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Pharmaca Review

Pharmaca is an online market and chain of retail stores that sells bath, beauty, and health products to customers across the United States. Our Pharmaca review will introduce you to this established brand, which specializes in offering items that are certified organic and made with naturally derived ingredients

Pharmaca takes pride in offering options for customers who care about what’s in their food, skincare, haircare, and wellness products. They carry a huge range of brands such as Weleda, Garden of Life, Pacifica, and Mad Hippie – brands whose products don’t have synthetic additives or preservatives and are focused on being green and clean. 

Pharmaca’s selection of health products includes a wide range of supplements and vitamins from brands such as Thorne, New Chapter, MegaFood, and MyKind Organics. Pharmaca makes it easy to read the exact ingredient lists and nutritional information so you see exactly what’s in the products you’re buying.

Pharmaca has set itself apart from other online wellness marketplaces by using very specific search filtering. You can narrow down your searches by brand, ingredients, certifications, personal needs, and preferences like reef safe or dairy-free. 

For example, they allow you to filter your searches by hair and skin type or concern, so you can find products that fit your own unique requirements. Whether you need a hydrating shampoo or a natural lotion for acne or eczema, Pharmaca makes it exceptionally easy to locate the product you’re looking for.

Our Pharmaca review will take a closer look at the highlights of shopping with this unique company, as well as at some of their best-selling products, promotions, and real customer feedback, to help you decide if this might be your new go-to for natural products.   

Overview of Pharmaca

Pharmaca Review

Founded by entrepreneur Don Summerfield in 2000, Pharmaca was purchased by parent company Medly Pharmacy in 2021. Pharmaca is available to customers through their brick-and-mortar retail locations across the United States, as well as access through their extensive website.

This company’s mission is to offer customers a traditional pharmacy experience while also providing access to the best bath, beauty, home, and health products that natural brands have to offer. You can find items ranging from medicines, to aromatherapy candles and organic teas, to natural baby products and makeup tools.

Pharmaca does not just carry any wellness product on the market. They carefully select brands based on their in-house Quality Assurance Policy. 

On their official site, Pharmaca explains that they only partner with brands whose supplements are free from artificial colors, preservatives, hydrogenated oils, and sweeteners. 

They also prioritize brands whose product claims are backed up by research, whose products undergo quality and performance testing, and who follow the rules set out by the Food and Drug Administration. 

This company also prides itself on offering products with a variety of independent certifications, including items that are organic, gluten-free, non-GMO, and cruelty free

Let’s start our Pharmaca review by covering the highlights or purchasing from this online market!


  • Online and in-person resource for a wide range of natural brands
  • Pharmacy and drugstore services; natural and organic health supplements, bath and beauty items, and home products all in one place
  • All brands sold meet their Quality Assurance Guidelines
  • Excellent search filters
  • Free shipping across the US with orders over $45

Pharmaca Review

The website has curated some beautifully made skin care items from specialty brands. Keep reading this Pharmaca review as we cover the company’s best-selling lotions, soaps, and serums!

Pharmaca Trilogy Rosehip Transformation Cleansing Oil Review

This cleansing oil wants to replace your regular soap or face wash with something special. 

Made by skin care brand Trilogy, this plant-based oil will help you gently wash away dirt without stripping your face of its natural oils and drying out your skin.

The first ingredient in the Trilogy Rosehip Transformation Cleansing Oil is Vitamin E-packed sweet almond oil. It also contains grapeseed, rosehip, papaya, and sunflower seed oils to thoroughly moisturize and protect your skin it cleanses. 

Here’s how to use it: Pump a small amount of the Trilogy Rosehip Transformation Cleansing Oil into your hand and rub it into your skin with a few drops of water, too. You can either mix the oil with a bit of water in your hands, or apply it directly to your face and add a bit of water as you go. 

Then, work the oil into your skin and  rinse it off with warm water using your hands or a face towel.

This cleansing oil does not have any harsh parabens or sulfates, and no drying alcohol either! Trilogy also says this oil is vegan, non GMO, and gluten-free.

Buy a 3.8 oz bottle Trilogy Rosehip Transformation Cleansing Oil for $23, on sale from $30

Pharmaca Sonage Botanica Souffle Creme Review

A skin-soothing powerhouse, the Sonage Botanica Souffle Creme is a moisturizer packed with botanicals to give you a refreshed glow while healing and protecting.

This face cream has a light, fluffy texture (hence the pastry-inspired name) and the broad range of ingredients make it ideally suited for a wide range of skin types

This multifunction moisturizer has hyaluronic acid, and ylang ylang and tea tree extracts, which lock in moisture and combat oiliness. Aloe vera, calendula flower, and bitter orange extract help heal and reduce breakouts. Then, sunflower oil and plantago ovata seed extract offer deep moisture and help fight fine lines. 

Sonage says their powerful active ingredients also act as stabilizers, meaning the Botanica Souffle Creme is free from unnecessary and potentially damaging preservatives. It’s also cruelty free and vegan. 

Pick up a 1.7 oz  jar of Sonage Botanica Souffle Creme for $58.

Pharmaca Weleda Refining Toner Review

Pharmaca explains that this natural Weleda Refining Tonerrefines, clarifies, and protects” your skin.

One of its main active ingredients is witch hazel. Described as “mildly astringent,” it causes your skin’s pores to tighten and contract. It also has wild rose leaf extract and citrus essential oil, to brighten skin and give this toner a lovely fragrance.

This toner is meant to be used as the second step in your skin cleansing regimen, applying it to your face after cleansing. Weleda recommends using this Refining Toner after washing with their Gentle Cleansing Milk, to achieve clear, balanced skin.

Whether you have oily or dry skin, don’t worry – the Weleda Refining Toner is suitable for all skin types.

Buy a 3.4 oz bottle of the Weleda Refining Toner on sale for $13 (regularly $17).

Pharmaca Mad Hippie Vitamin C Serum Review

The Mad Hippie Vitamin C Serum looks cute, but packs a strong punch! This serum has a host of natural ingredients to nourish your skin to the max. 

Serum’s job is to deliver highly concentrated, specific benefits to your skin. Mad Hippie recommends using this serum on freshly washed and dried skin as a part of your morning skin care routine, before applying moisturizer. 

This serum comes in a 1 oz bottle with a liquid dropper so you can squeeze out a precise amount into your hands. 

So what’s in it? The Mad Hippie Vitamin C Serum includes:

  1. Vitamin C
  2. Vitamin E
  3. Ferulic Acid
  4. Hyaluronic Acid
  5. Konjac Root
  6. Chamomile Extract
  7. Clary Sage
  8. Aloe Barbadensis Leaf

Working together, these plant-derived extracts and acids help your skin look bright, healthy and smooth. According to they also create a protective barrier on your skin’s surface, and reduce how noticeable your wrinkles and dark spots appear.

Buy the Mad Hippie Vitamin C Serum on sale for $29 (regularly $34).

Pharmaca Nubian Heritage African Black Soap Bar Soap Review

If you are looking for a rich and indulgent traditional bar soap, take a look at the Nubian Heritage African Black Soap Bar

Nubian Heritage has designed this soap to be “detoxifying and balancing” for your skin.

It contains an array of nourishing plant extracts traditionally used in African beauty products. 

Nubian Heritage African Black Soap’s active ingredients include:

  • Palm Ash Tamarind extract:

This natural ingredient has been a long-time treatment for oily skin. It has also been used to reduce eczema.

  • Plantain Peel:

This plant peel is also a traditional cure for oily skin and other skin conditions.

  • Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice:

 This extract from the Aloe plant is another healing, nourishing classic in plant-based skin care.

  • Shea Butter:

This natural fat comes from Shea Tree nuts, which contain fatty acids and vitamins that are fantastic for your skin’s health. Shea butter is a legacy product in African skin case, and according to Nubian Heritage, its history goes back to “the days of the Shea butter caravans of Cleopatra’s Egypt.

The  Nubian Heritage African Black Soap Bar does not contain any synthetic perfumes, parabens or phthalates, sulfates, or petrolatum. 

Buy a 5 oz bar on sale for $4 (regularly $5).

Pharmaca Andalou Naturals Ultra Sheer Daily Defense Facial Lotion SPF Review

This top-quality daily sunscreen is made to feel great on your skin while also protecting it from sun damage. 

Andalou Naturals Ultra Sheer Daily Defense Facial Lotion SPF has SPF 18 protection. It includes a range of active ingredients (5% Octisalate, 5% Octocrylene, 2.5% Avobenzone) that keep the sun from damaging your skin’s cells.

Andalou Naturals Ultra Sheer Daily Defense Facial Lotion SPF was formulated for dry skin – it will also moisturize your skin while keeping the rays at bay. 

In addition to this product’s sun-defying ingredients, it also includes nourishing, dryness-fighting extracts from plants like aloe barbadensis, sunflower seeds, rosehips, chamomile, and even fruit stem cells. Many of these ingredients are certified organic, and some are fair trade, too!

Buy an 80ml bottle of Andalou Naturals Ultra Sheer Daily Defense Facial Lotion SPF on sale for $12 (regularly $17).

Who Is Pharmaca For? 

Pharmaca Review

This company will really appeal to customers who want to make purchases that are both healthy and responsible, both in terms of how they’re produced and what they contain. 

Pharmaca does not peddle questionable or subpar products that have a lot of unpronounceable fake ingredients. Their brands must meet certain requirements to be carried by their marketplace. As a result, it’s an extensive, trustworthy resource for consumers who want ethical and natural products!

Pharmaca also caters to people with specific needs who seek the convenience of shopping from home – something that can be very difficult to do when it comes to highly personal products. 

If you need an excellent rosacea or eczema cream, or organic products for your new baby, you don’t have to spend time browsing the aisles, scanning labels, or trying to interpret vague descriptions online. Pharmaca has a great website that lets you organize your searches based on ingredients, brands, certifications, and even skin concerns!

Their online store also makes them a uniquely accessible resource for natural products. Whether you have limited mobility or simply don’t have access to a high quality pharmacy or grocery store that sells the products you want to use, you’ll love that Pharmaca ships all of their products  across the country and offers free shipping on orders over $45.

Is Pharmaca All-Natural? 

Pharmaca Review

Pharmaca carries thousands of products from a variety of brands. Most of these brands use naturally-derived ingredients from plant sources, and some are even certified organic or non-GMO. Because of this great variety of products, some items will be more natural than others.

Pharmaca always includes ingredient information so you can see exactly what each product contains and decide if it is right for you. 

Pharmaca Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Pharmaca Review

Pharmaca’s official website lets customers review their products. Our Pharmaca review observes that many of their products are highly rated, and customers have been responding positively to their purchases

One shopper who purchased the Andalou Naturals Ultra Sheer Daily Defense Facial Lotion SPF writes in her Pharmaca review:I have been using this for years. It is moisture rich but not greasy, I like the fact that it does contain some SPF. It has a wonderful mild scent that is not overpowering.”

Another customer had a great experience with the brand’s site and with trying the Nubian Heritage African Black Soap Bar. They comment in their Pharmaca review: “I love shopping on this site and have purchased other soaps. I use the Nubian Heritage African soap for my face and neck. It is not oily nor drying on my skin. I will certainly purchase this fine soap again.”

Pharmaca also has a page on Trustpilot. Some customers on this website had issues with their orders, often related to deliveries, though some have had issues with some elements of the website, like images (which our Pharmaca review should note are often out of the company’s control). 

Another customer on TrustPilot mentions that they find Pharmaca to be a convenient and less expensive option for their remedies, writing in their Pharmaca review: “I ordered my homeopathic allergy and sinus meds from them. Saved money from WholeFood prices. Got the package as promised, the bottles were well packed no leaks no spills–they send coupons.”

Customers have also written Pharmaca reviews on Yelp. One shopper values this brand for the quality of their products and their fantastic selection

They share in their Pharmaca review on Yelp: “An upscale pharmacy that offers high quality supplements and related health items, aromatherapy, beauty and personal care… Pricing is not CVS but value is not always the most important when it comes to good health and wellness.”

Overall, most customers have had positive experiences making purchases from Pharmaca, especially appreciating the quality of what they offer, and their good deals on natural and specialty products.

Is Pharmaca Worth It?

Pharmaca Review

Pharmaca carries more natural health and beauty products than you can shake a stick (or perhaps, click a mouse) at! Regardless of your age, income, or exact wellness needs, there should be something in their selection that fits the bill for you. 

And regardless of what you’re looking for, our Pharmaca review is confident you’ll have an exceptionally easy time finding it on their well-organized website. 

Customers have responded positively to Pharmaca’s vetted brands that use natural and organic ingredients. Their positive reviews also show that a lot of their products deliver on their promises. Importantly, on the Pharmaca website it’s easy to tell exactly what is in their products and get a sense of how every potential purchase will suit your needs.

For these reasons, our Pharmaca review can recommend this company to anyone residing in the US looking to shop top-quality natural brands!

Pharmaca Promotions & Discounts 

Pharmaca Review

We have an exclusive code for our readers, you can use the code PARTNERS30 to get 30% OFF Sitewide. Also, Pharmaca currently has a few ongoing sales; for example, cold and flu remedies are 30% off with the code SALE30.

This website has two dedicated sales sections where you can browse their Deals and Clearance items. 

At the moment they are offering 25% off or more on a number of brands, including Vega, Garden of Life, and NeoCell. They are also taking 32% off Himalaya’s entire line of products.

There are numerous other deals available throughout the store. From our best-seller list alone, there are several products currently on sale, including:

  • Andalou Naturals Ultra Sheer Daily Defense Facial Lotion SPF is on sale for $12 (regularly $17)
  • Nubian Heritage African Black Soap Bar is $4 per bar (regularly $5)
  • Mad Hippie Vitamin C Serum is $29 (regularly $34). 

The brand also has a rewards program, Be Well Rewards, where you can earn points that can be cashed in for discounts and exclusive bonus products. You can join by creating an account

Where to Buy Pharmaca

Pharmaca Review

You can purchase all Pharmaca products through their official website or at their brick-and-mortar locations throughout the US.


Pharmaca Review

Who owns Pharmaca?

Parent company Medly Pharmacy owns Pharmaca. 

Does Pharmaca ship internationally?

No, unfortunately Pharmaca only ships within the US.

What is Pharmaca’ Shipping Policy?

Pharmaca offers shipping across the US! If you make an order of over $45, you will qualify for free shipping. For orders under $45, you will pay a flat rate of $6.

With regular shipping your order will take about 5-8 days to reach your home. If you would like your purchase to arrive sooner, you can select Priority Delivery by USPS for $7.95 to receive your purchase within 3-5 days.

Pharmaca also offers 2-day and even overnight shipping; these charges will depend on where you live.

What is Pharmaca’ Return Policy?

You can return a maximum of three products per year within 30 days of getting your order. Pharmaca will refund you the whole cost of your purchase to the same card you used for payment. Keep in mind, you are responsible for any return shipping charges.

To begin the return process, log in to your Pharmaca account and click on your “Orders” button. Then select “Return Items” and Pharmaca will email you the right shipping label for your return. You can also make your returns at a Pharmaca retail store if you prefer.

There are some exceptions to this policy: Pharmaca does not offer returns for Cleanwell, Boody, or any “sexual vitality” items. Pharmaca does not offer exchanges. 

How to Contact Pharmaca

If you have any questions for Pharmaca, here are some ways to reach out to them:

  • Call: 1-855-725-9766 (weekdays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. MST)
  • Text: 1-831-777-3687 (weekdays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. MST)
  • Contact Form on their site

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