Neuriva vs Prevagen Review

About Neuriva

Neuriva vs Prevagen Review

Neuriva was developed by Schiff Vitamins, which was founded in 1936 by Eugene Schiff, on a mission to help us live our best lives. The company began as a pharmacy but has since partnered with Reckitt Benckiser to manufacture dietary supplements.

Neuriva has been committed to “exploring remedies from around the world and discovering new, quality ingredients backed by science” since its creation.

It offers a wide range of capsules, gummies, and liquid shots that are primarily designed to support brain health by enhancing memory functions, positive learning, accuracy, focus, and concentration

Most Schiff Vitamins are manufactured in the same place that the company was founded, Salt Lake City. They’re crafted using plenty of natural ingredients, all of which are backed by science.

Not sure if this brand’s supplements are right for you? In this Neuriva vs Prevagen review, I’ll also tell you about the competitor. Then, I’ll compare the two companies and their products to help you determine which one is the perfect fit!

About Prevagen

Neuriva vs Prevagen Review

Prevagen was founded in 2007 as the product of Quincy Bioscience, which was created by Mark Underwood in 2004. This biotechnology company has a mission rooted in “the discovery, development, and commercialization of novel technologies to support cognitive function.”

Based and manufactured in Wisconsin, Prevagen offers capsules and chewables that are also designed to support brain health and specifically target memory loss.

The main ingredient is a synthetically produced protein that is found in jellyfish and has proven to be effective.

Ready to begin your journey towards wellness and a clearer mind? Stay tuned to my Neuriva vs Prevagen review–I’ll guide you through everything there is to consider about each brand, their best-selling supplements, overall price and value, the deets on customer reviews, and more.

What To Consider

Neuriva vs Prevagen Review

Product Range

Sometimes, we want options. Both Neuriva and Prevagen offer supplements in different forms, such as chewables, capsules, gummies, and drink packages, to improve brain health, function, and memory.

If your looking to find everything from one shop, Neuriva is produced by a company that carries a variety of different supplements. There’s anything from multivitamins for immune health to wellness shots and capsules for digestive health.

Target Audience

Though both brands offer brain-health supplements, they’re targeted at different crowds. Prevagen focuses on memory and has been clinically proven to help with “mild memory loss associated with aging.” So, you’ll find older adults interested in this supplement.

Alternatively, Neuriva has a broader range of benefits, from better concentration to improved focus—though, it doesn’t focus on one area specifically. As a result, the targetted age range for customers is wider.

If you are struggling with brain health, you should speak to your doctor before proceeding with either supplement.

Scientific Credibility

Of course, taking a daily supplement means nothing if it’s not backed by science. It’s important to know that the ingredients are proven to be effective.

Fortunately, the two options in my Neuriva vs Prevagen review have undergone clinical trials and testing. They both use ingredients that are proven to work, making them great options. Plus, customer testimonials demonstrate how effective the products are as they recount overall improvement in brain health.


Both Neuriva and Prevagen are widely available online and in popular stores. The former is sold at as well as Amazon and Walmart, while the latter can be found at, Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, and RiteAid.

Both brands’ supplements come at an affordable price. You’ll also get bonuses: Neuriva even has an app while Prevagen has a website, both offering tips, brain games, and recipes for healthy living.

Neuriva Brain Performance Strawberry Original Gummies vs Prevagen Mixed Berry Flavored Tablets Review:

Neuriva vs Prevagen Review
Neuriva Brain Performance Strawberry Original

Neuriva and Prevagen each offer dietary supplements in a few different forms, and one of those forms is a convenient tablet or gummy. Though both products help with brain health, they have a few key differences.

Below, I’ll offer a quick overview of each product’s highlights. Then, I’ll dive into more detail.

Neuriva Brain Performance Strawberry Original Gummies:

  • Gummy form
  • Strawberry flavor
  • Strengthen focus, memory, learning, accuracy, and concentration
  • Naturally sourced ingredients: whole fruit coffee cherry extract and plant-sourced fatty acid phosphatidylserine
  • Gluten-free, vegetarian, decaffeinated
  • Two gummies daily
  • Pack of 50

Prevagen Mixed Berry Flavored Tablets:

  • Chewable tablet form
  • Mixed berry flavor
  • Aid in memory loss and supports brain function
  • Formulated with apoaequorin
  • Improved patients’ cognitive function within 90 days during a clinical trial
  • One tablet daily
  • Pack of 30

Neuriva focuses on five different aspects of brain function, including accuracy, focus, memory, learning, and concentration. How? With its science-backed ingredients, of course.

Nutrient-rich coffee cherry fruit is included to increase levels of brain-derived neurotrophic factor, which strengthens the connections between brain cells. Meanwhile, phosphatidylserine, a phospholipid, can help protect your brain cells, which then helps with learning and memory.

Neuriva vs Prevagen Review
Prevagen Mixed Berry Flavored Tablets

Alternatively, Prevagen is all about helping with memory loss. It includes a unique ingredient called apoaequorin, which, according to the brand’s site, “was originally discovered in jellyfish.” It’s a protein that can support mild memory loss when taken daily.

Another difference I found in this Neuriva vs Prevagen review is the format of these two supplements. Neuriva offers a strawberry-flavored gummy, and the daily dose is two per day. Prevagen has a mixed berry-flavored chew, and you only need to take one per day.

The differences between these two products are pretty big, and it all depends on what you need from a supplement. The Neuriva Brain Performance Strawberry Original Gummies support your overall brain health, while the Prevagen Mixed Berry Flavored Tablet takes a targetted approach to mild memory loss associated with aging. The choice is yours,

Neuriva Original Brain Health Supplement with Coffee Cherry Extract & Phosphatidylserine vs Prevagen Regular Strength 10 mg Capsules Review:

Neuriva vs Prevagen Review
Neuriva Original Brain Health Supplement with Coffee Cherry Extract & Phosphatidylserine

Neuriva and Prevagen offer their effective formulas in capsule form, too. You’ll get all of the benefits of the chews or tablets, just in a swallowable form. I’ll hone in on what’s different in this section.

The Neuriva Original Brain Health Supplement with Coffee Cherry Extract & Phosphatidylserine should be taken once per day. You’ll get 30 capsules per bottle.

Neuriva vs Prevagen Review
Prevagen Regular Strength 10 mg Capsules

The Prevagen Regular Strength 10 mg Capsules is also a one-per-day supplement, with 30 per bottle. It’s the brand’s regular-strength potency.

Both options are flavorless and easy to swallow. Your choice comes down to your needs. Neuriva’s capsules take an all-encompassing approach to brain health, while Prevagen’s option hones in on memory loss.

Neuriva Brain + Energy Shots Tropical Flavor vs Prevagen Neuroshake Review:

Neuriva vs Prevagen Review
Neuriva Brain + Energy Shots Tropical Flavor

Prefer to sip back on your supplements? The Neuriva Brain + Energy Shots Tropical Flavor or the Prevagen Neuroshake may be just what you’re on the hunt for. Though you’ll get the great brain-boosting benefits each brand is known for, these healthy beverages have some added features.

Neuriva’s Brain + Energy Shots come in packs of 12 individually-bottled shots of 24 fl oz each. With their sweet and refreshing tropical flavors, you’ll feel like you’re drinking delicious juice while adding crucial ingredients to your diet. One serving has just 5 calories.

Each shot has a healthy serving of B12, a lack of which has been associated with memory loss. They also have caffeine for an added boost of energy and are ideal for drinking when you’re out or enjoying throughout the day.

Neuriva vs Prevagen Review
Prevagen Neuroshake

Prevagen’s Neuroshake is sold in shake-mix form, meaning you’ll mix one individually-wrapped packet with 8 fl oz of cold water (or another liquid of your choice!). Or, mix it in with your smoothie.

You’ll get 15 mixes per pack, each in a tasty and natural vanilla flavor. One serving has 25 calories, 5 grams of protein, and less than 1 gram of carbs and fat.

Both of these beverages are pretty different. The Neuroshake is Prevagen’s signature brain-boosting formula, just in drinkable format and with added protein. It’s a solid choice for those suffering from mild age-related memory loss.

Meanwhile, the Brain + Energy Shots are great for those of us with busy lifestyles because you can grab a bottle and head out the door. Though each one contains Neuriva’s brain-health benefits, you’ll also get an increase in energy and B12.

Neuriva vs Prevagen: Scientific Backing

Neuriva vs Prevagen Review

Now that my Neuriva vs Prevagen review has taken you through both brands’ bestsellers, I’ll get into the most important part of this article—their scientific claims and how accurate they are.

Neuriva is designed to aid overall brain performance including memory, focus, accuracy, concentration, and learning. The company prides itself on a clear motto: “Nature made it. Science proves it.

So, what does this motto mean to the company? On Neuriva’s ingredient labels, you’ll find trademarked formulas called NeuroFactor (whole fruit coffee cherry extract) and SharpPS (plant-sourced phosphatidylserine).

The brand says that these components are found in nature, but scientific and clinical testing backs their effectiveness.

The coffee fruit, free of caffeine, is said to heighten the body’s neuroprotein brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), which improves memory.

Meanwhile, phosphatidylserine essentially protects and carries messages between brain cells, which supports overall brain health.

Similarly, Prevagen’s supplements claim to improve cognitive function. It tested this claim on a group of individuals that functioned normally or were mildly cognitively impaired, with some positive results after they took a daily pill for 90 days.

The manufacturer of Prevagen, Quincy Bioscience, focuses on the most common effects of aging, such as mild memory loss.

The main ingredient, Apoaequorin, has undergone testing and is deemed safe and effective for use. Sourced from jellyfish, it protects cells and improves cognitive function.

Customers should note that Prevagen has had problems with the FDA and has had class-action lawsuits filed against it. Apparently, some claim that the brand’s claims are unfounded, while others have noticed that it failed to convey side effects. I recommend doing your research and reading customer testimonials to draw your own conclusions.

When it comes to side effects and pairing with other medications, both brands recommend speaking with a doctor before use. Also, it’s important to note that they have not been approved by the FDA because they are not designed to treat or cure diseases.

Prevagen offers a little more information when it comes to how quickly the supplement should take effect, though Neuriva is naturally sourced. That said, both brands are backed by scientific testing that demonstrates their effectiveness in improving overall brain function and health.

Neuriva vs Prevagen: Price & Value

Neuriva vs Prevagen Review

Reading this Neuriva vs Prevagen review has taken you through both brands’ bestsellers and scientific claims. Now, it’s time to decide if they’re worth the cost. I’ll take a look at how the prices compare before delving into the value.


  • Brain Performance Strawberry Original Gummies: $30 for 50 gummies
  • Original Brain Health Supplement with Coffee Cherry Extract & Phosphatidylserine: $33 for 30 capsules or $11 for 7 capsules
  • Brain + Energy Shots Tropical Flavor: $32 for 12 bottles


  • Mixed Berry Flavored Tablets: $40 for 30 tablets
  • Regular Strength 10 mg Capsules: $40 for 30 capsules
  • Neuroshake: $20 for 15 packets

Both options offer different flavors and ways to consume the supplements, making them ideal for different palettes and preferences. Plus, their formulas are scientifically proven to be effective.

Neuriva is a bit more cost-effective, but keep in mind that it recommends taking two gummies per day. In a bottle, you’ll get 25 days’ worth of servings for $30, and with Prevagen, you’ll get 30 days’ worth for $40. Alternatively, the daily dose for both companies’ capsules is one per day.

I should note that Prevagen offers more clarity on how long it takes to see results. The brand says its supplements should work within 90 days.

Both brands offer are resources for achieving better brain health via stimulation, working perfectly in tandem with their supplements. The Neuriva app has games and exercises that are specifically designed to aid in brain development.

Prevagen operates via a website that offers perks such as intellectually challenging puzzles and games, tips for maintaining brain health, as well as the recommended diet for staying healthy.

Overall, both Neuriva’s and Prevagen’s supplements are affordable. But, what do customers have to say? Find out down below.

Neuriva vs Prevagen: What Do Customers Think?

Neuriva vs Prevagen Review

My Neuriva vs Prevagen review wouldn’t be complete without customer testimonials. With plenty of high ratings for each, I sourced comments from the brands’ websites, Amazon, and Nebula Genomics.

I’ll summarize some ratings before diving into the comments.


  • Amazon: 4.2/5 stars out of 16926 reviews
  • Website (for the Plus, Brain Health Supplement With Coffee Cherry Extract & Phosphatidylserine): 4.2/5 stars out of 51 reviews
  • Nebula Genomics: 4.3/5 stars


  • Amazon: 4.4/5 stars out of 673 reviews
  • Nebula Genomics: 3.7/5 stars 

Now, it’s clear that both brands have received plenty of attention and lots of high ratings. So, what are shoppers saying? Let’s take a look at the highlights.


  • Effective
  • Easy to use
  • Good variety of options
  • Few reports of side effects
  • Vegan and GMO-free
  • Provides energy and relieves brain fog

After three months of use, one shopper on the brand’s website has nothing but good things to say: “In the third month of using this product I can state absolutely that there is an improvement in concentration, memory, and thought coordination. I am able to speak with fewer pauses to think about what I was about to say.”

On Amazon, another customer was surprised by how fast-acting and effective the capsules were:

A few hours into my day, I suddenly realized I was thinking quite clearly. I was focused and I was only having a little bit of distraction and brain fog. I took these the rest of the week and was amazed at the difference it made during a very highly stressful week.”

Another buyer on Amazon describes how, although the product is caffeine-free, it gave them plenty of energy and replaced coffee: “The next great thing it did for me was it made me alert! I am usually tired at work without coffee and since I stopped drinking coffee I just put up with being exhausted at work all the time, but Neuriva works!”


  • Able to think more clearly
  • Better recall
  • Better thought process
  • Easy to use and take
  • Accessible
  • Good ingredients

On the brand’s website, plenty of shoppers write things like “I started really noticing some big differences in my thought process and clarity”. They noted that their memory improved and their “cognitive functions have changed – for the better!”

I found similar sentiments on Amazon. One reviewer left a note on behalf of their grandmother:

Before Prevagen, she would stop mid-sentence, as she forgot what she was talking about. She has been taking Prevagen for just a week and a half and has noticed a significant increase in her sharpness and memory. The last two conversations we had have proved that correct. She has not lost her thoughts, and seems to be fully alert.”

Another shopper describes that while the results weren’t immediate, they were effective: “I’ve been taking Prevagen for about 3 months and do notice I am thinking without as much clutter; remembering things with less confusion. This product has proved remarkable in a quiet sort of way. The difference is not immediate – do not expect it to be.”

With Prevagen, some shoppers report side effects like nausea, dizziness, and headaches. The brand offers a lengthy return policy, so shoppers are given ample time to test if the product is right for them.

Also, it’s always important to check with your doctor before beginning any new supplements, especially when pairing them with other products.

With both brands, some shoppers report ineffective supplements. However, some customers mention that they only tested them for a few days—it’s important to give them at least a few months to start seeing the full benefits. That said, they may not work for everyone.

Overall, these brands are highly rated. Customers recommend their supplements, noting they’re effective and easy to use.

Neuriva vs Prevagen: Promotions & Discounts

Neuriva vs Prevagen Review

I searched both brands’ sites for this Neuriva vs Prevagen review, but I couldn’t find much in the way of promos and discounts. Thankfully, both options are already affordable.

Neuriva does some perks: customers receive $5 off when they sign up for emails, and shipping is free if you spend $30+. Prevagen also offers free shipping on orders over $30.

Also, many customers report finding deals on each website pretty often. Just because there aren’t any promos right now doesn’t mean there won’t be soon.

Neuriva vs Prevagen: Shipping & Returns

Neuriva vs Prevagen Review

Before I wrap up my Neuriva vs Prevagen review, it’s important to consider the policies each company has in place concerning shipping and returns.

If you’re ordering Neuriva from Schiff Vitamins’s website, the shipping and returns policies are quite clear. Orders are processed within 1 or 2 days and shipping takes 5-8 days or up to three weeks outside the contiguous US. The brand offers two shipping options, both via USPS:

  • Standard shipping (5-8 business days): Flat fee of $6 or free on orders over $30
  • Expedited shipping (2-4 business days): $8

Unfortunately, the items cannot be shipped outside of the US as the DOT does not allow air shipment of certain products.

When it comes to returns, items can be sent back within 30 days as long as they are sealed and in their original packaging.

The brand covers shipping costs if there is an issue with the product or delivery, otherwise, the fee is the customer’s responsibility. After the return has been processed, the refund will be issued within 30 days.

Prevagen ships to Canada, the US, and Mexico, with shipping costs and times calculated at checkout. Orders can be returned within 45 days of purchase, and customers can test out the product. Here’s how it works:

  1. Keep the original receipt from the authorized seller
  2. Package it along with any unused product
  3. Call 877-977-3824 to authorize the return
  4. The customer service representative will guide you from there

While Prevagen does not have a clear shipping policy in the same way Neuriva does, it does allow shoppers to test out its supplements to determine if they are satisfied with the results.

Who Will You Shop With?

Neuriva vs Prevagen Review

Overall, Neuriva and Prevagen both offer great options when it comes to improving your brain health. Their supplements are easy-to-consume in multiple forms and are backed by science.

Another bonus? Each brand has fantastic ratings from customers, many of whom report being impressed by the effectiveness. That said, Neuriva’s and Prevagen’s products use different ingredients that specifically target different brain functions.

With Neuriva, shoppers find that the whole fruit coffee cherry extract and plant-sourced fatty acid phosphatidylserine are effective in strengthening their focus and clearing their minds. Alternatively, Prevagen’s apoaequorin helps with memory loss.

It all depends on what you’re looking to achieve. And, having delved into everything that the brands have to offer and what each product does in this Neuriva vs Prevagen review, I leave the final decision up to you. So, which will you try out?

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