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Rowenta Review

There’s nothing quite like a fresh pressed shirt, skirt, or pair of pants. A crisp seam running down the front of your legs or lifted lightly against your shoulder truly sets you apart, noting that it’s the little things that matter—that you are intentional with everything you do.

To finish off every look, you need a good iron. And where better to visit than Rowenta, a brand dedicated to providing innovative and high-quality linen care products, such as steamers, irons, and ironing boards, so you can always look your best.

Rowenta has been featured in a number of popular media outlets such as The New York Times and House&Beyond for being one of the best house irons. It has also amassed an impressive following of over 10k across its social media platforms, showing off crease-free garments worldwide.

Interested in ironing the wrinkles out of your life? Check out our Rowenta review. Below, we’ll share the deets on the brand’s origins, best selling ironing products, highlights from customer testimonials, answers to important FAQs, and more, to help you decide if it’s worth the buy.

Overview of Rowenta

Rowenta Review

The story of Rowenta begins with Robert Weintraud, an German industrialist who set up the company Weintraud & Co GmbH in 1884. The brand’s main focus was on office supplies, catering to a broad range of needs. 

By 1909, Weintraud established the brand Rowenta, which developed innovative and carefully designed household appliances. In 1949, the first thermostat-controlled iron with ceramic heating elements was created.

Since then, the company has made it its mission to innovate, using special features and releasing a broad range of supplies dedicated to linen care. Today, they are available on a global scale.

There are three things that have, since its creation, laid the foundation for the brand itself: comfort of usage, perfect results, and sophisticated design. But, Rowenta is also committed to the planet, releasing eco-friendly and conscious products. 

Now that we’ve established where the brand came from, this Rowenta review will delve into the overall highlights to keep in mind.


Rowenta Review
  • Wide variety of linen care items such as irons, steamers, and boards 
  • Unique features such as energy saving and auto-off
  • Professional quality results
  • Good for use on all fabrics
  • German engineered
  • Eco-intelligent products 
  • Carefully crafted from durable materials
  • 1-5 year warranty depending on the product
  • Accredited repairs centers in the US

While Rowenta first began as a house appliance brand, it has since refined its niche to offer a broad selection of carefully crafted linen care products, such as steamers, irons, and steaming stations

On top of that, the products come with features that make them unique and durable, to ensure you get the best finished product every single time. Up next, this Rowenta review will share all the deets on the bestsellers and what makes them special. 

Rowenta Steam Irons Review

An iron is a classic addition to every list of household supplies, but Rowenta steam irons stand out. With unique features and carefully planned designs, the best selling options below are more than your run-of-the-mill iron.

Rowenta Steamforce Iron DW9280 Review

Versatile and easy to use, the Steamforce Iron DW9280 features unique steam force technology which forces 30% steam into the fabric, ironing it and smoothing wrinkles faster. It also has adjustable touch controls for the perfect heat setting and steam output automatically adjusted based on fabric type.

On top of all that, it comes with an LED display alerting when it’s heated, and even a motion sensor that stops the stream of steam when it is not moving. The automatic shut-off also ensures safety, as the iron powers off in 8 minutes if left vertically, 30 seconds horizontally, and 30 seconds if tipped over.

Easy to fill, crafted from stainless steel, and with a 7-foot pivoting electrical cord, the  Steamforce Iron DW9280 retails for $150 on Amazon.

Rowenta Pro Master Review

For precise, professional quality ironing without the hassle, opt for the Pro Master. This iron has an extra powerful steam dispenser, as well as patented Microsteam400 Profile soleplate technology and 400 active holes to ensure the proper steam coverage. 

It also boasts a 7oz water tank for long term use and a precise stream of steam with a pointed tip for perfect creasing. Available on Amazon, the Pro Master retails for $130.

Rowenta Garment Steamers Review

Designed to carefully remove wrinkles from silky, delicate fabrics or pieces that aren’t easy to iron like drapes and bedding, Rowenta garment steamers are another must-have in any home. Below, we’ll cover the top selling options to give you an idea of how they work and what they do.

Rowenta Ixeo All-In-One Iron & Steamer Solution Qr1410+1 Review 

The Ixeo All-In-One Iron & Steamer Solution Qr1410+1 comes with a 3 position smart board to meet all your ironing and steaming needs. With an upright, comfortable design, the board can be maneuvered for hanging and steaming, or flat ironing. 

The turbo steamer also ensures a speedy, high quality steam to ensure efficient wrinkle removal. It also boasts a lightweight feel, 45 second heat up time, and automatically adjustable temperature. 

Easy to use, the Ixeo All-In-One Iron & Steamer Solution Qr1410+1 is available on Amazon for $200.

Rowenta X-Cel Steam First Handheld Steamer Dr6130+1 Review

Small and convenient, as well as lightweight and comfortable to hold, the X-Cel Steam First Handheld Steamer Dr6130+1 is designed for speedy steaming. It heats up in only 15 seconds, so you can never have to worry about heading out the door with a wrinkled shirt again. 

To use, simply hang your garment against a door or on a knob and steam the fabric (even the most delicate materials) for a seamless and wrinkle-free finish. It’s also great for travel since it is petite and can be tucked into a suitcase, to ensure you look ready wherever you go.

Ideal for last minute touch ups, the X-Cel Steam First Handheld Steamer Dr6130+1 retails for $35 at Bed Bath and Beyond. 

Rowenta Steam Station Review

If you’ve got an iron or a steamer, a Rowenta steam station is all you need to complete the process. Simple and convenient, yet carefully designed to make the job easier, the most popular options down below are sure to pique your interest. 

Rowenta Compact Steam Station Dg7530 Review

The Compact Steam Station Dg7530 essentially combines the use of an iron and a steamer, releasing a high pressure steam that is efficient at pressing fabric and removing wrinkles and creases. 

The powerful burst of steam is ideal for thicker fabrics, while the large water tank and easy to read controls ensure you’ll always be ready for speedy ironing. Plus, it heats up in only 2 minutes and can be set on an eco setting to save 20% heating energy. 

On top of all that, it can be used for vertical steaming. Ideal for efficient and detailed results, the Compact Steam Station Dg7530 retails for $350 on Bed Bath and Beyond.

Rowenta Ironing Board Review

Simple and compact in design, the Rowenta Ironing Board is exactly what you need to pair with your new iron. It is ultra stable with a wide worktop and durable cotton cover, as well as a long lasting and high quality stainless steel frame.

It also has a storage shelf and side hangers to make ironing even easier. Plus, it folds up into a vertical and minimal shape that slips easily beneath furniture or into a closet for storage.

Available on Williams Sonoma, the Ironing Board retails for $200

Who Is Rowenta For? 

Rowenta Review

We’ve all been there: a wrinkled shirt or dress just before a job interview, wedding, or any special occasion, really. And suddenly, we’re taking a hot shower, begging the steam to pull every crease out of the garment to ensure a seamless ensemble. 

Well, it’s time to stop scalding your skin and opt for Rowenta, instead. With this brand’s products, you’ll always be prepared, whether you prefer a steamer or classic iron. And you’ll never stress about wrinkles and creases again. 

Rowenta Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Rowenta Review

It’s hard to deny that these linen care products are effective and easy to use. But, this Rowenta review will now shift its focus to customer testimonials to get a feel for what the products are like and how they stack up to the brand’s mission. We sourced comments from Amazon, Consumer Affairs, and Bed Bath and Beyond to find out what all the fuss is about.

On Amazon, the brand earns an impressive rating of 4.4/5 stars out of 12111 reviews. One customer loves their iron’s efficacy and special features:

I have owned this iron for about 3 months now and have to say that it is the best iron I have ever used. I have shirts that have always been impossible to get wrinkles out using other irons and this one takes care of them with ease- and I don’t even use the steam boost. Setting it to ‘ECO’ mode gives plenty of power.”

Another shopper explains that it’s the best iron they’ve ever used, which is an impressive claim: “So far it is the BEST iron I have ever had. It heats up in seconds and steams beautifully. It is so hot that when ironing somethingI wear my quilting glove so I don’t burn myself from the steam. I love love love the heat, the steam, the weight and the quick heat up of the iron.”

One patron describes how it’s the perfect solution to their distaste for ironing, writing, “I don’t even like to iron and must say this product is a game changer. I would not say it is lightweight but that’s a plus. Very sturdy and steam power is incredible. I sew a lot and this product has cut my iron time by quite a bit. Best iron I have ever owned.”

123 shoppers on Consumer Affairs also rate the brand highly, awarding 4/5 stars. One buyer has nothing but good things to say, and notes how their iron stands out against the competition:

In short, the iron is excellent. It heats up quickly, has an auto shut off feature (like many good irons), and the steam output is outstanding – the metal plate has hundreds of small holes, as opposed to the 10 or 12 holes in our own iron.”

Another customer wrote a review in testament to the lasting power of the products, making them worth the investment: “Over 30 years ago, I purchased a Rowenta DE90 for $75 (a lot of money for an iron at that time). It has been a fantastic instrument and has served me well.”

On Bed Bath and Beyond, 310 reviewers share similar sentiments, rating the brand 4.1/5 stars. One shopper even says that they suddenly love ironing because of their Rowenta iron:

Love love love my iron. If I could wash every day and iron everyday I would . I had one years ago but lost it. Now I can’t wait to use it. It’s easy, it gets so hot, all the wrinkles come out , the burst steamer is awesome.”

Overall, Rowenta is highly rated for living up to its mission. The products perform exactly as they should and make what is normally considered an annoying task quick and easy. Plus, the unique features such as the eco-friendly setting make them an ideal option for different uses and needs. 

Is Rowenta Legit?

Rowenta Review

Nearing the end of our Rowenta review, you may be thinking—there has to be a wrinkle in this brand, it’s simply too perfect. Well, we’re here to clear the air, or press out any creases in your mind, if you will. 

Backed by a strong customer following on social media with plenty of mentions in popular media outlets, it’s safe to say that this brand is the real deal. Plus, it is carried at a number of big box stores such as Walmart and Amazon, further solidifying its place in the world of fresh pressed garments. 

Is Rowenta Worth It?

Rowenta Review

While there are plenty of irons on the market, there’s a reason that Rowenta stands out. The steamers, irons, and steam stations are high-quality and carefully designed, and also feature unique details like self clean and auto shut-off.

And while the products are noted to be durable, the brand offers repairs on items in and out of warranty to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your purchase. With all that in mind, Rowenta products come at a good price and remain true to the original mission. 

Overall, the pieces are (literally) seamless and it’s easy for our Rowenta review to conclude that they are worth the buy.

Rowenta Promotions & Discounts 

Rowenta Review

While our Rowenta review didn’t find any promo codes at this time, shoppers can sign up for the email list to gain exclusive access to discounts and savings.

Where to Buy Rowenta

Rowenta Review

Interested in something from our Rowenta review? Fortunately, the products are widely available. Here’s a few places you can shop:

  • Bed Bath and Beyond
  • Walmart
  • Amazon
  • Best Buy
  • Target
  • Home Depot
  • Macy’s
  • Williams Sonoma


Rowenta Review

Who owns Rowenta?

At the time of this Rowenta review, the company is owned by Groupe SEB, a small appliance and cookware manufacturer.

Does Rowenta ship internationally?

If you’re interested in shopping the items from our Rowenta review, you’ll be happy to hear that the products are available internationally. Simply visit and select the country you’d like to ship to.

Shipping costs and estimates are dependent on the location and will be calculated at the time of checkout.

What is Rowenta’s Shipping Policy?

Anxiously awaiting your new Rowenta iron? Fortunately, the brand offers speedy shipping with a delivery time up to 7 business days. All costs and shipping estimates are calculated at checkout based on location.

What is Rowenta’s Return Policy?

Not sure which item from this Rowenta review is right for you? Fortunately, the company has a 30 day return period. That being said, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • The invoice must be included when returning items
  • Items must come in original packaging, complete with accessories, manuals, etc
  • Items incomplete, damaged, or used will not be refunded or exchanged

On top of that, there is a 1–5 year warranty depending on the product. This protects users against any manufacturing defects. For more information and next steps with your return or exchange, contact the brand.

How to Contact Rowenta

Rowenta Review

We hope you enjoyed our Rowenta review! If you have any further questions about the brand or its products, you can contact them by filling out the email form or by calling 1-800-769-3682 weekdays between 8:30AM to 5:30PM, EST.

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