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About Tvidler  

Tvidler Review

We’ve all heard it: Cotton tips are bad for your ears. Yet, we default to using them anyway. Whether it’s for lack of a gentler solution or simply for convenience, whatever our excuse is, with Tvidler, it no longer exists. 

Tvidler is a handy ear-cleaning tool with a spiral-shaped, removable silicone tip. It’s gentler and more efficient at removing ear wax than cotton swabs are, patented and tested in the USA to impeccably high standards. 

The Tvidler ear cleaner is popular among folks looking for a more eco-friendly way to clean their ears as well. For that reason, the brand already has a 3.5k social following even though the company was launched in 2021. 

What can you expect to find in this Tvidler review? A complete walkthrough of their signature device along with alternatives, expert opinion, feedback, and more. Let’s get things started with the highlights.


Tvidler Review
  • Gentler way to clean your ears
  • High-grade silicone tip
  • Spiral shape removes ear wax efficiently
  • Patented & tested in the USA
  • Ships around the world

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How Does Tvidler Work? 

Tvidler Review

The funny thing about Q-Tips, the world’s most associated item with ear cleaning, is that on the back of the box, they tell you not to use them in your ears. Funny, right? Not so much for those who have had ear injuries from them—mostly kids. 

Tvidler was created on that premise and provides a safer way to clean your ears. It’s also more effective. With a spiral-shaped tip made from super soft silicone, it efficiently collects ear wax and can be easily cleaned off. 

Since cotton swabs actually push ear wax down the ear canal, only removing some of it, you might be surprised what you find the first time you use Tvidler. 

Instead of putting the health of your hearing at risk, save the Q-Tips for cosmetic applications and try the Tvidler. Reaching deeper than a swab and rotating to get into the crevices, there is a right and wrong way to use the tool, so be sure you don’t insert it too far.

For that reason, though Tvidler is a shareable tool, it should never be used by kids. To use it properly, follow these steps:

  1. Put the tip into your ear
  2. Rotate and pull to remove the wax
  3. Wash the tip or replace it with a new one

Say goodbye to pain, unnecessary waste, and the risk of damaging your ear canal. Get the Tvidler for $26 (normally $86) when you buy during their 70% off Tvidler promo.

What customers say: “Awesome! I enjoy using Tvidler almost every day. Effective in its purpose, I love its unique design. I bring this whenever we go on vacation too. Practical ear cleaning tool.” – Sonnie,

Does Tvidler Work?

Tvidler Review

According to the feedback I’ve seen so far in my Tvidler review, their signature tool really does work. The tool helps them feel like they are cleaning their ears more efficiently. 

Who would I recommend Tvidler to?

Those in search of a gentler, safer way to clean their ears. Tvidler was made to be shared and includes multiple tips with your order so that it can be. 

Who I wouldn’t recommend Tvidler to?

The Tvidler ear cleaner should not be used by children. It’s designed for personal care and hygiene only and should not be used in an attempt to treat or prevent any kind of health condition. I also wouldn’t recommend it to anyone with highly sensitive ears.

Alternatives To Tvidler 

Tvidler Review

Since the dangers of using a cotton swab for ear cleaning are clear, it’s no wonder that so many brands have emerged as alternatives. I’ll give you a few to consider up next in this Tvidler review:

  • Axel Glade makes a high-tech ear-cleaning device with a 3MPX camera. Like Tvidler, it features a soft silicone tip and is less damaging than Q-tips, but that’s about where their similarities end. With an LED light and scoop-like tips instead of spirals, it delivers a more thorough cleaning experience, however, it’s also more expensive.
  • Q Grips are almost identical to Tvidler in design and function. They have a spiral silicone tip but are slightly more expensive.
  • Rather stick to the regular old cotton swab? By Humankind makes Cotton Swabs that are kinder to the environment. Made from sustainable bamboo and cotton, they’re 100% biodegradable. They’re super affordable too, but choosing these is kind of like a step backward.

What Do Experts Think?

Tvidler Review

Experts haven’t had a chance to weigh in on how the Tvidler ear cleaner works. However, they certainly have had a lot to say about using cotton swabs. This study reports that “the use of cotton buds inside ears has widely been condemned worldwide by otolaryngologists.” 

Why? Because of the many documented issues associated with using them. From infections to trauma and even retained cotton, I’m curious why so many of us are still using Q-tips. 

Tvidler Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Tvidler Review

No Tvidler review would be complete without feedback, so I set out in search of helpful comments and ratings. I found plenty. 

On, while the ear cleaner doesn’t have a rating, I was able to find some comments. The first Tvidler review we’ll look at reads:

From all the ear cleaners I have tried, Tvidler is the best. I feel a lot better after using Tvidler. Highly recommend.

There was nothing but positive comments on the brand’s website. The handful of comments there mentioned how effective the device was and how much they liked it. On SiteJabber, Tvidler has an overall score of 4/5 stars based on 111 reviews. 

Great buy! I’m happy with Tvidler. I don’t have as much wax accumulation as I thought, the tip was soft to the touch, which is great for mothers who want to clean their children’s ears. Overall, I think the device is excellent value for the money, and it comes with plenty of spare parts,” wrote one shopper in their Tvidler review.

There was a lot of positive feedback for the device on SiteJabber, but let’s head over to the Tvidler Amazon page to see if it holds. There, the Tvidler Pro has a 3.4/5-star average and 294 global ratings. Here’s how it breaks down:

  • 5 stars: 40%
  • 4 stars: 14%
  • 3 stars: 14%
  • 2 stars: 9%
  • 1 star: 23%

One Tvidler review read, “I was recommended this by a friend who ensured I wasn’t cleaning my ears correctly. He was right. Not only is this tool easier to use than a Q-Tip, but it’s better, safer and is the healthier option. Strongly recommend.

Some Tvidler reviews say that the cleaner hurts, but be sure you’re following the instructions properly as anything you insert in your ear has the potential of going too far. 

From the feedback I found for this section, it’s clear that Tvidler is a popular brand and that its ear cleaner does work.

Is Tvidler Legit?

Tvidler Review

Before I could wrap up this Tvidler review, I had to check out their score on the Better Business Bureau. They had a B- rating and just 4 complaints which isn’t bad at all. 

But, on Trustpilot, there were multiple complaints about additional charges and difficulties with getting refunds. If you love the Tvidler but want to prevent this possibility, choose Amazon or use PayPal.

Is Tvidler Worth It?

Tvidler Review

Considering how dangerous using cotton swabs is (multiple studies have proven this and the warning is even on the back of the box), finding an alternative solution is important. 

Rather than fussing around with candling or cleansing drops, Tvidler’s soft silicone device is an easier way to clean your ears. It’s also safer. 

Where To Buy Tvidler  

Tvidler Review

Tvidler is available on Amazon. To shop directly with the brand and save, go to


Tvidler Review

Who owns Tvidler?

This one’s a bit of a question mark. Unfortunately, I couldn’t track down exactly who owns Tvidler.

What are the specifications of Tvidler ear wax cleaner?

The Tvidler ear wax clear consists of a handle and head tips. The head tips are made from high-quality silicone and are detachable and washable. The handle is made from plastic with a comfort grip and is washable.

How is Tvidler different from other ear-cleaning products?

Unlike other ear-cleaning products, Tvidler works to remove ear wax efficiently. It’s also safer. Unlike drops, you can just use it and go about your day, there is no mess or pain when using it. 

Where does Tvidler ship to?

Around the world to many countries. See the next section of this Tvidler review for more shipping information. 

What is Tvidler’s Shipping Policy?

Tvidler’s shipping times differ depending on your country. If you live in the US, you will receive your order the fastest. It takes about 8-12 business days for Tvidler orders to arrive. Shipping is $6.

What is Tvidler’s Returns Policy?

Tvidler offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee on its ear wax cleaner. You can return your products for a refund or credit if:

  • The product has been damaged
  • The product is defective
  • You received the wrong item
  • You changed your mind

No returns are valid after 30 days from the date of purchase have passed. To start the process, follow these steps:

  1. Fill out the contact form or call Tvidler’s customer service
  2. Include your full name, email, and order number in your request
  3. A Tvidler agent will reply in 3 business days with an RMA
  4. Pack your items and write the RMA on the outside of the package
  5. Send your package back to the provided address
  6. Obtain a tracking number and email it to Tvidler 

Tvidler will inspect your order and if all is good, will issue your refund within 14 business days. Once you receive confirmation of your refund, you should see it reflected in your account in another 3-5 business days.

How To Contact Tvidler 

If you need any other information that wasn’t included in this Tvidler review, call 1(205)782-8606 or use the Contact Form. You can also email [email protected].

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