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Noemie Review

For most of us, fine jewelry is one of the biggest expenditures we dole out after our house and car. If you’re going to spend that sort of money, the jewelry should last and even improve in value over time. 

Noémie creates fine jewelry that’s affordable yet of high enough quality to become heirloom pieces. If you’d like to add to your jewelry collection, keep reading this Noémi review. 

Noémie has been getting positive media attention since they opened. Some notable media include Vogue, Forbes, New York Magazine and Harper’s Bazaar that titled an article “We’re Obsessed: New Jewelry Label Noémie.” The brand has 61.2k Instagram followers and almost 36k followers on Facebook.

My Noémie review will take an in-depth look at this luxury jewelry brand, including its promotions, products, customer reviews, and more.

Overview of Noémie

Noemie Review

Having created a line of fine jewelry in 2008 that was carried in some of the world’s most exclusive jewelry stores, Yuvi Alpert was no stranger to designing expensive jewelry. When working on the Ruby Kobo line he kept getting requests from his friends to sell straight to them, because they couldn’t afford the retail prices.

Noémie went from a diamond of an idea to reality in 2016 with a focus on being like the trusted family jewelers of the past, by dealing directly with their customers. They cut out the middle man in both the production and the retail side of things. They make their jewelry in family-owned production houses in Bangkok and LA.

They also control all the sales of their jewelry. Their pieces are solely available at their online store, or one of their two physical stores in New York City and Aspen. All their products have a lifetime warranty and are made from ethically-sourced, high-quality materials. Their diamonds are IGI certified as VS1 clarity and F-G color, both of which are high-quality ratings.  

Before I jump into reviewing some of this brand’s pieces in this Noémie review, let’s take a look at some highlights about the company.


Noemie Review
  • Free shipping for returns too, complimentary express shipping available
  • High-quality, reasonably priced jewelry
  • Financing available
  • IGI certification
  • No middlemen

Noémie Review

Noémie’s rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces are all made from 18K gold. Since pure gold is 24K, 18K is a high-quality level of gold, while not being too delicate or soft. Their gems are no-conflict or lab-made, are rated a minimum of VS1, and have an F-G color rating. This means all their diamonds look flawless and near colorless.

My Noémie review will take a look at some of the brand’s bestsellers. The collection featured below is popular and highly rated by customers. 

Noemie The Vintage Diamond Band Review

Noemie Review
Noemie The Vintage Diamond Band

Whether stacking or alone, The Vintage Diamond Band from Noémie is the perfect amount of sparkle from both the band and the stones. In rose gold, yellow gold, white gold, and platinum there is a band that can go with other rings for everyone. This ring is so elegant that the popular way to wear them is stacked with your engagement and wedding rings.

The bezel setting that overlaps the stones is beautiful and functional, keeping you from losing the diamonds and from catching them on stuff. The 14 round and marquise-shaped diamonds total about a quarter karat. It also comes as a 28 diamond eternity ring for $200 more, which is ideal for a wedding band.

Even though this ring is meant for everyday wear, it’s also a great heirloom piece to pass on to your children. With the certification included, you’ll never be embarrassed to find out it’s a fake or not worth the money spent on it in front of your family. In sizes 3-10+, this ring is so well-made that you’ll be wearing this vintage-style ring until it truly is vintage.

You can add a little sparkle, even when simply waving, for $790. Its appraised retail value is $1150.

Noémie The Huggie Baguette Earrings Review

Noemie Review
Noémie The Huggie Baguette Earrings

Earrings are arguably the most noticeable jewelry you wear if people are looking, as they should, at your face when speaking with you. The Huggie Baguette Earrings are close-fitting loops with rectangular diamonds in a row. Delicate and light, they can be used in any ear piercing to draw attention to and accentuate your face.

The metal band comes in yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, and black gold for the dramatic effect of bright diamonds against a dark setting. You can add a little more sparkle to your dazzling smile for $770. Their appraised retail value is $1,000

Noémie The Pink Sapphire and White Diamond Tennis Bracelet Review 

Noemie Review
Noémie The Pink Sapphire and White Diamond Tennis Bracelet

For a more colorful and very feminine sparkle, The Pink Sapphire and White Diamond Tennis Bracelet may be just what you’re looking for. The row of radiant pink sapphires is accented with white diamonds and the rose gold is subtle, used as a setting more than as part of the design.

What I see as the best part of this bracelet is the hidden clasp. The gemstones go all the way around the bracelet, including over the claps, so it looks great from any direction. There are 60 pink sapphires and 15 white diamonds, set close together. Appraised at $3,400, you can swing into this stunning tennis bracelet for $1980

Noémie The Kathe Mera 1 Carat Diamond Necklace Review

Noemie Review
Noémie The Kathe Mera 1 Carat Diamond Necklace

One of the most expensive pieces in the Noémie line, this stunning necklace has a diamond larger than most ladies’ engagement rings. On that note, you may want to check out the Engagement Collection from Noémie, if you’re looking for a ring. Anyways, The Kathe Mera 1 Carat Diamond Necklace is a bright spark hanging from a rose or black gold necklace.

At 1K, your diamond has to be exceptional to not show flaws or coloration. Noémie offers you that level of quality without gouging you. An engagement ring with a lesser quality 1K diamond through Blue Nile costs more than $10,000. This stunning necklace has an appraised retail value of $9,500, but you can sparkle with the best of them for $6,070 with Noémie. 

Who Is Noémie For? 

Noemie Review

Noémie is for anyone looking for fine jewelry at a vastly less expensive price than other luxury brands. The brand is trying to make owning quality jewelry affordable for everyone. People don’t have to know their stuff to buy through Noémie, since they’re always there to help through online chat with a human. If you do know your stuff, you may be impressed by the quality.

This brand is really great for men looking to buy fine jewelry for their significant other. For less money, you can get her something with diamonds bigger than she ever dreamt of.

Noémie Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Noemie Review

Okay, so, now that in this Noémie review I’ve checked out some of the brand’s jewelry, let’s take a look at what their customers are saying. There are no reviews on Trustpilot and nothing to see on the Better Business Bureau website. But there are reviews on sites dedicated to information, not retail. 

First, let’s take a glance at some of their product rankings from the brand’s website:

  • The Vintage Diamond Band4.9/5 stars from 207 reviews  
  • The Huggie Baguette Earrings4.9/5 stars from 69 reviews 
  • The Pink Sapphire and White Diamond Tennis Bracelet5/5 stars from 2 reviews 
  • The Kathe Mera 1 Carat Diamond Necklace 5/5 stars from 2 reviews 

On Google, Noémi has a 4.4/5 star rating based on 69 reviews. This Noémie review is a good example of what kind of reaction you can expect if you give this jewelry as a gift.

“My husband surprised me with the 2 Carat Diamond Eternity Band Ring, and it did not disappoint! It’s absolutely stunning! The video does this ring no justice because it literally sparkles in the dark.”

“The diamonds are set perfectly into the band—which is great because I don’t feel like they are going to catch on anything or fall out when accidentally bumped. Overall excellent craftsmanship, accompanied by fabulous packaging. It was so special to open this gift. I will forever cherish this ring and will hopefully own many more pieces from Noemie in the future.”

Noémie won the 2020 Couples’ Choice Award from WeddingWire. On this site, they have a 5/5 star rating based on 33 reviews. The affordable price of their jewelry has women wanting, and able to afford, more Noémie. One reviewer said, “Amazing Quality Noemie rings are almost too good to be true. But they are the real deal!”

“I honestly have no idea how they are able to offer such a good quality for the price you pay, but it is a no-brainer! And with free shipping and returns, you are able to try it out at home first, risk free! They have several different types to rings to choose from and I even got one for my mom :)”

On The Knot website, Noémi has a 5/5 star rating based on 16 reviews. This happy customer can’t help but compare Noémie to the top luxury jewelry designers. They say: “As a wedding planner, I see a lot of rings… and jewelry is one of those items I have a lot of of!”

So I just had to try this brand for their value (18k solid gold?!) and I can honestly say after having jewelry from all stretches of designers and brands including local stores, big brands like Tiffany (my original wedding ring that I’m still in love with), and the new hip online stores…” 

“Noemi is great value and really high quality. I’d say just below the heavy (they use a lot more metal) quality of Tiffany or Cartier, but far above almost all other brands you’ll find. Great weight and gorgeous to boot! I’ve already bought another ring for myself and have my eye on a third, cause if you know me you know I love to stack!”

This Noémie review of The Pink Sapphire and White Diamond Tennis Bracelet from the brand’s website proves that it doesn’t have to be gold, or even diamonds, to sparkle. They say: “True Elegance From The Big Blue Noémie Box. I opened the Big Blue Noémie Box to find the most elegant treasure of stunning sparkle power.’

”This bracelet’s natural pink sapphires are full of fire that radiates the entire bracelet into a strand of shining bright light! Highlighted with white diamonds, it is my dream come true in a bracelet . My Noémie experience has me committed to collecting many of their extraordinary pieces to call my own. Thank you Noémie for helping me find my dream sparkles!”

Is Noémie Legit?

Noemie Review

So, let’s face it, when you spend a lot of money on a jewelry purchase, whether a company is legit is extremely important. It’s easy enough for them to claim that they’re selling you a high-quality product for a great price, but in reality, they could be selling you a low-quality product that isn’t worth as much as what you paid for it.

For peace of mind, Noémie includes an IGI certificate of quality gemstones and all their stones are ethically-sourced, in compliance with the Kimberley Process. For the protection of your purchase, all shipping is insured by FedEx. Any order over $1,000 automatically requires a signature on delivery. 

Is Noémie Worth It?

Noemie Review

So, we’ve arrived at the part in my Noémie review where I to tell you whether this label is worth your hard-earned money. Yes, absolutely. From all the customer reviews and the articles in the media, there  doesn’t seem to be a downside to this jewelry. Their quality is high and they have IGI certification to prove it. They use a carat of gold that is durable yet good quality.

Noémie’s jewelry is ideal for investment or heirloom pieces. Their direct-to-customer model is a game-changer in the industry, making high-quality luxury jewelry affordable to most, instead of an elite few. The lifetime warranty guarantees your Noémie pieces last, and the timeless designs mean your jewelry won’t go out of style.

Unlike a car that loses value the moment you drive it off the lot, Noémie gains value, since you’re paying less than its appraised value. So Noémie allows you to get the largest sparkle for your buck.

Noémie Promotions & Discounts 

Noemie Review

At the time of this Noémie review, I discovered that the brand doesn’t provide discount codes. This is because all their jewelry is presumably the lowest price possible already. Here are some ways to save through their website.

  1. Refer a friend offer: Give $50, Get $50 
  2. Free shipping on all purchases and for returns as well
  3. Price match for equal quality jewelry
  4. Loyalty points program

Where to Buy Noémie

Noemie Review

To keep the price of their jewelry down, Noémie doesn’t have a middleman, preferring to deal directly with their customers. You can find them online at, or visit them in-person at their stores in New York or Aspen.


Noemie Review

Who owns Noémie?

Noémie’s founder and designer, Yuvi Alpert, continues to own and run the company. 

Does Noémie ship internationally?

Noémie ships internationally but not everywhere. To confirm that they ship to your location, email them at [email protected]. Customers are responsible for all taxes and duties. 

What is Noémie’s Shipping Policy?

Noémie ships for free within the US. Orders take 1-2 business days shipping time to the 48 contiguous states, and within three business days to Hawaii and Alaska. An email confirmation is sent when your order ships. All orders are insured by FedEx. For orders over $1,000, a signature is required.

What is Noémie’s Return Policy?

Noémie offers 30-day returns from the day of your delivery. Jewelry must be in an unaltered condition. Noémie also offers free return shipping. Email Noémie to get your return label. Returns are credited as points, and can be used in an exchange or returned to your original method of payment.

For an exchange or manufacturing defect email Noémie. Their products have a lifetime warranty for any damage due to manufacturing. Noémie’s email address is [email protected].

How to Contact Noémie

Noemie Review

If you have any questions about the brand that my Noémie review didn’t cover, you can contact their customer service team from Monday to Friday, between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm PST. There are three ways to contact them:

  • Email: [email protected] 
  • Phone: +1 (646) 846-8882 
  • Chat with a human during business hours

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