Lucchese Boots Review

About Lucchese Boots

Lucchese Boots Review

Lucchese Boots is a Texas-based American company selling high-end cowboy boots for men and women, as well as clothing, bags, and accessories. 

My Lucchese Boots review has found that this brand has over a century of experience making and selling quality boots, and their name has become synonymous with American-made craftsmanship. 

Even today, the company upholds their tradition of handcrafting their products, with most of their boots made in their facilities in El Paso, Texas. 

Lucchese Boots shares detailed explanations of their manufacturing process, which includes using natural leathers and skins, hand-stitching seams and patterns, and maintaining “old-world” methods such as using brass and lemonwood pegs on their boot soles.

Their approach to footwear has attracted many loyal customers over the years, and has earned them a following of over 128k fans on Facebook and 170k on Instagram. 

My Lucchese Boots review will explore the brand’s buying highlights, best-selling product details, and customer feedback, so you can decide if you’d like to invest in a pair of their beautiful boots.

Keep reading this Lucchese Boots review to learn more about this company’s story.

Overview of Lucchese Boots

Lucchese Boots Review

Lucchese was founded in 1883 by the Lucchese brothers, Salvatore, Michael, Joseph, and Antonio, who had recently immigrated to Texas from Italy. The Luccheses, whose father was a shoemaker, built their family business handcrafting leather cowboy boots for customers. 

As the company grew, they served customers across the US and Mexico, and their natural leather boots – known for their softness and expert construction – became an increasingly important icon of American footwear.

Lucchese Boots have been worn by generals, influential ranchers, athletes, and Presidents – Lyndon B. Johnson was a lifelong wearer. 

My Lucchese Boots review has learned that with such a long history making high-quality footwear, this company even gained a celebrity following, with old Hollywood stars like Gregory Peck and James Dean wearing Lucchese Boots. 

More recently Prince Harry played on the Lucchese Polo team, and the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders currently wear Lucchese Boots as their official footwear.

Let’s check out the highlights of buying from Lucchese Boots.


Lucchese Boots Review
  • Brand has over 100 years of boot-making experience 
  • Made using traditional manufacturing methods, including hand-stitching
  • Huge selection of styles for men and women
  • Free shipping on purchases over $100
  • Positive customer reviews

Lucchese Women’s Boots Review

Lucchese women’s boots are for wearers who want a comfy, high-end pair of boots that looks like they came straight off the ranch!

Join my Lucchese Boots review as I shop through their best-selling Summer and Gaby boots.

Lucchese Summer Review

The Lucchese Summer Boot is handmade in Texas, and you can tell! This cowgirl boot is a true classic, fashioned from rich tan or black leather with traditional stitching. 

The Summer has a shaft height (the length from the top of the sole to the top of the boot) of 12 inches, and a heel height of 1 ¾ inches

According to Lucchese, the Summer Boot has a natural leather sole and heel, which are made by layering natural leathers on top of each other. The sole is held to the boot with real lemonwood pegs, and the beautiful patterning is the handiwork of Lucchese’s artisans.

This boot also has a simple, symmetrical stitched pattern that runs across the middle of the boot (a classic toe bug) and is made from “Ranch hand leather,” Lucchese’s hand-finished smooth and slightly waxy leather. 

This leather is designed for their everyday boots, as it wears beautifully with time and shapes to your foot the more you wear your boots.

Buy the Summer Boot in sizes 6 to 11 for $895.

Lucchese Gaby Review

This cute boot showcases the brand’s typical rancher flair but with a modernized twist. The Gaby Boot is a short, pull-on boot with a shaft height of only 7 inches and a typical 1¾-inch heel, fashioned in a range of trendy colors.

The Gaby Boot has the following features:

  • Insole has soft cushioning
  • “Full welt” to bind sole and boot together
  • Hand stitching
  • Made of soft calf leather with leather sole
  • Rounded toe

This boot is a great choice for women who want a durable, well-made cowgirl boot but prefer a more versatile and modern style. They tie easily into any outfit while giving you all the comfort and strength of a traditional Lucchese boot.

These boots have a subtle toe bug and minimal stitching on the shaft of the boot. They are available in nine colors, including glitz cream, black cherry, turquoise and red, and chocolate goat.

Buy the Gaby Boot in sizes 6 to 11 for $495.

Lucchese Men’s Boots Review

Lucchese is famous in the footwear world for their traditional men’s cowboy boots. Keep reading my Lucchese Boots review to learn more about their best-selling Rusty and Rudy styles!

Lucchese Rusty Review

Our Lucchese review has learned that the Rusty Boot was designed to be a durable, everyday working boot

Part of Lucchese’s Performance Collection, these traditional Roper-style boots have a slightly shorter shaft and a slightly rounded toe. 

The Rusy Boots have a rubber sole that is practical for working in a barn or on a ranch, and are made with deep grooves that help release mud

According to Lucchese, the Rusty Boot also has the following features:

  1. Treads on sole for good traction and grip 
  2. Made from imported cowhide
  3. Cushioned removable insole
  4. Mid-length boot with 12-inch shaft height and 1.3-inch heel
  5. Oil resistant
  6. Available in standard and wide widths

While these boots were designed with work in mind, they don’t skimp on style. The Rusty Boot has a beautiful embroidered pattern extending up the boots and has a classic V cut at the top, complete with small handles so you can easily pull your boots on. 

Buy the Rusty Boots in colors stone, dark brown, or sand and cognac for $325

Lucchese Rudy Review

The Lucchese Rudy Boot is designed for your long days outdoors (whether you’re a rancher or not!). These mid-length boots have a 12-inch height shaft and 1.3-inch heel. 

They are made from comfortable, low-maintenance cowhide and have a thick rubber sole to stand up to dirt and moisture. This rubber sole has an “oil and slip-resistant tread” so you can safely stay on your feet as you work.

Check out the Rudy Boots’ special features:

  • Embroidered design covering the boot shaft
  • Squared toe box
  • Traditional V shape at the front and back of the boot
  • Small handles on either side for easy pull-on
  • Comes in six shades of brown or black
  • Contrasting colors of shaft and vamp

Buy the Rudy Boot in either standard or wide width, in sizes 8 to 15, for $325.

Who Is Lucchese Boots For? 

Lucchese Boots Review

While Lucchese boots are a celebration of America’s traditional and iconic cowboy style, you don’t have to be a cattle rancher to wear them!  Lucchese Boots are for anyone who wants a durable leather boot that is comfortable and stylish, too. 

These boots especially resonate with customers who love the distinct style traditions of the American Southwest. They’ve been one of the most popular, influential bootmakers of the last century, and their style has helped to define our image of what a cowboy boot is all about.

The brand also caters to customers who want to support American companies that manufacture many of their products in the US. 

Most of Lucchese’s products have been hand-stitched by expert artisans who are continuing old-world shoe-making traditions, making them perfect for conscientious customers who love to support quality brands and local industry. 

Lucchese Boots Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Lucchese Boots Review

Lucchese Boots shares customer reviews on the product pages of their official website. Most of these reviews are positive, with customers complimenting this brand’s craftsmanship, quality, and comfort

One woman reports in her Lucchese Boots review of the Ladies Low Top Snake Boot, “I love my low top snake boots. They are beautiful and practical.” 

Another customer gave her husband the Rudy Boots as a gift, sharing in her Lucchese review, “He absolutely loves them. Said they are the most comfortable boots he’s ever owned. They’re even more beautiful in person.”

Lucchese also has a page on the review website with an impressive 4.5 out of 5-star rating based on 1,665 reviews.

Customers who wrote Lucchese Boots reviews are generally very happy with their purchase’s design, fit, and quality. Other buyers mentioned Lucchese’s solid customer service.

One return customer shares in his TrustPilot Lucchese Boots review,I have owned four pair of Lucchese boots over the past 20 years. Besides being fantastic fitting and wearing boots, the customer service is excellent.” 

A first-time buyer seems similarly impressed, praising the company for their comfy design, in his Lucchese review: “Got my first pair of boots from Lucchese yesterday…Highly recommend them. I wore my boots out and they were as comfortable as slippers.”

My Lucchese Boots review also found that this company also has some very positive feedback on Yelp, where it has a 4 out of 5-star rating based on 22 reviews. Customers on their site spoke highly of Lucchese’s selection, fit, and style.  

One happy customer writes in his Lucchese Boots review that you don’t need to be a cowboy boot connoisseur to appreciate their footwear: “The boots are simply super amazing. Everyone from my mom to best friends are impressed by their look, material, and etc. even if they know nothing about cowboy boots.”

All in all, this company has many glowing reviews from customers who are pleased with their purchases and feel that they were well worth the high price point.

Lucchese’s high star ratings on major review sites shows that this brand has earned the trust of their customers.

Is Lucchese Boots Worth It?

Lucchese Boots Review

Lucchese Boots feature hand-made elements, natural leather, and many features designed to enhance the durability and comfort of these traditional boots. 

This company caters to both men and women and features authentic, historical footwear as well as more modern styles. Their wide selection of boots means that most shoppers will find something they love among their styles, and they offer apparel, bags and accessories, too.

My Lucchese Boots review learned that this company seems to have a fantastic reputation in the footwear industry! With over a hundred years in the business, they have gained a faithful following of customers, from working ranchers to celebs. 

This company has also earned positive reviews from customers for continuing their tradition of producing high-end boots that don’t compromise on comfort, longevity, or fashion. For the most part consumers felt that their purchases were well worth the price!

For these reasons, this Lucchese Boots review can confidently recommend making an order with this classic American company.

Lucchese Boots Promotions & Discounts 

Lucchese Boots Review

Lucchese Boots offers free ground shipping if your purchase is over $300.

Where to Buy Lucchese Boots

Lucchese Boots Review

Purchase all Lucchese Boots products at their official website.


Lucchese Boots Review

Who owns Lucchese Boots?

Lucchese Boots is now owned by the parent company Arena Brands Inc. 

Where are Lucchese Boots made?

Some of Lucchese Boots products are made at their El Paso, Texas factory, while others are manufactured in China, Brazil, and Mexico.

Does Lucchese Boots ship internationally?

Yes, this brand does ship internationally. According to their website, you should contact [email protected] to make sure your country is on their shipping list.

What is Lucchese Boots’ Shipping Policy?

Lucchese offers free shipping for US customers who spend over $300. If you spend under this amount or require international shipping, your fees will be calculated at checkout and will vary depending on your purchase and where you live. This company will also ship to PO boxes!

Orders over $295 are sent through FedEx and will require a signature upon delivery.

International customers are responsible for paying any additional taxes and customs fees required to receive their purchase.

What is Lucchese Boots’ Return Policy?

This brand has a generous return policy. If you’re unhappy with your purchase, you can print a return shipping label and send back your item to Lucchese Boots to receive a full refund. 

Here are the return requirements:

  • Returns must be made within 30 days of making your purchase
  • Your item must still be in “mint condition” with tags and packaging
  • An $8 return fee will be taken off your refund amount

If you prefer, you can also choose to exchange your order for another Lucchese Boots product.

How to Contact Lucchese Boots

Lucchese Boots Review

My Lucchese Boots review has found that you can contact this brand in the following ways:

  • Phone: (888) 582-1883
  • Email:  [email protected]
  • Mail: Lucchese Inc, Attn: Customer Service, 20 Zane Grey, El Paso Texas 79906

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