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OKP K5 Vacuum Review

My life has been a constant battle against hair and dust. Growing up with a severe dust allergy and spending my teenage years working part-time in a hair salon made me jaded with traditional vacuum cleaners. They were noisy, clunky, and only marginally more effective than a broom, even though sweeping was much more manageable. You could say I hold a bit of a grudge, and I know I’m not the only one. 

That’s why I became excited when robot vacuum cleaners started entering the market. The idea that I could send an android to clean my floors for me was enticing, and with the advent of cloud-based voice services like Alexa and Google Home, my mind wandered as to how far robot vacuum cleaners could go. 

OKP Life answered that question with their catalog of voice-controlled robot vacuum cleaners that connect to home cloud services. The company is based out of Shenzhen, the tech capital of China and one of the hottest places for inventors to bring their ideas to life. OKP Life’s mantra is to “revolutionize the way people clean their homes.

Currently, you can only grab OKP Life’s products through Amazon as their website is gearing up to launch in the near future. Their Amazon page is lined with future-facing items like self-emptying vacuums, remote-controlled miniature vacuum cleaners, and cordless stick vacuums. 

Though OKP Life are a young company without a huge social media presence (collectively, their Facebook and Instagram pages have around 400 followers), their products are promising, especially the OKP K5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

This OKP K5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner review will focus on that gadget. Keep reading to discover the following:

  • What is the OKP K5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner made out of?
  • The device’s design specs
  • What’s included in every purchase
  • How does the OKP Life app work?
  • What customers think about the device
  • And more!


  • Compatible with Alexa and Google Home
  • Three different power levels
  • 120 minutes of battery life
  • Multiple cleaning patterns
  • Lost-vacuum detection alerts help you find the device if it gets lost
  • Only produces 60 decibels of noise when operating

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Materials / What Is It Made Of?

Knowing what a vacuum cleaner is made from can instantly alert you whether or not it’s worth its weight in salt (or, in this case, dust). The OKP K5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner isn’t made from revolutionary or rare materials but lightweight compounds that allow it to move about freely. This is important because it runs on batteries, meaning it needs to be as mobile and light as possible to optimize its battery life. 

Another key design feature of the OKP K5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner is that it doesn’t brush for suction. Most vacuums have brushes at the end of their suction attachments, but that’s not the case for the K5. As such, there’s nothing to obstruct it from sucking hair or pet dander right up. 

OKP K5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review

OKP K5 Vacuum Review

This section of my OKP K5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner review will provide a broad overview of how it works. 

The K5 is a voice-controlled robot vacuum that syncs with Google Home or Alexa, offering you full control of the device without lifting a finger. Its battery lasts for 120 hours. Once depleted, the K5 will return to its charging port by itself. 

This vacuum cleaner is as quiet as a mouse. It runs at 60 decibels, which is about the same volume as a regular conversation. It’s also small enough to fit into tight spaces like corners and underneath furniture. Armed with over a dozen external sensors, the K5 gracefully avoids collisions with the wall and pets. 

The K5 is available for $200 right now. Amazon says it’s 58% off its list price, which is around $475. However, list prices are suggestions, so it’s safer to go with $200.

OKP K5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner: What’s In the Box?

OKP K5 Vacuum Review

The OKP K5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner includes more than just the vacuum cleaner, though don’t expect anything as glorious as a surprise ticket to Cuba. Here’s what’s included in every order:

  1. The OKP K5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner
  2. A charging dock
  3. Four side brushes
  4. A user manual
  5. The HEPA-filter

OKP K5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Specs

OKP K5 Vacuum Review

Let’s crunch some numbers in this section of my OKP K5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner review. 

The OKP K5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner weighs just under 7 pounds and stands at 5” by 5” by 3”. It’s tiny, thus perfect when you need to clean hard-to-reach places. 

It’s a HEPA vacuum cleaner, meaning it keeps your floors and the air in your house clean. Traditional, non-HEPA vacuum cleaners recirculate dust particles, hair, and other nasty little things back into the air. HEPA vacuums, on the other hand, filter these substances and trap them. The OKP K5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner’s internal storage is 0.5L, and this storage includes these trapped particles and debris it picks up from the ground. 

Finally, this vacuum runs on lithium-ion batteries. You only need one to power it at a time, although batteries are not included in the purchase. 

OKP K5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Performance

OKP K5 Vacuum Review

This is the section where I’ll discuss how the OKP K5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner stands out from the pack. It has three levels of cleaning power at 2,100Pa. These differing levels allow the K5 to effectively clean different materials. Think about it, carpets and tiles require different amounts of suction to free dirt and debris from their surface. That’s exactly how the K5 works. 

It’s also wise to consider the best pattern to clean your place, which the OKP K5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner encourages you to do. You can control it manually and send it where you’d like, but if you’d rather have a hands-off approach, then you’re in luck. The K5 comes with four present cleaning patterns:

  • Auto mode (it goes back in forth in a serpentine pattern)
  • Random mode (the K5 bounces around your floor like an old screensaver)
  • Along-edge mode (the K5 only works around the perimeter of the floor)
  • Spot mode (the K5 spirals outwards)

There are a few other nifty aspects that improve the K5’s performance. Firstly, it has a two-hour battery life. I’m not sure how large your house is, but cleaning all the floors in two hours without getting off your couch sounds like a dream to me.

Secondly, the K5 possesses safety features like height sensors so that it can detect level changes and stop itself before it falls off ledges. Additionally, it has 13 built-in sensors that search for furniture, walls, and pets. These sensors can stop the K5 from bumping into its surroundings, thus protecting it and your house. 

OKP K5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner App

 OKP K5 Vacuum Review

One of the best things about the OKP K5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner is how much control it grants you as the operator. Although it’s a robot, you’re its captain, steering it from the OKP Life App. For starters, it tells you exactly where the K5 is and its intended route, ensuring it shouldn’t get lost. Shouldn’t is doing a ton of heavy lifting in that previous sentence because sometimes life happens, and the K5 may get stuck behind the couch. 

In the event that you do lose the K5 or it can’t make its way back to its hub, there’s no need to worry. You can alert the K5 Vacuum Cleaner to send out an audio signal. Alternatively, you can control it from the app and steer it back to you. 

The OKP Life App comes with a few other features. Through it, you can steer the K5 to start self-charging, schedule cleaning times and patterns, and view previous cleaning records. That’s one of the coolest features, as with it, you can see which cleaning methods worked and didn’t work for you. 

It’s important to note that the OKP Life App only runs on 2.4GHz wi-fi.

What Are The Benefits Of Buying The OKP K5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner?

 OKP K5 Vacuum Review

A huge benefit I haven’t mentioned enough in this OKP K5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner review is the device’s HEPA filter. Plenty of robot vacuum cleaners are convenient, but they don’t always succeed when it comes to thorough cleaning. That’s not the case with the K5, as it can rid your floors of all dust particles and prevent them from going back into the air. 

The other benefit is that the K5 is much cheaper than other similar items, though I’ll dive into that more in the next section of this OKP K5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner review.

OKP K5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner VS Competitors

When stacked up to the competition, the OKP K5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner comes ahead in two key areas; price and battery life. On average, robot vacuums are hundreds of dollars more expensive than the K5. For example, the iRobot Roomba 692 costs $450 and the ECOVACS Deebot N8 Pro costs $700. The K5 also trounces their battery lives since it can sustain 120 minutes of cleaning on a single charge, while the Roomba 692 and the ECOVACS N8 Pro only have 90 and 110-minute batteries respectively. 

Who Is The OKP K5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner For?

Pet owners, busy folks that work from home, and vacuum-haters like yours truly as the perfect audience for the OKP K5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner. It’s also the best budget robot vacuum cleaner, so if you’re tight on money but overflowing with dust, then check it out. 

OKP K5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

 OKP K5 Vacuum Review

Remember how I mentioned at the start of this OKP K5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner review that Amazon is the only place to purchase OKP Life goods? That also means it’s the only source of OKP K5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner reviews from customers. Thankfully that paints a pretty picture of the K5 as six customers gave it an average score of 4/5 stars.

The main takeaway from most customer OKP K5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner reviews was that the device was priced phenomenally. This isn’t surprising, considering that most robot vacuums cost over $1,000. Compare that to the K5’s $200 price tag. By price alone, the K5 sets itself apart. 

However, just because it’s less expensive doesn’t mean the K5 is up to snuff. Thankfully, most buyers said it performed exceptionally well. They said it cleaned quickly and thoroughly. One Amazon review writer said,

I previously ordered one for my daughter and saw how efficient it was, I ordered one for myself! It is easy to set up and through the app you can set up a schedule for it to operate. Great job once it sets up it’s mapping. Need it to work immediately? Open app and hit start. Great job for the value.

The OKP K5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner’s fast set-up was complimented multiple times in the customer review section. Buyers got the device up and running within minutes. Plus, there weren’t any comments about difficulty syncing the K5 to their Alexa or Google Home systems, which I thought would’ve been the trickiest part. 

Other customers said the vacuum was great for tiles and hardwood surfaces. The device’s suction capabilities were best suited for those floors. 

One OKP K5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner review described the product as, “We just moved into our new place and the floors are tiles with a fair spacing between them (excuse the wiring, it will be tidied-up). The K5 had a few initial hard runs, but it got over it. now it completes it circuit and does a great job at keeping the floors clean. As expected it does not “scrub” the rugs, but we knew that going in. All in all it is a good value.”

Another Amazon user further commented on the K5’s tile-cleaning proficiency, writing, “I have new white high-gloss tile floors. I chose this model because it does not have a beater brush. The suction is great. One time one of the wheels dragged on the floor and left a gray mark, which had to be scrubbed off.

The detail about the scuffed floor appears to be the only one of its nature in all of the OKP K5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner reviews I read. However, there were some comments that the device had difficulty recognizing differences between heights. It seems it sometimes didn’t adapt to the floor and either got too close or too far. Luckily, these comments only appeared in two customer testimonials.

In conclusion, nearly all customers were satisfied with their OKP K5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner for the following reasons:

  • The vacuum cleaner was efficient
  • Set-up was quick and painless
  • The device was much more affordable than other robot vacuum cleaners

Is OKP Life Legit?

 OKP K5 Vacuum Review

Although OKP Life is a young brand without much coverage, there’s little reason to doubt their legitimacy. Their items all have high review scores on Amazon, with some, like the OKP Life K2 Robot Vacuum Cleaner, holding more than 10k pieces of customer feedback. I couldn’t find any accounts of malpractice on OKP Life’s end, so I’m inclined to say that they’re a legitimate brand. 

Is The OKP K5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Worth It?

Why waste time cleaning when you could waste time doing anything else? The K5 may not have many customer reviews, but nearly all of them indicate that the device lives up to its hype. As such, I think it’s worthwhile if you don’t want to spend much money on a vacuum. 

What Makes The OKP K5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Special?

The K5 is special because it’s more than the sum of its parts. It shares many features with other robot vacuum cleaners like collision sensors, a self-charing battery, preset cleaning patterns, and more, but none of them combine them all like the K5. It offers the most variety in cleaning options, the most control, and the longest battery life for its price range. 

How To Choose The Best Vacuum Cleaners

 OKP K5 Vacuum Review

Before you exit my OKP K5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner review to pick one up, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you enjoy cleaning? If so, robot vacuum cleaners may not be for you. If you don’t, you’re the perfect target audience.
  • What’s your budget? The more money you’re willing to spend, the more expensive and high-tech a vacuum you can pick up?
  • How messy does your house get? If you live in a frat house you may need to pick up a more powerful vacuum cleaner. Additionally, you may need to buy a vacuum with a larger dustbin.

OKP Life Promotions & Discounts 

Although Amazon says the OKP K5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner is 58% off, all signs suggest that the K5 normally costs $200, so this doesn’t seem like much of a discount.

Where To Buy the OKP K5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

 OKP K5 Vacuum Review

As I’ve said a few times, the only place you can buy the OKP K5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner is Amazon.


OKP K5 Vacuum Review

What is OKP Life App?

The OK Life App is how you’ll connect the vacuum cleaner to your Alexa or Google Home set-up. It also offers you the freedom to control the K5, adjust its schedule, power the vacuum cleaner when away from home, and more. 

Is a robot vacuum cleaner worth the money?

If you value your free time and a clean house more than you do money, then I believe robot vacuum cleaners are worth it. However, you may be a clean person as is. In that case, they’re probably unnecessary as I doubt your house gets dirty enough to justify them.

Should you run your robot vacuum cleaner every day?

This depends on how dirty your house is. Thankfully, there’s no harm in running it every day if you need to. It’s not like the robot vacuum cleaner is haunted – you’ll just have to deal with it doing its job more often. 

Are robot vacuums as good as regular vacuums?

Robot vacuum cleaners like the OKP K5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner can’t always get out deep stains or tough debris as regular vacuums can. However, they’re better than regular vacuums if you have pets. They can operate every day whereas you’d have to spend time vacuuming daily with a regular vacuum. 

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