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About NOAH

NOAH Clothing Review

Noah is a trendy men’s clothing brand based in NYC, drawing inspiration for their hip and colorful designs from the ever-evolving cultures of the 2000s. The brand feels almost like a cross between Hollister, Urban Outfitters, and streetwear styles.

As a positively millennial brand, Noah is killing it on Insta with 407k loyal followers. They’ve also been featured in notable publications, including GQ, Vogue, Bloomberg, Rolling Stone, Forbes, Refinery29, and many more. 

The brand is renowned for their modern, fresh take on streetwear and their vocal efforts to make fashion more ethical and sustainable. 

This Noah clothing review will fill you in on what this brand is all about, what their bestsellers are offering happy buyers, FAQs, and shipping and return policies.

Overview of NOAH

NOAH Clothing Review

What’s the story of this mysterious cool-guy brand? Well, in 2015, Supreme streetwear designer Brendon Babenzien opened his own store in the lively and cultural hotbed that is Soho, NYC

He called it Noah, inspired by Noah’s Arc because he felt that his clothing embodies the often counter-culture and rebellious hobbies of surfing and sailing, among other activities like skateboarding, rollerblading, and even music like Punk Rock.

Babenzien had a philosophy: clothing should represent who you are and what you do. His creative vision was for Noah clothing to be an extension of people’s passions and a way for people to express themselves in a meaningful way. 

That’s not to say that clothes are crucial in who you are—quite the opposite, actually. The founder wants to spread the message that what you do is more important than what you wear. But hey, if you happen to wear the cool designs that Noah puts out, more power to you.

NOAH Clothing Review

In our Noah clothing review, we found that Babenzien, through his brand, works to make the fashion industry less exploitative, unethical, and unsustainable

On where its products are made, Noah says: “Our clothes are made in countries, mills and factories where tradition, expertise and human dignity take precedence over the bottom line.”

Some of these countries include Italy, Canada, Japan, and Portugal. The products are made in these places because of fair labor laws and environmental policies.

Still headquartered in NYC, Noah is all about individuality, doing what you do, and expressing who you are.

NOAH Clothing Review

Before we dive into the actual Noah clothing review and talk about some of the brand’s customer favorites, we’ll give you the TL;DR by listing some of their highlights.


  • Offers a variety of hip and expressive clothing, including shirts, sweaters, runners, beanies, socks, and tons of other cool apparel
  • Ships internationally
  • Reasonable prices for ethically made and sustainable clothing
  • Noah receives overall very positive customer reviews
  • Free shipping over $150

Now let’s move on to all the great products the brand has to offer. This means a bestseller Noah tee, hats, and, well, we won’t spoil the whole thing for you.

NOAH Clothing Review

So, what’s this Noah apparel like? And what do customers love most about their products? This Noah clothing review will feature the brand’s bestselling products to provide some much-needed answers.

NOAH Noah x Adidas Floral Paisley Logo Tee Review 

Firstly, this Noah T-shirt isn’t just any shirt. It’s the Noah x Adidas Floral Paisley Logo Tee.  You can get an Adidas design at Noah and mix the alt, quirky, sk8er boi vibes with the athletic feel from the sports brand.

This product is a white tee with the Adidas logo and name. The trefoil flower logo is filled in with a colorful floral pattern for multiple pops of color. 

Made from 100% organic cotton, you don’t have to worry about this shirt being made from cheap materials. And hey, did you know that only 1-2% of the world’s cotton production is organic? Invest in fashionable, eco-friendly alternatives with this tee for $50.

NOAH Flower Instarsia Lambswool Sweater Review 

This knitwear is a cutie. The Flower Instarsia Lambswool Sweater is a grey or pink sweater that features a simple purple flower design on the chest.

The product is made in Wales, UK with 100% Geelong lambswool, a sustainable yet also ethically questionable material, as the wool industry can be cruel to the animals. The brand strives to create all of their products ethically, so we hope this extends to the animals as well. 

However ethical Noah’s Geelong lambswool is or isn’t, rest assured that you’ll have a  soft cozy sweater to wear in the winter or whenever those chilly temperatures hit.

At $598, we sure hope it’s more than just adorable. If you’re looking for a cooler warmer-upper, check out a Noah Hoodie, available in a variety of cool, versatile styles.

NOAH Noah x Adidas Floral Paisley Runner Review 

Hats off! Actually, no. Hats on to the Noah x Adidas Floral Paisley Runner. This cap is decorated in a colorful floral print that is sort of a retro paisley, the type of design for a hat that screams streetwear and “I’m too cool for you to even look at me.”

This hat is made from 100% Primegreen recycled polyester, and this Noah clothing review loves the eco-conscious manufacturing here. It also has mesh on the sides and the Adidas trefoil logo embroidered front and back.

Available in one size only, the $50 hat is perfect for anyone who loves bright colors and repping Adidas.

NOAH Winged Foot Logo Beanie Review 

Introducing another Noah hat, but this time it’s the chill, good-vibes-only edition: the Winged Foot Logo Beanie. It belongs on the head of a skater boy who only listens to indie music and prides himself on his Spotify playlists.

This Noah beanie is made in Canada from 100% acrylic and comes in black, navy, heather grey, forest green, yellow, or dark cardinal. 

The brand logo is embroidered on the front in either white or black text depending on the underlying color. 

We won’t lie: it looks pretty darn soft. But is it $32 soft? Well, that’s for you to decide.

NOAH Two-Tone Stripe Sock Review 

The Two-Tone Stripe Sock is a crew sock with a preppy kind of sporty design that makes you feel like you belong to a country club. 

Available in solid white, you can choose the colors for the stripes: maroon/c. Blue, black/gold, or Kelly green/royal blue, whatever feels most ‘you.’ 

By the way, the Noah stripe sock is made in the US from 75% cotton with polyester, nylon, and elastic

A pair costs $24, so try not to lose one of them to the mysterious sock void that is the washing machine.

NOAH Sunglasses Review

Among all of the great options this brand has, there are also sunglasses to compliment your ensemble. Made to be simple, classic, durable, and elegant, these glasses are made in collaboration with Vuarnet and are manufactured in Italy.

Next in this NOAH clothing review, we will take you through the brand’s top-selling sunglasses.

NOAH District Sunglasses Review

Coming in white, black, and brown, the District Sunglasses are meant to go with whatever outfit you have planned. Made with frames of acetate and polarized mineral glass lenses, these are made to last a long time and protect your eyes from 100% of UV rays.

Plus, the hinges have been reinforced to never break through wear and tear and come with an Afterpay payment option. For your next upgrade in sunglasses, these come for $370.

NOAH Atlantic Sunglasses Review

Made with a slightly more round look than the District glasses, the NOAH Atlantic Sunglasses come in the same colorways and have the same acetate frames and mineral lenses.

But, these glasses do not come with polarized lenses, but still have the reinforced hinges for optimal durability. Enjoy your new and unique shades for the price of $390.

Is NOAH streetwear? 

NOAH Clothing Review

Yes, Noah is definitely streetwear, but let’s get one thing clear: Noah isn’t just “streetwear.” Their designs aren’t edgy for the sake of being edgy. They offer an alternative clothing style that is unique, simple, and expressive.

The heart behind Noah is the founder’s anti-consumption and eco-conscious efforts. The brand has a whole anti-capitalist message about it that is nothing short of ironic, but it’s still an important message and a step in the right direction for today’s exploitative fashion industry.

So, yes, Noah is streetwear. The woke kind.

Is NOAH clothing sustainable? 

NOAH Clothing Review

This Noah clothing review was surprised to find the answer to this question, because no, Noah clothing isn’t fully sustainable… according to the brand itself, actually.

Noah has spoken on their dilemma with sustainability as they aim to be as ethical as possible, but they have to participate in practices common by nature of being a fashion company that manufactures and sells clothes.

Still, by our standards, Noah is pretty sustainable. They’re not fast fashion and their apparel isn’t made from cheap materials. The brand creates high-quality items meant to last for years and are made from mostly sustainable and sometimes recycled materials. 

This company is absolutely future-forward. It is hard to be a truly perfect sustainable clothing brand, but Noah comes close.

Each year, 1% of Noah’s profits go towards environmental nonprofits. And just this year, the brand began a new program for sustainability, introducing a clothes-recycling program that encourages you to send your used Noah clothes back to the brand in return for store credit.

Who is NOAH for? 

NOAH Clothing Review

Noah is defined as a men’s clothing brand, and the styles and sizes are designed with adult men in mind as the target wearer. But Noah’s clothes can be worn by anyone. 

Noah makes many androgynous looks that you can rock around the block no matter what gender you are. Don’t let social categories limit your creative personal expression.

NOAH Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

NOAH Clothing Review

You didn’t think this Noah clothing review would leave you high and dry without customer ratings, did you? Yeah, we got you. 

Customer reviews took a bit of internet digging to find, as Noah isn’t on the most popular review sites, and there aren’t any to be found on the official Noah site. Still, we sleuthed out some opinions from Reddit, Instagram, Knoji, and Good on You.

First off, on Reddit, one Noah clothing review summed up their experience simply: “Expensive but great quality, the hoodies are heavy weight, nice and warm. Can’t go wrong with the classic logos, both the winged foot and the classic logo look great.

The subreddit r/NoahNYC dedicated to the brand is, well, very dedicated to the brand. Members of the subreddit post excitedly about new collection launches and how “fire” the fits are. It really feels like a community, not just a forum of customers. 

NOAH Clothing Review

It’s obvious that the brand’s following is loyal, consistently rooting for the company and rooting for the next shipment coming their way.

Noah has gathered a loyal fanbase of customers who trust the brand to put out high-quality clothes.

On Knoji, the brand is rated 4.5/5 stars based on various factors: brand popularity, prices, ethical practices, shipping policies, return policies, and more. 

NOAH Clothing Review

The review was most impressed with the ethical responsibility Noah maintains, as it really stands out amongst the vast sea (or galaxy, really) of greedy fast-fashion companies.

When you go onto Noah’s Instagram, you’ll see tons of positive comments from followers excited about new releases, complimenting the latest styles for their freshness and undeniable cool factor. 

NOAH Clothing Review

The majority of Instagram and Reddit comments are very positive. Customers are obsessed with their styles, keep coming back for more, and are always excited for what’s coming next. They also rave about the high quality of the products and most consider the prices reasonable.

Is NOAH Worth It?

NOAH Clothing Review

Overall, we think Noah is worth it. If you care about sustainability but also wanna look dope as hell, look to Noah for your next outfit purchase. 

There’s no such thing as a truly sustainable brand, but Noah is vocal about sustainability and the dangers of our consumerist culture. They do put effort into making their clothes more ethical. It’s worthwhile to support this brand.

Customers love the quality and the uniqueness of the styles. Our advice: pick your items carefully, do your research, and check the sizing charts so you don’t have to return anything.

Remember that these purchases are an investment because of the price and sustainability, so you want to buy things you know you’ll wear; it can still be a want, but it’s gotta be a want that you “need.”

NOAH Promotions & Discounts 

NOAH Clothing Review

The brand does host sales for holidays and the like, so make sure to sign up for the newsletter for 10% off your first order and follow them on Insta to find out about the latest discounts.

Where to Buy NOAH

NOAH Clothing Review

You can buy Noah clothing online at You can also visit one of the in-person stores in NYC, Tokyo, London, and LA.


NOAH Clothing Review

Who is the owner of NOAH clothing? 

Noah is owned by Brendon Babenzien, an ex-Supreme designer known for his innovative streetwear looks.

Where is NOAH made? 

Noah is made in several countries including the US, Canada, Italy, Japan, and Portugal. The brand sticks to countries with strict labor laws and environmental policies.

What sizes does NOAH have? 

Most categories of Noah clothing are XS to XXL. Some bottoms are sized numerically from 26 to 36.

What is NOAH’s Shipping Policy?

Orders in the US are shipped via UPS Ground and delivery times vary with state, but customer reviews reveal that delivery is usually 1-2 days

International shipping is done through DHL and is delivered in 3-5 days. Tracking is available for all orders.

What is NOAH’s Return Policy?

Noah’s return policy is… not great. You can return items within 14 days of shipment. The item has to be new, unworn, and in its original condition for a refund or exchange. 

Within 30 days of shipment, you can get store credit for your return. After that, you’re on your own, partner. No returns. No exchanges.

Arguably the most unfortunate part is if you qualified for free shipping when you made your purchase, you have to pay a restocking fee of,

  • $15 in the US
  • $20 in Canada
  • $30 internationally

How to Contact NOAH

We hoped you enjoyed reading this Noah clothing review. If you still have questions, you can reach out to the brand through 3 main methods of contact: 

  1. Email: [email protected]
  2. Fill out the contact form on their website
  3. Call: 833-642-4692 from 10:30 am to 6 pm ET Monday through Friday

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