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Modway Review

Some people see “unfurnished” as a negative when it comes to apartments and houses. But creatives see that as an opportunity for them to express themselves with furniture that reflects their personality. While everyone would love a personalized furniture set, it’s often outside of most people’s budgets.

That is unless they shop at Modway, a distributor of furniture that can get chairs, desks, and more on your doorstep faster and for less money than other brands.

Their fanbase of 6.3k Instagram followers and 1.5k Facebook followers shows that they’re doing something right, as do the many positive reviews they’ve earned on Amazon.

Let’s see if their furniture, products, policies, and more live up to the hype, as I’ll be looking at them all in my Modway review.

Overview of Modway

Modway Review

Modway is an American company that distributes furniture of all sorts. They set themselves apart from the competition with three essential qualities: a huge product library, fast shipping times, and low prices.

The first two qualities come from the fact that Modway has two separate warehouses on both the East and West coasts of the United States. This not only allows them to store more items than you could ever store in your house, but it helps them ship items quickly to customers.

They also have among the lowest prices of any modern furniture distributor. Their items don’t have a listed price on their website unless you sign up to become a Modway member, but you can find them on websites like Amazon. 

This also means that their items are sold through mediums like Amazon, making them even more accessible for the average consumer. By combining low prices, a varied product catalog, and speedy shipping, Modway works to serve everyone’s furniture needs.

To help you better understand what makes Modway unique, I’ve gathered a few highlights about them. 


  • Stylish furniture for your bed, bath, kitchen, and more
  • Massive product roster
  • Items have high customer review scores on Amazon
  • Products are available at many retailers
  • Fast delivery times
  • Items are easy to assemble

There are many items in this brand’s catalog in all shapes, sizes, and contortions. While I’m unable to spread the word about all of them in my Modway review, I can give you a broad overview of the categories that they fall into.

You can find sofas, tables, chairs, rugs, lighting fixtures, and more, each divided into these subsections:

  • Living
  • Dining
  • Bedroom
  • Outdoor
  • Workspace
  • Lighting
  • Bath
  • Rugs

One thing I should note about all the items in this review is that you have to sign up to become a Modway member to preview the prices. Becoming a member comes with other benefits that I’ll tell you about later.

Modway Articulate Mesh Office Chair Review

Modway Articulate Mesh Office Chair Review
Modway Articulate Mesh Office Chair

The first item to grace my Modway review is this delightful office chair. It’s what’d typically pop into your head when you murmur the phrase office chair, which is exactly why I want to highlight it.

The Modway Articulate Mesh Office Chair has everything you’d want in a modern office chair. You can adjust its seat and armrest height to meet you at your highest-performing position. It can also recline and tilt to support your lower back in the best way. Once you find the perfect angle then you can lock the backrest in place.

This chair can glide around your room on its 5 caster wheels, allowing you to jump from laptop to phone call to laptop without having to stand up. It also comes in 6 different colors including black, blue, and brown.

Finally, the Modway Articulate Mesh Office Chair’s mesh allows air to flow behind you, preventing lower back sweating that can lead to discomfort.

Modway Sofa Review

Sofas are the modern-day hearths. They bring people together and can be the perfect platforms for us to connect with each other, so long as the sofas are comfortable. You’ll find out about some of the most popular sofas that can warm your heart in this section of my Modway review.

Modway Empress Bonded Leather Sofa Review

Modway Empress Bonded Leather Sofa Review
Modway Empress Bonded Leather Sofa

Whether you pick the white or the black version of the Modway Empress Bonded Leather Sofa, you’ll be in the presence of royalty. This sofa may not have as many outlandish features as a typical piece of regal furniture, but its straightforward design carries the confidence of conquerors.

This sofa is both supportive and all-encompassing, just like a good leader. Its wooden legs uphold the entire structure, keeping your floors safe from nicks and scratches. Yet it’s what’s on top of those legs that are worth marveling at.

The Modway Empress Bonded Leather Sofa features tufted buttons, cushions made from plush, and a leather encasing. Altogether, it’s a sleek package that’s comfortable to lay in and refreshing to sit on.

Modway Engage Upholstered Fabric Sofa Review

Modway Engage Upholstered Fabric Sofa Review
Modway Engage Upholstered Fabric Sofa

Although this sofa has a similar shape to the one I just spoke about, its fabric is what makes it an entity worthy of its own entry. 

The Modway Engage Upholstered Fabric Sofa has a dazzling appearance of bright colors, tufted cushions, and an inviting atmosphere. It’s like the friend who is always down to do whatever you want, not because they’re a pushover, but because they’re just happy to be with you.

This sofa may give off that sentiment because it comes in so many striking colors. You can find it in either warm or cool colorways. All that goodwill holds strong thanks to the wooden structure sitting underneath the fabric.

Modway Office Chairs Review

Oh, you thought there was only going to be one office chair in my Modway review? My dear reader, people spend most of their lives in their offices now. They need options. And Modway is happy to provide them with some of the finest ones on the market. 

Modway Escape Mid Back Office Chair Review

Modway Escape Mid Back Office Chair Review
Modway Escape Mid Back Office Chair

Instead of pulling you away from your work, the Modway Escape Mid Back Office Chair offers you a better way to strap in and focus. Its entire appeal is based on the professional mindset and helping you log into that modality.

This chair encourages you to retain a high posture for productivity’s sake. It has a high back with cushions running the length of its seat and back to support every inch of your spine. That way you won’t be sore after a long day in your home office.

Furthermore, the leather cushioning can encourage you to keep busy rather than lull you to sleep like other office chairs.

Modway Finesse Highback Office Chair Review

Modway Finesse Highback Office Chair Review
Modway Finesse Highback Office Chair

Some people prefer single-piece office chairs because it’s more comfortable, more fashionable, or more convenient for them.

Whatever the reason for their preference is, the Modway Finesse Highback Office Chair may deliver it for them.

This chair can tilt forwards or back to help you either ease away from your task or to bring your attention closer to the work you need to finish. That tilting back runs right into a waterfall seat. The entire chair has leather cushion padding for optimal comfort.

Modway Commix Down Filled Overstuffed 5 Piece Sectional Sofa Set Review

Modway Commix Down Filled Overstuffed 5 Piece Sectional Sofa Set Review
Modway Commix Down Filled Overstuffed 5 Piece Sectional Sofa Set

You can invite the kids, the in-laws, and even the neighbors over for a lovely time if you have the Modway Commix Down Filled Overstuffed 5 Piece Sectional Sofa Set. It’s a generous item that’s large enough to seat everyone you know with its communal shape.

This sectional is remarkable for more than just its size. It’s also an absolute dream to sit, nap, or rest on. The linen and soft polyester upholstery are perfect on your skin, leaving a light touch that doesn’t impose so much as it invites.

Additionally, the Modway Commix Down Filled Overstuffed 5 Piece Sectional Sofa Set has down cushions that are begging you to lay on them for a while. It also has foam bases that may try to steal your attention and lull you to sleep. Wow, it almost sounds like this sofa has something up its sleeve, doesn’t it?

Who Is Modway For? 

Modway Review

Modway is great for people who are looking for contemporary and modern furniture at prices that cannot be beaten.

Modway Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Modway Review

I found a large number of Modway reviews on various websites from customers who’ve used them before. I’m going to list out a few of them in a second, but first, I wanted to include the scores of my featured Modway items on Amazon:

  • Articulate Mesh Office Chair: 4.1/5 stars from over 5.6k ratings
  • Empress Bonded Leather Sofa: 4.1/5 stars from over 138 ratings
  • Engage Upholstered Fabric Sofa: 4.3/5 stars from over 63 ratings
  • Escape Mid Back Office Chair: 3.8/5 stars from over 23 ratings
  • Finesse Highback Office Chair: 4.2/5 stars from over 14 ratings
  • Commix Sectional Sofa Set: 4.2/5 stars from over 84 ratings

And here are some overall scores that I pulled from other websites of the brand:

  • Wayfair: 4.6/5 stars based on hundred of pieces of customer feedback
  • OverStock: 4.4/5 stars based on more than 10 pieces of customer feedback

All of these scores seem to tell a positive story, but what’s the plot really like? Well, I dove deeper into written customer reviews to see which aspects people loved about the company and what things they could do without.

The positive Modway reviews I read kept talking about the fact that these products looked more expensive than they were. Modway seemed to know just how to make their shimmer with style. The fact that they looked so good surprised customers, especially considering how much they were paying for some objects.

As one Amazon user put it for the Finesse Office Chair: “Very good quality chair. Installation is a breeze, took me 5 min. The thickness of the chair is just about right to give you enough support without the stiffness like other similar chairs do.”

They went on: “It looks very modern with a touch of luxurious feeling while not having the bulkiness of an executive chair. Overall very satisfied. The price I paid is a steal comparing to the quality I got. Highly recommended.”

Yes, many customers said the products looked and felt high-end. They said that they felt like they were earning some form of a secret bargain for how much they paid.

I keep mentioning the price here because customers kept bringing up the price in their Modway reviews. People were satisfied with how much they were paying for the products and were cognizant of what the price meant for longevity’s sake.

Here’s one Amazon buyer’s review that has had the Escape Office Chair for a while: “I ordered this chair on Mar 2018 and it still looks amazing. Still scooting around just fine, bends backward comfortable, and most amazing, the black material looks brand new. Not even kidding. I just spend one minute looking for a stretch or a bald spot. Can’t find one.”

The easy assembly for most of Modway’s pieces was another point that was hammered home regularly. Customers were relieved by how little effort they had to put to get their furniture in order and breathed easily through the entire construction process.

Overall, from assembly to sitting and enjoying, all of Modway’s furniture seems to be quite the hit with customers everywhere.

Is Modway Legit?

Modway Review

I did find a few complaints online about Modway’s customer service team being hard to reach. A couple of buyers said that they weren’t able to speak directly with the team or that Modway didn’t follow up with them after their conversation.

Given that, after seeing all of the positive reviews online, I’d still say that Modway is legit but that their communication team could benefit from improvement.

Is Modway Worth It?

Modway Review

If you are looking for furniture that’s extremely light on your wallet then I think Modway is for you. They do lose some points due to the customer complaints, but the keyword there is “some.” The overall visual quality, ease of assembly, and price make Modway the perfect company for many customers.

Modway Promotions & Discounts 

Modway Review

You can purchase Modway’s items through a dealer or at a Modway outlet store. But if you want to buy them straight from the brand’s website then you’ll have to sign up to become a member. Signing up will bring you other benefits like free swatches with certain orders.

Where to Buy Modway

Modway Review

Although it’s a bit tricky to purchase from Modway’s website, it’s actually easy to find their products elsewhere. You can find Modway furniture online at Amazon and Wayfair, for example, or through physical stores like Walmart.

There are also some Modway outlets worth checking out. You can find these by using the store locator function on Modway’s website.


Modway Review

Who owns Modway?

Tuvya Greisman is the current owner of Modway.

Does Modway ship internationally?

I could only find information on Modway’s website about US shipping, so I’m inclined to believe that they do not ship internationally.

What is Modway’s Shipping Policy?

Modway estimates that all their deliveries will arrive within 1-3 business days. They only ship to the 48 continental United States.

What is Modway’s Return Policy?

You’ll have to speak with a member of Modway’s staff to find out about their return policy because they don’t publish this information online.

How to Contact Modway

I’ll wrap up my Modway review by listing out the ways that you can contact them if you have any questions:

  1. Call them at +1-609-256-9000
  2. Email them at [email protected]
  3. Live chat with one of their respondents on their website

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