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Mojo Review

As exhilarating as a passionate bedroom experience is, it can be an equally nerve-wracking affair for men who suffer from various performance issues like erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, or delayed ejaculation. Thankfully, Mojo understands, and they’re listening.

In the span of two years, Mojo has cultivated a strong user base of 60,000 plus members, a modest and growing following on their social platforms, while being featured on HuffPost, The Times, TechCrunch, and The Telegraph.

Feeling a bit lackluster in the bedroom? Well, my Mojo review will inform you on how the company is carving out a safe digital space for men to discuss their performance woes with other men and professionals, offering an alternative to medication-based remedies. It’s about time we kicked certain performance-enhancing drugs to the curb. 

Overview of Mojo  

Mojo Review

Xander Gilbert and Angus Barge founded the London, England-based company Mojo in 2019 after an enlightening conversation between the two led to a harsh realization. Both men silently suffered from erectile dysfunction in their early 20s, yet their circumstances were completely different.

Gilbert and Barge recognized that they couldn’t be the only ones suffering from common ailments despite different externalities. Which is how Mojo came into being. The brand wants men to know that they are not alone. Their service provides an outlet for men to seek help, talk to others, and ask questions pertaining to mental and sexual health. 

This holistic approach is to be lauded. Not only is men’s mental health grossly stigmatized and under-reported, but society rarely connects the dots between a man’s bedroom presence and their mental health. 

And the first thing men do when they deal with erectile problems? They book it to the doctor for a Viagra prescription. Mojo is looking to change that.

The brand offers a community and discussion-focused alternative to prescription medication. Mojo is all about honesty and transparency regarding men’s sexual health so erectile dysfunction sufferers don’t feel isolated.

All of that sounds fantastic, but you’re probably wondering what the benefits of Mojo’s product are. In this Mojo review, I’ll hit you with a brief list of highlights so you can get a better idea of the company:


Mojo Review
  • Covers a broad spectrum of sexual performance issues, like weak erections, premature ejaculation, and lack of orgasm
  • Positive alternative to medication
  • Holistic approach that encompasses mental and physical health factors often disregarded in erectile dysfunction conversations
  • Frank and open in confronting bedroom problems—no sugarcoating
  • Community discussions are private, protecting members who feel embarrassed about their situation
  • Reliable contact lanes with reputable sexual and mental health experts

We get that you might still feel nervous about joining a community of men to discuss any problems in the bedroom. But now is the best time to do that as we’re facing a revolution of how men can approach any issues. 

As your mind and body are connected (who knew?), you’ll come to realize the lackluster responses in your pants are actually related to the thoughts in your head. Ready to check out what Mojo has in store for you? 

Mojo Review

Writing this Mojo review, I discovered that the brand serves more than just men who suffer from various sexual impediments. The brand also benefits men in other aspects as well, which I will outline below.

Who Is Mojo For? 

Mojo Review

Don’t think Mojo is just for guys suffering from erectile dysfunction though, there are courses that cover other common sexual problems as well. 

The company’s platform creates a safe conversation space for men who need a place to vent, to find people who relate to their experiences, or feel they don’t have a community of their own.

Mojo is a solid sphere for men who suffer from other mental and sexual-related issues that aren’t necessarily tied to erections because it encompasses so many aspects of health.

As I’ve mentioned in this Mojo review, the brand welcomes these tangentially related conversations because they realize sexual performance is more than just the old college try of thrusting your hips and breaking a sweat.

Although their approach is something I hope to see proliferate in the world of sexual and mental health, their app is designed for those already familiar with community discussion boards. That makes Mojo better suited for younger men than it does older men.

How Does Mojo Work? 

Mojo Review

In a simple answer, you sign up for a Mojo membership and receive access to all that the brand has to offer through their app. On the platform, you’ll find podcasts, discussion boards, digitally orchestrated member get-togethers, and guided meditations

There’s also a community forum where someone on the Mojo team will answer your questions. If you join them, you’ll soon discover that their team is incredibly receptive. They listen to their audience and delve into the topics subscribers want to be covered, no matter how niche.

While doing my research for this Mojo review, I found one community thread where one customer asked a question about how masturbation positioning and sexual stamina are linked. The Mojo Team replied by saying they will insert the question into the upcoming live question and answer session with a psychosexual therapist.

The thread exploded with members asking the same question. You’ll never guess how the Mojo team responded. They wrote an entire blog post dedicated to answering that specific question! 

The community tab is where Mojo shines as it allows members to converse with each other. If you’d prefer a more personal touch, there’s also group support sessions offered through video chats.

Returning to their podcasts and guided meditation, you’ll have access to their entire library for the length of your subscription. However, you have to work through every episode sequentially. You can’t skip an episode or go to one that might be more related to your specific issue without listening to the preceding episodes in a series.

On another dour note, the company recently ended its live Q&A sessions with experts. To make up for this loss, Mojo is looking to develop a more convenient alternative for both users and experts, potentially a regular AMA (Ask Me Anything) thread in their community forums.

Who Are Mojo’s Experts? 

Mojo Review

As great of a communal platform that Mojo is, there’s plenty of great (and free) spaces online for people to communicate with others who suffer from similar ailments. Why pay $68 when Discord is free?

That’s where Mojo’s crack network of professionals comes in, offering users exclusive content from their experts. But, what’s even more valuable and worth the membership fee for some is the open communication channel Mojo grants between its customers and their experts.

Therapy is expensive, and more men than ever need reliable health professionals they can speak with in their times of need. That’s Mojo’s most indispensable offering—the ability to chat with doctors and specialists without breaking the bank on a single therapy session.

Mojo’s expert team comprises not just clinicians, but urologists, physiotherapists, psychologists, and sexual health experts. These professionals tackle nearly every aspect of sexual performance so you’re covered, no matter what the issue might be. 

Silva Neves is one of the brand’s leading experts. For this Mojo review, I’ll highlight some of his accolades to show you why his insight is crucial:

  • College of Sexual and Relationship Therapists (CORST) accreditation
  • United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) registration
  • He’s both a psychosexual and a relationship therapist
  • Authored Compulsive Sexual Behaviours, a Psycho-Sexual Treatment Guide for Clinicians
  • His expertise extends to compulsive sexual behaviors and trauma-related psychotherapy

Also on Mojo’s expert panel is Dr. Roberta Babb. She’s a clinical psychologist and a registered forensic psychodynamic psychotherapist. Her work often covers the intersection between various life factors like personality disorders, race, and interpersonal dynamics, making her ideal for discussing the multiple factors that play into sexual disorders.

And Mojo’s high pedigree doesn’t stop there! Dr. Babb and Neves are joined by Dr. Eleanor Holloway. She is the current head of the psychosexual department at the Oxford Clinic, as well as a registered psychotherapist accredited by the College of Sexual and Relationship Therapists.

Lastly, this Mojo review can’t forget about Mike Richards, Mojo’s meditation specialist. His expertise comes from his position as an accredited meditation teacher by the British School of Meditation (BSoM).

This Mojo review believes you’ll be in great hands with their exemplary panel.

What Do You Get With A Mojo Membership? 

Mojo Review

The content a Mojo membership provides you takes an intersectional stance to combat the stigma surrounding erectile dysfunction. Not only are there videos and tutorials from mental and men’s health experts that cover a wide spectrum of psychological, sexual, and health topics, but there are also practical exercises and methods you can apply to your daily life.

These exercises take Mojo’s theoretical analysis and turn them into tangible steps you can implement. Some of these exercises are classic body scanning techniques that connect the mind and the genitals to re-sensitize, or de-sensitize, members for sexual pleasure.

Beyond physical exercises, Mojo also offers mental drills to combat the dilemma from a mindful perspective. These include breathing exercises, like the box breath or 2-1 breathing, to calm your pre-sexual intercourse anxiety.  

There are also therapy podcasts that cover subjects like sexual intelligence. In these podcasts, experts probe past surface-level problems and delve into the underlying causes of erectile issues. Another therapy podcast covers performance anxiety, while a third podcast navigates porn addiction. Each of these series has 6 episodes and runs around 40 minutes.

These are real therapy sessions that both the psychologist and the client featured in the audio gave their consent for recording and publication purposes. These offer an inside look at how therapy can help men. It also spurs customers to relate to the man’s experience in the therapy session, while learning more about their issues and possible solutions through his experience.

As if that wasn’t enough, Mojo also offers guided meditations that cover subjects like nerves in the bedroom, how to supercharge your arousal levels, understanding and confronting performance anxiety, and building bedroom confidence. The Mojo platform even has a series on couples meditation. These meditation series have 8 episodes and each episode is 10 minutes.

Perhaps the most important aspect of the Mojo membership is the ability to connect with other members and direct contact links to sexual health experts. These are all handled through the community posting boards, but there are also opportunities for in-app virtual meet-ups with other Mojo subscribers.

Mojo Reviews: What Do Members Think?

Mojo Review

Sure, my Mojo review can tout the brand’s praises all it wants, but we’re sure you want to know exactly what their members really think, right? We’re sure you won’t be surprised by what we’ve found. 

Mojo boasts an astoundingly high 4.6/5 stars on TrustPilot based on 78 customer reviews. Their score is so good that Mojo links to their TrustPilot page on their website. Talk about confidence!

Many Mojo members like how relatable and applicable the courses are to their situation. They also praised the community feature as it connects them with men suffering from similar issues.

One glowing customer stated, “Mojo is completely unique, I hadn’t seen anything like it before. It mixes elements of psychology, psychotherapy, mindfulness, and lots more, and has made a big positive difference to my sex life!

On the subject of community, another TrustPilot review said, “Really amazing and refreshing to be able to hear and share similar experiences. One guy had the exact same experience with me which is a shame but also amazing to be able to share.

I found a similarly high score on ProductHunt. There, Mojo holds a 5/5-star rating, with 2 informative Mojo reviews from customers. 

The first piece of feedback said, “I think it’s great that there is eventually an option to help with erectile dysfunction that isn’t viagra. This is genuinely a great long-term solution that isn’t going to impact my health!

Another customer highlights the importance of therapy as an alternative to medication since most erectile dysfunction sufferers usually turn to medication for help as a first resource without exploring other options. “Great to see a platform addressing mental health before jumping straight to medicine as a solution. Bloody great work.”

Is Mojo Worth It?

Mojo Review

Mojo’s concept is phenomenal, and it’s not difficult for this Mojo review to wholeheartedly recommend the service at this time.

Mojo Promotions & Discounts 

Mojo Review

At the time of this Mojo review, the brand is offering a 7-day free trial. During this trial, you’ll have full access to their library of courses, community features, meditation files, and therapy recordings.

Where to Sign Up for Mojo  

Mojo Review

Has my Mojo review piqued your interest? The easiest way to sign up is directly through their website.


Mojo Review

Who started Mojo?  

English cousins Xander Gilbert and Angus Barge started Mojo. They founded the company after sharing an honest conversation over their mutual erectile dysfunctions.

Through that discussion, they realized how widespread the problem must be, and how few outlets men have to share their experiences about this problem. 

How much does a Mojo membership cost?  

At first, nothing! You begin your Mojo membership with a 7-day free trial. After that, the membership costs $68 which is billed on a one-time payment, or the option for a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.

How do I sign-up for a 7-day free trial?  

The sign-up process could not be more simple. First, fill out a form on the Mojo website. Then, answer questions regarding your current and ideal situation (for example, why you are interested in joining the platform and what you’re looking for in terms of help), and finally, you enter your payment information. Your Mojo login will be set up after that.

If you cancel your membership before the 7-day free trial has concluded, then you will not be billed.

How long does it take for Mojo to work? 

There isn’t a definitive answer here as erectile problems can encompass a wide array of factors. It’s hard to isolate which of these factors has the greatest effect on your condition. That being said, most Mojo users report positive changes in a few days, and the company maintains that you should notice better erections within 6 weeks.

Is there a Mojo app? 

You better believe there’s a Mojo app! However, I could not find the app on the iOS app or Google Play store. Take into consideration that this could be a regional issue. It’s possible that at the time of this Mojo review, the app can only be accessed once enrolled in the service.

What is Mojo’s Cancellation Policy?

If you cancel your subscription before your 7 day trial period ends then you won’t incur any charges at all. Afterward, you can cancel your membership whenever.

However, depending on the payment schedule you chose when you first signed up, if you cancel at the start of the billing cycle, then Mojo will not refund you the money for the months that remain in your membership. Plus, you won’t be able to access the content your Mojo login provided after cancellation either.

It’s best to plan out when you’d like to cancel so you can get the most out of the remaining days of your membership. 

How to Contact Mojo

Mojo Review

I hope you enjoyed this Mojo review. The brand can be reached through their email: [email protected]

You can also speak directly with the Mojo team through their community discussion board. The team replies to user comments and questions on a regular basis.

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