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About Marantz 

Marantz Review

Want a sure fire way to impress your friends while simultaneously looking like a music snob? You don’t need to know much about music—it mostly starts with having the right equipment. 

With features and reviews in Forbes, LifeWire, and cnet, to name a few, Marantz is a front runner in the audio world. With almost 70 years in the business, the brand offers a variety of products, such as amplifiers, AV receivers, AV separates, turntables, CD players, and more.

This Marantz review will take a deep dive into the brand and its best-selling products, customer experiences, shipping policies, and more, to help you figure out if you need to turn up the volume. 

Overview of Marantz

Marantz Review

Marantz was founded in New York in 1953 by sound engineer Saul Marantz. Like many creators that have revolutionized their field, the brand’s first home music system was formed from a labour of love and a lack of products in circulation that met the founder’s standards.

And so, thanks to his electrical engineering skills and passion for music, The Audio Consolette, an at-home Hi-Fi pre-amp was born.

He didn’t stop there, though. The Audio Consolette helped launch what would later that year become the Marantz Audio Company. What continues to make Marantz products top of their class is that they are crafted by ‘sound masters’. This is a highly coveted position that only few are lucky enough to make their vocation. 

Engineers Ken Ishiwata, Ryuichi Sawada, and Yoshinori Ogata have carried on the legacy of Marantz from their headquarters in Japan. The brand has expanded beyond pre-amplifiers and now sells a vast number of music products throughout Europe, Asia, and the Americas. 

Our Marantz review will now give some general highlights of shopping from this retailer—bear in mind that each country has its own set of rules and regulations around shipping policies: 


  • Wide variety of high-quality music equipment 
  • Thorough FAQ and troubleshooting resources available on the brand’s website
  • 3-year warranty on items purchased from authorized Marantz dealer
  • Payment plans available with affirm
  • Free shipping
  • Full refunds issued within 60 days

Marantz AV Receiver Review

Receivers are a great alternative to buying, say, a turntable with a built-in speaker or a sound bar specific for your television. Their versatility, power, and not to mention sleek design, make them a welcomed addition to any home audio system. 

Keep reading, as our Marantz review will now look at the brand’s best-selling receivers. Together, we’ll learn what might be best for your needs and budget (in as plain speak as we can manage). 

Marantz NR1200 Review

First up is the NR1200. This sleek 2-channel slim stereo receiver with built-in HEOS is a great replacement for a standard sound bar. It will blast your favourite music through your choice of speakers with a reliable connection for audio and video with both channels pumping 75 watts each.

This receiver is a good choice for those who just want simple, high quality audio. Sync with your Spotify playlist or watch an epic movie with sound so real it feels like you’re there. 

The NR1200 costs $700 at checkout. 

Marantz SR8015 Review

This product is a little more complex than the last. With 11.2 channels, this 8K AV compatible receiver with 3D Audio, HEOS® Built-in, and Voice Control is a professional audio/video lover’s dream. 

The SR8015 has a dedicated 8K input and two outputs, allowing you to enjoy the highest quality video possible at either 8K/60Hz or 4K/120Hz. It features 8 HDMI ports, and each channel gives a powerful 140 watts—supporting powerhouse brands like Dolby and IMAX Enhanced.

The price point is five times the NR1200 at $3,800 but it packs 5x the punch. 

Marantz NR1711 Review

Designed with a slim 7.2 channel 8K Ultra HD AV receiver with HEOS®, the NR1711 is a perfect blend between the first two products we’ve reviewed so far. Each channel has 50 watts: one dedicated 8K input and one output for 8K quality video available on each of its six HDMI ports. 

For those looking to upgrade their audio system without giving up two months’ rent, this may be the product for you. At $1,000, the 7-channel power amplifier is the younger sibling of the SR8015. 

Marantz NR 7013 Review

Though the NR7013 is not currently available for purchase on the Marantz website, it’s definitely one to keep an eye out for. This 9.2 channel 4K Ultra HD AV receiver with IMAX Enhanced, Dolby Atmos, Auro-3D, HEOS, AirPlay 2 and Alexa voice compatibility will take your audio/visual experience to the next level. 

The product comes with Wifi and Bluetooth compatibility, 7 HDMI inputs, and more. It’s basically perfect for yelling from the kitchen, “Hey Alexa, play some smooth jazz” as you get ready for a candlelight dinner with your boo. This Marantz review could not find pricing details for the NR7013 at this time. 

Marantz NR6014 Review

The NR6014 is a 9.2 channel 4k Ultra HD AV receiver with built-in HEOS. Compatible with all streaming services, Bluetooth headphones, and more, this receiver could be the life of the party (or your companion during a solo bedroom workout session). 

This Marantz review learned that users can use their Android device or iPhones as a remote control from up to two rooms with the multi-room zone feature.

A full list of specs is available on the brand’s website, though many of the NR6014’s features are similar to the listing above. 

This product is currently not available for purchase on the brand’s website. Still, this Marantz review suggests keeping an eye out for future restocks. 

Marantz SR 6015 Review

This 9.2 channel 8K AV receiver with HEOS® and Voice Control allows you to enjoy 8K viewing thanks to the latest HDMI technology and 7 HDMI ports. But wait there’s more—enjoy audio formats straight from your smart TV app! 

Dolby and IMAX enhanced processing is also available, with high-current power amps on all 9 channels of 110 watts each. Acting as the middle child between the NR1711 and the SR8015, the SR 6015 sells for $2,000.

Marantz CD Player Review

Marantz isn’t just a master of receivers; their audio game extends to CD players as well. If you’re not an avid lover of that vinyl crack and just want some pure, unadulterated sound from a CD or USB, this next item we’ve got to review may be just the ticket. Our Marantz review will spill the deets on the brand’s top-selling CD player. 

Marantz CD6007 Review

The CD6007 player will fill your room with a satisfying quality of sound. Not only can you play your collection of original 90’s rock albums that you bought secondhand from your local thrift shop, but the player supports WAV, MP3, AAC, WMA, FLAC HD, ALAC, AIFF and DSD files through the front USB port. 

That’s right, simply download, plug in, and play. The 192-kHz/24-bit D/A conversion features a chip with two selectable digital filters and a clock. Plus, three gain settings (Low/Mid/High) pair perfectly with most headphones for some solo listening

$800 may seem a little steep for a CD player, but the accessibility of this player will cut out the need for any other audio system. 

Who is Marantz For? 

Marantz Review

We’ve talked about price and specs so far, but there’s more to buying equipment than just that. Though the product line offered may seem intimidating to the average music or audio lover, with a little research (and hopefully the help of this Marantz review), anyone will be able to find what they’re looking for. 

If upgrading your knowledge of audio equipment is up your alley, it may be worth investing or using a payment plan to afford a higher end model, as the capabilities of some of these models seem endless.

That said, even the simplest of models with just 2 channels, or a CD player, don’t sacrifice quality, making sure the listener can enjoy their favourite songs without breaking their heads over a more complicated system. 

To make shopping easy, a special feature on Marantz’s website allows you to answer questions about your lifestyle and needs so the brand can recommend products you may like.

Comparison: Marantz vs. Denon 

Marantz Review

It’s not always easy to know which product to buy. This is especially true when the specs can feel like they’re written in another language, or there’s many companies offering the same things yet at different price points. What makes something better than the other? Are certain features overkill for your needs? 

This section of the Marantz review will compare our featured brand with Denon, another audio equipment company. But we need to dive into their history a little first, because believe it or not, these once competitors are now owned by the same company, Sound United. 

Think of it a little like car companies who have their everyday products, and then their luxury line; Denon offers products at a more affordable price, while Marantz has more upscale products that ask for a bit more of your hard earned cash. 

The quality of equipment manufactured by Marantz and Denon is fairly similar, as they both use the same common circuit boards in some of their products. That said, due to factors such as lower price points and an ability for wider distribution, Denon can be found in big-box retailers and online, whereas Marantz is considered to be for the more advanced audio enthusiast (less widespread availability and a higher price tag).

Looking to buy a device to fill your house with some clear, crisp tunes? Let’s take a look at what Denon and Marantz have to offer.

For CD players:

  • Marantz products range from $800–$8,000
  • Denon products range from $550–$4,700

For record players: 

  • Marantz has one turntable on their site for $1,800
  • Denon has a few options ranging from $270–$900

Ultimately, the decision between the two companies will really come down to what your budget is, and how sophisticated of a product you’re looking to buy.  

Marantz Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Marantz Review

Now that you know more about the products, it’s time for this Marantz review to take a look at some customer opinions. Fortunately, we were able to find testimonials left on the company’s official website, Best Buy, Amazon, Audio Review, and some other independent blogs. 

One customer left a 5-star review for the CD6007, observing great sound and build quality: “I bought this to replace my CD5004. I really wasn’t expecting much difference in the sound quality. But I was amazed when I played my first CD on my new CD6007. It pairs perfectly with my NR1200 which I bought about 3 months ago.” 

Another happy first-time buyer writes, “The SR6015 is my first Marantz product and I never should have waited this long to get one. The improvements over my 12 year old Denon AVR789 are amazing…Totally worth the trade-off for the quality and performance of the receiver…”

On Best Buy, most of Marantz’s products scored over 4 out of 5 stars. The SR5015 received 4.4/5 stars out of 115 reviews. One loyal customer writes, “Great Receiver. I Like Marantz because of the sound it reproduces. I have been using Marantz products for over 50 years. Right now I have 2 Marantz receivers and One Marantz Processor. Warm and Rich compared to others.”

The brand boasts a rating of 4.7/ 5 stars out of 27 reviews on Audio Review. Although it’s a small pool of commenters, these customers are clearly audio enthusiasts who know what they’re talking about! Many write about their first encounters with the brand’s products which go all the way back to the 70s and 80s.  

One reviewer writes about the 2230, “Of the receivers I had, this one had the best overall FM reception and even pretty good AM tuning quality. The amplifier and preamplifier are very neutral, precise, yet have plenty of impact and reproduce the depth present on many recordings…Marantz really brings my old sound system to life and looks really special sitting up there with the blue lights glowing.” 

The praise continues on Amazon, where products received an average of 4/5 stars out of around “The M-CR612 has terrific sound. I was amazed at the dramatic sound improvement (even though I am using the same speakers). Setup was quick and simple, and the unit is very easy to use.”  

This Marantz review should mention there were a few comments made about inconsistency in terms of connection between apps/streaming services and their devices, but the overall build, the clarity of sound, and the power of these products has customers raving, and returning to purchase new products from the brand over time. 

Is Marantz Worth It?

Marantz Review

Based on my research and personal experiences, I believe it’s absolutely worth investing in a quality audio system if music is important to you. I was lucky enough to be given a receiver owned by my grandfather and I use it almost daily with my turntable. 

A hesitancy that some consumers have now when purchasing receivers is that they just aren’t built the same way they used to be, with the same attention to detail and quality of products. 

It seems important to the company to honour Saul Marantz’s vision, and continue to develop products that are high quality and innovative in the field of audio equipment. The payment plan makes their products more accessible and if someone was looking to upgrade their system, Marantz is an excellent contender. 

Marantz Promotions & Discounts 

Marantz Review

This Marantz review found there to be no active promotions or discounts listed on the website at this time. You can still sign up for their mailing list for customized product news, updates, and special invites, which may include promotions or discounts.

Where to Buy Marantz 

Marantz Review

The best way to discover where to purchase items from Marantz is to check (ensuring the site is for your country). You can either order online directly or find a local retailer. 

Although there are products available on Amazon and other retailers online, it would be safer to purchase from a store verified by Marantz to ensure your warranty is honored. 


Marantz Review

How long has Marantz been around?   

Marantz was founded in Kew Gardens, New York in 1953. It has been around for nearly 70 years! 

Can I connect my bluetooth headphones to my Marantz AV receiver?   

Marantz has sold many Bluetooth compatible products in the past. However, the only model currently available for purchase from their website with Bluetooth capabilities is the M-CR612 Network CD Receiver

What warranty options does Marantz offer?  

If a product is unaltered and purchased from an authorized Marantz retailer, Marantz will repair any broken or faulty products within a 3-year period.

How long do Marantz products generally last?  

This Marantz review discovered that the average CD player can last 3–5 years at least, with a receiver at twice that lifespan. The products must be stored in the right conditions and properly cared for. 

What is Marantz’s Shipping Policy?

Marantz has individual websites per region of sales (ie. Great Britain, Canada, the US, etc.) for consumers to order products straight to their door for free. They can also use the website to find a certified retailer in their area that sells Marantz products.

What is Marantz’s Return Policy?

Second guessing your purchase? Worry not! Buyers can contact customer service to receive a full refund within 60 days of purchase.

If a package is over 66 lbs, the consumer must pay the return shipping fees. The same applies if a product was sent with expedited or overnight shipping. 

How to Contact Marantz 

Do you have any questions beyond this Marantz review? We suggest giving the brand a call at 1-800-654-6633.

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