Misen Knife Review

Overview Of Misen Knife

Misen Knife Review

Knives are an integral part of any kitchen. Whether it’s to prep or eat with, I’m all too familiar with how a low-quality knife can ruin a meal. 

But here’s the thing: buying expensive knives isnt a high priority for many home chefs and often, they settle for something a little less sharp, durable, and balanced. Fortunately, Misen knives happen to be all those things and more. Plus, they’re super affordable. 

In this bite-size Misen knife review, you’ll learn all about the brand’s renowned knife selection. I’ll tell you everything you need to know like specs, feedback, and more. After reading this review, you’ll be ready to start cooking up a storm. Up first, I’ll list some highlights about the company.


Misen Knife Review
  • Full range of quality kitchen knives
  • Made from AUS-10 Japanese steel
  • Contains 2.5x more carbon
  • Chip-resistant blade
  • Stays sharper for longer
  • Lifetime warranty
  • 60-day trial

Misen Knife Review

Misen Knife Review

Obviously, a knife is an essential kitchen tool. You use it to get from point A (whole foods) to point B (a delicious meal). The process would be tedious (not to mention painful) without it. 

A knife is a tool no kitchen would be the same without. Professional chefs may even say it’s their most prized possession. 

You’re likely reading this Misen knife review because you’re in the market for a knife set. I’ll take a wild guess and say you probably don’t want to spend a fortune, but you want something that will slice, dice, and most importantly last a long time. 

Misen offers a complete selection of essential knives. From the coveted, multipurpose Chef’s Knife to the fierce Misen Utility Knife, you’ll find everything you need to create simple or complex meals. 

Here’s a list of the knives you’ll find at Misen:

  • Chef’s Knife
  • Utility Knife
  • Santoku Knife
  • Serrated Knife

These are some smaller options:

  • Short Serrated Knife
  • Short Chef’s Knife
  • Misen Paring Knife

Misen also offers sets of kitchen and steak knives, along with accessories like blocks and boards. I’ll get into the fine details next in this Misen knife review.


Misen Knife Review

Misen knives are made from pro-grade AUS-10 Japanese steel. Their blades have 2.5x more carbon than other options out there, and they’re able to handle both hard and soft tasks. Staying sharper for longer, these knives are some of the best options out there—for half the price you’d pay with competitors. 


Misen Knife Review

Misen makes its knives with a sloped bolster design. This means you can get a better grip. A better grip means more control. And, by extension, more control results in higher-quality meals. It also means cutting things will be a lot safer. 

Made with blue, black, grey, or red handles, you can match your kitchen’s theme or simply pick your favorite design. 

What’s Included?

Misen Knife Review

It depends on which knife you’re looking at. The Misen Chef’s Knife measures eight inches and weighs half a pound for $65 while the Paring Knife measures three inches and is $35

The brand’s most expensive knife is the Santoku Knife at $75. Also, a Misen knife set will cost you $150+. In addition, keep in mind that all blades are made in China. 

Important Things To Consider Before Buying A Misen Knife

Misen Knife Review

Sure, perhaps you can’t wait to start using good-quality knives, and you’re chomping at the bit to buy a new set. But purchasing a knife should never be a rushed decision. To help you find exactly what you need, I’ve put together this list of key factors to consider. 


Are you buying a single knife or a set? If it’s just one knife you’re after, you definitely should check into its size. For instance, a Chef’s Knife is 8” while a Short Chef’s Knife is 6.8”. With the latter, you’ll have more control but it won’t be able to handle jobs quite as large.

Sharpness Duration

Because they’re made with 2.5 times more carbon, Misen knives stay sharper longer than your average blades do. And less frequent sharpening means that you’ll get more from your knife over time.

Comfortable Grip

As mentioned earlier in this Misen knife review, the brand constructs its bolster with a sloped angle instead of a squarish design. This means you’ll be able to get a better grip and enjoy more precise chopping.

Ease Of Care

All of the brand’s knives should be hand washed and dried after you’re done using them. Never put them in the dishwasher. Looking to do some Misen knife sharpening? If so, Sharpening Stones are sold separately.

Lifetime Guarantee

There’s no feeling of peace quite like the one that comes with a lifetime guarantee. Misen offers this on all of its knives.

Test Drive

Misen isnt your average knife brand. It actually lets customers test out their knives before fully committing to a purchase. You’ll have 60 days to try out yours. And, within that time frame, you can send it back for a full refund if it’s not your thing.

Misen Knife Alternatives

There are quite a few knife brands out there, so why choose Misen? Well, I’ve already told you a handful of reasons in this Misen knife review. However, to give you an idea of a few comparable options, check out these two brands below.

J.A. Henckels 

Misen Knife Review
J.A. Henckels 

Henckels is a dependable name in the world of knives. A go-to for many, it offers a wider selection of blades than Misen does. Plus, these knives are outfitted with all-black handles and made from German stainless steel. An 8” Chef’s Knife is $80 (on sale from $90). 


Misen Knife Review

The Wusthof name is synonymous with quality kitchen knives. Used by professionals, there are nine different series of blades available, including a range of essentials—from carving to filet to steak knives. 

Each series is built a little differently. For example, some come with wooden handles, others with resin. However, all of them are made from forged German steel. The Classic 8” Chef’s Knife is $170, but prices go up to $1,500 for the limited edition series.

Wusthof has the largest collection of knives by far, while both of these competitors use German steel. On the other hand, Misen uses Japanese steel and has a simple collection of essentials. In addition, Misen knives are the most affordable option, and when comparing stats, they’re said to perform just as well as Wusthof knives. 

Misen Knife Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Misen Knife Review

Even though you can test out the knives featured in this review for 60 days, it’s always a good idea to check out customer feedback before you place an order. So, let’s look at some ratings from first.

  • Short Chef’s Knife: 4.9/5 stars from 484 reviews
  • Paring Knife: 4.9/5 stars from 2,543 reviews
  • Santoku Knife: 4.9/5 stars from 827 reviews

The Chef’s Knife is rated 4.9/5 stars based on 8,884 reviews. One customer was very impressed with the quality of the Mison chef knife. Here is their Misen knife review:

Satisfies all the hype and all reviews I read. Love the weight and ergonomic feel of the chef’s knife. Very sharp so far.” Many other customers agree and say it’s both balanced and lightweight.

After leaving the brand’s site, I checked out a Misen knife review on a blog called Essential Home & Garden. After putting the Serrated Knife and Chef’s Knife to the test, here’s what its writer had to say:

“…they are more than worth their reduced price tag. They would make an excellent addition to any kitchen looking for knives that look and feel like premiere quality without the heavy investment.

That statement pretty much aligns with everything else I’ve read on the web about the brand. However, to get even more insight, I decided to check out Trustpilot. There, Misen has a 4.4/5 stars rating based on 17,165 reviews. Now, this score isn’t strictly for the brand’s knives, but it gives us an accurate image of Misen as a whole.

While this isn’t only a Misen knife review, it does mention its knives along with the company’s customer service. Here it is:

Wow! Truly wonderful products and excellent service. We have gotten knives, stainless steel pans, and a nonstick pan and all have been great. When we had an issue with the nonstick one they sent a brand new one even though it had been two years. I’m so impressed with this company and highly recommend.” 

After everything I came across for this part of my Misen knife review, it appears that the brand’s knives, pans, and customer service are loved and appreciated by so many customers.

Is Misen Worth It?

Misen Knife Review

If you’re looking for a quality knife for an affordable price—like thousands of others—I highly recommend this brand. While Misen doesn’t mimic the quality of top-tier professional knives, it does a pretty stellar job at making accessible knives that home cooks can depend on. 

Where To Buy Misen Knives

Misen Knife Review

So, we’ve reached the end of this Misen knife review. If you’re ready to start shopping, head on over to

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