Aperitif Round/Oval Dining Table goes on sale on August 9, 2022.

Lexington Furniture Studio Designs By Sligh Anthology Linen Writing Desk Review

The next item in this Lexington furniture review is for the writers who are reading this article. It doesn’t matter if you’re writing the next great American novel, a thinkpiece about how Twitch streamers are profiting off of lonely individuals, or the hottest fanfiction on the internet, you’re going to love the Lexington Furniture Studio Designs By Sligh Anthology Linen Writing Desk.

Not only is it one of the most visually appealing desks I’ve seen in recent times—just look at that dove gray finish—but its also robust. It has three drawers that open upwards so that they won’t clutter your workspace. Inside one of them is a power jack with two USB outlets. 

As if that wasn’t enough, you can pull the desk’s surface towards yourself to modify its ergonomics. You can cater it to your optimal specifications. Plus, when you pull the desk out then you’ll reveal even more storage space underneath.

The 48” Lexington Furniture Studio Designs By Sligh Anthology Linen Writing Desk will be available for purchase on February 27, 2023.

Lexington Furniture Bal Harbour By Sligh Rum Runner Desk Chair Review

A chair is so much more than a place to park your cheeks. Take the Lexington Furniture Bal Harbour By Sligh Rum Runner Desk Chair and compare it to your standard office chair. The latter is functional, sure, but it doesn’t have much of a personality. Conversely, Lexington Home Brand’s chair is oozing with style and charisma.

This chair is both classy and rugged like a prince that’s been ousted from the royal family. Its dark leather seat is supported by a rattan back. The wooden structure matches the brown colorway for an earthy complexion. Oh, and did you notice the brass casters on the bottom, which turn this chair into a functional apparatus?

The Lexington Furniture Bal Harbour By Sligh Rum Runner Desk Chair is available now through certain Lexington Home Brands retailers. Check which location is closest to you to find out how much it costs.

Lexington Furniture Pavlova By Tommy Bahama Outdoor Sofa Review

The first sofa to grace this Lexington furniture review is no slouch. Okay, you can slouch on it if you want, but it works hard to ensure that you don’t have to. 

The Lexington Furniture Pavlova By Tommy Bahama Outdoor Sofa is best placed on outdoor patios or in the backyard. With its aluminum base, it’s more suitable for outdoor settings than living rooms or dining rooms. 

It has a natural appeal coming from its acrylic fabrics and cushion straps. These aren’t just for show either. They can help the couch survive outdoor conditions that other sofas would crumble under. Of course, it won’t survive a torrential downpour, but it can last through sun and wind that would tarnish lesser sofas.

The Lexington Furniture Pavlova By Tommy Bahama Outdoor Sofa is in stock at certain Lexington Home Brands locations. 

Lexington Furniture Palm Desert By Tommy Bahama Home Ambrose Round Mirror Review

The last product to earn its place in this Lexington furniture review is this summery mirror. Mirrors usually try to make you look good—that’s their purpose after all—but the Lexington Furniture Palm Desert By Tommy Bahama Home Ambrose Round Mirror steals the spotlight for itself.

That’s not a bad thing either. Its flashy, stand-out look makes it a great addition to any common area in a building that could use a little dash of excitement. It has a gold finish and a sundial shape that make it look more like the actual sun than a standard mirror.

You can purchase the Lexington Furniture Palm Desert By Tommy Bahama Home Ambrose Round Mirror right now at select Lexington Home Brands stores.

Who Is Lexington Furniture For? 

Lexington Furniture Review

Lexington Home Brands’ furniture is for people who put a bit more thought into the layout of their rooms. These products are best for those who want to inject their living spaces with spice and personality. 

Lexington Furniture Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Lexington Furniture Review

To give you a clear picture of what customers think about this brand, I’ve created a list of Lexington furniture review scores from across the internet. These ratings are all customergenerated—meaning they’re from people who have shopped from the company firsthand.

  • Wayfair: 4.8/5 stars based on hundreds of customer reviews
  • Birdseye: 4.3/5 stars based on more than 30 customer reviews
  • Facebook: 5/5 stars based on two customer reviews

It wasn’t a surprise that most Lexington furniture reviews that customers left praised the quality of the furniture. Not only were they deemed as classy, elegant, and beautiful, but their construction was also well-regarded. Plus, people reported that the furniture is tough and long-lasting. 

Here’s how one customer put it in their Lexington furniture review: “You can’t go wrong with Lexington furniture! Amazing quality!

The company has built up a solid reputation based on its consistent quality. Many buyers feel comfortable shopping for its products because they know that they’re going to get furniture that checks all the necessary boxes. 

So, if you’re planning on buying furniture from this company, then you can rest assured that it’ll be stable, beautiful, and weighty—at least according to customer testimonials.

Here’s what another buyer said about their furniture purchase: “Love my furniture! These are big and spacious came well packed and are sturdy and heavy.”

Another thing that customers seem to love is that Lexington Home Brands often encouraged them to get creative with their interior decor. The pieces were so exciting that people wanted to pair them with other products, building up their homes into personal oases of self-expression rather than carbon-copy living spaces.

One buyer perfectly captured the overall aesthetic of Lexington Home Brands furniture when they wrote, “Absolutely love this collection. Artistic flair with modern edge of timeless fashion completes our breakfast room!

I’m going to wrap up this section of my Lexington furniture review by recapping the main things that customers liked about the brand.

  • Sturdy craftsmanship
  • Interesting designs
  • Inspiring aesthetic

Is Lexington Furniture Legit?

Lexington Furniture Review

I can happily report that I did not find any worrisome reviews that led me to believe that Lexington Home Brands is untrustworthy. There were some customer reviews that said that products arrived with slight damages, but this is most likely the responsibility of the shipping company rather than Lexington Home Brands’ fault. 

As such, I feel comfortable saying that Lexington Home Brands is legit.

Is Lexington Furniture Worth It?

Lexington Furniture Review

Lexington Home Brands does enough things correctly that it would be my first destination if I was ever looking for furniture. It has the product diversity, brand recognition, eloquent designs, and reputation that makes me consider it among the best furniture manufacturers today.

Lexington Furniture Promotions & Discounts 

Lexington Furniture Review

You can find some Lexington Home Brands products available for sale on Wayfair, but that seems to be the only sort of promotion widely available at the moment. Otherwise, contact your local Lexington Home Brands dealer to see if they have any discounts on the products.

Where To Buy Lexington Furniture

Lexington Furniture Review

One of the things to note about Lexington Home Brands is that you can’t order its products directly through its website. Instead, it has retail locations across Canada and the United States. Plus, some of its items are sold by private carriers. 

The best way to locate which shops sell Lexington Home Brands’ furniture is by using the store locator function on the company’s website.

If you’re committed to the online shopping experience then I recommend checking out Wayfair as they carry some of the brand’s products.


Lexington Furniture Review

Who owns Lexington Home Brands?

The Chinese company Luolai Lifestyle Technology currently owns Lexington Homes Brands.

Does Lexington Home Brands ship internationally?

Although Lexington Home Brands does not ship internationally, it has distributors in many countries in the Americas, Asia, and Europe. So, you should be able to find a carrier close to you.

What is Lexington Home Brands’ shipping policy?

As previously mentioned, the brand doesnt ship its products from its website. Instead, its distributors handle all shipments. As such, I cannot report on its shipping policy as there isn’t any information about it on the company’s website.

What is Lexington Home Brands’ return policy?

Similar to its shipping policy, I cannot provide exact details on its return policy since that information isn’t publicly available on its website. This is a question for the company’s customer service team or for the dealer you wish to purchase from.

How To Contact Lexington Home Brands

I’ll conclude this Lexington furniture review by telling you how you can contact the brand if you have any questions. The easiest way to do that is by filling out a customer service form on the company’s website,

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