No BS Skincare Review

About No BS Skincare

No BS Skincare Review

While the FDA has only banned 11 ingredients from skincare products, No BS has banned 1,500. Why? Because according to their philosophy, skin should only be treated with natural, plant-based products. 

You won’t find any parabens or sulfates in any of their formulations—but you will find coconut oil, cucumber, rose hip, and many other ingredients that will make your complexion glow. With features in Forbes, Refinery 29, and Vogue, No BS is really starting to make a name for itself in the beauty industry.

The founder, Diana, is not only adamant to break beauty standards, but the glass ceiling as well. She wants to offer products to women that actually do what they say they’re going to do. So without further adieu, let’s jump into our No BS Skincare review to learn more.

First, here’s a list of some highlights of the brand: 


  • Great range of clean, simple, and effective skincare products
  • Suitable for all skin types and ages
  • Relatively affordable 
  • The brand is determined to create minimum waste and uses recycled packaging
  • Partnered with organizations like She Recovers, Feeding America, and more
  • Free shipping on US orders + free samples 

No BS Skincare Review

No BS Skincare Review

Did you know that skin is considered the body’s biggest organ? It’s our first line of defense, shielding us from harmful elements in the environment. It’s only right that we should protect it too. 

Below, our No BS Skincare review will take a look at some of the brand’s most popular products. And who knows, they could even become a part of your next skincare routine! 

No BS Skincare Vitamin C + E Serum Review

The reparative nature of the Vitamin C + E Serum will have your skin looking tight and radiant in as little as two weeks of regular use. Pomegranate and green tea antioxidants help with keeping inflammation under control while protecting against the signs of premature aging. 

Other powerful ingredients such as hyaluronic and ferulic acid shield your skin from pollution. Plus, they speed up the healing process of common insecurities like acne scars and sunspots. 

It’s never too late to give your complexion the love and attention it deserves. The 30ml Vitamin C + E Serum bottle comes to a one-time purchase of $40.

No BS Skincare Caffeine Eye Cream Review

Want the wakeful perks of your morning cup of joe without the jitters and inevitable crash? This Caffeine Eye Cream may not boost your energy levels, but it will definitely make you appear well rested. 

The combo of caffeine and quinoa seed extract improves blood circulation, reduces puffiness, and minimizes discoloration. So those dark circles? A thing of the past. The hyaluronic acid and squalane helps keep skin taut while reducing fine lines. 

A 15ml bottle of the Caffeine Eye Cream costs $35

No BS Skincare Retinol Night Cream Review

The Retinol Night Cream will leave your skin feeling fresh and dewy while improving your overall complexion. The formula promotes effective cell turnover while still being gentle enough for sensitive skin. It contains .01% of retinol, which may not seem like much, but a little goes a long way. 

Some other key players in the Retinol Night Cream include aloe vera, vitamin E, and pomegranate extract. These elements reduce the appearance of creases, acne, and scarring, while neutralizing the effects of free radicals (unstable atoms that can damage cells). 

A 30ml bottle of Retinol Night Cream is available for $50.

No BS Skincare Day + Night Hyaluronic Cream Review

This Day + Night Hyaluronic Cream will become your skin’s new best friend, using multi-layer protection to keep you nourished and hydrated every hour of the day. Let’s just say it’s the moisturizer that keeps on giving. 

Once applied, the first layer gives you the olive-based squalane and jojoba oil for “instant nourishment”. The second layer, full of hyaluronic acid, helps your skin to absorb as much moisture from your environment as possible. Layer #3 delivers apricot oil to keep moisture locked in. 

Order a 60ml jar of the Day + Night Hyaluronic Cream for a one-time purchase of $45

No BS Skincare Healing Acne Patches Review

Last up in this No BS Skincare review are the Healing Acne Patches. It’s time to put down the toothpaste (for pimple-drying purposes, anyway) and consider these hydrocolloid patches instead—perfect for getting rid of those pesky blemishes and redness on your complexion. 

They’re breathable, waterproof, and protect against bacteria, while moisturizing and minimizing scarring. A box of 36 patches will run you $18, or you can double up and get a box of 72 for $32

Who Is No BS Skincare For? 

No BS Skincare Review

There really is no age limit for wanting to take care of your skin. No BS’ Healing Acne Patches are great for busy teens balancing their school and social life, while their Caffeine Eye Cream is ideal for night owls who can never seem to get enough sleep (me, I’m talking about me). 

So, the collection is designed for anyone who is looking to change, add to, or create a new self-care regime. Let this No BS skincare review be your leading guide. As a side note, the brand’s products are relatively affordable compared to high-end skincare lines on the market—which means that they’re perfect for newbies. 

How Are No BS Products Different From Other Skincare Products? 

No BS Skincare Review

No BS products are made with all natural ingredients. Aside from their moisturizer with SPF, they’re all vegan too. They place an emphasis on clean formulations, transparency, and sustainable packaging before anything else. 

A statement taken straight from the brand reads, “In an industry full of miracle-in-a-bottle marketing, No B.S. is revolutionizing skincare with clean formulas, real results, and a radically honest beauty culture we can all get behind.” 

No BS Skincare Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

No BS Skincare Review

The world of skincare can be pretty intimidating. Among endless collections introduced by companies who are all offering different ingredients, benefits, and price points, how can you really be sure which formula is best for you? 

We hope our No BS Skincare review can help with that—what better way to figure out if a skincare line works than to see if it worked for others first? Let’s take a look at what customers had to say. 

On the No BS Skincare website, the majority of their products have a 5/5 star rating, with some having as many as 200 reviews. A buyer shared their thoughts on the Hand + Body Moisturizer with Hyaluronic Acid, “I take this everywhere I go. My hands get really dry throughout the day and I love that this lotion isn’t so heavy on the fragrance and focuses on actually hydrating my hands. “

A reviewer for Insider tested the Cleanser and Toner and found that the products had a positive impact on her skin. “No BS is a great option for anyone who values clean, simple ingredients, relatively low prices, convenience, and — perhaps more lastingly — the kind of clear, happy skin that can only come from an actually simple routine.”

Our No BS Skincare review could not find many ratings on Trustpilot or BBB. But, we did land on quite a few positive comments that customers left for individual products sold through Amazon. 

The average rating for No BS products is 4.5 stars out of 5, with some products having amassed almost 400 reviews. One customer left a testimonial for their Vitamin E + C Serum, stating, “I had purchased this as a hopeful dupe/replacement for a sample of an $80 serum I had used. This worked just as well and for half the cost. It’s become a standard step in my morning skin care routine.”

Another pleased customer with mature skin wrote that the Healing Acne Patches were “miracle workers.” The review continued, “I’m a female in my mid 50s and suddenly struggling with adult acne and rosacea. Worse than the teenage years. (Thanks, hormones). What I love about these is that they work to reduce redness and inflammation without the crazy overdrying that some topical creams cause. My face looks better after just 2 nights of wearing the patches to sleep.” 

Overall, customers seem to enjoy the feel, quality, and effectiveness of No BS products. Many reviewers mentioned recommending the collection to family or friends, so the company must be doing something right! 

Is No BS Skincare Worth It?

No BS Skincare Review

All natural ingredients, products suitable for all skin types, and proven results? Let’s do it. Skincare doesn’t have to be complicated, and we shouldn’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to get the complexion of our dreams.

Luckily, No BS has created an affordable and effective line that brings people closer to that goal without breaking the bank. The brand offers easy-to-use solutions to struggles that we all face at some point in our lives—whether that includes harmless but giant zits or skin as parched as a desert.  

All in all, this No BS Skincare routine review has determined that the brand is worth the buy. And if the customer testimonials haven’t convinced you yet, why not try a trial kit to see firsthand if the products are right for you? 

No BS Skincare Promotions & Discounts 

No BS Skincare Review

Itching to get your hands on some Healing Acne Patches? Our No BS Skincare review found a few sweet deals for readers!

  • Take advantage of the student discount (offered on select products) 
  • Refer a friend to earn discounts and receive free products
  • Sign up for the brand’s mailing list to receive updates and exclusive deals 

Where To Buy No BS Skincare 

No BS Skincare Review

After reading this No BS Skincare review, you can head on over to,, or Amazon to check out the brand’s entire selection of products. 


No BS Skincare Review

Does No BS test on animals?   

Nope! No BS knows that bunnies are for cuddling and not for testing products on. Additionally, they do not sell products in countries where animal testing is mandatory by law. 

Are No BS products vegan?  

Don’t worry, vegans—this No BS skincare review has discovered that with the exception of their moisturizer with SPF 20, the brand’s products are for you too! 

What is Subscribe & Save?  

Running out of your favourite products is a thing of the past with Subscribe & Save. When you’re ready to purchase, choose between 30, 60, or 90-day intervals and No BS will automatically put together the next shipment. 

Plus, you save 15% on each order. While you can cancel at any time, you’ll also receive a heads up via email or text before your next order ships. 

What is No BS Skincare’s Shipping Policy?

They’re No BS with their products, and No BS with their delivery policies as well. The company sends out packages 1–2 business days after an order has been placed, and shipping is free within the US

There is a fee for international deliveries, but there are different rates and shipping options available at checkout. At the time of delivery, buyers are responsible for paying any custom and import fees. 

At this time, No BS does not ship their products to Spain due to import restrictions. Lo siento, España!

What is No BS Skincare’s Return Policy?

If you’re unhappy with your No BS purchase, you can return your order within 30 days of purchase. Here are some specifics of their return policy: 

  • No BS will cover the return costs if the reason for return is due to product error
  • Any unopened merchandise returned will be subjected to a $5 restocking fee
  • The return policy does not apply to international orders, sample-sized products, purchases from, and trial kits 

How to Contact No BS Skincare

Need a bit more information after reading our No BS skincare review? You can contact the brand through any of the following ways: 

  • Phone: 888.422.7704
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Chat function or the contact form on their website 

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