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MyBookie Review

The tales of betting gone awry have painted the act in an unflattering, if not downright unrepresentative, light. The first image that sometimes pops into people’s heads when they think of betting is of high rollers in velvet suits losing everything on an errant bet. For as great of a movie as it is, Uncut Gems did little to improve this image.

However, that’s merely a misconception. The fact of the matter is, most people who bet on sports throw about as much money into it as they spend on a haircut.

It’s not the thrill of potentially earning millions on a risky bet that pushes them to bet, nor is it the desire to win at all costs. It’s simple, really. As The Joker once said, “If you’re good at something, never do it for free.

Tons of people are good at watching sports. They’re good at following along with events, players, seasons, teams, trends, and the like. They care about these things, so why not put a bit of money on the line (carefully, of course[1])? In the best case scenario, they win a bit more pocket money, and in the event that they lose, well they can go without a haircut for a bit longer.

All of this presents a necessary position for brands like MyBookie to fill. If you know people are going to place bets, you may as well give them a platform in which to do it safely and securely, right? That’s how MyBookie operates. Their 82k followers on Instagram seem to agree that they’re doing a good job as well.

My MyBookie review will give you all the information you need to know before you decide to start betting there. In it, you’ll learn about what makes the brand different, what their bets are like, what users have to say about them, and more.

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Overview of MyBookie

MyBookie Review

MyBookie got their start in 2014. David Carruthers founded the company as a happy medium where more experienced betters could play alongside wet-behind-the-ears types, where those seeking to cash out with the biggest prizes of their lives (though there were few) could reside comfortably beside weekend warriors looking to pocket a bit more money for beers at the bar.

Since this MyBookie review will focus on the site’s functionality and features, I’ll take this moment to explain what else they offer. They’re more than just a facilitator of bets. Actually, it’s best to see them as the 21st-century version of a traditional bookie. Oh, I guess that’s where they got their name.

In any case, they don’t just throw you blindly into bets. They supply accurate information about bets, odds, and analysis. Basically, they give you what you need to know so that you can understand what you should bet and why you should.

This is great for beginners who don’t know who to throw their money behind as well as pros who like to gather a second opinion on matters.

Let’s look at some of MyBookie’s highlights before I go any deeper into this review.


MyBookie Review
  • Live betting on many international and North American sports
  • Large selection of casino games
  • Can cash out in bitcoin
  • 48-hour payout processing time
  • 24/7 customer support

There are four main betting avenues that MyBookie offers:

  1. Sportsbook
  2. Casino
  3. Live betting
  4. Racing

As much as I’d like to cover them all in this MyBookie review, I’m only going to talk about MyBookie Sportsbook and MyBookie Casino as they’re the brand’s two most popular ventures. 

MyBookie Sportsbook Review

MyBookie Review

The MyBookie Sportsbook is your number-one hub for betting and odds. It doesn’t matter what you want to place your money on, if there’s a winner and a loser then you can find it on the SportsBook. 

Aside from the usual suspects (NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL), you can also bet on leagues like:

  • WNBA
  • CFL
  • AFL
  • NCAA

You can also place bets on international leagues for sports like baseball, basketball, and hockey. That doesn’t even cover the number of sports that most people forget you can bet on. I’m talking about esports, cricket, horse racing, and motorsports.

All of the bets on the MyBookie Sportsbook feature the spread, money line, and total odds in plain sight so you’ll know exactly what you’re getting into when you make a bet.

They also have betting advice from experts that’s based on the given day’s games. Thus, you can know what you should and shouldn’t bet on any time you open up the website.

MyBookie Casino Review

MyBookie Review

The other piece I want to mention in this MyBookie review is what they have in their casino. The site’s online casino is packed with many staple games and slots. Among them are variations of slots, poker, and blackjack.

The games that line the MyBookie Casino sometimes come with the added benefit of a live dealer, allowing you to feel like you’re in a real casino. The live dealer can add stake and weight to the games that regular virtual betting sometimes stumbles to recreate.

MyBookie App

MyBookie Review

MyBookie does not have a dedicated app for their system. Some people may see this as a massive misstep on the company’s part, but that’s a shortsighted view to hold.

While the MyBookie app may not exist, their mobile website has been built from the ground up to take many of the site’s best features (clean interface, search functionality. etc.) and replicate them on a smaller screen. 

MyBookie Features

MyBookie Review

The features that set MyBookie apart from other online betting sites are:

  • Live odds for games and sports
  • Dedicated customer service
  • International and North American markets for sports

How Does MyBookie Treat its Players?

MyBookie Review

MyBookie provides around-the-clock customer service so that players can always speak with someone if they have an issue. This is just one of the ways that MyBookie treats their players with respect.

Another facet is by offering them tons of promotions and bonuses. I’ll cover this topic a bit later in this MyBookie review, but seeing as how it’s one of the main ways that MyBookie tries to make life better for their users, I had to include it here.

Speaking of respect, MyBookie knows that some people struggle with knowing when to stop betting. They treat these folks with respect by allowing them to set their own limits. As such, users can set upper limits on their bets and deposits. They can also self-impose exclusionary policies that prevent them from using the casino or the sportsbook too frequently, if that’s what they want.

These limitations extend to promotions too. Sometimes, the deals are like carrots at the end of a stick, drawing horses further than they can run. People can feel like that too and believe that they have to chase promotions before they’re gone. MyBookie allows users to turn off these promotions if they don’t want to be tempted.

Who Is MyBookie For? 

MyBookie Review

MyBookie is for people who want a safe space to bet. It’s also good for people who have an active bitcoin wallet as the brand’s bitcoin payouts are among the fastest ways for you to withdraw money.

MyBookie Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

MyBookie Review

There weren’t too many aggregate MyBookie review scores online. As such, the main places that I looked for customer reviews were on the brand’s own website, on Reddit, and on Trustpilot.

Fans responded well to the company on MyBookie’s website. The brand held an average score of 4.7/5 stars based on more than 860 pieces of customer feedback.

At first, I thought this was a promotion hoax because MyBookie encourages customers to leave reviews. Thankfully though, this wasn’t the case, as the majority of these reviews seemed to be authentic.

With that being said, I should tell you what it was that clients appreciated about MyBookie. Well, it was their payouts and customer service for the most part. These features were so admired by users that many people remained on the site for years. 

Here’s one user’s MyBookie review from TrustPilot that praises those aspects.

Have been with them for a year or so… No problems at all… Payoffs take a week to get wired, and that would be the only slightly negative take on an awesome book that does little else wrong!

Something else that people appreciated about MyBookie was the security it afforded users. Those that left positive reviews claimed that the service protected their money. They felt comfortable knowing that they could trust the company to give them their money when they wanted it. 

On the subject of trust, I read a few enthusiastic MyBookie reviews that spoke highly of the brand’s customer service. People trusted the company’s employees when they needed to resolve an issue, extract money, or deal with them in any other manner. Here’s one such review that I found on TrustPilot that gives a detailed account of how the company worked with a client to explain a conflict.

I’m relatively new to Mybookie and so far I have had a very positive experience with Mybookie. I’ve made several deposits and placed numerous bets and the representatives are knowledgeable and friendly. My last deposit was substantial and the representative walked me through the process of sending an e-check step by step. Sometimes rather than wait on hold to resolve an issue, the reps have offered to call me back. Needless to say I am very satisfied with Mybookie.

Another MyBookie member wrote a similar review. “Representative was friendly, we were able to speak our minds to each other. Also the service was quick. Usually expect payouts to be time-consuming due to the nature of the transaction. Not the case. Quick and friendly. Could not ask for more.

Another main appeal of MyBookie was that the site transferred funds using Bitcoin. This may seem like a minor point of praise, but it was frequently mentioned as one of the best aspects of the site. In fact, it was seen as a way to circumvent many of the issues that users didn’t like about MyBookie (which I’ll cover soon). 

This MyBookie user recommended all other members opt for Bitcoin rather than other means of payment as it brought them great success and prevented them from running into some of the hurdles that other users faced.

I love mybookie, never had a problem. I use bitcoin for all transactions so that may be why. I’m also not a large bettor, just a few hundred tops at a time. I’ve heard they’re not great for thousands and more, so it seems like they’re more of a lower-mid amount book,” they wrote.

Sadly, not everyone was satisfied with the MyBookie experience. This was especially true on Trust Pilot and Reddit as users on both of those sites complained that the service didn’t allow them to withdraw their money when they pleased.

Other MyBookie members said that the brand’s shady promotions are what threw them out of love with the service. Hidden clauses ran amuck with these promotions, leaving customers unable to withdraw their winnings until they’d reached specific quotas. I’ll explain this more in the next section of this MyBookie review.

In closing, MyBookie’s overall reception was mixed. There was an equal balance of good and bad testimonials from users, though the positive ones were highly complimentary, such as this review that I’ll leave you with.

Mybookie is a world class site. Easily the best experience I’ve had at an online sports betting site. The staff is awesome and courteous. There are no hassles when requesting a payout and payouts are processed fast!!

Is MyBookie Legit?

MyBookie Review

I came across a red flag when I was researching this MyBookie review. I alluded to this in the last section but I wanted to give it some space to itself. Many customers online complained about the high withdrawal amount you needed if you wanted to take money out of your MyBookie account. These high withdrawals were packaged into promotions like a $50 bonus credit.

I’m unsure if this was the case for all customers who experienced this, but some complained that in order to withdraw money, they had to bet ten times the bonus credit amount plus their initial deposit. They had to bet this money before they were allowed to withdraw anything. There were other instances of players not getting their winnings due to playing with free plays or promotions. 

All of this is to say that MyBookie had problems with its advertising. It seems that they weren’t letting people into the full details of the experience. What’s worse is that many of these testimonies were tied to complaints about the brand’s customer service. The company would leave customers on hold for an hour or tell them that they didn’t win the money that they had earned.

These are pretty sizable claims, large enough that I don’t feel comfortable saying that MyBookie is squeaky clean.

Is MyBookie Worth It?

MyBookie Review

It’s hard to fully endorse MyBookie but it’s also difficult to outright dismiss them. The staggering number of positive customer reviews on their website demonstrates that they have a large audience. Meanwhile, their continued success since 2014 shows that their business model works and that plenty of people like it.

That being said, one cannot sweep the reports of hidden fees and high withdrawal minimums away. These are important things to keep in mind before you sign up for an account.

Taking both of those pieces into account, I believe that if you are interested in the service after reading this MyBookie review, you’re at least comfortable with dealing with those issues in the future (if they arise).

MyBookie Promotions & Discounts 

MyBookie Review

There are so many promotions and bonuses running on MyBookie that there’s no way I could cover them all here. They’re what attract many people to the service in the first place, but if you want to use them, make sure you read the fine print. You want to know what you’re getting into as some customers reported hidden withdrawal limitations.

How to Get Started at MyBookie?

MyBookie Review

You can get started at MyBookie through the brand’s website and retail stores, partner retailers, and Amazon.


MyBookie Review

Who owns MyBookie?

David Carruthers owns MyBookie.

Does MyBookie let you cash out?

You can cash out between $25 and $5,000 per transaction.

How long does MyBookie take to payout?

It usually takes MyBookie 24 to 48 hours to payout.

Is MyBookie legal in the US?

Yes, it is legal in the US.

What is MyBookie’s Privacy Policy?

Your information will not be sold to any third parties.

What is MyBookie’s Refund Policy?

You cannot cancel any bets or wagers placed through MyBookie.

How to Contact MyBookie

Seeing as how the service flaunts their 24/7 customer team as being best-in-class, it’d only make sense for me to close out my MyBookie review by telling you how you can reach them.

You can either fill out a contact form on their website or, if you’re a member, you can speak with a team member using the live chat function on their website.

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