Project Screen Review

About Project Screen

Project Screen Review

Project Screen is a government-approved COVID-19 RT-PCR testing service in the UK. Offering a range of at-home and in-person tests, the company was created in an effort to relieve stress from front-line testing facilities.

The brand’s process is simple: a test is delivered to your door, you complete it, and send it back via expedited courier with your results posted in under 24 hours. This quick and efficient service has proven extremely beneficial for the UK, a fact we can see in the 30k tests it completes per day, amounting to more than 6 million in total.

Is this service the right one for your travel needs? Read this Project Screen review to find out. Ahead, we’ll cover critical information about the brand and its COVID-19 tests, reveal customer feedback, and more, to help in your decision.

Overview of Project Screen

Project Screen Review

Remember back in 2019 when we used to think travelling was a hassle? If you haven’t gotten on a plane since the pandemic hit, you’ve saved yourself a giant headache—but you’ve also probably missed out on important life events like visiting loved ones abroad and seeing the world.

Though traveling right now is still a high risk, it’s a priority for many for work or to visit those who desperately need company. The world is adjusting to make travel a little more friendly, but heightened health and safety measures are needed to keep it safe.

Project Screen was developed in 2020 at the height of the pandemic, offering a convenient and affordable COVID-19 testing option for those who needed to get out of the UK. The service is exclusively available for UK residents, providing quick shipping and a fast turnaround time for results.

The service is a division of Prenetics, a digital health company founded in 2014 with offices in the UK and Hong Kong. Entrepreneur Danny Yeung is the visionary behind the genomic and diagnostic testing service with sites in 10 countries around the globe.

The coming sections of this Project Screen review will take a dive into a spectrum of test kits the service offers, but up next you’ll find a quick summary of its highlights.


  • Wide range of arrival & departure testing services
  • Offers both PCR and Lateral Flow Antigen testing
  • Uses WHO-recommended technology
  • Provides results in 24 hours from lab receipt
  • Refer a friend discount
  • Shipping & test returns are free
  • Nationwide service
Project Screen Review

This service is just one important part of a larger picture of health testing services in the world. Delivering RT-PCR tests for UK customers, the company guarantees reliable delivery of testing kits and results, along with mobile pod locations around the country for those who would rather stop by for an in-person test.

In the next section of this Project Screen review, we’ll take you through a range of the service’s COVID-19 PCR and Lateral Flow Antigen kits to fit a range of travel testing requirements.

Project Screen Review

Project Screen offers a comprehensive range of travel tests that alleviate the stress of pre-departure and arrival COVID-19 testing for the vaccinated and unvaccinated

Ahead, we’ll walk you through its most popular tests for at-home and abroad testing, as well as those to be used alongside telehealth services.

Project Screen Fit to Fly Home COVID-19 Test Kit Review

Whether it’s required or if you simply want to check your own status, taking a COVID-19 test before you fly is a must. The Project Screen Fit to Fly Home COVID-19 Test Kit is done in the comfort of your own home or at one of the service’s 25+ Test Pods in the UK.

Delivering highly accurate results in 24 hours from the time it reaches a lab, you’ll receive a Fit to Fly certificate which you’ll show at the airport before boarding. Included in your kit:

  • Thorough instructions
  • Sample collection kit (swab, test tube, clear sample bag, request form, prepaid return mailer)

Keep in mind that this option may not be suitable for those who need a quick results turnaround time as it relies on the Royal Mail system. If you’re in a pinch, take your test into a Test Pod for faster processing. Fly with confidence with this convenient kit for £64.

Project Screen Mandatory PCR Day 2 Covid-19 Test Review

It’s a UK Government requirement that all travellers to England coming from non-red-list countries take a test on day two of their arrival.

The Project Screen Mandatory PCR Day 2 Covid-19 Test is all vaccinated travellers will need to take—they do not need to get the Day 2 & 8 bundle. If you are not vaccinated, the brand offers those bundles, as well as Day 5 kits.

Shipped out using DPD Next Day Delivery, order your Day 2 test before you travel or have it delivered the day before you need it. Travel safely with this rapid testing kit for £64.

Project Screen Lateral Flow Antigen Test Kit Review

For those who don’t wait for lab results in foreign countries, the Project Screen Lateral Flow Antigen Test Kit will show you your COVID-19 status within 20 minutes of taking the test. You’ll need to order your kit before you leave your trip, that way you’ll have it with you while away.

This test is not required for vaccinated travelers to return to England, only those who do not yet have or cannot get their vaccination. Take your test three days before you’re set to arrive back home and process the results yourself. In 20 minutes, you’ll receive an email with your results that you can show to board your flight.

Your kit will come with a collections kit equipped with all the supplies you’ll need to take and process your results including a swap, test cassette, extraction tube, and extraction buffer sachet.

You’ll need a smartphone to use this kind of kit, so make sure you have downloaded the app before you’re ready to test. Pack this handy set with you on your next vacation for £19.

Project Screen Lateral Flow Antigen Fit to Fly Test Kit Review

Certain countries will accept lateral flow tests for entry. If the place you’re flying to does, the Project Screen Lateral Flow Antigen Fit to Fly Test Kit is a less costly, more convenient option that delivers results in 20 minutes.

Delivered to your house the next day or available for pick-up from one of the company’s 25+ Test Pod locations, your convenient at-home processed results are delivered via an app and photo-verified for security. Your kit will come with:

  • Collection Kit (swab, test cassette, extraction tube, extraction buffer sachet)
  • Detailed instructions

Project Screen says that the Lateral Flow Antigen test is accepted in the US when used with a telehealth service. Travel on your own terms again with this affordable, rapid kit for $19, or $17 when you pick it up yourself.

Project Screen Observed Fit to Fly COVID-19 Test Kit Review

Requirements are different for every country. Some require at-home PCR tests to be observed by a medical professional—and we can understand why. Virtual testing is still a whole lot more convenient than searching, scheduling, and waiting for an in-person test though, and this at-home test gives you freedom and flexibility.

You’ll get everything needed to take the Project Screen Observed Fit to Fly COVID-19 Test Kit in your home, as well as a telehealth video consultation with a medical practitioner at Azova. After your appointment, send your test in with the prepaid mailer and get your results in 24 hours from when it arrives at the lab.

From there, download your certificate and get going. Streamlining the COVID-19 testing process virtually, you can get this kit for £75.

Who Is Project Screen For?

Project Screen Review

For the most part, Project Screen operates in the UK, shipping out COVID-19 at-home tests for travel. Offering departure and arrival tests, the service is ideal for anyone (adults, kids, or seniors) who want to skip waiting in line.

Whether you’re busy or simply want to minimize your risk of exposure in crowded testing facilities, Project Screen provides affordable, flexible testing for all kinds of travel destinations.

How Does Project Screen Work?

Project Screen Review

Project Screen eliminates the hassle of COVID-19 testing by taking care of everything. Your part in the process is really simple, but we’ll walk you through all of the steps so you know exactly how it works. For the PCR test:

  1. Head to ProjectScreen.com and order a test
  2. Your test is sent out immediately and will arrive the next day
  3. Open the test and follow the instructions (a throat and nose swab that takes 30 seconds)
  4. Package up your test and return the sample in the prepaid envelope
  5. Your test is processed by Project Screen or a partner lab
  6. As soon as the lab receives your test, you’ll get the results in 24 hours via the website or app
  7. If your result is negative, you’ll show it at the airport and board your flight

For the Lateral Flow Antigen Test, the process is a little different, and you’ll get your results within 20 minutes of taking it. Here’s how it goes:

  1. Order a test
  2. Activate your test and follow the instructions on the app (you’ll need a smartphone to do this)
  3. Process the results yourself
  4. Wait 20 minutes for your result

Project Screen Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Project Screen Review

As we write this Project Screen review, COVID-19 testing is still relatively new—not even two years old. Since the start of 2020, the way health organizations and governments test has changed dramatically, and likely, it will continue to change going forward.

Thankfully, testing services like Project Screen were created to streamline the process, but it’s kind of important to find out just how helpful they are and if there are any drawbacks to the service. For this, we need to hear from customers—which is exactly what we’ll do in this section.

For our first swab for feedback, we headed to the Project Screen review page on Trustpilot. Showing an overall score of 4.3/5 stars from 7,413 customers, if you’d like to see how many awarded it what rating, we’ve included the snapshot below:

  • Excellent: 68%
  • Great: 13%
  • Average: 6%

Since all shoppers are buying the same kind of service (a COVID-19 test) regardless of type, all the reviews are pretty much the same, reporting an appreciation for the decent prices, on-time results, and thorough instructions. One read:

The kit arrived when it was promised, the instructions were explicit and I had my test result confirmation within the window they specified. No surprises, no disappointments.” A pretty solid review, we also found word that the company’s customer service team was easy to get in contact with and responded quickly.

Next, we headed over to a Project Screen review on a website called Finder.com. The review walked us through the testing process and the service’s options, concluding that the company was a “safe bet.” The review continued:

Project Screen seems like a safe bet as it’s on the government list of COVID test providers (meaning it meets the minimum safety requirements to operate)…and covers the full range of COVID tests that you could need for travel.”

A few things we can learn from this excerpt: One, that Project Screen is a reliable choice for fast results and safety, and two, that it has every test you would need to fly. That means you can arrange your entire trip’s testing through the service—no need to go to multiple companies to get different tests.

For our last spot of feedback, we checked out Nebula Genomics. The DNA testing service often reviews its competitors and does it fairly, to say the least. In the case of Project Screen, the service awarded its rival 4.3/5 stars and scores in the following categories:

  • Results: 4/5
  • Price: 4/5
  • Options: 5/5

We read through the Project Screen review which contains a lot of the basics about the brand but goes into detail about the type of testing Project Screen uses, the RT-PCR test. It reads:

RT-PCR is globally recognized as the leading COVID-19 testing method to detect viral RNA of SARS-CoV-2, and Project Screen has used it to provide impeccable testing solutions and related services to clients. With this test, patients can receive tests right from their homes.

Now, PCR testing isn’t something that’s usually available for at-home tests, at least, not in every country. What we’ve come to really appreciate about the brand is its convenient structure that technically doesn’t require customers to ever step foot out of their doors until it’s time to get on their plane.

There’s no tracking down a participating pharmacy, following up on booking an appointment or waiting in line for a test. Your test is delivered quickly and so are your results. Overall, we’ve read some great feedback about the service and have seen the positive impact it has made during a time of overcrowded testing facilities.

Is Project Screen Worth It?

Project Screen Review

With competitive prices and for the sake of convenience, we think Project Screen is worth it. We haven’t found any reasons not to recommend this company—for the most part, it delivers as promised and gets you your results quickly.

With the panic that COVID-19 has caused, we see services like this one to help infuse a little more organization and sense of order into the whole world of testing. We also appreciate the inclusive range of kits that cover all of your departure and arrival testing needs.

Project Screen Promotions & Discounts

Project Screen Review

Since getting a COVID-19 test today is crucial (and non-negotiable if you want to travel), you may find that you’re taking quite a few—especially around the holidays. But tests for travel don’t come cheap and any discount helps.

Thankfully, while we wrote this Project Screen review, we found that the service offers a 10% discount for friend referrals. Send your pal a 10% discount code and you get one yourself for your next order.

Where to Buy Project Screen

Project Screen Review

Project Screen COVID-19 testing is time-sensitive and works via an expedited service, so it’s kind of important that the whole process is handled exclusively by the company itself. For that reason, the only place you can access its services is right from ProjectScreen.co.uk.


Project Screen Review

Who owns Project Screen?

Project Screen is a division of Prenetics which is owned by Danny Yeung. Prenetics is a genetics and health testing company with services in 10 countries around the world.

How long do results take?

The service guarantees that your test results will arrive in 24 hours from when you send them to the lab. During this Project Screen review, we discovered that this time frame starts from when they are received at the lab not from when you put them in the mail.

What is Project Screen’s Shipping Policy?

Once you place your order online, your kit will be sent out using DPD Next Day Delivery. You’ll get a message from DPD on the day your kit is to be delivered that gives you the one-hour window when your kit will arrive.

You’ll need to be home to receive your package, so if by chance you’re not going to be, you can log on to the DPD app or website and do any of the following:

  • Change your delivery time
  • Make a request to have your package left in a secure spot
  • Alter the delivery address
  • Opt to pick up at a parcel shop

On the day of your delivery, you’ll be able to use Live Tracking to see where your package is on its way to you. Keep in mind that though Project Screen offers Next Day delivery, if you place your order after 2:00 pm, your package will take 1-2 days to arrive.

What is Project Screen’s Return Policy?

If you change your mind or no longer need your testing kits, you have 14 days from the time you get your order confirmation to initiate a return. To do so, you’ll need to send an email to [email protected], and there are a few things you’ll need to include in your email:

  1. The full name you used to make the order
  2. The email address you used to make the order
  3. Your Order Reference Number

With that said, there are a few things that will disqualify the items in your order from a refund. They include:

  • An opened kit
  • An activated kit
  • If you’ve already sent your sample to the lab
  • If you’ve already received your results
  • If you miss a Test Pod appointment and didn’t cancel in advance

How to Contact Project Screen

If you need any other information that wasn’t covered in this Project Screen review, there are a few ways to get in touch with the service:

Check out other beneficial testing kits and services:






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