Ode a la Rose Flowers Review

About Ode a la Rose 

Ode a la Rose Flowers Review

Ode a la Rose leaves bouquets of fresh flowers at your door, wrapped in a beautifully crafted gift box.

With a touch of Paris, this online retailer brightens up the day and puts a smile on your loved ones’ faces. They also cater to weddings and make same-day deliveries in some states. 

The brand has been featured in many notable press outlets such as Forbes, New York Post, The Wall Street Journal, and Business Insider, while their Instagram boasts an impressive 15.8k followers

This Ode a la Rose flowers review will take a moment to smell the roses—exploring the brand’s bestselling arrangements, promotions, customer feedback, and more. Read on to find out if this delivery service is right for you.

Overview of Ode a la Rose 

Ode a la Rose Review

Ode a la Rose blossomed from some unconventional roots. Friends Louis Brunet and Olivier Plusquellec initially moved from Paris to NYC to pursue careers in banking.

They soon noticed many glaring cultural differences in this bustling city, but one stood out the most, the gesture of sending flowers. From the words of Ode a la Rose founders: 

“In France, flowers aren’t just something you send; they tell a story on your behalf. From the variety to the number of stems, from the color choice to the composition, bouquets carry meaning, heart, and passion. Picking the right one is a tall order!”

Since its launch in 2012, Ode a la Rose same-day flower delivery has been flourishing in New York City, Chicago, and Philadelphia. They’ve also expanded their service nationwide, encompassing more than 1,500 cities in the Northeast and Midwest. 

Louis and Olivier (along with their team of artisans) bring classic French elegance to their bouquets. They arrange some according to the seasons, while others are an “ode” to the recipients. 

Pros, cons, pros, cons…Leave it to this Ode a la Rose flowers review to pluck the petals.  


  • Diverse collection of bouquets including roses, peonies, lilies, wildflowers, and more
  • Fresh flowers sourced from trusted, eco-friendly farms in Europe
  • Arrangements are crafted by local artisans  
  • Three vase options and macarons for an added charge 
  • Same-day delivery in NYC, Chicago, and Philadelphia 
  • Reports on excellent customer service
  • Customers with an Ode a la Rose account receive discounts on every 3rd order 


  • Deliveries limited to select US states

Ode a la Rose Review

Ode a la Rose Review

Flowers are not only for Valentine’s Day, and definitely not reserved for women. Men deserve a surprise too! If you have an anniversary coming up, save some Ode a la Rose Sweetest Day gifts for him. 

If your love is just bursting at the seams, the Ode a la Rose 100 Roses can celebrate ton amour. Have something else in mind? Journey through this garden as we showcase some of their most coveted arrangements.

Ode a la Rose Amelie Review 

Once said Rumi, a Persian poet of the Middle Ages: “this love is the rose that blooms forever. Roses have been synonymous with love for thousands of years. Before Shakespeare and his sonnets, Lancelot and Guinevere—all the way back to Ancient Greece, beginning with Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love.

Amelie pairs the blush that forms when your crush is near with the burn of a heart in flames. This bouquet leaves little room for misinterpretation. The iconic red rose symbolizes love and passion, while pink adds more nuance, signifying grace and gratitude.

For Ode a la Chicago, NYC, and Philadelphia deliveries, the flowers are packed in their signature 16” box and a water-filled container. If you’re ordering from another state, the roses are wrapped into an overnight box to keep petals fresh and uncrumpled. 

When roses alone cannot express your sentiments, include a sweet note for the artisans to secure on the side of the vase. This romantic arrangement comes with 12 roses ($70) or 36 roses ($140).

Ode a la Rose Sarah Review

Sarah is sweet and delicate, featuring an aromatic collection of peonies and eucalyptus. This exquisite arrangement works for graduations, birthdays, and Mother’s Day with florals representing beauty and gratitude

The stems of these peonies are clipped to 15”, with three vases to choose from. This Ode a la Rose flowers review has one more exciting detail to add—or rather, you can add a 6-pack of macarons as an extra treat.

Send this pleasantly scented Sarah arrangement to someone special, available in four sizes:

  • 10 stems for $100
  • 15 stems for $130
  • 20 stems for $155
  • 25 stems for $175

Ode a la Rose Violette Review

Nothing adds vibrance to a bare room or dreary day quite like a bouquet. The Violette bunch can bring some joy into your space, or act as a centerpiece for dinner parties.

Picked from a greenhouse in Ecuador, everything about these elegant blooms exudes positive change and enchantment. These purple roses make anyone feel special, even if it’s just you!

Their charm is fleeting, so use the plant food provided diligently and they’ll live 5–7 days. If you want a tip from this Ode a la Rose flowers review, trim the ends when they arrive for effective hydration. Violette is available in five sizes:

  • 12 roses for $60
  • 18 roses for $75
  • 24 roses for $95
  • 30 roses for $115
  • 36 roses for $130

Ode a la Rose Farm Fresh Lavender Roses Review

“There is simply the rose; it is perfect in every moment of its existence,” wrote American poet Ralph Waldo Emerson. A rose is beauty incarnate, even at its end. The limited-edition Farm Fresh Lavender Roses capture this fleeting yet glorious life.

Purple is the color of royalty, creating a singularly elegant arrangement. Grown in Chile and wrapped in delicate paper, this bouquet suits those who possess a timeless grace. The arrangement can brighten up a dull room or add a splash of color to the kitchen table in spring.

The Farm Fresh Lavender Roses have a pleasant aroma, so a strategically placed vase can double as an air freshener. The rosy bunch comes with 25 stems ($90) or 50 stems ($150). This Ode a la Rose flowers review is enraptured by the round shape, simplicity, and ruffled petals.

Ode a la Rose Farm Fresh Phalaenopsis Orchids + Vase Review

This bouquet bursts with bright, beautiful orchids with magenta tones surrounded by eucalyptus, encased in a thin white vase. Whether it’s mum or another important role model on the receiving end, they’ll be touched by this lovely gesture. 

The Farm Fresh Phalaenopsis Orchids + Vase arrangement is for those who share its charming, carefree spirit. These florals come as 3 stems for $150.

Ode a la Rose Felice Review

Victorian-era poet, Alfred Tennyson, once penned the phrase: “If I had a flower for every time I thought of you…I could walk through my garden forever.” Whoever is on your mind, let them know with the lively Felice bouquet.

Though it features soft and subtle shades, this arrangement is surprisingly complex; containing white and pink roses, pink alstroemeria, lisianthus, and veronica, with a splash of baby blue eucalyptus.

These blooms can be displayed together in full, or separated into smaller bunches and placed around the house. Before sending Felice, select the vase and ponder over added macarons. The arrangement is available in three sizes:

  • 20 stems for $80
  • 28 stems for $120
  • 36 stems for $160

Ode a la Rose White Rose Bouquet Review

The versatility nature of the White Rose arrangement lies in its simplicity: its neutral shade pairs well with nearly any occasion or aesthetic. This pure, clean selection makes for gorgeous photos and is a well-established choice for weddings.

Like something out of a fairytale, their sweet fragrance matches the allure. Make note of these for a future event, or have an impromptu photoshoot for your own enjoyment. These Ode a la Rose forever roses are offered in three sizes:

  • 12 roses for $70
  • 24 roses for $105
  • 36 roses for $140

Ode a la Rose Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Ode a la Rose Review

This Ode a la Rose flowers review will reveal what customers really think of the delivery service. Testimonials are easily accessed through numerous sources including their Facebook page, Trustpilot, Birdeye, and BloomNation. 

We’ll start with feedback found on the Ode a la Rose Facebook page. Comments like the ones below indicate just how happy customers are with their floral arrangements:

  • “Wonderful attention to detail – flowers, card, envelope, bag, everything was perfectly curated. Very fast same-day delivery, very responsive customer service.”
  • “My go-to floral company! The roses and arrangements are stunning and, my flower recipients have always been wowed.”
  • “All the detail they put in each and every arrangement is beyond amazing. Every I’ve made arrived perfectly to its recipient and the photo you see when the arrangement is about to be delivered is just a nice touch.”

Similarly, 2,300+ Ode a la Rose reviews on Trustpilot amount to an impressive 4.6/5 stars. One customer complimented arrangement quality and delivery:

“The flowers were beautiful and delivered with care. They also sent a photo of the flowers before they left the shop and got real-time updates as they were in transit.” 

On Birdeye, the Ode a la Rose has 4.7/5 stars from 350+ ratings. Numerous glowing testimonials discuss the quality of delivered bouquets. This Ode a la Rose flowers review captures the overall sentiment:

“I have ordered from Ode a la Rose many times and each and every time I have impressed the recipients of the flowers (even my demanding mother-in-law!). If I could give this place six stars, I would.” 

Ode a la Rose Review

While most feedback is positive, some customers reported bad experiences with the service, namely citing damaged arrangements.

Comments like this highlight the issue: “Today I received my [package] with peonies…..a huge disappointment…..all of almost the two dozen I ordered were broken.”

Other buyers noted that the bouquets didn’t match the pictures or were missing included pieces that they paid for. As an example, one customer wrote, “the flowers were in horrible condition, lacked all of the elements that were supposed to be included.”

Overall, an in-depth Ode a la Rose review of testimonials indicates that most customers are happy with the service. As a reminder, Ode a la Rose urges customers to get in touch within 24 hours to receive a replacement for damaged arrangements or missing items.

Is Ode a la Rose Worth It?

Ode a la Rose Review

Ode a la Rose offers a variety of high-quality, curated arrangements that are sourced ethically. They score points for a wide range of bouquets tailored for major occasions and spontaneous needs.

The founders are passionate about bringing French traditions and tastes to America, and this cultural element is what many completing services lack. Plus, the macarons are an endearing touch! 

These Ode a la Rose affordable flowers help many people show appreciation for others. The same-day delivery standard (in three states, anyway) is particularly convenient.

It is worth noting that some customers received broken stems or damaged items, which is understandably upsetting. Some weren’t a fan of the packaging, while others found it quite innovative and charming. 

In light of these experiences, it’s reassuring that customer service remedies the situation by sending a replacement arrangement. Just make sure to contact the team within 24 hours.

This Ode a la Rose flowers review believes that their policies are reasonable, and the brand is clearly highly rated by customers. For all of these reasons, we think the service is definitely worth trying.

Ode a la Rose Promotions & Discounts 

Ode a la Rose Review

You won’t find an Ode a la Rose promo code or discount floating around, but creating an account online means discounts on every 3rd order.

For additional deals and seasonal sales, sign up for their email newsletter, or follow Ode a la Rose on Instagram.   

How to Order Ode a la Rose

Ode a la Rose Review

Ode a la Rose same-day delivery is offered for select New York, Philadelphia, and Chicago areas. Next-day delivery is available in other states. You can place an order through their official site: OdealaRose.com.  


What is Ode a la Rose’s Shipping Policy?

For same-day deliveries, orders must be placed before 3 PM on weekdays, and no later than 12 PM on weekends. Once they’re ready to ship, Ode a la Rose will send a photo of your flowers.

Most arrangements have a delivery fee of around $15, while their Pick Me Up bouquets are $5. To follow the journey of your arrangement, access the “Track Your Order” tab on the website and input your order number.

What is Ode a la Rose’s Return Policy?

If your Ode a la Rose delivery is fulfilled and there is an issue with the quality of flowers, they will send a replacement. If this is not possible, the company will issue a full refund. In both cases, you must contact them within 24-hours

If you’ve made a mistake with an order, contact customer service immediately at [email protected] before it is shipped. 

How to Contact Ode a la Rose

For additional information not covered in this Ode a la Rose flowers review, get in touch with the company via: 

1. Phone: (646) 660-5281

2. Email: [email protected] 

3. Contact form on their website 

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