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Meri Meri Party Supplies Review

About Meri Meri

Meri Meri Review

Meri Meri is a party supplies brand that offers adorable and chic partyware, decor, toys, and more. It’s well known for carrying whimsical items that can help bring some magic to your birthday or Thanksgiving dinner. 

Meri Meri has garnered significant attention on Instagram and Facebook, with a combined following of 420k. Their feed is filled with aesthetically pleasing celebration setups and the cutest of costumes

Are you planning out a theme for your next social gathering? This Meri Meri party supplies review can help you out—we’ll take an in-depth look at the brand, some best-selling products, customer feedback, and more, so you can decide if the collection is worth checking out. 

Overview of Meri Meri

Meri Meri Review

Meri Meri was founded in 1985 by Meredith Stuart-Smith. As a young girl, her creativity blossomed as she grew up down the street from Hallmark’s head office. So, it only made sense that she would go back to roots and start a greeting card business from her own kitchen table. 

Meredith tried the door-to-door approach when selling her handmade cards in Los Angeles. Many shops doubted her endeavours would be successful. But, after a few years, Bergdorf Goodman placed a massive order at her stand during a trade show, and Meri Meri only grew from there! 

Aside from stationery, Meri Meri now offers party decorations, costumes, stickers, baking materials, and more. The multi-million dollar company basically created the high-end party supplies category. In addition, it also showcases sustainably made products under its ‘eco partyware’ section. 

The San Francisco-based company houses its team in the UK. No matter your age, Meri Meri aims to develop items that spark your imagination. Believing that “play starts at home”, the brand wants to help turn colorful fantasies into reality.

Before filling up your cart with streamers and candles, this Meri Meri party supplies review invites you to consider a few pros and cons: 


  • Large selection of visually appealing decor, toys, and costumes
  • The brand offers craft tutorials to create decorative displays
  • Appropriate for all ages 
  • Developed by a team of creatives
  • International shipping is available
  • 30-day return policy


  • $50 minimum required for free shipping
  • Limited customer reviews 

Party planning and decorating can sometimes be stressful, but this store can give you some peace of mind. Online, you can find Meri Meri printable paper dolls and garlands for every occasion. 

If you’re planning a surprise for your little one, take a look at some Meri Meri cookie cutters or even Meri Meri Halloween decorations so you can have a spooky bash. 

Now, this Meri Meri party supplies review will go through the brand’s most popular candles, temporary tattoos, and more. Stay tuned to find out more!

Meri Meri Candles Review

No birthday party is complete without blowing and wishing on candles. Luckily, Meri Meri has some sparkling and colorful ones on display. So, let’s find out which ones customers are loving right now. 

Meri Meri Gold Sparkler Numbers 0 to 9 Candles Review 

Sparkler candles definitely add some excitement when everybody’s singing “Happy Birthday to you…”’ The Gold Sparkler Numbers 0 to 9 Candles are decorated with glitzy glitter, adding the perfect finishing touch to your cake. 

The sparklers are fun and flashy, but not too overbearing. They measure at about 2.5 inches and retail for $7. When it’s Leo season and your special someone craves a little extra appreciation, we suggest adding on Meri Meri’s Gold Sparkler Heart Candle as a simple emphasis.  

Meri Meri Colored Number Candles Review

Sometimes, not everyone will enjoy sparklers, especially small children or nervous pets. So, an excellent alternative would be the Colored Number Candles. These Meri Meri candles are fun yet subtle, coming in numbers 0–9. 

Blowing out candles is one of the most exciting parts of anyone’s birthday party. These chunky numbers come in several different colors such as white, red, and mint green. For a bit of extra shine, the $6 candle has some gold glitter sprinkled throughout. 

Meri Meri Temporary Tattoos Review

Next up in this review are the best-selling Meri Meri temporary tattoos. Kids will love these fun, themed accessories so much that they could possibly be covered with these designs from head to toe!   

Meri Meri Safari Trek Large Tattoos Review

Suited for a safari-themed party, the two sheets of Safari Trek Large Tattoos will make your kids run wild. The animals featured here are elephants, alligators, and giraffes drawn in a simplistic fashion. They’re also detailed with some silver foil for a bit of glimmer. 

Applying temporary tattoos is definitely a fun activity. Whether at a party or during a sleepover, everyone involved can stay occupied for a few minutes. Meri Meri recommends the $6 tattoos for children ages 3 and up. 

Meri Meri Dinosaur Kingdom Large Tattoos Review

If your little one is into the Jurassic era, the Dinosaur Kingdom Large Tattoos will have them roaring with excitement. The T-rexes and dino eggs feature shimmering gold foil and vibrant colors. You also get two sheets with this set. 

Many of us have definitely been spending more time at home lately. So, it can sometimes be challenging to come up with engaging activities for kids. Applying temporary Meri Meri dinosaur tattoos can be pleasant and amusing for the whole family. 

Plus, if you’re having a dinosaur-themed party, you could match these $6 tattoos up with the Meri Meri Dinosaur party supplies. 

Meri Meri Party Supplies Review

Now, we’re onto the well-loved Meri Meri party supplies. Of course, hosting an elaborate celebration with matching candles, hats, and dinnerware is not necessary. But, it helps make a momentous occasion stick in your mind for years to come! 

Meri Meri Stripe Pompom Party Hats Review

Nothing gets us more in the mood to eat cake than some party hats. The Stripe Pompom Party Hats come in four different colors with glitter rims and pompoms to top them off. Your guests will definitely get a kick out of these endearing touches. 

These hats have vibrant stripe patterns that will suit most color palettes and decor. We imagine that they’d fit incredibly well with some carnival-themed celebrations. These Meri Meri birthday hats run for about $20. 

Meri Meri Gold Foil Star Plates Review

The next item in this Meri Meri party supplies review is the Gold Foil Star Plates. There’s nothing wrong with a little glamour! These shiny plates are perfect for an upcoming New Year or engagement party. 

These golden Meri Meri plates can replace your finest china and make post-party clean-up a cinch. Even though they are beautiful enough to be hung on the wall, putting some food on them wouldn’t hurt either. 

A set of 8 of these Gold Foil Star Plates comes to $13 at checkout. 

Meri Meri Peter Rabbit & Friends Cake Toppers Review 

The Peter Rabbit & Friends Cake Toppers are charming decorations for your next Easter gathering or birthday party. They can even be used during a baby shower. Honestly, wherever there are cakes on display, these toppers will be a cute addition. 

In this set of 6, you get six designs and about four characters, including Peter Rabbit, Benjamin Bunny, Jemima Puddle-duck, and Tom Kitten. These adorable creatures will put a smile on your children’s faces.  

These Peter Rabbit & Friends Cake Toppers retail for $14

Meri Meri Unicorn & Rainbow Acrylic Cake Toppers Review 

If your toddler is ready for an unforgettable birthday party, the Unicorn & Rainbow Acrylic Cake Toppers will add a touch of eccentricity to their day. These ornaments are ideal for a fairytale-themed party, as they include colorful ribbon details with gold foil layers. 

If you’re sticking with the unicorn theme, browse through the entire Meri Meri Unicorn party decorations collection to drive the aesthetic home. Your child’s friends and other house guests will swoon over the classy and playful decor. 

Get ready for a Meri Meri unicorn party with these cake toppers (pack of 2) for $18.  

Meri Meri Flower Garden Giant Garland Review

The next item in this Meri Meri party supplies review is the Flower Garden Giant Garland. This will add some springtime charm to any area of your home. It’d also be an excellent decoration for a bridal or baby shower. 

This garland is made from tissue paper and has some gold foil details. The flowers are held together by a natural cord. There’s no need to worry about assembly either, as instructions are included and easy to follow. 

The Flower Garden Giant Garland will run you about $41 at checkout. As a bonus, you could wear a Meri Meri necklace with flowers to fit the floral theme. 

Who Is Meri Meri For? 

Meri Meri Review

Meri Meri’s toys and party supplies are suited for extravagant celebrations. Any parent looking to create an out-of-this-world experience for their little one should keep this brand bookmarked. 

You can even find decor for your next dinner or holiday party, like the Meri Meri party plates. When it comes to this company, you’ll be able to find event supplies for any special occasion.

Comparison: Meri Meri vs. Party City   

Meri Meri Review

Our brand isn’t the only party supply store out there. So, how does it compare to the others? This Meri Meri party supplies review took a look at Party City to see how the two companies match up. 

First, we’ll go over a few of their similarities: 

  • Both offer fun party supplies and costumes
  • Both companies sell products around the same price range
  • They have the same return policy

On the surface, the two are pretty similar. But, we found a few differences as we kept searching: 

  • Party City has over 850 retail locations
  • Party City offers more bold and traditional party decor
  • Party City offers a broader range of supplies, including raffle tickets and aisle runners

If you’re looking to have a party that’s a bit more aesthetically pleasing and trendy, Meri Meri is the place for you. On the other hand, Party City can be your one-stop shop if you like to stick to more familiar decorations. So, which one suits your needs?

Meri Meri Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Meri Meri Review

We’ve arrived at an exciting part of this Meri Meri party supplies review: What do customers think of their purchases? Right off the bat, we noticed that there aren’t any testimonials on the company website. Ratings on other online sources were minimal as well. 

The only reviews we found were on Amazon. Here’s the average rating for some of the bestsellers: 

  • Colored Number Candles: Range between 4-5 stars from about 20 reviews
  • Dinosaur Kingdom Large Tattoos: 5/5 stars from 1 rating
  • Stripe Pompom Party Hats: 5/5 stars from 11 ratings, 2 reviews
  • Peter Rabbit & Friends Cake Topper: 4.2/5 stars from 11 ratings, 1 review
  • Unicorn & Rainbows Acrylic Cake Toppers: 4.6/5 stars from 9 ratings, 1 review

The Stripe PomPom Party Hats received mainly positive feedback. One customer writes, “These are a perfect complement for any birthday, be it for a 4-year-old or a 40-year-old. Reused many times.” 

Another reviewer writes, “Adorable hats! Must have for any birthday party.”  The other party supplies got some excellent ratings as well. 

Regarding the Peter Rabbit & Friends Cake Topper, a customer says, “Great quality, and they arrived in the mail quicker than I expected! I would purchase from the company again without question!” 

One of the Number Candles, specifically the number 3, has some good reviews. One buyer says, “Love these beautiful candles for every one of my daughter’s birthdays!” 

The number 1 gets some love as well, with one parent saying, “It was an adorable candle, and it made my son’s smash cake shine on his special day.” 

The praise continues with another user who writes, “Super cute candle. Very good quality. Just a comment, they don’t tell you that it’s a package of 9 candles. I’m not complaining. I was only expecting one anyway.” 

The brand has a general 4/5 rating on Knoji out of 48 customers, but there are no written reviews on the site. Other than that, we couldn’t come up with any more ratings.

Is Meri Meri Worth It?

Meri Meri Review

Any party is always taken up a notch when there are decorations involved. They help set the mood and theme for the night. Meri Meri does well in offering cute, creative, and beautiful decor for every occasion. 

Based on this Meri Meri party supplies review, we would say that their products are worth browsing. Decorations are available for kids’ parties, engagement parties, wedding showers, and more; they will enchant people of all ages. 

The testimonials we did find for Meri Meri signaled to high-quality supplies and a reliable brand overall. 

Meri Meri Promotions & Discounts 

Meri Meri Review

This Meri Meri party supplies review found that you can get 10% off your first order when you sign up for the company’s emails.

We couldn’t find any other active promotions or sales at this time. Still, by signing up, you can receive the news on the latest deals and get your hands on the hottest Meri Meri rainbow party supplies. 

Where to Buy Meri Meri

Meri Meri Review

Got your eye on some Meri Meri Christmas decorations? You can buy them directly from They’re also available at several retailers, including Amazon, Walmart, and Target.  


Meri Meri Review

Where is Meri Meri made? 

Unfortunately, this review couldn’t find the exact manufacturing location of Meri Meri products. But, their creative design team is located in the United Kingdom. 

What is Meri Meri’s Shipping Policy?

Meri Meri offers free ground shipping for orders over $50 in the US. Unfortunately, this minimum isn’t applied internationally. 

The brand also offers 3-day, 2-day, and next-day shipping for its American customers. Here are the price variations for each option according to order totals: 

  • Ground (2–8 business days, orders under $50): $6 
  • 3-day saver
    • Under $50: $12
    • Over $50: $14–$24
  • 2-day air
    • Under $50: $19
    • Over $50: $24–$38 
  • Next-Day air
    • Under $50: $29 
    • Over $50: $37–$59

These prices can vary depending on your location; all of the necessary information will be calculated at checkout. Depending on which shipping option you choose in Canada, fees can range between $20 to $40. Additionally, packages ship on weekdays only. 

What is Meri Meri’s Return Policy?

Meri Meri has a 30-day return policy. Items must be packed and sent back in their original packaging in order to be eligible for a refund. Buyers must also request a Return Authorization Number from the brand. 

Any items that are returned after the 30-day mark will be refunded with store credit.  

How to Contact Meri Meri

We hope you enjoyed reading this Meri Meri party supplies review. If you have any questions, you can fill out the contact form on the company’s website or through the following channels: 

Meri Meri Returns 
4945 Aircenter Circle
Suite 101
Reno, NV 89502

Meri Meri’s office hours are Monday to Friday, 8 AM to 4 PM. 

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