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Papier Review

We know that there are few things that feel better than brand new stationery: the thick creamy white pages lifting delicately as you flip through, on the hunt for the right date; the pen that sits comfortably in your hand, gliding along the page as the words flow; a shiny gold paperclip, perfectly encasing your most important notes. 

If this appeals to you, you’re in the right place. Papier seeks to inspire every time you open up your notebook or planner to a blank page with its elegant designs and unique artistic touches. As dreamy as they are, you’ll write your imagination into reality, bring plans to life and send love through their stunning selection of notecards and letters.

This stationary brand has garnered over 295k followers on Instagram and 125k likes on Facebook, with feeds that feature bullet journalling inspo, artsy letters, and writing prompts. 

So, get ready to take notes because this Papier review will tour you through all there is to know about the brand. We’ll cover some of the highlights, take a look at its top-selling paper products, listen to what customers have to say, and go over some important FAQs to help you decide if Papier carries the right stationery for you.

Overview of Papier

Papier Review

Putting pen to paper is one of the most personal things you can do; the same goes for sending a customized card or jotting down your feelings every night to best reflect on the day. Luckily, Papier was founded in 2015 to help stationary lovers do just that.

Under the design of founder Taymoor Atighetchi, the brand’s mission has always been to inspire creativity: “we’ve created stationary that invites curiosity and contemplation. In every piece of Papier is the promise of what’s to come, the endless possibilities of a blank page”

Today, the products are printed and manufactured in the US, focusing on producing personalized designs that come from a sustainable source. All items are made-to-order, cutting back on waste and lessening the brand’s carbon footprint. Plus, packaging (as well as the products themselves) are recyclable, though we expect you’ll keep them for years to come.

Now that we know a little more about the brand, this Papier review will take a look at some of the initial highlights down below.


  • Wide selection of aesthetically pleasing and inspiring stationary, including planners, notebooks, wedding invitations, pens, and more
  • Stay organized when it comes to wedding planning, journaling, or daily ventures
  • Made-to-order
  • Made in the US
  • Easy to personalize
  • Excellent idea for a gift
  • Focus on sustainability 
Papier Review

From carving in stone to copying ancient works on papyrus to the paper we use today, every word you document literally makes a mark in history. And isn’t there something that’s so special about that?

Papier’s selection includes plenty of different ways to make your own unique mark, including pens, notebooks, invitations, planners, calendars and more. Basically, think of anything you could write on–Papier likely has it.  

What’s more? The fact that most of these items can be personalized by a few simple clicks of a button (hint: see our review of the planners)… But we’ll dive into the details soon! For now, let’s focus on some of the brand’s top selling options to help you narrow down your choices!

Papier Review

As we mentioned, Papier offers a wide range of stationery items that spark creativity and make everyday things into something beautiful. So, if you’re ready to put a beautiful pen to some beautiful paper, keep reading this Papier review. Down below, we’ll cover the most popular items from the brand.

Papier Time to Dance Notebook Review

If you’re into drawing, bullet journalling, or simply need a place to gather your thoughts, the Papier Time to Dance Notebook is for you. Plus, you’ll be able to customize it to your specific needs by choosing from soft back or hard back and then lined, plain, or dotted.

The cover features diagonal striping of muted, earthy tones, with a center label where you can enter your own text. You can write your name, the subject of the notebook, basically whatever your heart desires. 

There are 74 pages in total (including front and back), so you’ll be able to write in this notebook for a while, as well as a built-in silky bookmark to hold your spot. The Time to Dance Notebook retails for $21 for the softcover and $27 for the hardcover. 

Papier The Papier Pen Review

Doodle in style with the Papier The Papier Pen. The black ball point comes in a hexagonal shape and features a color block design between the cap and the barrel. 

It’s crafted from a sturdy metal that’s comfortable to hold and feels luxe in comparison to classic plastic options. The rollerball slides smoothly along the page, whether you’re scribbling down notes or designing the newest page of your bullet journal.

What’s more? This pen is refillable, meaning you don’t have to toss it out when you run out of ink. You can purchase a 3-pack of pen ink refills for only $8, now deeming this option your forever pen!

The Papier Pen comes in 5 different color options including a deep blue or a raspberry pink to add a pop of color to your pencil case, retailing for $15

Papier Food for Friends Recipe Journal Review

Go back to the classics with the Papier Food for Friends Recipe Journal. This book makes it easy to jot down recipes that have been handed down through generations or keep track of dinners you make up as you go so you can repeat that delicious apple pie again in the future.

It basically works like a fill in the blank, providing you the outline for ingredients, ratings, the directions, and more. Plus, you can jot down fav new restaurants and grocery stores to remember your top places to visit. 

The journal comes as a hardback with a vintage style green marble design on the cover, a silky ribbon bookmark, and a white spine detailing. You can customize this one too, replacing the name on the cover with your own (or whoever you’re gifting it to). 

When it’s time to get cookin’, try out the Food for Friends Recipe Journal for $33.

Papier Planner Review

Make planning your life out 20x easier with a Papier planner. These agendas are more than lines on paper—they’re the ideal way to organize your thoughts, plan your future in advance, track progress on goals, and keep notes. 

Want to take a look at your options? This Papier review will cover some of the bestsellers up next!

Papier Pressed Florals Daily Planner Review

Ready to plan your days out? Try out the Papier Pressed Florals Daily Planner. It comes with a 16-week outline and you can fill out weekly goals and daily plans. 

Plus, you can take note of your top three priorities, track habits, mark down any important notes, plan meals, and even write down your grocery list! Talk about an all-in-one! The dark blue cover features colorful faux pressed flowers and a banner for your name.

To personalize your planner, follow these simple steps:

  1. Click the “Customize” button
  2. Choose your font, text size, color, alignment, style, and spacing
  3. Pick a name for your planner
  4. Enter the name of the owner

This 16 week planner comes undated so you can use it any time of year and retails for $29.

Papier Joy Daily Planner Review

Bring a little joy into your day-to-day life with the Papier Joy Daily Planner. This agenda comes with spaces to plan your weekly schedule, personal and work plans, important to-dos, plan meals, and of course, plan your days.

It comes in three different color options (all of which are hard backs), including a watermelon pink and ocean blue. You can also customize it with your name, a title, and the time you’ll be using it! The Joy Daily Planner retails for $29.

Papier The Jag Daily Planner Review

The Papier The Jag Daily Planner takes cheetah print up a notch, featuring prints of roaring jaguars in a black and white or navy blue and silver option. 

Inside, you’ll find weekly overviews, room for plenty of planning, to-do lists, habit trackers, meal planners, setting goals, and more. Plus, you’ll be able to fill in the dates yourself to use it any time of the year and customize it with your name and initials. 

This Papier review is pretty sure that Carole Baskin would be jealous of this one, so snag it up for yourself for $29.

Who Is Papier For? 

Papier Review

Papier is for paper lovers, organization obsessors, and beautiful stationary connoisseurs. Whether you’re getting into wedding planning, organizing your life, or bullet journaling, there are so many options to choose from.

Turns out, there’s a little something for everyone. And this Papier review appreciates how so many options are available to suit personal aesthetics and interests. Plus, it’s super easy to personalize with shiny details and lined pages, which is ideal for gifting (or treating yourself).

Papier Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Papier Review

At this point in our Papier review, you might be wondering what customers are saying. To help gain a better understanding of whether or not this brand is worth the buy, we sourced comments from TrustPilot, UK Reviews, and Reddit. 

On TrustPilot, the brand is rated 4.8/5 stars out of 2195 reviews. One customer recounts nothing but a happy experience with all the brand offers, writing, “Easy to navigate website, large selection of products, and, most importantly, top quality. I received the personalized item in less than 2 weeks. I will order from Papier again, for sure.”

Another shopper explains the importance of their order and describes how the brand delivered, rating their purchase 5/5 stars:

“I was absolutely delighted with the photo book I designed and ordered through Papier. It was so important to me that it looked good, because it was a memorial book for my mum who died last year. The end result was beautifully produced and presented, and the support I received from the customer support team was excellent.”

One patron writes a review for their new planner, detailing everything they love about it (essentially, all the details it comes with): 

“It has everything I need: monthly calendar, daily space, and some pages to write down any goals. I like having the daily to do’s on paper while I organize the rest of my life electronically. Something about paper that keeps me in the moment.”

On UK Reviews, the company is rated 4.76/5 stars out of 13316 reviews–now that’s a lot of reviews! One shopper recounts a wonderful experience shopping for Christmas cards, which came early and beautifully personalized (we expect they’ll buy again this year):

Great selection of cards and easy to personalise. Love the fact you can include coloured envelope interiors. The cards arrived earlier than expected and beautifully wrapped/presented. The paper card quality was very good and personalisation crisp and sharp on the cards and envelopes.”

Another shopper describes how their purchase made an excellent present, after being requested because of the nifty appearance and high quality details: “My granddaughter particularly wanted some products from Papier for her 13th Birthday and I was delighted by the unusual and charming designs and choices.”

The brand receives another 5/5 stars for a buyer who is able to express themselves via their notebook: “I ordered a custom journal, as it’s my outlet in which the steam of the day simmers into the pages I write in. It turned out more beautiful than I expected! Treat yourself if you love writing or know someone who does.”

On Reddit, a shopper loves the high quality and the personalized touch: “Being able to customize the cover is by far the best perk. Mine is beautiful and me and exactly what I wanted, so it’s a joy to use, whereas some other journals feel like you settle to get one. The pages have a good thickness though, they feel sturdy.”

All things considered, it’s clear to this Papier review that big or small, this brand delivers. Shoppers love everything about the company, from the pages it produces, to the personalized touches and the excellent customer service. 

Is Papier Worth It?

Papier Review

You might be wondering if this Papier review deems this brand worth the buy. Well, the verdict is in, and we’re here to say that it most definitely is! With so many glowing reviews about the top quality products, it’s hard to find any cons for the company.

Plus, we admire its commitment to sustainability by using ethically sourced paper and recyclable materials. And, of course, the fact that there’s something for everyone provides a creative outlet through so many means and makes creating wedding invites and logging your days super fun. 

Papier Promotions & Discounts 

Papier Review

Unfortunately, this Papier review found no promo codes at this time. You can always sign up for emails to stay up to date with holiday deals and exclusive offers!

Where to Buy Papier

Papier Review

If you’re ready to add some silky smooth pages to your collection, you can shop Papier directly from the website,


Papier Review

Who owns Papier?

Papier is owned by its founder and CEO, Taymoor Atighetchi.

Does Papier ship internationally?

Unfortunately, the brand currently only ships within Canada and the US. This Papier review hopes that it will expand its horizons soon so that everyone can feel these high quality pieces! 

What is Papier’s Shipping Policy?

Once your Papier order has been printed (around 2-3 business days), it will ship through your choice of the following options:

  • Economy (11 days): starts at $5
  • Standard (9 days): starts at $8
  • Priority (2 days via FedEx): starts at $15
  • Next day (1 day via FedEx): starts at $40

All orders are tracked, apart from samples, which ship in 9 business days via UPS for $3.

What is Papier’s Return Policy?

Since Papier products are personalized, the brand doesn’t normally accept returns, though they do request that shoppers contact them within 7 days of receipt if there are any issues. Non-personalized products can be returned within 28 days—simply contact the brand through email for further instructions. 

How to Contact Papier

We hope you enjoyed our Papier review! If you have any further questions about the brand or its products, you can contact them using the following methods:

  • Fill out the email form on the website
  • Use the live chat function on the website
  • Message on Whatsapp by following the link on the website

The brand also mentions that the customer service will answer messages within 12 to 24 hours Monday through Friday.

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