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Lifestraw Review

There are organizations that manufacture good items, and there are brands that give back to those around them, but it’s not often that you come across a company that does both. However, Lifestraw is one of the rare ones that does both remarkably well.

The company has been making meaningful and beneficial changes in Africa for nearly two decades with its powerful water filtration services. And over the past ten years, it’s adapted those technologies to suit the modern consumer. 

Lifestraw’s water bottles, filters, and other household products have earned it astoundingly high customer reviews and an impressive 57k followers on Instagram.

Today, I’m going to find out what makes this brand so special. This Lifestraw review will look at the company’s history, its products, humanitarian efforts, customer feedback, and more.

Overview Of Lifestraw

Lifestraw Review

The technology behind Lifestraw has been around since 1999. It was created to remove the Guinea worm larva from drinking water in African countries. After that, an at-home model was developed to help people filter their water in larger quantities in their homes. 

During its first ten years of business, the company focused solely on helping developing countries. This resulted in them helping over four million people in Kenya gain access to cleaner and more reliable water sources. The brand has also put money towards testing for HIV/AIDS.

It wasn’t until 2013 that Lifestraw entered the markets in developed countries. Its first commercially available product was the Lifestraw Go. However, its expansion into traditional markets wasn’t driven by profit. The company redistributed some of its profits to further its activism and humanitarian efforts in Africa.

What’s even more impressive than its technology is the brand’s prosocial activities. The company claims that every water bottle it sells ensures that a child receives clean drinking water for a year. That’s not just a marketing ploy since Lifestraw has a rigorous ‘Give Back program’ which distributes the company’s water filtration to children in need.

Lifestraw has set up installations in western Kenya that are operated by local workers. It has provided over six million children with clean drinking water for at least a year. Beyond that, it’s also provided humanitarian relief to people who have suffered at the hands of natural disasters. 

The past two years have been equally as fruitful in terms of the brand’s development. In 2020 it earned a Climate Neutral Certification by making all of its productions carbon neutral or by finding ways to offset its emissions. In the next year, it earned a B Certification for its sustainable practices.

In this overview alone I’ve already presented plenty of reasons why Lifestraw is a brand that you should have on your radar. However, those aren’t the only noteworthy things about this company. In fact, it’s just the tip of the iceberg. I’ll get into more nuanced info about the brand’s products after I run through the highlights section of this Lifestraw review.


Lifestraw Review
  • Intricate water filtration products
  • Certified B corporation
  • Certified climate-neutral company
  • The brand donates water to children for every product it sells
  • Free shipping on all US orders over $50
  • Readily available through many retailers

Even though I’ll only cover a few items in this Lifestraw review, know that the brand has a wide array of goods. It makes filters for water bottles, pitchers, and travel purposes. It also makes canteens and other accessories that can purify water when you’re in the great outdoors.

Lifestraw Pitcher Review

What’s the simplest way to eliminate plastic waste? How about cutting back on plastic, single-use water bottles? The pitchers featured in this Lifestraw review can do much more than replace those flimsy plastic bottles. Let’s explore what they’re capable of below.

Lifestraw Home Glass Pitcher Review

Lifestraw Home Glass Pitcher Review
Lifestraw Home Glass Pitcher

Don’t you hate it when you can taste the microplastics, bacteria, and parasites in your water? How about instead of masking the taste with a water flavoring mix, you make it taste better? That’s what the Lifestraw Home Glass Pitcher can do for you.

The Lifestraw Home Glass Pitcher can remove more than just pesky pieces of life trying to feed off of your ecosystem. It can also filter out and reduce some of the most common chemicals found in tap water like:

  1. Lead
  2. Mercury
  3. Chlorine

Plus, it can clear away dirt, dust, and pesticides. It does all this without removing the minerals that you want like magnesium and potassium. The other benefit to making your water purer is that it should taste much better.

The Lifestraw Home Glass Pitcher can hold over seven cups of water and can make a world of difference in the water you drink for only $60.

Lifestraw Home 7-cup Review 

Lifestraw Home 7-cup Review 
Lifestraw Home 7-cup

Upon first glance, the Lifestraw Home 7-cup may look eerily similar to the last product in this Lifestraw review—and your eyes don’t deceive you. This item has many of the same properties and benefits as the Lifestraw Home Glass Pitcher but it comes with a few notable changes.

Firstly, the Lifestraw Home 7-cup doesn’t include a silicone base, so it’s a tad more fragile. Secondly, it comes in three different colors: white, charcoal, and aqua. Finally, it costs much less, coming in at only $40. So if any of those features appeal to you then I’d recommend picking this product.

Lifestraw Water Bottle Review

Earlier in this Lifestraw review, I mentioned the necessity of replacing plastic water bottles with more sustainable alternatives. Filters are a great option for when you’re home, but you can’t take your water filter with you when you leave the house. Thankfully, Lifestraw also has a phenomenal selection of water bottles that have the same capabilities as their at-home filters.

Lifestraw Go 1L Review

Lifestraw Go 1L Review
Lifestraw Go 1L

Without even touching on how the Lifestraw Go 1L can improve the quality of your water, first let’s talk about its advantages over a traditional plastic water bottle. It has a huge 1-liter carrying capacity, is dishwasher safe (once you remove the filter), and is BPA-free. Plus, it comes in seven different colors. And how many plastic water bottles do you see with colorful designs?

The filter inside of the Lifestraw Go 1L can keep your water as pure as an angel’s dream by ridding it of common pollutants like dirt, sand, microplastics, bacteria, parasites, and cloudiness. This process can also make your water taste a lot better—something that may encourage you to drink more water.

The Lifestraw Go 1L can be yours for $45.

Lifestraw Go Stainless Steel Review

Lifestraw Go Stainless Steel Review
Lifestraw Go Stainless Steel

The next water bottle I want to showcase in my Lifestraw review is the company’s stainless steel option. Some people prefer stainless steel water bottles for their insulation capabilities and the Lifestraw Go Stainless Steel has those in spades.

This water bottle has a double wall vacuum insulation system that can keep your water as cold as an ice bath. This makes it a great item for long, hot, and sunny summer days when your body is craving a hit of cold water.

Of course, the Lifestraw Go Stainless Steel can keep your water safe and great-tasting too. It uses the same filter system as the rest of the items in this Lifestraw review.

You can buy the Lifestraw Go Stainless Steel for $60

Lifestraw Filter Review

The Lifestraw filters are the cornerstone of the brand. They support nearly every other product and are vital to the brand’s success. That’s why I’m dedicating an entire section of this Lifestraw review to looking at two of the company’s most impressive filters.

Lifestraw Personal Water Filter Review

Lifestraw Personal Water Filter Review
Lifestraw Personal Water Filter

The Lifestraw Personal Water Filter is a perfect item for traveling, camping, and hiking. It’s a personalized filtration system that acts similarly to a massive straw. You can sip from most water sources and rest assured that this filter cleans it of all common pollutants.

You don’t have to use the Lifestraw Personal Water Filter only when you’re outdoors. It’s a great idea to keep it around the house too if you don’t have another water filter. Since it’s so light—it only weighs two ounces—you can put it into any water-containing receptacle and drink clear water.

The Lifestraw Personal Water Filter can filter through over 1k gallons of water, which is roughly how much water you’ll drink over the course of five years. So, if you want clear drinking water for half a decade, then you can purchase this item for $20.

Lifestraw Flex Review

Lifestraw Flex Review
Lifestraw Flex

This product is the simplest out of all the items I’ve told you about so far. The Lifestraw Flex is a no-frills, to-the-point, meat-and-potatoes Lifestraw filtration system. It does everything you’ve come to expect from Lifestraw’s products and nothing more.

As such, this is the perfect item for minimalists who want the most basic of features. You can purchase the Lifestraw Flex for an agreeable $25.

Who Is Lifestraw For? 

Lifestraw Review

Lifestraw’s products are for people who want to clean up their drinking water. This is a larger issue than many people believe because even if water is clean, that doesn’t mean you want to drink it.

As such, people who live in areas where the tap water is hard, rough, or doesn’t taste good may enjoy Lifestraw because it can make the water taste better.

Lifestraw Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Lifestraw Review

I’ve listed all of the average customer scores from the products I’ve included in this Lifestraw review. All of these ratings were taken from the brand’s own website.

  • Lifestraw Personal Water Filter: 4.8/5 stars from 90 customers
  • Lifestraw Go Stainless Steel: 4.8/5 stars from more than 80 customers
  • Lifestraw Home Glass Pitcher: 4.7/5 stars from more than 500 customers
  • Lifestraw Home 7-cup: 4.7/5 stars from more than 500 customers
  • Lifestraw Go 1L: 4.5/5 stars from more than 200 customers
  • Lifestraw Flex: 4.5/5 stars from four customers

You don’t need a calculator to see that these are all extremely high scores. However, they’re only pulled from a single source. To provide you with a more well-rounded idea of what customers think about the brand, I’ve also taken ratings from other websites. 

  • LifeStraw Personal Water Filter Straw: Amazon – 4.8/5 stars from 97,000 customers
  • LifeStraw Personal Water Filter: Best Buy – 4.8/5 stars from more than 25 customers
  • LifeStraw Personal Water Filter Straw: MEC’s website – 4/5 stars from three customers

The most positive customer reviews mentioned how well Lifestraw’s products cleaned water. Some customers went into excruciating detail in their Lifestraw reviews about the quality of the water before they ran it through a Lifestraw filter. Afterward, they said that the water was as clear as day and tasted great.

Here’s what one individual wrote in their Amazon testimonial: “I drank from the most disgusting looking crevice filled with brown scum (see photo). I thought, this is going to be safe, but taste horrid. WRONG. TASTED LIKE THE FRESHEST SPRING WATER. Better than any tap.”

People found that they could rely on Lifestraw in the direst of circumstances. It alleviated their worries of being stranded without proper drinking water. This is an experience that one buyer nearly faced had it not been for their Lifestraw. Here’s their review:

I am going to keep this one simple. Recently I got stranded in the back woods of the Adirondack Mountains. I had ran out of water earlier on the first day and used this until I was rescued on the morning of day three. THIS WORKS, this helped save my life. If you hike YOU NEED THIS PRODUCT.

Many people appreciated how easy it was to use the product along with its portability. Those factors made customers consider the Lifestraw to be an essential item for any form of outdoor excursion. 

One customer’s Lifestraw review pointed to those positive traits. This is their review: “It is an advantage to carry this around with you instead of bottles of water or a hydration pack. I was not afraid at one second to stick this into a random creek we came across and start to drink.

The only real piece of customer criticism I found while looking through buyer testimonials was that these straws weren’t always to drink out of. Some people found that they had to suck extremely hard to get the water to course through the straw.

Fortunately, many of the reviews that included that critique later said that this was an issue that only cropped up during their first few uses. They said that it became easier for them to drink water through the straw after cleaning the product and getting used to it.

Is Lifestraw Worth It?

Lifestraw Review

Lifestraw’s humanitarian actions alone make it worthy of being on your radar. However, when you combine the company’s agreeable prices, ease of accessibility, and innovative water purifying technology, then I can’t think of any reason why you wouldn’t want to shop for its products.

Lifestraw Promotions & Discounts 

Lifestraw Review

If you want one of the items listed in this Lifestraw review but want to save a couple of bucks then try checking out the brand’s sale page on its website. 

I can’t guarantee that you’ll find what you’re looking for, but you should find some products that you can grab for a lower price. For example, the LifeStraw Universal is currently available for $28 rather than its regular price of $35.

Where To Buy A Lifestraw 

Lifestraw Review

You can buy a Lifestraw through the brand’s website, or via third-party retailers like Amazon, MEC, Best Buy, and Walmart.


Lifestraw Review

Who owns Lifestraw?

Alison Hill is the CEO of Lifestraw but the brand is owned by Vestergaard. 

How many times can one use a Lifestraw?

As I mentioned earlier in this Lifestraw review, you can use this product to filter up to 1,000 gallons of water.

What is the Lifestraw ‘Give Back Program?’

The Lifestraw Give Back Program is the company’s way of redistributing its wealth to communities that need support. It donates a community water purifier to schools for every 500 products that it sells. These purifiers can clean enough water to ensure that 100 children receive adequate water for the next five years.

Mathematically, Lifestraw rounds up these calculations by saying that one purchase of any of its products equates to giving one child clean drinking water for an entire year.

How To Contact Lifestraw

Lifestraw Review

You can contact Lifestraw by sending its team an email at [email protected]

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