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About OffLimits Cereal 

OffLimits Cereal Review

Like any child masquerading as an adult, I like cereal. I’m partial to the familiar flavors of my past, but since cartoons are no longer my go-to on a Saturday morning, I have a few more needs from whatever I stuff into my face. 

OffLimits Cereal is cereal for adults. With big flavors and clean ingredients, it bridges my desire for exciting flavors with my need for healthy food. Plus, its inclusive mascots are pretty rad. Featured in Vogue and Forbes, the brand has already attracted a social following of over 236k across TikTok and Instagram.

In other words, this brand is incredibly popular. So much so that their cereal has sold out four times, their edible glitter twice, and whenever they launch a new toy collab, they’re gone in 5 minutes flat. And here’s another fun fact: their artist series boxes resell online for 5x their price.

So what’s in store for my OffLimits Cereal review? Expect a complete walk-through of the brand and its best-sellers with a few extra bits and bobs thrown in to give you the spoonful you came here looking for. Let’s dig in. 

Overview of OffLimits Cereal 

OffLimits Cereal Review

Cereal is a special category of food. Traditionally, it’s breakfast, but every busy adult knows it’s also brunch, dinner, and dessert too. Traditional kids’ cereal is great, it really is. I mean, you can’t beat classics like Cap’n Crunch or Reese’s Puffs. Although the roof of my mouth is shredded just talking about them. 

But here’s the thing: most fun cereal isn’t vegan and it certainly isn’t good for you. OffLimits is gluten-free, vegan and made without any artificial ingredients. Here’s how else it sets itself apart from the crowd:

  • The only cereal brand with artist collab boxes
  • The only brand out there with cereal toys
  • The only brand in Web3, “the future of the internet”

Developed by Emily Elyse Miller, who thought growing up meant living junk-food cereal-free, OffLimits is kind of like her rebellion, giving her the experience of the fun cereals she craved with the clean ingredients she knew to load up on. 

While she was at it, Miller decided to go ahead and make it the coolest possible cereal brand in existence, choosing innovative boxes and inclusive mascots

While OffLimits was launched in 2020, the NYC-based brand has already made its way into grocery chains like Foxtrot. Ready to get my OffLimits Cereal review moving? Up next, you’ll find a rundown of the brand’s highlights, then I’ll jump into their four signature flavors.


  • Vegan, gluten-free, & non-GMO
  • Clean & simple ingredients
  • Four exciting flavors
  • Uses organic cane sugar
  • Inclusive mascots
  • Free shipping over $50

OffLimits Cereal Review

OffLimits offers a small but mighty selection of cereal, along with edible Ceral Glitter™ to make breakfasts all the more enjoyable. These aren’t your average flavors. Made for wanting palates, you can expect both familiar and unique combinations to totally reinvent cereal time. Whatever hour that happens to be. 

In the next section of my OffLimits Cereal review, I’ll introduce you to the complete lineup. If you want to try all four, grab the Variety Pack instead.

OffLimits Cereal Dash Coffee Review

You can’t get a more classic flavor than coffee and chocolate. Like your favorite mocha drink, Dash Coffee melds together rich chocolate and a bold brew, only these flavors are a little more developed than your normal bowl of puffs. 

OffLimits’ most recent collab with Emma Chamberlain’s coffee brand, Chamberlain Coffee, Dash is made using their Social Dog Blend, which literally transforms your milk into a latte. Talk about taking “the best of both worlds” to an entirely new level. 

What’s the Social Dog Blend like? If you like smooth, nutty coffee with notes of brown sugar and graham crackers, I think you’ll be a fan. Grab a 7.5 oz box for $8.50.

OffLimits Cereal Spark Strawberry Review

Anyone remember strawberry Rice Krispies? How about Franken Berry cereal? Spark Strawberry is sort of like those, but way, way better. It uses real strawberry juice for a sweet, juicy flavor that pops. And since there are real strawberries in these little puffs, they’re loaded with real antioxidants. Take that, fortified cereals! 

Made with a blend of rice, oat, and coconut flour with a touch of organic cane sugar, you can have three servings of this guy and still clock in at less sugar than a can of Coke. 

But OffLimits isn’t about counting calories, macros, or sugar. In fact, the brand is as anti-diet culture as it can get. Instead, they want you to enjoy what you’re eating without thinking too hard about it. Get a 7.5 oz box for $8.50.

OffLimits Cereal Flex Cinnamon Review

Such a comforting flavor. If you’re looking for memories of cartoon-filled mornings and Pet Shop playtime, Flex Cinnamon is the way to go.

This is a simple cereal. There’s nothing super complex about it, just clean ingredients and zesty spice for a satisfying breakfast, dinner, or snack. 

Flex has the fewest ingredients of any flavor in my OffLimits Cereal review, so if you’re a purist, you know what to pick. Load up your cart with a 7.5 oz box for $8.50.

OffLimits Cereal Zombie Pandan Review

Zombie Pandan is where things get really interesting. While my last featured flavor is a simple classic, this one goes in a different direction. If you’re looking for something new, check this out.

Pandan has a unique mellow flavor that’s said to resemble vanilla and coconut with a grassy undertone. The plant is popularly used in Southeast Asian cooking for baked goods and desserts. 

This particular flavor is fantastic for snacking alone, but I think it would go great with oat milk the way matcha does. Enjoy a 7.5 oz box for $8.50.

Who Is OffLimits Cereal For? 

OffLimits Cereal Review

OffLimits Cereal has some adult flavors, but there’s no reason it can’t be enjoyed by kids as well. It’s certainly aimed at the adult crowd, but I think it’s great for anyone who wants tasty cereal with better ingredients. 

OffLimits Cereal Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

OffLimits Cereal Review

I’m pretty crazy about this brand’s flavors, but this wouldn’t be a complete OffLimits Cereal review if I didn’t check out what customers had to say about them. For that, I started with Thing Testing.

There, 11 testers awarded the brand a 3.75/5 star score, with 73% of them saying they’d recommended the cereal to a friend. Most people who wrote an OffLimits Cereal review here said that they liked how the cereal tasted. One read:

“I was able to try the coffee and pandan puffs. Both were quite good. I was surprised I liked the coffee one as I don’t really like anything with espresso. But these were basically like cocoa puffs! Very surprised and can’t wait to try the other flavors.”

Heading over to Reddit to see what the cereal community thinks of the brand, I saw a pretty great overall response. Redditors said simple things like, “[I] didn’t know what to expect but The Pandan cereal tastes good,” and “been obsessed with the coffee cereal.”

It seems like people really like the concept of this brand and have enjoyed its flavors. There wasn’t a single negative OffLimits Cereal review on Reddit, but let’s check out Amazon. There, the Variety Pack was given a 3.8/5 star score. Here’s how it breaks down:

  • 5 stars: 40%
  • 4 stars: 24%
  • 3 stars: 22%
  • 2 stars: 9%
  • 1 star: 6%

A massive 86% of shoppers thought OffLimits Cereal was at least 3+ stars, which is actually a decent number considering taste preferences vary and the brand only has four flavors right now. One helpful comment read:

“This is some fine-tasting cereal. Luckily, it isn’t “calorie dense” because otherwise, I’d have consumed way too many calories today. I keep munching the stuff by the handful. As for what “to my taste” might mean… I do not like overly sweet foods. Most cakes and sodas are too sweet for me to enjoy.”

Overall, I found enough to know that folks enjoy the flavors and health perks that come from eating OffLimits.

Is OffLimits Cereal Legit?

OffLimits Cereal Review

From what I saw after doing some digging for my OffLimits Cereal review, the brand looks to be 100% legit. People love their cereal and there haven’t been any complaints about the company as a whole.

Is OffLimits Cereal Worth It?

OffLimits Cereal Review

The final verdict of my OffLimits Cereal review is simple: yes, I think this brand is worth it. Like so many others, I’m kind of crazy about its branding, but more so, I love the bold flavors and clean ingredients

OffLimits Cereal Promotions & Discounts 

OffLimits Cereal Review

There are probably two reasons you’re reading my OffLimits cereal review: to learn about its delicious products and to nab some deals. I’ve already covered the first, so you know what comes next. 

OffLimits isn’t your average cereal, but it ain’t your average brand, either. Its deals are a little less conventional, but they’re also more fun:

  • Buy the Variety Pack to save 10%
  • Get free shipping on orders over $50
  • Sign up to the mailing list for more

Where to Buy OffLimits Cereal 

OffLimits Cereal Review

The best place to get your fix is right from You can also find the brand on Amazon.


OffLimits Cereal Review

Who owns OffLimits Cereal?

Emily Elyse Miller owns OffLimits Cereal. She launched the brand in 2020 and has seen great success despite the pandemic.

Does OffLimits Cereal ship internationally?

Right now, OffLimits Cereal ships within the US only. They’re working on expanding that soon, so sit tight.

What is OffLimits Cereal’s Shipping Policy?

Shipping takes about 5 business days to most US destinations. If you spend $50, delivery is free, if not, it costs $8.50

What is OffLimits Cereal’s Return Policy?

Unless your cereal was brutally damaged in the shipping process, OffLimits does not offer refunds or replacements. They don’t sell expired cereal either, so you won’t have to worry about receiving a product that’s past the best before date.

How to Contact OffLimits Cereal 

If you need any other information that I didn’t include in my OffLimits Cereal review, you can get in touch with the brand by emailing [email protected].

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